Art Of The Sawed-Off Shotgun

A sawed off shotgun is near the top of my gun acquisition list. I love the combination of dark ebony-stained wood and the duracoat grey/green finish.

[ Many thanks to WhaleOil for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • TheIrateBlackGuy

    His bumper sticker says ‘my other ride is a conestoga’

  • Matt

    Look here what a beauty (O/U)…

    Barrels Slightly above 18″

    Built on demand for boar hunting

    • Nicks87

      Very nice.

      I never thought sawed-offs were very practical but they look damn cool.

      • Duray

        At least he had the good sense to leave the buttstock intact, which keeps it very practical. Once you whack off the back end, it tips toward the novelty side of things.

      • Matt,

        I could make out the Redolfi Armi name on the receiver but there is no other information. Do you have any more information about the gun? Do post it here or send it to Steve. Looks like a very interesting and practical gun. I live in a shotgun for deer state, BTW, hence my interest.

  • From Italy

    Nothing new, it’s a old italian tradition to saw shotguns.

    • John

      Old mafian tradition, NOT italian.

      • Lolinski

        Not really. They were used to hunt wolf, where speed is essential it doesnt help to have a metre long barrel. Its only later that the mob started to use it.

      • Lolinski

        Not really. They were used to hunt wolf, where speed is essential it doesnt help to have a 34 inch long barrel. Its only later that the mob started to use it.

    • Komrad

      That single shotgun they have as an example looks really nice.
      I might just have to do something like that one day.

    • 276pedersen

      No one said it was new.

  • Cymond

    You know what could be a good seller for a niche market? A double-barrel shotgun with a factory pistol grip. Any shotgun with a shoulder stock can only be shortened to a Short-Barrel-Shotgun, not an AOW. There is a market for AOW double-barrel guns. First, it’s the classic Hollywood sawed-off shotgun. Second, some jursidictions (like Kalifornya) allow AOWs but not SBS’s.

    something like this: CLAW

  • gunslinger

    always neat to see these things. somehow i always picture cowboys with sbs…

  • tincankilla

    those goggles scream for a spandex outfit.

  • greasyjohn

    I like it, a lot more than I thought I would, but Blue Steel will always be king.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing some parkerized though.

  • Capybara

    Cymond, I live in California and just submitted my ATF paperwork to buy an AOW. Just to clarify, SBS are legal in California but only if they are 1962 or older and NFA papered. These are exceedingly difficult to find, but they are out there. A California dealer has a few, but the prices are outrageous, classic case of supply and demand. He just sold a C&R Sheriff Department Remington 12ga. SBS for $2,500.00 and it was beat up.

    We checked with the ATF and we cannot buy an old C&R shotgun and saw off the barrel here, that would lose the shotgun it’s C&R status, we can only own a registered NFA C&R SBS. So my chances of ever owning one here are slim, but not impossible. I would never pay $2,500.00 to own one, but I would pay half that, if I can ever find one.

  • Noodles

    Well… Aside from just enforcing southern stereotypes, he pretty much just convinced me to NOT do an SBS double barrel. Watching him “run” that gun, it’s obvious that by removing the weight from the barrel it becomes harder/slower to open. Watching him fumble with the extraction make me think you would greatly benefit from auto extractors. Same with the safety disengage every time he closes.

    It looks cool, but definitely not for me. I think for the length a SxS at 18″ would be just fine and save the $200 stamp for something that runs better.

    • jdun1911

      For self defense it is very rare that you need to reload. The vast majority of civilian self defense is 1v1, seven feet or less, and last for 2 second or less (first shot to last).

      I prefer a SBS double barrel or auto loader shotgun over pump for home defense. IMO double barrel shotgun are extremely good for home defense. The SBS version is even better.

    • JoeBob

      If you get a shotgun with ejectors not extractors that’s not a problem.

  • Mike Knox

    I experimented with a Sawn off O/U shotgun with a ten inch barrel, compensator porting and a rosebud grip some time ago. I tried it different shot gauges, slugs and custom loads (rock salt, carbide slag, gel capsules). It did not end well..

  • Matt

    @ Mehul Kamdar

    Some spec

    From the description (in italian).
    Break-down action in Ergal 55 (aluminum alloy) cnc machined out of a hot forget billet.

    Redolfi Armi is a gunshop which (possibly) contract these guns to some manufacturer in the area (my guess, have seen some tools in their shop but they are for gunsmithing only)

    Hope this help.