Walther PPX

Next year Walther will be selling an entry level “under $500″ 9mm & .40 S&W called the Walther PPX. The PPX looks to be a simplified version of the Walther PPQ. The PPX appears to be a hammer fired DOA (double action only), not striker fired like the PPQ. It does away with the “paddle” style magazine release of the PPQ and replaces it with a convention button magazine release.

PPX with black Tenifer finish
PPX with nickel finish.
PPX with threaded barrel.

The exact price has not yet been confirmed by the company, they have only said it will be under $500. In the USA the pistol will be sold in both 9mm and .40 S&W. In Europe they will be selling only the 9mm version and it will retail for 569 euros (black finish).

Steve Johnson

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  • Sean

    I feel like Walther is trying to make their handguns look more and more like Hi-Points with every model.

    • BrianH

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that. What happened to the sleek lines of the P22 and P99?

      • Dan A

        Given that they still make P22s and P99s… nothing.

  • Bryan S.

    Looks like they took the PPS and made it more ungainly. At least that horrible mag release is gone.

    Too bad they coulnt make it shorter too.

    • Beefalo

      You mean the horrible mag release HK users love?

  • MJS

    It looks even more ugly than the Hi-Points, and that’s saying something. Is there anything that proves that a severe 90 degree grip angle aids a shooter?

  • Sérgio M.

    Jesus… WTF?! “Entry level” Walther?! I love my PPS (even the mag release), and really want a PPQ too, but both of them are in fact rather good looking guns… This one is hideous. And Walther turning “low cost” (= cheap ass design and quality) really doesn’t seduce me…

    • Noodles

      If your street price options are HiPoint, Khar, Jennings/whatever, Bersa, etc and now add Walther… I think a lot of people would do well to select the Walther.

      If you don’t like the looks fine, this gun probably isn’t for you anyhow. I suspect this looks and feels better in hand than in photos.

      • Cymond

        A S&W SVD9/SD9/Sigma/whatever is usually under $400. They’re cheaper than this Walther and nicer than a Jennings/Bryco/HiPoint.

        I would probably buy a cheap S&W over this Walther.

  • dan

    Doe entry level mean you have to design it to look like a hipoint?

    • Doug

      Certainly not, look at the Sig P2022, it’s a $100 cheaper and is the best looking Sig they make (IMO).

  • Denderwuz

    Holy F*&K that thing is ugly WTF happened to Walther did they fire their design team and hire expats from tapco and hipoint?

    • Paralus

      Hideous looking pistol.

      If it works, good. But that ugly pistol will never be owned by me. I’ll take a PPQ or even an old school P99 over that beast.

      Did I mention it’s ugly? What the hell is Walther thinking?

  • Noodles

    I love my PPQ and PPS… But I wish anytime a company offers a suppres-able version, they would also include taller sights!

  • Dan

    Before even reading these other comments I was on my way down here to say the silhouette is HARD hi-point, but I will reserve judgement on te heinous grip angle till I have one in my hands… I don’t have high hopes though.

  • Spencedaddy

    i…..hate it…….

    i thought this was seriously a scam….

  • FourString

    To me that just looks NOWHERE near as desirable as a PPQ or a P99, let alone a Sig Sauer SP2022. And DAO? Wtf?

  • Al

    Nice to see the suit with his finger on the trigger. Another corporate douchebag.

  • Roy Rapoport

    “The PPX appears to be a hammer fired DOA (double action only)”

    I don’t know, but … I have a feeling this model’s going to be DOA when it hits the market.


    • Esh325

      Apparently, it’s not a true DAO. It’s a pre cocked trigger.

      • Fudd

        So a constant action trigger like the USP LEO mods?
        Meh, never really cared for those type of triggers. Could never tell exactly where they broke, and weren’t as crisp as striker fired mechanisms. DA/SA would be the way to go for me.

  • Esh325

    It doesn’t “look” hammer fired, unless it’s a partially concealed hammer. I wish we knew for sure whether it was a DA/SA or a DAO.

  • DW

    Back when they indroduced bobtail 1911s, many people called it heresy, but it is still with us today. Only when this hit the market and people get their hand on it can we decide if it is truly an epic fail.
    IMO, it should feel like holding a subcompact with finger extension.

  • strongarm

    Walther turns its own origin, “Hammer Firing” as realising “Striker Firing”
    is not a business to suit its high quality, precise and complicated
    manufacturing philosophy to compete with dragoons like Glock.

  • David

    “Field dress” it??

    • RickH

      I know, I had to listen again… funny!

  • Apparently they thought the reason the P99 QA wasn’t selling was that it didn’t have enough variety of differently-angled surfaces and textures.

  • zbaer

    Am I the only one who is intrigued this exists? Not from a firearms standpoint, from a business one. S&W and Walther recently ended their distribution partnership, and I think this is the second visible result of the split. The first was the Shield, being a direct competitor to the PPS, and now this is basically Walthers attempt to move in on the M&P price range. The question is, how will S&W respond? With the G19 killer we’ve been waiting for? 😀

    god that thing brings to mind the phrase “like lipstick on a pig”; Walther seems to have put lipstick on a high-point.

    • Noodles

      Except that PPQ has been in M&P price range in the states. I suspect this PPX will be more SD/Sigma price range.

      • zbaer

        A quick check of Buds Guns shows about a $100 difference between them, but that’s still a couple hundred closer than I thought.

        Good point on the SD though.

  • Henry

    Somebody in Walther knows Ruger is going to copy their PPQ 🙂 Is this gun CA-compliant? I’m sure Ruger’s copy will. and has removable backstrap too.

    • Top Gun 80

      Why, in my opinion, Ruger’s P-95 puts this gun to shame.

  • MrMaigo

    DAO is rather retro and with the option of a threaded barrel and slide finishes, I doubt they’re scrimping that much. DAO is a niche market, you can’t force a new gun onto the market unless there are people there to buy it no matter how cheap.

    If it’s DA/SA (and I can hold it) it’ll go on the maybe list. I’m tired of only seeing new SAO striker fired guns.

  • JD

    Maybe it’s just me, but the logos and slide serrations scream casting. I surely hope not.

    • Almost certainly is, at the price point… “investment casting” of steel is just as good as milled, *IF* done the right way, contrary to popular belief.

  • eichenlaub

    569€ is much less than 500$

    • AnoSymun

      569 Euros is ~$750. The Europeans are forced to pay a lot more once again…

      • Get one now, then wait a year or two, and when the dollar tanks, you can Rugers and Smith really cheap.

  • A.K. for T-7

    The f¥€< with this one. Give me a 10 shot .45 ACP PPQ now!

  • gunslinger

    i’m not sure where walther was going with this design…

  • Abner

    I’m very interested in this. The pre-cocked DAO hopefully a bit crisper feeling then the one on my HK P30 at 2/5ths the price ($500 msrp will likely translate to $420 retail I’m guessing).

    I’m confused at the folks heralding the abandonment of the PPQ-like paddle mag release. Have you folks ever tried it? IMO its simply the best mag release on the market.

    And “the grip looks weird”?? What? Have you not picked up and held a PPQ or P99?

    Yeah its blocky lookin but I’m waiting to see how it performs. It doesnt look bad enough for me to can it. C’mon, since when is a glock pretty or needed to be? Guns are tools treat them as such…pansies!!

    If its built by Walther and maintains the Walther quality and performs as such I’m in.

  • Jeff

    I would call this gun Quasimodo because there’s something wrong with its back….strap

    • denny

      Whole thing is incredibly ugly…. and I wonder who will want to buy it. Why hammer on DAO is beyond me, although I suppose this is ‘discrete’ hammer. I think they missed on this one; not for me.

    • anon

      Jeff beat me to it! I came here to call it the ‘Hunchback of Ulm.’

  • santi

    Im sure someone said it already but it looks like a fancy hi point. No bueno.

  • Mike Knox

    It’s like a BMW designed by Americans (U.S.). Looks to me like Walther sold out on designing this pistol just for the U.S. market..

  • Johnny Wilson

    I pray it uses P99 magazines….

  • PCP

    It looks like an interesting gun, specially the price tag. My only grips are the atrocious grip (bada dum tss) and the fact it’s likely a DAO. Probably not my choice but it’s always nice to see more products on the market.

  • W

    im not sure wtf is the deal with the hi point comments (like thats a bad thing since hi points arent as terrible as people think), but I think they look pretty sharp.

    Walther makes very smooth pistols.

  • I was gonna say this gun looks like a Hi-Point C9, but it looks like several people already beat me to it. I’m sure this Walther is a good gun, but that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the photo.

  • RickH

    Looking at the pics & vid, that grip looks so small, or maybe the upper part of the receiver and the slide is more blocky. Just looks odd when comparing to my P99AS. New owners would love to have the changeable backstraps, but I understand about keeping the price down. I hope it sells for them.

  • AK™

    Walther wants to move in on Hi-Point’s dominance of the “cheap,plastic pistol” market.

    I wouldn’t feel “un-armed” or that I didn’t have “enough gun” if I had to carry either for defense.

    • Esh325

      Walther might have made an unintentional marketing mistake by making a pistol that outwardly bares resemblance to a Hi Point. I don’t think Walther made this pistol at all to compete with Hi Points. At 500$, it won’t compete with a Hi Point. Hi Points are 150-200$ I believe.

    • W

      thats not true at all.

      Walther would have to sell the PPX for 150 bucks.

    • Why true — they both work (undoubtedly) – the Walther is much preferable, even for $300 more – No zinc, and much better looking (though ugly it may be – it’s all relative)

  • Patrick

    I like idea Walther PPX. But at price point bulky shape does real stand chances of selling well in gun market that fill with guns at same price point offer more in ergonomic shape that offer at same price point. It goes back old smith and wession ruger argument does thicker gun make better gun.

  • Reese

    Except for the depth of the frame at the top of the grip to accommodate the hammer and the length of the grip to cover the magazine base pad, there is very little overall design change from the PPQ to the PPX (yes, the take down and slide stop levers are different). There is a very obvious evolution and consistency with the overall design.

    Funny how removing a few curves can make a beautiful gun so ugly!

    I put some pics together for a side-by-side comparison: http://sdrv.ms/11kJRVt

  • Tony

    Looks more and more like a hi point

  • ¤

    This isnt going to sell that well I dont think… so ugly… they dun goofed on the grip. I guess they said MSRP was 449- 500 so it would sell for around 375-400, not too bad I guess, may do OK after all as long as It feels and performs better than it looks.

  • GlennG

    Somehow I can’t even look at this gun without having flashbacks of this moment in Joe Theismann’s career: http://youtu.be/BUIf5m0bgu0

  • strongarm

    -Hammer pistols need no dry firing before take down and also need no
    intriquated mechanism to by pass it.

    -Outside Hammer guns also do not need a “Cocked” indicator.

    These two simple reasons are so important for a brand like “Walther” to
    offer reliable and quality guns with reasonable production costs. Lower
    cost is obtained with deleting the Cocking Indicator and Decock Lever
    on PPQ, and higher cost has come with sophisticated Decocker Removable
    Back Strap on PPS. Both being on mentioned field.

    Striker pistols are not for Walther’s manufacturing philosophy, and it has
    cleared after a fifteen years of experiment.

    • PeterTheFish

      There is neither a Cocking Indicator or a Decocking Lever on a PPQ.

      This is hardly a repudiation of some of Walther’s fantastic striker fired pistols – rather the firm appears to be taking an opportunity to cash in on their success with this down market effort.

  • I have a PPQ and I really like everything about it. Great trigger. Feels great in my hand. Soft recoil. Lot’s of fun.

  • So is this a “partially pre-sprung” DAO (akin to a Para-LDA), or a true DAO, like say, a Taurus 24/7 (albeit with hammer)?

  • ManongBloggerDotCom

    Nice alternative to Glocks and XD.

  • Morgan

    Just purchased and the weapon did very well at the range. The grip fit my XL hand very well. A really well built and accurate weapon.

  • Rob

    Love mine. Very accurate and feels great in the hand. I’m having some issues with it firing consistently… hopefully Walther will take care of it for me.

  • senol

    i just got walther ppx en i lovet nice grip shoots accurate