Chiappa Triple Barreled Shotgun

Chiappa just published a video of their upcoming Triple Threat, a tripled barrelled shotgun which will go on sale next year. The rate of fire is impressive.

Triple barrel shotguns are not new. They have been around for about as long as shotguns themselves have but the concept never went mainstream. One of the reason double barrel shotguns (and rifles) are expensive is because of the work involved in ensuring each barrel is lined up correctly. There is even more work when three barrels need to be lined up.

According to Caleb Giddings, the Triple Threat will retail for a crazy $1,500! While the price is not outrageous for this kind of gun (I would guess it was a lot cheaper than any production triple barrel shotgun produced in the past), any benefits of three barrels for home defense is far outweighed by the cost when compared to a $500 pump action or double barrel shotgun.

[ Many thanks to Jacob for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • klyph

    I think I’d rather buy 3 870s and a roll of duct tape.

    • DW

      Never been done before, maybe redjacket doesn’t need to know this…

      • gunslinger

        just wait for the new season to come out

      • kjjohn

        I’m just gonna go ahead and say it “This will be a game changer”

    • LJK

      Just two work for you?

  • Roger Fletcher

    I like the looks of this. Are any of them made with auto ejectors? There might be a good case to be made for a speedloader type set-up for this if coupled with the ejectors. I like the fast firing rate, but think you need to come up with a quick re-load for much home defense scenarios I’d think.

  • Dev

    Hmmm…looks to be another solution in search of a problem.

  • Tim Ellwood

    single trigger? With everyone bitching about the Double defense having a single trigger, will they bitch three times as much for this one, or just 33 1/3% more?

    • Rob

      They would either be bitching 3x as much or 50% more than they do over the Double Threat… not 33.3% more

  • Noodles

    I’d be down for about $800 retail. Since that isn’t going to happen, I’d be interested in a double barrel setup with the same 18″ barrel length and the option of putting the same grip on it.

    Selective auto ejectors would be nice as well.

  • Anthony

    Triple barrel shotgun. When it absolutely, positively must die and stay dead.

  • Tyson Chandler

    ..”any benefits of three barrels for home defense is far outweighed by the cost when compared to a $500 pump action or double barrel shotgun.”..No… No it doesn’t. As a previous post stated, $800 is about right for this. I like it, but not for $1500. Besides, for that money, it should have ejectors, not extractors. At least now I know to say “Key- appa” and not “Chip-pa”!

    • Tyson Chandler

      Opps. I meant to say “Yes…yes it does!”

    • Giolli Joker

      Just as a side note: Chiappa is the surname of the owner… but in Italian the word “chiappa” means “buttock”…

    • Wosiu

      No comment 1500 USD but in production versions will be options with ejectors, black stock, short/full lenght barrells, picattiny rail under barrels.

  • Nathaniel

    This is more than a little silly.

  • We’re getting closer to Reggie’s shotgun from Phantasm 2!

  • TCArmory

    With the firearm industry exploding the way it is, more and more manufacturers are pumping out ideas as fast as their designers (and lawyers) will let them. To be brutally honest, most of these designs are gimmicks, overpriced, or fulfill a role that needs no fulfillment. Case in point: a $1500 triple barrel shotgun that is utterly useless compared to a $250 Maverick 88 pump that holds more rounds. Or a $750 semi auto Saiga 12. Or how about 300 BLK AR’s that cost the end user over $1500 to set up? Diamondback is soon offering a FULL RANGE of 300 BLK fully assembled AR’s for less than $1000. Be truly innovative, with the budget of the masses in mind and you will go very far.

  • Mabey

    Its like a drilling with a extra shotgun barleinstead of a rifle under the to shot barrles.

    • Bryan S.

      Which gives me some hope of seeing a new, less expensive drilling from that frame setup.

    • Clodboy

      Technically, a Drilling (German for “Triplet”) can be any combination of smoothbore shotgun and rifle barrels (especially since you can often insert a rimfire rifle barrel into the shotgun barrels… yeah, German gun laws are pretty tolerant towards what you’d expect to be a regulatory nightmare), although yeah, what you describe is the so-called “classic Drilling”.

      A triple shotgun would be referred to as a Flinten- or Schrotdrilling.


    Haha, if you add the X-Caliber shotgun ammo adapters, and you could shoot any combination of 3 calibers- .22 long rifle, .38 special, .357, 9mm, .45 ACP, .45 long colt, .410, 12GA, .223, 7.62×39 or .308- out of the same gun, at the same time!

    • Partizan1942

      To what end exactly? And at what cost exactly? And with what accuracy exactly? Other than that yepp, exactly. 🙂

      • Duray

        Note that he began with “haha.”

    • Rob

      haha reloading 3 different rounds would be such a pain in the ass

  • Partizan1942

    “For the low-low price of $1500 the person buying this gun for home defense will have fire superiority over all bad guys armed with a double barreled shotgun.” Pffff
    I mean they could have at least stressed the selling points “fine craftsmenship” and “hunting purposes” or have one barrel rifled for slugs one with a choke and one without one Which could be ideal if you go hunting not knowing what you are going to find and at what distances. And this is just off the top of my head. There are a lot of selling points that one could make but they did not.
    Chiappa! If you see my post I am available to consult about your company’s marketing tactics.

  • Kyle

    I’m personally glad to see different firearm designs coming to light. Even if it isn’t new, the different design breathe a bit of life into the firearms world instead of the same pump actions that don’t really off anything new, or another AR manufacturer in the sea of mediocre AR’s. It’s good to see stuff like this.

  • Totenglocke

    Too bad Chiappa’s quality control and customer service suck. I have a Bounty Hunter (Mares Leg) from them and have had it replaced more than once via the FFL and then had a completely non-functioning model come in where the distributor that the FFL uses said “We’re not replacing it again” and they did a half-assed job after I paid $70 to ship it for warranty work and they only fixed half of the problems so it STILL won’t fire and they have been ignoring me since trying to contact them about getting them to pay or shipping to fix the rest of the issues.

    They make some interesting stuff and they do use quality materials, but damn do they need to learn how to treat their customers who are spending $1,000+ on a firearm.

  • MrDakka

    Am I the only one who’s getting a Borderlands 2 Jakob’s vibe from this shotgun? Or have I been playing Borderlands 2 too much?

    • Burst

      Objectively speaking:
      No, and probably.

  • Mick

    This seriously needs to be featured in the next Fallout game.

  • Fred

    Has anyone else seen the movie Phantasm?

  • Big Red One – Ramadi

    I saw an episode on Pawn Stars where they had an Old European 3 barrel break-open shotgun. It was designed like a side-by-side but with another barrel at the 6’Oclock. Nevertheless it was rare because the 3 barrel design never really took off.

    What would be cool for someone who owned a 3 barrel break open shotgun would be this;

  • derfel cadarn

    The gun looks like it could be effective, but ejectors are a must. From the little I have seen it appears to be the only drawback.

  • Mike Knox

    To me, it’s like something my uncle came up with about shotgun -self defence: Shoot him once to make you point, again for good measure, and once more for the fun of it..

  • NI Shooter

    I’ve got a better idea, save a bit of money and just buy a semi-auto shotgun. You’ll still have the same fire rate and if you miss the first three shots you’ll still have around two or more to spare as well as being able to load and reload at any time while maintaining your ability to aim down the sights. Not needing to compensate for more than one barrel’s point of aiming is also a plus.

    Would still love to see a triple kick from this thing with magnum slugs though 😀

  • Sean

    Because two barrels doesn’t have a big enough “F-You” factor.

  • abprosper

    Not bad for some foreign markets, at least in its long barrel configuration. Also not bad for some kinds of sport shooting.

    I’ll pass though, too pricey for what it does.

  • A.M.

    the only good and by good i mean cool range toy that could come of this is if the short stock on the one model is not considered a stock, instead considered a pistol grip then you could $5 AOW it. but at $1500 there isnt a lot that you couldn’t do in the shotgun world

  • Michael

    Love the stock. I would like to see this on the 18 inch over/under from maverick and stoeger

  • It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it’s always possible to find something new. Greetings from Birmingham

  • This would be real hot if it took moon clips. 😀 Either way, I still want one. I will put it next to my double barrel 1911.

  • Sam Suggs

    you cuold pobobly modify it to take moon clips. thoguhts? blast from the past here.×329.jpg

  • CaptainGroovy

    An interesting firearm that would be best made with titanium monoblock and 26 to 30 inch barrels and or making it in 20Ga for hunting as far as personal defence weapon pay the tax stamp and put a pistol grip port the barrels cut them down to 12″ it would be a great entry weapon. I think the idea of moon clips would cause far more troubles than they ever might be worth. The first down fall that comes to mind is ejection of three empty shells joined together by a moon clip in my mind would be problematic never mind not being able to reload just one or two barrels. As an avid shotgun shooter with a little practice I can reload a OU or a SS extremely quickly as long as the shotgun has good strong ejectors. The other advantage of not fooling with “moon clips” is that the shooter then has the ability to choose what load the he/she is going to load in each barrel. That’s my two cents worth