Kel-Tec CL-43 Flashlight

The CL-43 is a new flashlight from gun maker Kel-Tec. It is CNC machined from extruded aluminum and has a Cree XP-G LED lamp capable of putting out 420 lumens of light.

From the press release …

The switch is operated like the trigger on a gun, pointing the light as an extension of your arm. Compared to a light mounted to a pistol, the CL-43 has much superior range, and also keeps the ability to hold the light off the line of sight to conceal your position.

The small size of the CL-43 makes it possible to hold and operate parallel with a handgun without impairing a conventional two handed hold. If required, and with some training, the light can be operated one-handed together with the gun.

With the addition of a separate attachment, the CL-43 can also be mounted to a MIL-Spec Picatinny. An integrated belt clip and lanyard ring add to the versatility of the system. With a separate adaptor, standard AA batteries can be utilized, however, at an increase in length of the system.

Its weight with batteries is 107 oz. Kel-Tec is selling the CL-43 direct to the public for $140.

Steve Johnson

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  • Kyle

    It’d be nice if they made more GUNS to meet demand rather than flashlights.

    • D

      To be fair, this would be very quick and easy to machine and put together. Which makes the 140$ price point all the more galling, of course.

      • Kyle

        It’ll still take them 8 months to reach shelves after they release them.

      • Chrontius

        Side-by-side battery flashlights are few and far between, and their engineering tolerances are much tighter than tubes for the same degree of waterproofing.

      • noob

        Chronitus – it’s a pity that the side by side tubes can’t be made with two separate endcaps to screw onto threads drilled into a solid billet, and then run insulated wire to connect the batteries in series inside the aluminum structure.

        cheaper to machine, but also cheaper and nastier to look at.

  • Brandon

    Seems like TERRIBLE idea. Have they heard of a sympathetic reflex.

    • D

      This, this a thousand times this. Someone stressed out from having to point a gun at someone in the dark shouldn’t be counting on not accidentally pulling the trigger by mistake.

      Not to mention, 140$ for a flashlight seems a little steep.

    • Grant

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. This is a *terrible* idea!

    • Duray

      Presumably, they’ve also heard of keeping their finger off the trigger unless it’s being pulled. Note they said “with additional training it’s possible.” Plus, the point is that squeezing the flashlight is comparable and simultaneous with squeezing the grip, much like a crimson trace. Does sympathetic reflex mean you shouldn’t grasp your grip firmly? If course not. It means keep your trigger finger straight.

    • Ian

      I had never heard of this term, but this is what I came in here to post. Having weak hand trigger-pull type flashlights for long arms is bad enough, but having the next finger over doing the exact same motor motion as firing the gun is a HUGE mistake.

  • 032125

    This one isn’t a hit with me, but no one can accuse them of failing to think outside the box. I say again; KelTec needs to morph into a pure R&D lab, and leave manufacturing to some other company.

    • Sable

      That is one of the best ideas I’ve heard in a long time. Then maybe the rest of us might have a chance to own one of those sweet designs.

  • slim934

    ….107 oz?

    Unless it weighs as much as an ar-15, that is a typo.

    • Matt R.

      I thought that I was the only one who noticed that. What’s 6 and a half pounds among friends? –MR

  • Partizan1942

    Here is a $140 machined metal flashlight to go with your $280 plastic gun…
    What is the world coming to?

    • Where’s the love for KelTec around here? $140 is a great price and the dozen they manage to make next year will be going for a cool $300 each on Gunbroker, I’m going to buy a few shares of stock in one of these!

  • Tim Ellwood

    Winner, of the stupidest flashlight design to use with a weapon, don’t forget to please pick up you negligent homicide lawsuit before you leave.

  • Doug

    It’ll be on shelves right next to the Keltec guns… wait, that spots always empty.

  • russe

    Are we to understand that the flashlights in the top 2 photos are not only physically unattached to the pistol, but that they stop both your primary and secondary hands from getting a full grip on the stock? All of this, on a small, lightweight pistol that is already much more difficult than a full size pistol to retain, fire accurately, and control during recoil?

    What. The. Hell.

    KelTec: please do everyone a big favor and do not release this product.
    Promoting your product for use in that fashion is sheer incompetence, and it bridges on unethical.

  • KC

    My local store stopped accepting orders for the PMR 30 since August while they try to fill out orders for it. The RFB is still sold out 5 years after it was announced. Don’t get me started about the KSG. I’m having a hard time finding SU16’s and Sub 2000s, now they come out with a damn flashlight?


  • Paralus

    Cool. Another Kel-Tec product. Yet another product we’ll never see produced in enough numbers.

  • Fred

    I wonder why they didn’t opt for a XM-L emitter.

    • clickvk

      in that size of optics that would be a flooder and there’s no point to run an XM-L powered by two AA cells, XP-E(2) or XP-G(2) would enough.

  • AK™

    I’ve been on the waitlist for this for 3 years.


  • BillyBones

    Does it have a strobe function to trigger siezures?

  • A HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS!!! That thing better come with a $100 bill rolled up inside of it. What a joke.

  • anon

    Well considering the manufacturer, it probably explodes after 6,000 minutes of use.

  • gunslinger

    does your trigger finger actuate the light, or your steady hand? It seems like a neat idea. different than the undermount designs. it’s not mounted to the gun?

    and $140 doesn’t seem too bad, when i’ve seen flashlights go from 75-150. it might be at the high end, but not off the charts.

    • Chrontius

      Your middle finger actuates the light, I believe.

  • Mike Knox

    I’ve known kel-tec for their zany designs, and this is no exception, but those numbers are new. But a hundred forty for a light and a hundred seven ounces? What’s with these peeplz?

  • John Doe

    Maybe they ought to work on making some guns first.

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    Kel-tec really should contract production out to Ruger or Remington, skip S&W the Walther PPK proved that a bad idea.
    Who bought the Ruger LCP instead.

  • Arroo

    Made in USA flashlight, thus the cost. Might try to get on the GSA schedule with this.