BIG NEWS: Israel Weapon Industries Launches US Subsidiary, Tavor & UZI Pro Coming Soon

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) has announced their new US subsidiary IWI USA Inc. The new company has leased a 21,000 sq. ft. facility in Harrisburg, PA. They plan on selling the TAVOR SAR rifle in a number of different configurations as well as the UZI Pro pistol. These guns will be on display at SHOT Show next month.

From the press release …

According to Uri Amit, IWI’s CEO, “We are pleased to announce the launch of the operations of IWI US to shooting enthusiasts in the US. We have operated for many years in the global Defense and Law Enforcement markets, where we have invested significant resources in developing quality, innovative weapons that answer the needs of our customers, and our products enjoy great popularity around the world. All of the weapons we have developed have become the standard for the IDF as well as for the armed forces, Special Forces, and police forces throughout the world. We have now decided to enter the civilian market in the US and offer products that have been specially developed for the US commercial market. Initially, we will offer several configurations of the TAVOR® SAR and the UZI® PRO Pistol, which have undergone changes and adjustments to suit the needs of the American consumer.”

Mr. Amit continued, “Over the years, rumors have circulated regarding the launch of our US operations, which has created expectations in the civilian market, and we look forward to an excellent reception of our products by US shooting enthusiasts. We will be introducing our new weapons at the upcoming SHOT Show – and invite you to visit our booth to take a closer look.”

Steve Johnson

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  • Jeff M

    Nice, I’ve always wanted a Tavor.

    • Zack

      I have also always wanted a Tavor. But it’s more of a $1,400-1,600 want, not necessarily a $1,900-2,200 want. I’m gonna cross my fingers and hope it doesn’t fall into the same price category as the SCAR and ACR, because honestly you can buy a hell of a lot of AR-15 for the price of a bare bones ACR.

      • 2 ars in the hand is better than 1 ACR in the shop

      • Will

        Hey, Zack. GrabAGun is offering them for a little over $1,650:

        They’re the cheapest I’ve found so far. Hope this helps.

      • mike clark

        Nice troll jackass.

        It make alway laught when people like you critize thing like the acr with it’s price or whatever while you could alway find an acr for a good price at some good gun dealer and gun broker.

        we are not in 2010 anymore you know, time to pass.

        But then again, judging by how the mentality of this blog is now, i’m just talking to an wall.

      • W

        i anticipate it being in the 2-3000 range.

        1500 is a bit low for a comparatively new rifle.

        ill probably wait a year and see how the quality control is before i commit to buying one.

  • Tony

    I’ll be more excited if they bring out some flavor of Galil and a line of Uzi Uzis instead of a spacegun micro Uzi

    • ¤

      EXACTLY, A Galil would be really cool to, and since it would be made in the US it could have a bayonet lug and everything, and it wouldn’t be a piece of crap like the golanis I have seen. I really love the Uzi though, Same thing with the AK, they may be ‘ugly’ (I think they look awesome) but the reliability and toughness make them beautiful

    • pdxbohica

      While I, too, would love to see Galils re-enter the market, I do not see why they would. I don’t believe that they are currently being manufactured for use in Israel (not so sure about the R4 in SA) and I would think it unlikely for them to manufacture a decades-old weapon for a limited market and limited profits.

      I do see them expanding into the semi pistol market, although that is pretty crowded at this time. I just hope that the timing for their Tavor introduction is able to avoid the pre and post-election and seasonal firearms purchase slump.

      • True, the new ACE line of Galils appear to be manufactured almost exclusively for foreign markets, but they still possess numerous features appealing to the American market: AK-derived action (and corresponding reliability), 6-7.5lbs weight, modular design w/ several pic rails, and available chamberings in 5.56x45mm/7.62x39mm/7.62x51mm.

        That covers a decent cross-section of the civilian tactical market, and its conventional configuration could be a selling point as a lower-cost alternative to the Tavor.

        Admittedly, such a decision would likely hamper desired sales of the Tavor, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Galil ACE line making its way to our shores in a few years.

  • ¤

    forget the uzi pro, gimme a real UZI! Make a carbine version So I could have the nice stock, and make a pistol version so I can easily SBR the carbine version with a pistol barrel! that is all I want from IWI, oh and a jericho 941…

  • Gumby

    Sweet! Still want L98 export though >.>

  • Lemming

    This is fantastic news!

    I’ll probably pass on the Uzi pro, but I’m very much interested in the Tavor.
    I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for a civilian Galil in the near future as well.

    Now I’m just waiting for Izhmash to set up a factory over here. A real Russian made AK? Yes please.

    • AK

      Where have you been? Arsenal has been bringing in “Real Russian made AKs” for over a decade now. And if they set up a factory in the US, it wouldn’t be “Real Russian Made” now would it?

  • cc19

    Agreed, I’d like to see them add Galils and Jerichos. And yes, full-size Uzis.

  • DougE

    Score! They must’ve gotten tired of trying to play the importation game and just did it themselves.

    Someone else pointed out the genius of making Tavors here. Since the U.S. gives Israel defense money to be spent on U.S. made products, we could be funding their own company at the same time they do their small arms procurements.

  • Paralus

    The IDF needs to equip their soldiers with Tavors, not ACEs or Galils.

    I’d be surprised if they built anything besides Tavors and the Uzi-pro pistols. An IWI ACE would be awesome, though, in 5.56 and 7.62×39 would be frikkin’ awesome.

  • I had a Jericho 941, and it was absolutely excellent. I, in my never ending search for that “perfect” weapon, traded it for something I wanted more. Still, it was a fabulous piece. I would REALLY like a Galil. A real, honest to God Galil. But that Tavor is something that I’d be wanting to do some serious trading to get! THAT is a wet dream for sure!

  • Matt

    Give us a GALIL!

    • Matt

      An honest to god Galil, in 5.56 and 7.62×51.

      And a REAL UZI. None of this polymer spaceage bullcrap.

      Even if that Real Uzi has to be Semi-Auto or a 16″ carbine…

      • Erwos

        If IWI is primarily going after the LE market, neither the original Uzi nor the original Galil are going to be feasible products. Both are too damn heavy and lack good optics mounting options. The only reason we’re seeing the Uzi Pro Pistol is because they can import those straight from Israel (pistols being exempt from 922r).

        I’m not saying this as a hater; I love my Uzi and Galil. They are tough weapons that were clearly advanced for their time. But their time was about 40-50 years ago. There is probably a market for spare parts and upgrades, but the whole guns? I just don’t think there’s a financial argument for setting up those production lines.

        I think it’s way more likely that we’ll see stuff like the MTAR, Uzi Pro carbine, Jericho w/ carbine conversion, and maybe the Galil ACE variants. Those are realistic platforms for cops to run with. (Although, to be honest, I have my doubts about the Uzi Pro ever taking off.)

      • Esh325

        The Galil ACE has a suitable way of mounting optics. The Galil Ace weighs about 3.4 kg.

      • Erwos

        Yes, the Galil ACE is a usable, mostly-modern rifle. It is, however, quite a bit different than the Galil SAR/AR/ARM, which is what some people on here seem to be dying for. (I can only imagine how many of them actually understand how heavy a pre-ACE Galil is.)

        If they were willing to do it, I could see a Galil ACE with a STANAG magwell (think what Sig did with the 550 and 556) selling really, really well at $1250-$1500. The Micro form factor is sexy, the AK operating system still has a “rep”, AR-15 mags are de rigeur, and the irons are a hojillion times better than the AK’s. Plus, it would make a lovely SBR platform. There’s really a lot to love about the concept.

      • Matt


        I have two Action Arms Galil ARs from the 80s, and one in 7.62×51, as well as an Action Arms Uzi pistol. I’m very familiar with how heavy they are. They are also a million times more awesome than a Tavor (IMHO).

        That being said, I’d even settle for an ACE if I could get one. I want a newer version that I can shoot without qualms (And I’m not buying a Golani).

  • John Doe

    If the can price the Tavor in the low $1,000s, or at least under $1,500, it would be great.

  • Nicks87

    Wow, I might finally buy a bullpup.

  • Tyler Marcoz

    I live nearby… Damn, I need to see if I can get a job there.

  • Tyler Marcoz

    I live nearby, I need to see if I can get a job there when they open up.

  • doug

    Why did IMI stop importing real Uzi pistols? They meet the 75 points required for US import, right? I’m not feeling this polymer-framed Uzi pistol at all.

  • gunslinger

    nice for some PA love.

    said before, i wanted a bullpup. thoughts of going sks with mods..but this…

  • West

    I don’t understand the advantage of an Uzi Pistol over, say, a Glock 18.

  • AUG man all the way here. Since I’m broke, call me a rebel without an AUG.

  • GreenPlease

    If the Tavor comes in around $1,250 it will fly off the shelves IMO. $1,500 is the top of what I’m personally willing to pay.

  • William

    The Military Arms Channel posted a video of the rifle back in September including a firing demonstration. They talked about IWI being setup in the US and being ready to ship these rifles soon.

  • Its all talk until i have one in my hands…there was a similar article last year on this website… until i see them, its all hype!

    • William

      Copes Distributing is taking pre-orders on them. Copes doesn’t do that if they’re not sure the product is coming. It’s more than hype at this point, it’s soon to be a reality.

  • nick

    Where is the UZI Pro sbr

  • Nmate

    If you guys think this Tavor is going to cost a grand then wake up; you’re dreaming. I’d say minimum would be $1,750, probably more like $2,000. I’d guess they’d want to undercut the higher-end ARs, the SCAR, the ACR, and the AUG by a small margin.

    If you’re wanting a bullpup, this and the AUG have to be the only two real choices. Conversions just don’t work that well and anything made by Kel-Tec is crap.

    • Nmate

      Oh, and the FS2000. I always forget about that one. When I hear FN, I think SCAR.

  • Karina

    If, someday, they import a semi-automatic version of the Tavor X95 in 5.45×39… mmm, if only, right?

  • J Star

    Price: If you watch that video someone posted, they tell you that the Tavor is going to be just under $2000. (That’s marketing speak for $1999.99)

    I can’t wait. I’ve wanted an FS2000 for some time, but I just can’t make myself buy one. Maybe it’s the incompatibility with a lot of polymer magazines, or the lack of some features I really dig. The Tavor has a nice magazine release/bolt release system, and the brass deflector is nice for keeping your face intact. Plus, as long as you file your P-mags just a bit, it works fine with them.

  • TangledThorns

    Before I bought my LWRC M6A2 as my first and only rifle this Summer I was waiting for the Tavor and Beretta ARX-160 for the longest time before my patience ran out. I’m glad that IWI is moving into the US market. It’d be nice if they took back the Jericho/Baby Eagle line from Magnum Research as I own a true IWI Jericho 941S and hate the Baby Eagle name. Also, Mako would be smart to partner up with IWI right away too.

  • TangledThorns

    Also, IWI’s US site is up too:

    • TangledThorns

      With MSRP too!!!

      • Zack

        MSRP of $1,999. Street price should be at least $200 below that. Might be time to clear a spot in the safe.

  • Lance

    The Tavor apart from having a crappy names looks fun. The mini Uzi looks cheap wish they make a full size model. Hope Pmags work in the IMI SAR.

  • JD

    I wouldn’t buy an Uzi for less than a few hundred bucks, but that FDE Tavor has my name all over it!

  • Matt

    I’m really interested in the Tavor but I just don’t see the point of the Uzi.

  • The Uzi Pro pistol? Kinda interesting, but not $1,095 of interesting.

    An Uzi Pro SBR, on the other hand . . .

  • FourString

    Does this mean we can get our hopes up about the return of the Jericho 941F? 😀

    I’ll take a compensated, polymer full size 9mm model plz.

  • Mike Knox

    Not the first time TAR-21s were made in the US. Barret’s been making a lot of these for IWI for a few years earlier.

    Last I heard, an Israeli General Issue TAR-21 costs around $1800 per base unit, a bit more than a H&K G36..

  • mosinman

    but im not a pro….. do they offer the uzi noob? lol

  • George from Israel

    Americans can buy automatic weapons like Tavor in gun stores?
    I thought only pistols is allowed…

    just cant understand why peoples so interested in buying so deadly weapon as Tavor as “self defense” weapon.

    • noob

      to answer your question, no. These are semi-automatic versions of the military rifle. They do not have a selector switch to enable full automatic function and are likely designed to be incompatible with full automatic components.

      likely they are not being bought for self defense (although it certainly suited for that role).

      I would wager that the majority of them would be bought as a collector’s novely to sit in a safe, while the majority of target and varmint shooting would be done with an old, beat up 16″ AR-15 (also semi auto).

      pistols are available for sale to civilians and these may be more likely for self defense. Pistols and shotguns are recommended for home defense.

      cf Concealed Carry Weapon licence. and “shall issue state” on google for more information.

    • noob

      one more thing. If you buy something that is designed as a “weapon” you definitely want it to be deadly.

      would you buy soap that was not very good at cleaning?

      • C.j. Singleton

        George is thinking that our gun laws are similar to Israeli’s. MAC did an article last year on Israeli gun laws the only thing they are really allowed to own there are handguns.

  • Peter Jones

    The Rifle of choice for has to be the Galil Ace 21 5.56mm Assault Rifle used by IDF and other Defence Forces around the World its flexabilty and acuracy in the combat.

  • Mike

    When they offer the Ace 32 that will be something to behold!….. 🙂