Strike Industries AK Rear Sight Rail 2 (AKRR2)

A new scope rail for the AK platform from Strike Industries allows for secure mounting of a primary optic and a secondary optic at a 45 degree angle.

From the press release …

The AKRR2 is a vastly innovative improvement on the first Strike Industries AKRR. The AKRR2 is designed with three major components; Main base, 45 degree side rail, and extended rail. The main base serves as the attachment point to the rifle, a reference aiming gap, and base for mounting the side rail and extended rail. It has three hex socket screws to adjust the angle of the base. The 45 degree side Picatinny rail can be positioned ambidextrously and is best suited to pair with a micro red dot sight. The extended Picatinny rail can be used for EO tech or Aimpoint reflex sights and some long range magnified scopes. The AKRR2 is made from Aircraft 6061 Aluminum with hard coat anodize. The AKRR2 major appeal is its level of adaptability. Whatever the shooter’s needs may be, the AKRR2 is designed to meet every challenge.

The rail costs $59.95.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • This is stupid. takes away the iron sights for another red dot… There are only so many things you can add on a rifle to make it more ‘tactical’ before it starts becoming less tactical…

    • John Doe

      It doesn’t have to be another red dot. It could be an ACOG with a red dot. Or a Leupold rifle scope with a red dot. Or an ELCAN. This just happens to be the example in the picture. Lighten up.

      • Who would put a $1,000.00+ scope on an AK and then a $500.00+ red dot while taking the iron sights off? That simply doesnt make sense to me, unless you’ve got more money than sense.

      • Reverend Clint

        why the fuck would you have a mini red dot and an ELCAN?

      • Partizan1942

        @ John (NOT @ John Doe)

        In a Venn diagram, those people would be in the cross section of the sets of people that have:
        A: Bought a lot of expensive optics.
        B: Did not have a lot of money left.
        C: Wanted to buy a very reliable rifle.
        D: Decided not to worry about what other people might think and put their expensive optics on their AK in spite of all the haters.

        Good for them!


    • FormerSFMedic

      What’s with the negative comments? We have been running Elcans with red dots for years with great success. It’s an outstanding option and it gives the user an adaptive sighting system.

  • Reverend Clint

    dont get the point of the dual red dot sights in the pics… maybe if they had a 4x+ scope on the ak it would make sense

  • K

    It seems like it would be hard to mount any kind of standard eye relief scope with that, and the purpose is entirely defeated by using the vertical mount for a red dot.

    • DougE

      How’s about a throw-lever cantilever mount angled backwards? Never played with one so maybe not, but it might.

  • BLG

    The better solutions I’ve seen and used: Ultimak, Texas Weapon Systems, Parrabellum, and Midwest Industries rear leaf red dot mounts.

    This setup: not one of them. Dual red dots? One for both eyes? Hmmm, anyone try that?

  • Nadnerbus

    There are extended eye relief scopes out there for scout type configurations, in which this setup would be good where it was used in place of the Aimpoint in the example. The example is a little redundant though. Taking the optic off of the quick detach mounts that have to be removed to take down the rifle is a nice option, I’ve just never been a fan of the magnified scout scopes I have seen out there.

  • Partizan1942

    Here is the thing everyone: The article is about a rail for an AK and NOT about what they chose to mount on it. They could show pictures of little Santa figurines with picatinny railing on their shoes mounted to it, the article would still be about a rail and not about how you should chose optics and set up your rifle. But I guess nowadays people do not read they just look at the pictures like children.

    • RocketScientist

      You mean i can’t type out a condescending reply about how this is just another example of “tacticool” accessories not being practical? (Nevermind that 99% of the posters here will never use their AR/AK in a combat/tactical situation).

      • Mike W.

        the god damn 45 degree rail is REMOVABLE. would you rather they include less features? at least they give you options, it adds to the value of it. if you don’t want to use it, just take the rail off.

    • Nadnerbus

      Pointing out that an offset mount for a back up red dot on a mount that would be difficult or impractical to mount a magnified optic on top is not tangential. I supposed you could mount a laser or something else there, but why bother with the 45 degree offset then, just put it on a side rail.

      Basically, we’re questioning the utility of the mount regardless of what is mounted to it.

  • Barack Romney

    Well that’s always been the problem with AKs. You can’t mount 14 things on it like an AR. To even start to be tacti cool you need a eotech a flip side magnifier for it. A VFG a flashlight, a laser, some magpuls, a mean looking muzzle brake and Some flip up buis. .If you just want a gun for what it is an AK will work but isn’t the whole point to spend 3x as much as the gun on pointless crap to hang from it??

  • gunslinger

    i thought there already was a 45 degree mount for the ak. maybe not.


  • Graham 1

    I know the product in question is the rail, and not the sights they chose, but I am physically restraining myself from making another “yo dawg I heard you like _____s” joke

  • Lance

    Only downside is that you lose your iron sights. If you scope fails your in bad shape.

    • Sardaukar

      Well, let’s add another 45° rear sight to the left, coupled with a front 45° sight, just to add confidence against failures in tactical situations. We can remove the main front post, as everyone knows aks are no good beyond 40 yards. You also get the brasses to be ejected downward, so in cramped spaces you don’t have a bouncing brass.
      (Joking on the “let’s add another rail” trend, of course. But i’m afraid somebody will do this, sooner or later…)

  • Mike Knox

    It would have been better if they showed a picture ofthe rail without attachments..

  • AK

    …..aaaannnddd there goes your ability to remove the gas tube for cleaning. Genius.

    • Mike Knox

      These sight rails are actually able to swing over forward like the standard AK leaf sights. That way, it allows for usual operation and maintenance.

      And another thing, don’t AKs “require no cleaning”?..

    • You still can clean your AK with our AKRR2 mounted.

  • Guys, Sorry for the late response.
    Yes. we should not put 2 red dots on one AK. Our fault.
    The original design of AKRR “2” is trying to “lower” our AKRR”1″ and make the “regular” size red dot aiming more user friendly.
    During the product development, we also found space for mounting a 45 degree offset rail for micro red dot.

    Also, to answer some of your questions:
    Yes, you still can clean your AK with AKRR2 mounted.
    Yes, you still can use our reference iron sight included in AKRR2.
    No, don’t use large sniper scope. ACOG size should be the limit.

    From our point of view, you can use AKRR”2″ in the following combinations:
    (1) Regular size of red dot scope on the main rail: EOtech, Aimpoint
    Mount 45 degree micro red dot on the side for backup.
    (2) Use our reference iron sight and mount 45 degree micro red dot on the side.
    (3) Use small size sniper scope on the mail rail and mount 45 degree micro red dot on the side.

    Again. Thanks for all your comments! We will see you guys at SHOT! Our first show!
    You will see our new AR / AK “heat sink” style handguard rails and a lot of concept products!

    • rapser

      Can I put a light on the side rail?

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