Gun Art In Chatsworth House

Nick was exploring Chatsworth House, a palatial house in Derbyshire, England, when he noticed an interesting sculpture tucked away in a corner that looked out of place among the grand oil paintings, murals and tapestries.

The sculpture is of a Bren Light Machine Gun magazine. It was sculptured from solid granite. The little plaque in front of it simply said “Please Do Not Touch”.

I love the quiet simplicity of this sculpture. It is very unlike modern pop gun art. I have emailed the Chatsworth collections department to find out its history.

The interior of Chatsworth House
Nick outside Chatsworth House

Click through to see photos of some of the guns in the Chatsworth House collection … (more…)

Steve Johnson

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  • Reverend Clint

    you should see the royal armory in Leeds… went there last year. Very impressive collection and was funny to see firearms I own in the collection. Got to give a bit of a history lesson to my English family.

  • It is hard to see but that sculpture is big. Like about 3 feet tall. My picture does not show any reference of scale.

    • gunslinger

      i don’t see it being 3 feet tall. that would mean that the window panes are about 2 feet tall. you can see the blind ropes, with their end caps. and get a point of reference from that.

      • hart

        Because we’re necessarily familiar with the size of end-caps and window-panes in a palatial English estate? Look at the sheer size of the windows in some of the other pictures–those panes very well could be 2′ tall.

        I’m inclined to believe Nick, since he has actually seen the sculpture in-person.

      • Bryan S.

        An easy tell is the font on the card. to be readable, it would have to be at least 1/8″ tall. I doubt they have a “Please do not touch” card with 2pt font.

      • gunslinger

        looks like that’s an interior window, due to what can be seen outside, compared to the exterior of the building.

        the other tell could be the stone around the window. they could be 12 inches, so then the statue would be about 2 ft tall. and i guess 2ft is “like 3” but if thy are closer to 9 inches, then the statue would be about 1.5 feet tall…

        And yes, for the end caps, they look to be about 1/5th the size of the window height. and i’m just estimating that they are around 2 inches in lengh, making the pane about 10 inches tall. so it still comes out around 1.5-2 feet tall.

        remids me of the fishing joke “yeah i caught a xx long fish”

        would have been nice to have a better point of reference…

  • Tim

    Clearly an “after-market” mag.

  • Mike Knox

    Those dueling pistols are so monotone, they almost look fake..

  • Chase

    That magazine IS very subtle. I like it a lot.

  • Nmate

    Most of the gun “art” I’ve seen on this site is very tacky to say the least. This, however, is quite beautiful in it’s simplicity. Personally, I’d rather have a granite AR or AK magazine, but that is besides the point.

    • Nmate

      its. I always screw that one up.