Exclusive: First Photos of KRISS K10 Final Production Model

The next generation KRISS submachine gun, the KRISS K10, was on display at the FDS Nordic Stockholm defense expo in FDS Nordic Stockholm. The finish of this gun suggests it is the final production model, not the much photographed prototype. The company said they were planning on doing the official unveiling in the USA next year.

There are a number improvements over the original KRISS Vector. The most significant change is a more compact design with a forward accessory rail and improved stock. The upper receiver can be used with both a 9mm or .45 ACP lower. Unlike the original which had four pins securing the upper and lower, the K10 only has a single pin.

Steve Johnson

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  • Ken Mak

    It looks so much uglier now -_-

    • Tim

      For the life of me, I just don’t understand why anyone would want one of these.

  • J. Smith

    This should have been their primary release to the public. Better thought out, conversion kit for 9mm and 45acp, a better idea overall.

  • Reverend Clint

    the front quad rail looks like it came off a paintball gun

    • Sam Suggs

      wa wa

  • Giolli Joker

    I was hoping it was in 10Auto…
    If it has to be bulky, but offering great recoil control, well, let’s make it pack some punch! 🙂

    • noob

      I wonder, could you make an aftermarket bolt and barrel kit to convert the 9mm version to .40 S&W?

      you could then get some +P+ .40 s&w and get almost 10mm performance out of the longer barrel (in civilian land it would be a 16″ barrel”).

      Even the +P+ 9mm out of a 16″ barrel develops muzzle velocities close to .357 magnum, so with properly constructed projectiles it can be a useful camp and small game gun.

      Also I wonder if there will be a glock magazine lower, so you can use cheap 30rd magazines instead of splashing out on new KRISS magazines. I imagine that they would only differ in placement of mag catch in 9mm, if at all.

      • It’s just a Glock magazine with an extension, isn’t it? I’m not too familiar with the K10, but that’s what they used for the older models.

  • milo

    i was hoping for some new 10mm auto weapons this year. after all, variety is the spice of life, or death.

  • FourString

    Mounting a laser atop that forward rail ought to address any gripes with its looks.

    • FourString

      Though a laser seems almost mandatory.

  • Billick

    Small, compact and less recoil. Is there any chance of holstering this gun ala HK MP7

    • noob

      nothing stoping you using a holster made out of a mag dump pouch, because that’s what the holster would have to look like.

    • Sam Suggs

      you could holster a thompson withouth the buttstock dosent mean you should

  • noob

    A single pin takedown. I like that. As Einstein said, Anyone can make it more complicated, but it takes genious and courage to move in the opposite direction.

    I hope that they make a whole mess of lowers in different calibers, especially since the genious of the design puts all the parts that touch the bullet in the lower assembly (including the action) and the User Interface in the upper reciever.

    No more gripes about being constrained by a magwell (a la the AR-15/M16).

    I wonder if the upper reciever is strong enough to accept a gas piston lower in a rifle cartridge, or would you end up with a broken stock?

    Also is the upper the “serialised firearm” according to law?

  • John Doe

    Caliber wishlist here:
    10mm Auto
    .357 SIG

    Because why not? Choice is the name of the game.

    • Bryan S.

      Because they primarily intend on it to be sold to LE agencies… and not to the general public?

      I would love to see one in 7.62×25. Wow… it would be a screamer!

    • Sam Suggs

      7.62x25mm why because cheap and not a .22 lr

  • Mike Knox

    Won’t be surprised if it takes calibres available for glock pistols, especially a 10mm auto..

    • Ian

      I would be since it’s a blowback gun.

      • DW

        A delayed-blowback gun, to be exact.

  • gunslinger

    former coworker had an order for a Vector, SBR/Suppressor. i left before he ever got it. wonder how it was

  • Nintendo called…..

    Speaking of video games, was that machine pistol in Black Ops 2 really based on a Kriss prototype?

  • Lex

    I’ll join in the fanboyism hoping for a 10mm Auto version of this. Not a big fan of the tiny barrel rails aesthetically but it looks like that’s all the room they have.

  • Esh325

    As a military and police weapon, I can’t see such a weapon having great success. Everybody is mostly interested in a 5.56×45 carbine or PDW than a SMG.

  • I am very interested in the manipulation of this weapon. My KRISS Vector is of an older production model. But current production models have been found to be very difficult to rack the charging handle. We think it is due to stiffer recoil spring. I tested this out on a newer production KRISS at my LGS and I had to brace the stock against my shoulder to get it to charge. Now the K10 has the charging handle directly on the slider/buffer assembly. A downward charging motion seems difficult if the recoil spring is as stiff as the Vector. Will this vertical charging handle be reciprocating?

    Also I am curious how you are supposed to manipulate the bolt catch/release. I don’t see where it could be. Possibly it is the hole right above the mag release? With the Vector, you could use your index finger as you pull the charging handle back and engage the bolt catch. everything is down with the support hand. However if the bolt catch/release is above the mag release, then I don’t see how you can manipulate that simultaneously with the downward motion of the charging handle. I hope I am wrong. I do like the option for 9mm. Will the K10 lower be the registered firearm like the Vector? How will CA/NY nanny state versions look like since the K10 has a slither stock?

    I look forward to grilling KRISS USA at SHOT next month.

    • SGT Fish

      i could be wrong but if i remember right the Kriss doesnt have a bolt catch/release. a big no no when it comes to fast reloads

      • noob

        I remember one guy on youtube who did a NVG shoot with a kriss and had to use a chamber flag because he had no bolt hold open. Lemme see if I can find the vid.

      • Bryan S.

        noob: That would probably be Nicholas in the video you are talking about.

        J: the current and previous Kriss PDW style firearms have and have had a bolt catch. A very well placed and effective one at that.

      • SGT Fish: The KRISS Vector does have a Bolt catch and release. I use it all the time. Loading a full glock mag on a closed bolt in the KRISS is a lesson in futility.

        noob: That was my video. The match director of the Night shoot, required chamber flags to be used in all long guns when the weapon was off the firing line.

  • Komrad

    They call it K10 and there’s no 10mm model?
    That makes me sad.

  • SiloZen

    Don’t see the problem, although the quad rail seems to be going for more Militia approach.
    The barrel bit seems a bit uneven.
    Was supposed to put this on this page.

  • Reverend Clint

    im waiting for the high caliber version or shotgun version.

    • TheIrateBlackGuy

      Won’t happen. It’s a pdw

      • TheIrateBlackGuy

        ** not

      • John Doe

        I’m sure they could scale up the recoil-reducing system to larger calibers. It would be great to see. I want a new 5.56 rifle other than the AR-15. Or a fresh 7.62 rifle.

    • Anonymoose

      Needs moar 10mm. Also what ever happened to the Disraptor HMG they were working on?

  • I was there and saw the KRISS in person.

    This is VERY MUCH a 3D printed prototype, you can even see the build lines in the pictures… (check 1st one)

    The KRISS representative made it VERY clear this was a prototype.


  • Supersonic

    Always been a fan of this weapon system ever since Mac covered the prototype all those years ago on the Discovery Channel. Nice job guys.

  • Mike

    I’d make the front rail set a little taller, to match the main top rail height, but that’s just me.

    • SafetyThird

      That rail looks fine to me. Looks like a nice placement for a laser pointer or flashlight, more in line with your eyes.

      • SafetyThird

        I bet everyone who put the first gen KRISS in their movies/games about the future are going to feel pretty stupid now though.

  • Sam Suggs

    we get it you want a 10mm not going to happen maybe if it takes off you can get somone to do it custom for you

  • 10mm auto PLEASE!!!!

  • Vermin.308Winchester

    home defense/revoltionary tool