Moro Rebel Sniper Rifle

A reader noticed this interesting sniper rifle in a photo of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MNLF) fighters which appeared in his local newspaper. It is a quite a nifty looking rifle, if not a little bulky. Apparently they are fielding quite a few of them. I think they would be made locally.

DIY Sniper Rifle (middle)

The Philippines has a long history of backyard gunsmiths, rivalling that of Pakistan’s backyard/cave gun industry. Local politicians in the Philippines are working on ways to legitimise the industry.

[ Many thanks to Alex for the tip. ]

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  • Marzuq

    The Rifle’s name is Amir, most likely chambered in 12.7x99mm.

  • Bravo223

    It’s probably not that bulky considering the M16’s look huge next to these guys in the picture.

  • BigJ

    Hahaha, His helmets on backwards!!!!

    • lew

      Looks like a boonie hat not a helmet

    • Reverend Clint

      yeah floppy boonie

  • Higgs

    MILFs and guns. time to book a flight to the Philippines!

    • Ominae

      You wish. MILF is the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

      And yeah, there is a correction since the MNLF doesn’t exist anymore. The MILF is the current incarnation of the Muslim independence rebel group mentioned.

    • Anonymoose

      They’ve also got cannibals and an abundance of trannies, and that MILF is a terrorist group that wants to kill all non-Muslims (especially if they’re Americans).

      • Mike Knox

        Not usre if sarcasm, internet ignorance or just another moron..

  • hkjp
  • Raven

    Almost looks like they took some design cues from the Steyr IWS-2000.

  • M1 Garand there, left of one of the black berets.

  • gunslinger

    why does that look like some anime sniper gun? haven’t seen Hellsing in a while, but i thought that may be.

    • noob

      a precision sniper weapon resting on its muzzle crown. good job guys. :/

      • noob

        whoops, replied by accident. I was trying to start a new comment thread.

      • alannon

        To be fair, it’s probably got a muzzle brake.

        Still, it makes me cringe to see it rested like that.

      • Reverend Clint

        might be on his foot but still bad form

      • Flounder

        resting a rifle on your foot… XD Isn’t that stupider than resting it on the ground?

  • Lance

    Looks like its either a photo shopped gun in the picture or its a bolt action hunting rifle someone stuck on a plastic tact cool style stock. Like from Islamic Terrorist groups all over the world dont take there pics and propaganda with a grain of salt. The picture is probably Photoshopped and may be faked.

  • Mike Knox

    I thought the writer forgot an ‘N’ in the title’s first word before I read the entire article.

    It looks like a custom frame for a McMillan tac-50..

  • Alpha Roger

    MILF is an offshoot of MNLF both the same group but MILF is more extreme than MNLF and linked to Al-Qaeda with specialty in kidnapping n for a ransom. MILF gets if weapons from Libya. After Kaddahfi fell, MILF weapons supply stopped.

  • Durian King

    Looks like I’m not the only reader from Singapore.