Laserlyte CM-15 “Center Mass” Shotgun/Rifle Laser

Earlier this month The Firearm Blog announced the release of Laserlyte’s new CM-15 shotgun/ rifle laser. This laser system is a variation of the previous “Kryptonyte” line of long gun lasers.

When Steve introduced our readers to the new Laserlyte “Center Mass” I was already in the process of obtaining one for further review. Two weeks ago it arrived and I started testing using the Kel-Tec KSG, which I still had on hand for this review.

From this point on I’ll refer to the “Center mass” as the CM. The CM is unique in laser design. While the advertisement states the CM is for shotguns and rifles the primary use is obviously for shotguns. The laser uses a circle of eight laser beams uniformly arranged in a circle around the center aiming beam. This arrangement does make it easier and faster to pickup when targeting. This is especially true when using the laser in daylight or low light situations.

The laser starts out as any other with a single beam. As the beam projects it passes through a refractor, which breaks it into the nine dots, seen on target. It seems such a simple method to obtain an improved sight picture especially in adverse conditions. It certainly works and maintained zero through all testing.

Laserlyte calibrated the CM so that for each yard from the target the outer circle increases size by one inch. In order to make this calibration a number of types of rounds were used and groups averaged. This is also part of the durability testing in order to ensure the unit stands up under heavy and repeated recoil.

The CM is adjustable for windage and elevation with an included hex wrench. There are two covers over the adjustment screws in order to protect the unit from debris and water. The unit is powered by one C123 battery. The settings are off, on and on demand by use of a ten inch chord which attaches to a tape switch with Velcro backing.

LaserLyte® CM-15 Specifications:

Compatible Firearms: AR’s, AK’s, rifles and shotguns with a Picatinny rail 3-inches or longer

Power Output: Class: IIIA, 5mw

Programmable: Constant On, Momentary On, Off

Batteries: 1 x CR-123

Battery Life: 6 hours (normal usage*)

Weight: 5.4 ounces/0.153 kg

Material: Aircraft Grade 6061 aluminum

Length: 3 inches/7.619 cm

Width: 2.43 inches/ 6.172 cm

Height: 1.37 inches/3.479

MSRP: $284.95

The CM is only available in black at this time. The previous version came in black as well as desert tan. I’m not sure if the company plans on a later release in tan.

The built in rail attachment requires three inches of rail space to mount. Two heavy screws secure it to the rail. A large hex wrench is provided for this purpose. The CM can be mounted on a top, bottom or side rail. If it’s mounted on a top rail the military style post sight on many AR’s will not interfere with the lasers nine beams.

Laserlyte makes a mount for shotguns such as the Remington 870, Mossberg 500 and others. This rail mount attaches to the front of the magazine tube and provides 270 degrees of attachment space. Of course on shotguns such as the KSG the user simply utilizes the built in top rail.

Range Time

I spent a good time at the range using various loads from birdshot too buckshot and finally slugs. I found the buckshot loads to be darn close as far as the outer eight-dot circumference is concerned. Birdshot proved to be larger than the circle but then you normally don’t use birdshot for defense. A laser such as this is made for defensive purposes not small game.

Firing slugs from twenty yards resulted in very tight groups. Again the unit stayed tight and maintained zero. In fact I think the CM was in better shape than my shoulder after twenty five rounds of slugs.

These photos were taken in full daylight and were easily seen. Green lasers tend to be 100% better than red in daylight or dark for that matter.


The Center Mass is a development that makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it. It’s obvious this design is very helpful in getting on target faster with a rifle or shotgun. A shotgun would be my preferred use for the CM. I have the previous version single beam I use on my AR. I would most likely stay with my single beam Laserlyte for the AR but I would without a doubt use the CM on any shotgun I own.

At a retail of $284 it’s a good buy for the features and durability of this product. As I mentioned I have the original version, which has stood up to, some heavy use over the last year and still works fine and holds zero as well as it did when I bought it. Since these two products are very similar overall I see no reason why the CM wouldn’t last for many years of use.

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • noob

    A great idea whose time has come.

    I wonder, does it work both ways – giving an adversary your approximate distance and direction from the target before you split the night with a shotgun blast?

    Also, could they make the outer ring red and the center dot green?

    a dual color mode may actually be really handy for getting a rifle on target in a flash.

    • Avery

      >> I wonder, does it work both ways – giving an adversary your approximate distance and direction from the target before you split the night with a shotgun blast?

      Only if they’re wearing NVGs or there’s a fog or lots of dust thrown up. Lasers are only really seen from the operating end of the gun, rarely ever the point of view of the target.

      • noob

        I was thinking that if they were off axis of the target –

        You see the normal laser as a dot on the target. no information there.

        This is a circle that becomes an oval if the target is angled obliquely to the light source (eg if you lase a flat wall that is at 45 degrees from you, you get an oval with one pointy end towards the laser and the other pointy end away when viewed facing the wall dead on)

        likewise, the distance can be inferred by how far the ring is from the dot – close in the pattern is tight. At longer ranges the pattern may be very large. If you see a tight pattern, that means this laser is close.

        • Phil White


          Actually it doesn’t work that way. The beams maintain a circle even at pretty good angles.

      • Phil White


        Very true——

    • pro.0s

      Or even just a red ring and dot like eotech sights. IIRC both use lasers so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

    • Phil White

      noob, All the subject of the laser would see is the one beam and that would be only if they saw the end of the unit straight on.

      I don’t know how they could make one a dual color without a redesign.

  • Supersonic

    I see you’ve put rail covers everywhere except for the laser.

    Is this designed to be used without any optic or BUIS? Does anyone know?

    • Phil White


      You could use it without any other sights but it might be a problem at distance in daylight. I’d most likey use a red dot of some sort.

  • Mike Knox

    Wasn’t there an article about this a month ago?

    • Phil White


      No, Steve just did a short announcement of it’s release.

  • Big Daddy

    It looks like a good idea. It takes away the precious seconds needed to aim. Instantly your target is there, pull trigger. Whether it works in a real defensive situation is another story but I don’t see why not.

    There will be a day in the near future guns and their sighting systems will look a lot different. A sure kill will be a lot easier for people without certain skills that some are born with. Some people can do things over and over again and still never be good at it. This and the future of sighting will make almost everybody a true expert.

    Having been in the music field I have seen it being taken over by digital replacements for musicians. No need for drummers or violinists. It’s the same with these weapon systems. They will be look, shoot, no skills other than to carry them for a while and have the courage to fight.

    I hope it never gets allowed into hunting. Eradication is different. True hunting still should remain skill oriented.

    • hart

      Why does this have 5 dislikes?

      • bbmg

        Not my view as I concur with the point of “sportsmanship”, but maybe it’s the wider implication that technology should not be applied to hunting and therefore taking it to its logical conclusion we should be throwing rocks at deer?

      • Phil White


        I have no idea and you can drive yourself nuts trying to figure it out:-)

    • W

      i disagree. if it allows more quick, less painful, and humane hunting, then all power to it.

      am i the only one that sees this as a advantage when using such new technology in hunting?

      • Phil White


        No you’re not the only one. I can see an advantage if the distances were fairly close

  • Doug

    The first time I saw this, the enclosed video didn’t give the laser justice as the lighting was too bright and I had a hard time quickly distinguishing which dot was center. The photos in this article show the laser much more favorably. Although I think this product would serve the best purpose in lower lighting (even though it’s better than a red laser).

    Still, by looking at the photos, I find myself somewhat distracted by the patern and wonder if I would have the same problem if I was using it on stress induced course of fire.

    With my budget being what it is, I try to keep my fighting guns as simple as I can and therefore won’t be purchasing this laser (or any laser). I’m usually a downer when it comes to listed prices in the gun industry, but for what this laser is, I think it’s a pretty fair and decent price.

    • Phil White


      I had no problem picking up the aiming dot during live fire fairly quickly. I agree they do make a good product at a reasonable price.

      I doubt anyone would be distracted by the multiple dots.

  • noob

    Heh, the third setting on the mode switch looks like you press the button and your MOM shows up to sort the bad guys out.

    • bbmg

      😀 😀 😀

      Or it doesn’t work and you call out for her, like when you can’t find your shirt.

  • bbmg

    “The Center Mass is a development that makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it.”

    Interestingly in video games this has been the norm for years, something like a rifle would have a point or small circle crosshair while a shotgun type weapon would have a larger circle indicating the potential impact area.

    Good on laserlyte for turning it into a practical reality.

    • Phil White


      I’m glad they did make this one and it is a step up espe I ally for those with less than perfect vision.

      • bbmg

        I think the biggest benefit is dispelling the myth that a shotgun is a “point it in their general direction and pull the trigger” device in that it tells you “listen, if you do shoot, the shot will fall within these dots, if they’re not covering your target you *will* miss.

        • Phil White


          That’s very true. In fact it’s only been a week since I heard someone pass along that advice to a new shooter looking for a home defense gun.

          That’s probably the best point I could make to anyone concerning this sight. You keep the dots covering the target you get the results must have to effectively protect yourself.

    • Cymond

      I had a similar thought recently while replaying Borderlands 1. For those that don’t know, every weapon in Borderlands has an accuracy score. the accuracy score indicates the group size the weapon will deliver.

      Not all Borderlands weapons have optics, but those that do have optics have a special reticle. The reticle has crosshairs with a circle-dot center. Circle dots are nothing new, but in this case, the circle directly corresponds to the weapon’s accuracy. Less accurate guns have larger circles.

  • gunslinger

    thanks for the review

    • Phil White


      You bet it was enjoyable to do and proved to me this is a good product.

  • How does the outer ring compare to using an Eotech? I suspect the Eotech is circle reticle is not sized to match patterning. But I wonder how close it is to this laser?

    The problem I have with lasers, is I can’t see them very well in the daylight especially at distances.

    • dave calhoun

      I like this idea, but everything is a trade off. For a given laser power output, this device will either be:

      A) 1/10th as bright, or

      B) require 10X more power, resulting in 1/10th the the battery life.

      One can also play this game with battery life vs. weight…

    • Phil White


      Hey Nick. The two sights function so differently they are hard to compare but I have to say the comparison between the two and shot spread is pretty far apart. The EoTech doesn’t come close to matching the shot spread.It’s a good deal smaller than the shot spread.

      Distance wise they can be hard to see at distances beyond about 30 years with this one.

  • Reverend Clint

    id love to get one but $200+ is pretty steep

    • Phil White


      If you shop around I’m sure you can find one about say $50 less

      • Reverend Clint

        … still $249

        • Phil White


          It just depends on whether you feel it’s worth that price. As gun accessory prices go these days it’s not bad.

  • Nicks87

    Where can I get a three dot triangle like the predator? 🙂

  • Partizan1942

    I still wish that instead of dots it woud project a circle line or a full circle. But I still like it very much.

    • Phil White


      Interesting idea. I’m not sure they could do that with a refractor. It might take a pretty extensive redesign.

  • Way to do a review on a laser that is designed for buckshot, with only birdshot and slugs. This is a stupid review for a pretty cool product.

    • 276pedersen

      “I found the buckshot loads to be darn close as far as the outer eight-dot circumference is concerned.”

      • Phil White


        Thanks for pointing that out sir:-)

    • Phil White


      John my friend you need to read it again I did use buckshot as the review says.Remington buckshot actually.

  • Jedi

    Great review!!
    You stated that you would still prefer a single dot laser for an AR,
    I was just curious why?

  • SafetyThird

    Now all we gotta do is wait for someone to put this in a game and we’ve come full circle.

  • jmwarren

    “The Center Mass is a development that makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it”

    I did think of it. I had the idea, and decided to do some research only to find that someone else already invented it. FML