First Girl To Shoot The .700 WTF

I first blogged about the .700 WTF (“What The F***”) round this time last year. The inventor’s girlfriend has become the first woman to shoot the monster cartridge …

I know who I want with me if I ever end up in a Jurassic Park-like scenario.

You might have noticed Jarod’s girlfried was shooting without a muzzlebrake. The reason the recoil was not uncontrollable is because she was shooting a moderate load (1200 fps with a 1132 bullet). The “hot” load, which requires a muzzlebrake, is the same bullet but fired at over 2000 fps.

The .700 WTF is made by fire forming a .50 BMG case and then sizing and trimming it to 3″ in length. It is loaded with a 1132 grain lead bullet.

[ Many thanks to Jim for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • El Duderino

    Not bad since it’s about equivalent to shooting three 12g 1oz slugs at the same time.

    • noob

      I wonder if there’s a list of first women to fire various cartridges.

      I wonder who was the first woman to fire a 7.62x54mmR? considering the illustrious female snipers who came after her, she’d definitely be someone to remember.

      • Partizan1942

        I salute you for thinking of those heroe girls! May the earth be light on all of their graves and may their names be forever remembered as heroes of the fight against fascism!

      • bbmg

        They fought against facism in support of the regime of tovarisch Stalin who ultimately killed more of his own people than the armies of the third reich. Still, firearms not politics, right πŸ˜‰

      • Partizan1942

        @ bbmg
        “SCH” in tovarish? The way you spelled that makes me wonder if you are German. Of course that would explain a lot about why you just simply had to go there… Wouldn’t it?
        Without starting a debate about the topic let me call in the American government to explain what those people did (check out the link):

        Please note that no matter what you respond to this (if you do) I will not make further comments about this topic because this is not the place for it.

      • Denny

        to: bbmg and in support of partizan42:

        You know what guys; America be so fortunate or not, has not had a chance to fight enemy on their own territory for bare survival as Russia did (and more than onece). And having said that, history is telling us that when the Great Patriotic War came, the Hammer&Sicle were temporarily forgotten in favor of banner of patriotism. That was the priority. That’s why you see on old reels fresh-baked tanks with labels “For Country” much more than “for stalin”. Yes, Russians are still very sentimental about those time and nobody should be surprised.

      • Curzen

        People still cling to the myth that Stalinist style communism was anything other than another brand of fascism?

  • akim

    how about a wildcat 12ga for a belt-fed & box-mag flackcannon

  • Partizan1942

    Impressive but what’s the name of the character in the drawing in the beginning of the flick and where can I see more of her???
    Also, anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that these might have been light loads? (I honestly dunno, – just asking)

    • John

      I think that’s Meryl Silverburgh from Metal Gear Solid.

      • Partizan1942

        thx man! cheerz!

  • Spencedaddy


    if you make a youtube video……DO NOT PUT A STUPID SONG SO LOUD THAT YOU CAN HEAR NOTHING ELSE. unless the video REALLY needs a song, or is in fact a music video… just ruin it

    thank you and goodnight

  • Vincent

    Looks interesting, but the soundtrack makes it almost unwatchable…

  • Epic Daft Punk live track behind this, I’ve heard it before, wish I could remember which one it is!

    Still would have been nice to hear a bit of what the round sounds like being fired, I guess.

    • that’s their remix of “Television Rules the Nation” from the ALIVE tour

      • err, remix of “Television Rules the Nation Around the World”

  • Jeff Smith

    Am I the only one that sees these types of videos and cringes? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people (on the Internet and in person) hand the skinniest girl they can find a 12 gauge loaded with 00 buck and laugh as they watch her shoot it. Half of the time the women shooting these guns have no training (by that, I’m reffering to basic handling concepts other than pointing the weapon and pulling the trigger) or firearms safety skills.

    I applaud the lady in the video for handling and shooting this beast of a rifle very well, but it made me sick to my stomach when I saw her standing with her back arched and the weight on her back leg. I’m seriously surprised that she was able to remain standing.

    • gunslinger

      i love these comments. no background. no info.. just assumptions.

      i didn’t hear the guy laughing at this lady. i didn’t see where this was her “first gun”. or anything of the sort. she handled that rifle pretty well.

      now, i do understand where you are coming from. yes there are plenty of videos on YT that show women of all sizes being handed large guns for their first shooting experience and guys laughing in the background. that doesn’t mean they couldn’t shoot them, given some time. but that’s just bad on the guys. it’s not funny.

      but that doesn’t mean women can’t shoot big guns. i’ve seen smaller women handle 12 gauges, and larger men have trouble with .45s. it’s all on how you know to shoot. I woudln’t start any shooter out (male or female) with a huge handgun or shotgun load. .22, maybe .223. get them comfortable with the “physics” of shooting. how pulling the trigger cause a force on the shoulder. then step up. but hey, that’s just me.

      • Jeff Smith


        I’m not saying that women can not handle a large caliber weapons. I’m reffering to any novice shooter. I only say women because of the massive amount of videos of “hot chicks with guns” on YouTube. I apologize if my comment made it sound as if women were incapable of handling firearms.

        Also, I don’t assume that she has never fired a weapon before, but judging by her stance (weight on her back leg and her back arched,) I doubt she has fired a large caliber weapon before and I highly doubt she received much instruction on doing so.

  • animalmenace

    She took that better than I would, probably, and I’m a pretty big guy.

    • Denny

      Heck, she took it as a Woman. They always know how to handle, when comes to it.

  • What kind of optic was it?

  • 277Volt

    A few shots out of that could definitely be on my bucket list!

    Similar theory as the .729 Jongmans.

  • RickH

    What!! No bikini!!???!!! BORING!!!!

  • anon

    One completely understand why that projectile is sitting on a load of Trail Boss. πŸ™‚

  • Mike Knox

    Heh, I “made good hay” to this song at a christmas party..

  • Jim

    Rude commenter? Here.

    • Tim

      True enough.

      She could use some remediation on muzzle-discipline, though.

    • Mike Knox

      And shallow, don’t forget shallow..

  • Fluffy

    She’s better at handling that kind of recoil than this one guy I once saw shooting a .700 Nitro Express rifle… the recoil knocked one guy back so hard the rifle flew out of his hands and he was knocked to the ground!

  • roger

    You need a better supressor on it. The titanium one on my GEO AZ 50BMG shortie 18″BBL almost no recoil (like a 12GA) due to the faster burn on the gas and the massive supressor. My 36″ bbl 50BMG rifle kicks more.

  • John Doe

    I guess you could kick down the muzzle velocity a bit, slap on a huge can, and make it the world’s most overpowered suppressed weapon.

    • bbmg

      Interesting thought… it would have to be a *huge* can though. You’ve got about double the bore area of a 50 cal, that’s a lot of hot loud gasses coming through.

      On the other hand, a nice big subsonic slug of say 1500 grains would be less susceptible to environmental influence and would allow you to keep your distance. And there’s no question of retained energy downrange, even plodding along at 500 fps you still have over 800 ft/lbs of muzzle energy.

  • Creep

    My ex-wife always really liked the .45 LC single action we bought her for Christmas one year (she was always wanting to take mine, so we got her one of her own, and she proved to be rather handy with it).

    It’s always interesting, to me, to find women that enjoy shooting large calibre/high recoil guns. My ex’s comment on the matter was; “It’s cool to throw something the size of my thumb downrange”.

  • Dyspeptic Gunsmith

    For folks who are fans of big, brutal cartridges that are intended for use hunting African dangerous game, go look up “Four Bore” rifles. Really big rifles have been around for awhile – like over 100 years.

    When you’re done oogling over the nice four bores you can find (Greener, H&H and so on London best gun makers), then go looking for modern implementations of the four bore – and marvel at their workmanship (and prices).

    After you’re done with the four bores, go googling for “two bore rifle,” and you’ll see a truly large rifle.

  • bbmg

    What a waste of time firing such a nice powerful cartridge at a cardboard box…

  • Gabriel

    Says “hot chick” in the beginning of the video but it looks like a dude…. oh well, wish I had my 3.5min of life back!!