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  • Andrew

    All customized to the users preference?

  • Mike F

    I don’t know all the makers off-hand but if i had to guess, I’d day they’re all made by Freedom Group.

  • BenJamin

    They have a trigger!

  • Josh

    Nancy Pelosi craps her pants suit at the very thought of them?

  • Reymi

    All of them kill?

    • Máté

      They are evil, you can see it in their eyes…

      Seriously someone should make a video where he’s insulting a gun for minutes, then turn towards the camera and say: “See? They don’t kill.”

  • Anthony

    They all use ammunition! Where’s my trophy?!

  • spawnofbill

    Yup, all made by companies that are now owned by the Free Group.

    • spawnofbill

      Wow, typo. I meant The Freedom Group

  • lt.malashenko

    is all weapons of freedom group?

  • kimberwarrior45

    They all contain ferrous based metal, have trigger assemblies, a sighting system, have at least one barrel, and each barrel is designed to contain the burning chemical reaction of igniting gunpowder that will increase pressure to push an assigned projectile in a specific direction. Oh yes they are all designed and manufactured by and to be used by humans.

    • Steve Day

      “…to be used by humans.”

      Yeah, until those monkeys trained by the Taliban get their stinking paws on them – those damned dirty apes!

      • Gumby

        I don’t think monkeys have paws…..

      • Marcus

        Ah! You must mean the Al Qaida assault chimpanzee army. I heard about them once from this guy that smelled like cheap wine and had a shopping cart full of trash behind the convenience store. He also said that the mayor of my town is opening a whorehouse across the street from city hall, and they store nuclear weapons underneath the elementary schools.

        If you think I’m kidding, I’m not.

  • Darren

    All single-action?

    • zbaer

      that was my thought as well

  • Lapkonium

    They’re all are (or had been in the past) manufactured by the same company / at the same plant, etc.

  • Kramer

    Freedom Group…

  • Yea, y’all figured it out. They are all manufactured by divisions of Remington (aka. The Freedom Group). These are the guns …

    1. Dakota Arms Model 10
    2. LAR Grizzly
    3. Bushmaster M4A3 (Pictured with Czech Special Forces)
    4. Remington 870 Marine Magnum
    5. Parker Arms shotgun. Not sure what model.
    6. Remington LE 870 Breaching pistol.
    7. Marlin Papoose
    8. DPMS .308
    9. H&R Survivor
    10. XM2010 (foreground) and M24 (background)
    11. Para USA Warthog

    No gun company in history has manufactured such a diverse range of firearms. They also own Barnes Bullets, Tapco and Mountain Khakis.

    The LAR pistol is no longer manufactured but since I just blogged about them I did not want to give it away by posting a photo of their .50 Cal or AR-15 uppers.

    • Nmate

      Last time that I checked, KAC wasn’t part of Freedom Group (thankfully).

      • KAC?

      • W

        hes referring to the M110 behind the XM2010 in afghanistan.

        the “freedom group” is the best answer ive seen. my guess was that theyre all single action.

      • MJ

        KAC is not part of Freedom group, nor does KAC make any bolt guns like the XM rifle pictured.

      • Nmate

        There is quite obviously an M110 in the hands of one of the soldiers in that photo.

    • Zander

      Last I checked the LAR Grizzly pistol was taken out of production before Remington purchased LAR

    • denny

      Good way to challenge and to entertain folks!

  • They all require the same 4 rules of gun safety
    1). treat all guns as if they are currently loaded
    2). keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction
    3). keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire
    4). be sure of your foreground and background before you fire

    • Icchan

      Cannot thumbs-up this one hard enough.

  • Marc S

    Pistol Grip (and maybe the thing that goes up)

  • John Doe

    They fire cartridges and have a folding barrel shroud thingy, am I right, California? /sarcasm

  • Garrett

    The Second Amendment

  • CHS

    I’m disappointed that with the purchase of AAC, there’s no silencer featured. (Yes, there’s one on one of the guns, but it’s certainly not FEATURED).

  • Daniel

    I want them all? I’m pretty sure that’s what they have in common.

  • C3P0

    all of them have hammers and are fired single-action. . . not a striker or DA in the bunch. . .

  • p0larn1k


  • Freedom of the market vs. Monopoly?

  • K

    What about the M110 SASS that the guy is holding behind the XM2010?

    Is KAC a part of Freedom Group?

  • WeaponBuilder

    They all have a pistol grip.

  • WeaponBuilder

    They all have a pistol grip or pistoll grip stock.

  • WeaponBuilder

    They all have a pistol grip or pistoll grip stock. I’m sure that was already mentioned…

  • NI Shooter

    That I want to shoot them?

  • Evan Jay

    I was gonna say they’re all American made.

    ‘Merica. F*** yeah!

  • Máté

    They aren’t handled by androids, who want to destroy their creators. (Yet?)

  • Vernon

    All these weapons were carried or used in war zones.

  • Clodboy

    Freedom Group – protecting your freedoms by providing our soldiers with precision rifles to pick off two-legged varmints hiding in the opium fields of the heroin-warlords that happen to be friendly to us (at the moment).

    When did the world get so cynical?

    *Note: Nothing against the brave soldiers in the pic – they’re doubly brave for risking their lives while they’re confronted with the sick system in Afghanistan like that.

  • Chicovsky

    They Fire BULLETS!

  • Chicovsky

    – None of Those cost more than a million dollars
    – Those don´t fire arrows or laser beams
    – No more than one man to operate
    – Those can kill zombies and terrorists
    – Those are not alien weapons
    – None use black powder
    – And i want to shoot all of then

    • M-cameron

      Yeah, pretty sure #5 on the list uses Black powder……..

  • gunslinger

    i was going to go with, they use some type of mechanical device to trigger a primer which then ignites an explosive power to cause pressure to build up to expel a projectile from the barrel. aka, they go bang and hot lead comes out of them.

    but i’ll go with the freedom group thing too…

  • Steve

    All on Obama’s gun ban list proposal.

  • sp00ky

    They shute bullits

  • G3Ken

    That they’ll KILL you if you get shot with them and you can defend yourself with ANY gun?

    • Máté

      They won’t, the the person pulling trigger will, and you die of the damage done by the bullet.

  • Tod

    What is the 7th gun from the top?

    • Máté

      “7. Marlin Papoose”
      Scroll down for the full list.

  • Lance

    Looks like they had parts if not finishes done by LAR Grizzly Inc.

  • Mike Knox

    What do they have in common? They’re all featured on this list, and associated with remington in at least one way or another..

  • N/A

    All of the above firearms were/are “assult weapons” at some point in history?

  • 2hotel9

    All are manufactured/developed by Beretta or one of their subsidiaries?

  • Mike


  • Icchan

    “What do these guns all have in common?”

    They make a fine Christmas List to send to Shooty Claus, Santa’s hillbilly brother!

  • David Cook

    Everybody would love to own them.

  • Lefteyedom

    Is it a good thing that one company has such a large manufacturing holdings?

    I mean heck I can find any Twinkies or Ho-Hos!!! who would have ever thought America would be with out Twinkies!!!

    • Anonymoose

      I’m not sure that’s a Remington/Shrubmaster M4 and not a Colt…also, the LAR Grizzly has been out of production for over a decade.

  • TW

    That i want them ALL!

  • BobDenard05

    They’re proudly U.S made in.

  • Garrett

    all start with ‘P’

  • Bob Z Moose

    They’ll all be featured in Alex Jone’s new movie “Freedom Group: How the NWO, the UN, and the Easter Bunny are trying to take your guns away, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!”. Look for it on YouTube and linked to in comment sections everywhere.