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  • Kurt

    No comment!

  • Jesse tronier

    What ever happened to simple bluing? Everything has to be all shiny or tactical looking.

    • David/Sharpie

      It’s boring.

      Neither are shiny or tactical, flashy yes, but not shiny or tactical.

      I agree with Aaron, if it gets people into the sport, great.

      • Jesse tronier

        It’s stupid, it makes me NOT want to own a SP101, you obviously never seen marbled/tiger wood, and a nice rust blued parts, looks better than paint.

      • Jessie Tronier: So get one that you like then but don’t be hostile to those who choose differently, not everyone has the same tastes.

        If my daughter came to me and said she wanted one like the pics, I’d say yes without hesitation. And then enjoy shooting with her.

      • David/Sharpie

        Really? You know what’s great then?


        This is a custom job, someone wanted a cool finish on their gun, they got it.

        So you’re whining about their choice of spending….why?

      • David/Sharpie

        Aaron, 100% agree, if I had a daughter, and she came up and asked me the same thing, I would give it to her. Same with a girlfriend or wife.

    • Duray

      Neither of the above guns is available blued in the first place.

  • If it gets more people into the sport, then good. As a community we are way to conservative for our own good.

  • Sian

    The glock seems inspired by the Teapot from Borderlands 2.
    It probably isn’t, but it looks the part!

  • Reverend Clint

    i want flames coming from the barrel

  • Paint one like a WW2 fighter with the naked chick and shark’s mouth.

    • Raven

      Saw one of those done on the Cerakote website. Godawful ugly. I don’t know if it’s an issue inherent to the coating process, or if the guy doing it was just clueless, but the “sexy lady” ended up looking like an honest-to-god chimpanzee.

      • comatus

        Without getting overly specific, that unfortunate process was known at Bowling Green State University from 1970-1976 as “Friday night at Howard’s”.

        It’s not the coating, and I may be a little unfair to actual chimpanzees here.

  • This is awesome to see! Thank you for including us. Quick details: That is a Glock we gave to our local gunsmith (Double Tap LLC) who has been doing some real awesome stuff for us. He was told we wanted a Pink Glock; he did it and it sold quick despite his funny feelings about it and I agreed with him. So we said heck lets get a little crazy and lets do a Pink Camo Glock…. we gave him the gun and provided the inspiration for the Pink Camo pattern. We both went into it wondering why we where doing it; then when it was finished we decided it didn’t hurt our feelings any and where proud to show it off! It has been the conversation piece of every new visitor to our store location looking at guns – men and women. Currently its still sitting all pretty like in the center of our display case everyday – someone will absolutely have to have it at some point but I actually like seeing it around. Its a custom piece of work and a one of a kind, if he does another one we will make sure the pattern is different to keep that one unique. If we back log on some ARs we might do an AR-15 in something similar too!

  • Jesse

    Awesome. I really really want to get a GP100 and send it off to them to do this to because this is freaking epic.

  • Awesome to see some of our work hit the big time! Thanks to the Firearm Blog for showing off the picture, and to the guys at Victory Defense for letting our imaginations run a little wild!

  • Mike S

    Maybe the picture is bad, but the Ruger looks like it was painted with a low-quality paintbrush.

    • Gidge

      IT’s not the best photo. What they’ve done is two coats on different layers and masked it when they did the top layer so they can get red scales with black outlines. Very intricate

  • Stanislao

    Black wasn’t ugly enough?

  • Gidge

    Cool as the Ruger looks, get a load of the GSG 1911 that Swanson did. “The Joker”

  • Nicks87

    I’ve never been into painted firearms but if you want to personalize your gun and make it your own then more power to ya.

    I just think that there are better things, firearm related, to spend your money on. Ammo, optics, hi-cap mags, trigger jobs, grips, sights all make you a more effective shooter. A custom finish may look cool but what does it really do for you?

    Make sure you can shoot the damn thing before dropping hundreds of dollars on a custom paint job.

    • Nicks87

      The Glock in the photo is a perfect example. Cool custom finish but crap plastic Glock sights. I guess my priorities are just different.

  • Lance

    The new ACU camo to hind in a tomato field???? LOL

    • Mike Knox

      Who knows, you might get attacked while eating strawberry ice cream..

  • Just Saying

    Real guns shouldn’t be made to look like toys and vice versa. It’s irresponsible.

    • cc19

      Another typical, “I don’t like it so it should be banned,” type. Should we also ban pink cars too? After all, a 2,000+ pound metal contraption that can move over 60MPH should never be confused with a toy. That would be irresponsible, no?

  • Daniel

    Are you sure that isn’t a GP-100?

  • gunslinger

    not a fan of making guns look like toys, but it’s no different than painting a car and such… why spend extra money on sparkley blue paint, when white is fine. use the extra $$ to save for gas or tires or wiper fluid…???

    if the job is done nice, they more power to ya. how many people have guns as “wall hangers” why spend tons of money no something just to look at? yeah..

  • Schizuku

    Almost as awesome as my Celica when I put the wing on it.

  • Mike Knox

    Well, gun colour schemes that isn’t zombie related for a change..

  • jamieb

    Not just getting people into the sport, it keeps smiths in business. I dont care either way. Me, I just hate rust, and hard to care for finshes. If purple guns didnt rust, all my guns would be purple.

  • TheIrateBlackGuy

    Why are people still using crap duracoat?

  • tincankilla

    Love the look of that Ruger. Anybody have a good idea on how to paint a CZ-75 clone? I have an EAA Witness with a easily scratched blued/black finish that i’ll eventually need to get re-blued if I keep the gun.

  • Burst


    Parkerize GP100, color entire grip red, color cylinder chambers red, add matching red ramp and maybe some stylish porting.

    Would be far more attractive, in my opinion. This seems a bit gaudy.

  • Partizan1942

    That is the tactical Glock I would use if I had to shoot my way out of a Hello-Kitty tee party gone bad. The Ruger looks like something a Hellboy fan would like. I am always preaching about practical use and that is all that matters. But to be honest I can see someone putting a lot of effort into these paint jobs I mean just imagine the taping it involved to paint that Glock… So of course these are guns and can serve their purpose but I like these two because to me these two are art as well. Just like a beautifully engraved Holland & Holland represents the zeitgeist of the 18th century, these two are an interesting reflection of our time and as such I think they are noteworthy even if someone doesn’t like their style.

  • Fluffy

    Looks like a Jakobs =D