LAR Manufacturing Acquired by Remington

Large caliber rifle LAR Grizzly and LAR Manufacturing have been acquired by Remington / The Freedom Group. Remington has not yet sent out a press release about this acquisition, but Ethan at Aftermath Gun Club spoke to the LAR Manufacturing who confirmed the news.

LAR has been in business for a long time, at one time or another making pistols, AR-15s, large caliber rifles and tripod mounts for the military. Today they are best known for their LAR Grizzly T-50 .50 BMG rifles and LAR OPS-4 AR-15 upper receivers (pictured below).

LAR Grizzly T-50 .50BMG. I asked this guy to shoulder the rifle for a photo, no easy feat with such a heavy gun (it is much heavier than it looks).
LAR OPS-4 Ambidextrous AR-15 Upper

From the company’s about page …

Headquartered in West Jordan Utah, LAR Manufacturing has been producing precision engineered firearms and firearms components for over 40 years. Founded in 1968, LAR began manufacturing of M16 upper receivers for the Rock Island U.S. Armament Command; LAR won other government contracts such as the M3 Tripod Mounts for the M2 machine gun as well as the M85 Barrel extension subassembly, and the M240 machine gun. Due to our machining capabilities, LAR launched the Grizzly Mark 1 handgun, “The Browning 1911 on steroids” as it was coined for so many years. Due to our expertise in precision machining and firearms, LAR created the GRIZZLY BIG BOAR .50BMG rifle over 20 years ago. LAR has since launched a new .50BMG Tactical Rifle.

LAR never stopped building firearms components for the M16 and AR15 platforms. LAR has acted and continues to be a contract manufacturing facility for some of the world’s largest AR15 brand names in the industry. LAR has continued its Research and Development and developed a precision machined side charged upper assembly that makes the AR15 platform more functional, durable, accurate for right and left charged models as well as ambidextrous models.

LAR Manufacturing continues to innovate and expand. Skilled employees work in a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art manufacturing complex covering over 35,000 square feet. Research and development is mission critical and exciting new products are on the drawing board. Indeed, the future is bright at LAR Manufacturing.

Steve Johnson

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  • Sol

    is it just me or is someone going to get a bit alarmed at all the companies the Freedom Group is buying?

    • NBH

      Not really alarmed, just sad at the companies, products, and employees which will be run into the ground. I expect it to follow the standard vulture-capital fate.

      Cerberus builds Freedom Group into a fairly large conglomerate, cuts corners to artificially inflate profitability in the short term, takes them public while saddling FG with a lot of debt, and FG then withers and either goes bankrupt or gets sold in parts as a result of the high debt plus declining sales from poor quality and skimping R&D. But Cerberus laughs all the way to the bank after trashing the future of some quality companies and products.

      I don’t fear some anti-gun conspiracy to shut down FG, Cerberus will drive them into the ground in the name of the all-mighty dollar. But in the longer run, I guess FG’s competitors will like the result.

      • Will

        The other side of the coin is that if Cerebus takes FG public then they MUST disclose the financials for potential investors. That includes debt to income ratios as well as financial liabilities & earning potential & sales forecasts.

        Perhaps, again maybe I am a glass is half-full kinda guy, maybe Cerebus is doing this to make MORE money – ya know – they way Capitalism is supposed to work!

        So many company’s being run into the ground & closing and there is hand-wringing & whisper conspiracies about a company growing.

        In this current political environment, firearms are a BOOMING business! Perhaps THAT fear is bleeding over into seeing bogey-men behind every shadow.

        I dunno.

      • johpal

        WILL must be a Capitalist Stooge. What good is Capitalism doing if they take away Consumer Choice by dictating your choices for you. A simple example: Company ABC sells toasters in white, green and red, but you want one in your favorite color. Not a chance. There are many similar examples, in many different areas of commerce, to choose from including the Firearms Industry. WILL’s response to my example would probably be, “Well, then go paint it that color!”. Capitalism by the Elite Few good? Competition forcing Company ABC to capitulate to please the consumer is what’s needed, not a few solitary Super Corps who can tell you what you can buy. LoL @ WILL
        From: a fellow gunowner

  • Alexander_Degtyarev

    Farewell LAR. Your quality control was nice while it lasted.

  • FindYourInnerWoodsman

    Sol I was thinking exactly the same thing. The possibility that once they aquire everything in their sights and then shut it all down and we’d be left with what? Scary thoughts in scary times in my opinion.

    • Sol

      you are so right about it being scary. if these guys shut down then you won’t need to worry about Congress passing anti-gun laws. all they’d have to do is stop importation of firearms (via the UN) and its a done deal. yeah i know i sound like a nut but still…i just don’t trust these guys.

      • Marc

        If Cerberus shuts down its competitors will rejoice and sell more. Don’t be so paranoid.

      • Marc

        If Cerberus shuts down its competitors will rejoice and sell more.

      • Sol

        we’re watching one group systematically buy up firearms and firearm related companies one right after another. if nothing else it appears that what they’re doing is attempting to corner the market. remember you just need to control a certain portion of the market in order to influence prices. sorry but i take your view as being head in the sand, wishful thinking and normalcy bias.

      • Will

        What is so scary? Remington / The Freedom Group / CEREBUS being a “one shop stop” to acquire more GOV’T contracts (easier than multi sourcing multiple Purchase Requests through different vendors & bidding processes!) – and thats FINE & DANDY!!!

        That frees up the smaller & MORE FLEXIBLE companies to innovate & take care of the American CIVILIAN CUSTOMERS (Think H&K!).

        I am not frightened AT ALL.

        I have seen this before in SMALLER markets (Bomb Disposal Equipment: Allen Vanguard). What this may allow are the former owners, SME’s & Machinists are free to go their own way & spin-off & do their own thing now! Provided they didn’t sign a long-term binding NON-COMPETE clause!

        The future is bright not a blight.

  • ¤

    Oh hey another thread involving Cerberus, anyone remember with the tapco how I made a comment about them buying up every company around? this is creepy as hell. what ever happened to not being able to have monopolies? or does it not count since even though one entity is buying up all of the companies it is still separate companies selling guns?

    • JMD

      Based on what you just wrote, I’m not convinced you know what a monopoly is. There are hundreds of other options for any given product made by the companies that have been rolled into Freedom Group.

  • Reverend Clint

    i have always liked the lar ar-15 design with the ambi charging handles.

  • Bob Z Moose

    And then there was one.

    • bbmg

      “Guns Corp” or something similar, starting to sound like some dystopian future scenario from a video game.

      • johpal

        OK, I’ll say it , since you won’t…….. M.E., anyone?

  • howa

    Trivia time:

    In Canada, the only way to legally possess a >5 round (you read that right) AR magazine is to buy a LAR mag.

    Because LAR makes/made an AR that is legally defined as a pistol, its’ magazines are legally pistol magazines in Canada and can therefore hold up to 10 rounds.

    If we can’t get LAR mags, the only semi-auto that will legally be allowed to hold >5 rounds here is a pistol-calibre carbine (i.e. using a pistol mag) or a Garand.

    FURTHER TO THAT: IF SOMEONE READING THIS were to import a 458 SOCOM magazine to Canada, he would own the entire market on high-capacity magazines in a country of 30 million people.

    This is because of a loophole that is similar to the “pistol mag” loophole: if the magazine was originally designed and intended to hold a maximum of 5 rounds of it’s intended calibre, it is legal PERIOD. A 5-round SOCOM mag holds many, many rounds of 223. So long as it is marked “458 SOCOM 5 Rounds” from the factory, we can own it and put any cartridge we like in it.

    I would provide more detail but the best place to learn more is from the enthusiasts: check out if you want more background.

  • Noodles

    Hah… Sold to Cerberus… Ask AAC how that’s working out.

  • So what’s this mean for the AR-15 stripped lower market? LAR made lowers for about a dozen different brands.

    • HSR47

      And that’s probably why they got bought out.

    • Stella

      I came here to post the same thing. I have a LAR teflon coated lower. A lower is a lower, but it is pretty nice.

      That said, there are so many OEMs in the lower market now–some of which are really big like Aero–I doubt it will matter.

  • eichenlaub

    Hopefully Norinco will make a knock offs as good as or better as the freedom group versions, which freedom group can then import and sell.

    • Scott P

      Ill take Norinco over anything from the Freedom Group. Then again the Freedom Group doesn’t make any firearms I want anyway so no worries from my end.

      • arealpatriot

        Anything Norinco is pure junk. Only gun newbies like anything Norinco. Chinese crap!

    • Scott P

      I’ll take Norinco over anything from the Freedom Group. Then again the Freedom Group doesn’t make any firearms I want anyway so no worries from my end.

  • gunslinger

    close one door, open another?

    • Noodles

      Close one door… stay on for a few months until corporate lawyers escort you out another then slam that one on you 🙂

  • Bill

    They need to bring back the Grizzly Magnums. LAR is one of those manufactures you hear about and go, are they still in business?

  • greasyjohn

    Just about all their acquisitions have held some stake in the defense racket, so to me their strategy is pretty clear. Eventually the only thing left to do will be to merge with not-so-small arms firms like Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics. I don’t know whether they’d buy out Colt, or (considering they’ve now got their own 1911, AR, and potential AR replacement,) just try to replace them.

  • askeptic

    This is a demonstration of what many in the gun-owning community have claimed in the past, that this is an economic-sector filled with relatively small companies – companies that were hard pressed to stand up to the legal challenges of the Gun-Ban Lobby.
    That was the basis for Congress passing the Legal Commerce in Arms protections for the industry.
    As Cerberus/Freedom Group assembles and consolidates a large segment of the firearms industry under one umbrella, they will acquire political clout to bring to bear against the enemies of the 2nd-Amendment.
    Some may decry that certain niche weapons are going to disappear from production; but, they would have disappeared regardless since that production was probably a loss for the producer, and continuation of production jeopardized the financial health of those companies, risking their continued existence.
    We are watching Capitalism at work, as it rewards the successful, and allows the less-than-successful to move on to other pursuits.
    Remember, if you have funds invested in a 401-k, or an IRA, whatever, check with your financial advisor to see how you can move funds to Cerberus to participate in the financial side of the firearms industry, or buy stock in S&W or Ruger.
    (disclosure: I am not connected to any of these groups)

    • Noodles

      First off all, Freedom Group has been declined many times for a stock exchange IPO. They’ve since given up on it, it would seem. Second, I would not invest in a Cerberus owned company after seeing them “run” Home Depot, Chrysler, and also dozens of small companies into the ground just because they MIGHT be good for a cause you care about.

      Donate to SAF or NRA-ILA or whoever is actually fighting if you actually want to do some good. Although there is no cash ROI for that.

  • Mike Knox

    And another monster swallowed a littler monster..

  • Lance

    Always liked there .45 magnum pistol. Hope they make more ARs for us.

    As for Remington are they the new “telephone company” of gun makers??

  • TW

    i don’t see the big fuss with Remington or the freedom group. ive worked with them and they still make great gun at good-descent prices. only thing is that its difficult to get large orders from Remington or custom orders, i was told this was due to most of their manufacturing ability being put into M24 upgrades and the M4 contact.

  • Thanks Freedom Group. I hope the L.A.R. Grizzly MK I pistol in .45 WinMag will be produced again. Success of the desert Eagle proves the point… I could also use a few new magazines…

    • Joe

      Any idea where to buy more Grizzly 45 Win Mag Magazines?

  • Also an AR-15 upper in 6.8 Grendel would be nice. I know they would sell a ton of those! It has better specs than the AR .270 or 6.8 SPC [shorter, punier, and weaker]. 6.5 mm. ballistics are much better than .277 ballistics, anyway.

  • Brody01

    What gun store Is that?

  • Brody

    Is lar headquarters still producing guns