New CZ 557 Bolt Action Rifle

Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) has unveiled a brand new bolt action rifle, the CZ 557. This rifle is significantly different from the CZ 550, sharing only a few components such as the bolt knob and sling swivels. The improved action, barrel and stock is supposed to put it a cut above the CZ 550 with regards to accuracy.

The rifle uses a Remington-style Mauser bolt design with a number of improvements over the CZ 555 (which also uses a Remington-Style Mauser bolt), including a shorter striker travel to decrease lock time. The trigger is a new design and is adjustable for trigger travel, overtravel and weight.

The CZ features open sights, a feature sadly lacking on so many American bolt actions. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and the front fiber optic sight is adjustable for elevation.

CZ has not yet announced what calibers it will be available in or what the MSRP will be.

Steve Johnson

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  • Noodles

    WTF is a Remington-style Mauser? I always thought the CZs were Mauser-style Mauser… 1898 Mauser actually.

    To the best of my knowledge the prime example of a Remington made gun using a Mauser action was the full stock 1903 copy they made. They’ve had others but the Rem 1903 was obviously just a copy of the Springfield 1903A3. So I suppose that was a Springfield-style Mauser?

    Perhaps the most recent 798 and 799 Mauser action rifles? Because those aren’t even made by Remington. Just stamped with the name.

    I think if i was hanging upside down in a tree and had to chamber a bolt gun to save my life I’d be damn glad if it was a controlled feed/eject mauser action. I love the CZs, and the 557 looks like a nice rifle, beautiful european style (Remington-style ) wood, but I’m going to need further clarification on what “Remington style Mauser” means…

  • JT

    As long as they make a full stock variant 🙂

  • Unfortunately like most CZ rifles the irons are barrel mounted notch sights rather than a receiver mounted peep.

    • Thingy

      “Remington-style Mauser” refers to the 700 action. It, like most push feeds, is based on the Mauser action, though it deletes the massive claw extractor and controlled round feeding. This is done primarily to reduce production costs. As the description says, there is no interchangeability between it and it’s “true Mauser” counterpart’s action.

    • Noodles

      They are for backup or 100y and for that they are fine. It would be nice to see receiver mounted, but 95% of American 557 owner will put a scope on it anyhow.

      I have receiver mounted TechSights on my 455 Lux, love it!

      • Noodles

        Weird, I meant to reply to a different post about sights.

        But while I’m here… Umm… You might want to check your facts on the 700 being directly Mauser based. It’s not. The model 30 and 720-somethings came before the 700 and those were what I would consider Mauser but the point here is that they were not Remington Mauser they were just Plain Old Mauser. The 700 has dual locking lugs but that’s where it’s similarity to a 98 Mauser ends. Not to mention the 700 is a lot newer design than that of the CZs.

        I want to see it explained what a “Remington Mauser” is. For any 700-centric statement to be correct, then the 700 is a CZ-style Mauser action which is just nonsense.

  • Zo

    do want! 🙂

    My CZ-455 Varmint and CZ-527 Varmint Trainer are shooters!

    If its like the other 55x series it will be a 22-250 and 308 Win but maybe we will see a 300 BLK 🙂

    • Noodles

      300k would be the 527 action, not the 55x.

      Of course there will be a 308. A 260/6.5 round would be cool as well. I hope they skip 300wsm because it really doesn’t feed well in short actions, makes for a disappointing user experience, much better in intermediate and long but then what is the point?

  • Somebody please explain what a Remington-style Mauser is. Thingy gives an interesting thought, but in that case, aren’t all bolt-actions “Mauser style?” It’s the CRF and huge extractor that sort of define the Mauser action; without them, how can it be a Mauser type?

    • Noodles

      You’re right, Thingy is wrong. The 700 is no more Mauser based than any bolt action designed after 1898. No CRF, no claw, not Mauser.

      I can’t wait to see what Remington-Style Mauser is, I’m hoping to learn something new!

  • Axel

    Double or single column magazine?

  • SAPH

    A Remington Mauser type refers to the position of the safety being moved from the back of the bolt body to the side. Really like iron sights on bolt action sporters and not just on dangerous game rifles.

  • denny

    Cute little rifle!
    But just a question of curiosity, if I may: what is “Remington-style Mauser bolt design” as opposed to “Mauser-Mauser” or even CZ-Mauser bolt style design? Why would Czechs use “Remington-style” if they have plenty of experience with their own bolt design starting with Vz.24? I believe it was the Mauser first (with model 88) after all, who used 2-lug front locking.

    I worked once with Ruger rifle with ‘Mauser-style bolt design’. They are pretty well similar if not the same. Or are they not?

    • denny

      Oh ya, I cought up with myself….. it is location of safety lever. Original Mauser has it on the back end. And as Noodles and some others point out – the extractor design. The original Mauser is awful large, you almost have impression that extractor is main part of bolt. Oh well, little history lesson, I guess.

      • Noodles

        I’m not sure I’m really buying the safety location. I have a Rem 1903 that I’m nearly certain is identical to the 1903A3, and I have an old BRNO (pre-cz) somewhere that has a rear tang mounted safety.

        Can anyone actually confirm that Remington was the first to locate the safety in such a way? But even if they were, are they famous enough for doing so that all future models are Remintington Mausers?

        I don’t see how this makes it a “Remington Mauser” in any more than melonite coated guns have Glock Style finishes or how any gun with a closed ended flash hider has a “Colt Style” birdcage, etc. there are far more 98 Mauser features to the CZ that make it 98 Mauser style than the location of the safety makes it a Remington style Mauser IMO. Even if Rem was the first to put the safety in that spot. Just thoughts…

      • denny

        For Noodles:
        I have among others bookmarked also this page on Collectible firearms-

        It’s mostly old stuff, you may like it; quite interesting with lots of pictures. All those guns have safety on rear end. That kind of answers the question what qualifies “pure” Mauser. During later times it probably went same way like AR or AK designs and their derivatives. To me it doesn’t really matter; if the gun is good regardless.

        In terms what CZ offers, I would rather say that CZ may have its own interpretation and IF it wants to do it ‘american way’ and it serves good business purpose, why not. Customer’s preference counts the most.

      • Noodles

        Denny, none of those guns on that link are BRNO or Ceska Zbrojovka, so while they are mostly examples of Mauser actions, there is nothing to say that Remington was the pioneer of the that safety location.

        Which is besides the point. I’m curious if there is some Remington contribution to that design that I don’t know about. Even if Remington was the first to put a safety there and CZ started doing the same, this does not make it a “Remington-Style Mauser”. It at best would make it a Mauser with a Remington-style safety.

        Vastly different as the former infers Remington had a great deal in the design and function of all future Mauser actions, as Steve’s original wording suggests. The latter which I suspect to be more appropriate (but am not sure of) would not be cause to call all future derivatives “Remington” based.

    • Mu

      Unfortunately, the Gew 88 was the only NON-Mauser construction (the 71 and 93, 95,96 and 98 all are true Mauser).

  • gunslinger

    what calibers? price? how does this compare to a Rem700?

    and never thought of the single/double stack mag thing.

    • SAPH

      No comparison, if its anything like the rifle I use(550 and 527), CZ is a much better weapon, I only use CZ and SAKO at work, in 308 (3 SAKO’s 1 CZ), 375 (CZ)and 416(CZ). I owned a 700 ADL for my own use and I didnt like it just felt terrible, action was gritty and slow trigger wasn’t as crisp as the CZ’s and I replaced all the stocks on my working rifles with synthetic stocks but because clients tend to abuse rifles if they own them I think they are worth the higher price.

      • SAPH

        I owned a 527, before I started working as a PH, 527 is not avilable in 308 my mistake

  • Lance

    Looks like a nice quality rifle. Too bad its going expensive.

  • tomD

    I have both a CZ full stock with Mauser action as well as a Remington 700 BDL.

    They are quite different. Who ever wrote the blurb on this rifle did it a great disservice by creating total confusion.

    These actions are both bolt but but that’s about it. The claw pickup and extractor on the CZ and the pushfeed on the Remington are just different.

    BTW they both work just fine, both fast actions.

    (Neither of them are as fast as a British Lee Enfield, though)

  • Mike Knox

    Reminds me of the CZ 550. Which is strange because I’ve never used one of those before and yet I’m here talking about it..

  • I seemed to have created confusion. CZ is describing the action as a Remington-style Mauser action. I took it to mean a Mauser action on the style Remington used to sell. Rem used to import Mauser actions and finish them in the USA. They stopped selling them a while back.

  • JS

    What scope is that?

  • crkt308

    to anyone wondering what a remington-mauser bolt is, it is a mauser bolt body with 2 opposed locking lugs on the front of the body (mauser was one of the first and most common to use this design) and having the bolt face of a remington (push need but not likely to use the spring clip extractor). this is the way they described the 555 and likely this is a evolution of this model. the rifle will be made in the czech republic according to the cz sales rep i spoke to and expect the rifle to sell around the same price as the 555 in canada

    • Noodles


      Seeing as Winchester has and has had a very similar action to the current CZs, I’m still not understanding what Remington feature the CZ has… What Remington model has a bolt face similar to this CZ? The 700’s?

      Weird, I’ll have to go look at my 1903A3 and Rem1903 as well as my CZs to see if I can spot it.

      • crkt308

        the new 557 is a push feed like a remington 700. maybe on cz’s part calling it a remington style bolt wasnt the best choice. remember back when winchester switched from a mauser claw to a short claw extractor back in 1964? this is the exact same concept only that winchester continued calling the new rifle a model 70 and cz has decided to call the new design 557.

  • Mike B

    Lots of confusion over this information.

    The new 557 action is a short striker/new trigger version of the 555 action, also described as a “Remington-style Mauser bolt” in this marketing release.

    The 555 is a CRF action. It’s the same as the 550, except it has a Remington-style two position safety, push button bolt release, and a bolt guide in the right side locking lug.

    There simply isn’t enough information provided to assume a major redesign like turning a CRF action into a PF action.

  • Sompopo

    Does anyone know when the 557 hits the shelves. I was waiting for the 550 in 308 to appear again. Found out 2 days ago it was discontinued . At first glance the 557 did nothing for me on the aesthetics …..but I am starting to really like it

  • Iguana

    I heard from a reliable source that CZ is having some issues with the short action on their new 557 in 308. I have been seriously considering purchasing the carbine in 308 ,however, I am not sure how concerned I should be with whatever their dealing with.
    I was told it may not hit the shelves for months due to the issues and I suspect that was a guess.
    The carbine in 270 ( long action ) has recently become available .
    It would be insane in my opinion to release this rifle for sale unless they were 110%
    certain they have the bugs worked out.
    I know CZ has had their Mauser action out there forever but I do not know what their experience is with the new push feed short action being offered.
    Can someone provide some additional insight on how serious the issues might be with this new product offering