Wing One Clay Target Thrower

I own a number of different hand-held clay throwers. I personally prefer the portability of hand throwers over the consistency offered by traditional ground staked or tire mounted throwers. The problem with the hand throwers I own is that I struggle to teach new shooters how to use them. They manage to break about a third of the clays and throw another third of them into the dirt. Maybe a bad workman teacher blames his tools, but I am always on the lookout for better solutions. The Wing One is a new thrower that looks very promising. It is demonstrated in this video …

They are being sold on the company’s website for $39.95 including shipping.

Steve Johnson

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  • pro.0s

    Just throw it bare handed like a man. Just kidding.
    Nice and not too expensive. If I did clays I would get one.

  • arronh

    it seems just a little pricey, its half way to just a basic thrower.

    • The WingOne® is way more than “… half way to just a basic thrower.” It is The Ultimate Hand Held Clay Target Thrower that will not break and won’t break the clays either! You will SAVE MONEY and TIME by not having difficulty loading, replacing parts or rigging parts to make the other cheaper throwers work properly. Check us out at and order your WingOne® for Christmas for yourself or someone else!

  • gunslinger

    about double the price of what other hand held throwers cost?

    if a box of clays costs 9 bucks, and you waste 1/3…then you’ll need to throw about 13 cases before you “pay” for this?

    but i guess there are other factors such as the learning curve, time spent shooting vs reloading/waiting.

    i just wish i had a good spot to shoot clays

  • shankbone

    If it takes 13 boxes of clays, it takes 13 boxes for you. Fortunately, clays go on sale near me for $6 a box every 5-6 weeks, depending on other sales/holidays.

    I wasn’t reaching for my wallet when I thought of the money I would save. No, I was motivated to buy the thrower when I saw how quickly it can be loaded and the unique trajectories the thrower produces.

    • gunslinger

      well that’s the point i was getting at. from a pure cost savings stand point, it may take some time to “pay” for the thrower.

      but as with any economic study, there are other factors that “take the place” of money. so being able to easily throw those curves may be $2/session…or $1/case… or w/e. and now instead of saving 3 per case, you are now saving 5 per case. that means you’ll “pay” for the thrower in 8 cases.

      • WingOne® likes your thinking! And the other cheap plastic throwers break and do not have a Lifetime guarantee!

  • noob

    from the sound of the title, I thought some guy was shooting clays with his buddy and forgot to wait until the clay left the buddy’s hand before shooting: Wing One Clay Target Thrower.

    And he was so powerful his buddy got on tv and apologised to him.

    • Mike Knox

      Not sure if you know this but clay throwers are always beside or behind the shooter as per shooting rules and plain old common sense..

  • damien

    If they had rubber clays, this would be an awesome toy to play with your dog with.

    • The WagOne will be our next product! Keep checking our site or Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to learn when!

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