UTAS UTS-15 Shotgun Review

Nicholas Chen had an opportunity to try shooting the UTAS UTS-15 shotgun, a competitor to the Kel-Tec KSG. The gun has a strange magazine design where the follower extends past the feeding port. The video is a little disjointed, but you will get the idea …

Steve Johnson

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  • eriko

    The youtube link is not right.

  • Nicholas Chen

    Sorry for the crappy editing. Here is the link. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hRJd2bzPffU

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    • http://youtu.be/hRJd2bzPffU

      Here is the actual link

    • Squirrel Nut

      Excellent review. Thanks!

      Being a gear head I cannot make out the model of wrist watch you’re wearing in the video; GMT Master, Sub?

      • Yep old school GMT Master with acrylic and Pepsi bezel.

  • Doug

    I found this very interesting. I also watched a UTAS rep give a dry-run demo in one of the related videos.

    I love the mag tube windows and round count indicators, as well as the overall look of the gun. The only potential problem I see is that it almost seems over engineered. All the complexities of the feeding and loading usually mean more parts. Without having personally examined one I hope I’m wrong.

    I wasn’t worried about the awkward manipulation of the reviewer since he clearly didn’t have much time with it. If I were to buy one of these myself I would definately take a lot of dedicated time to learn to master the gun to efficiant manipulation.

    • Bryan S.

      True, we did not have much time with the shotgun, but it did not take much time to figure out the large flaws. Fast reloads are not happening, and the build quality is something to be desired. Much of the shotgun seems to be there for looks, and is a very flimsy plastic. I would be worried about dropping this one.

      (and the poor camera work is on me… sorry guys)

  • gunslinger

    i wondered what happened to this, compared to KSG.

    • Mike Knox

      Well, videogames made the KSG more popular, or something like that..

  • Video fixed.

    • Mike Knox


  • KM

    I think the KSG is a better design. Switchable mag tubes and it just looks more streamlined and maneuverable. I still think it suffers from typical Kel-tec low-quality parts sourcing, but at least it can be improved by another company some day

    • Bryan S.

      Out of the few Keltec firearms I have shot… I havent found much in the area of low quality. Granted, this has all been in their long guns.. no pistols. They may not looks as pretty because zytel and other such plastics do not have the same appearance that parked steel has, but Ive yet to bust things off or have a malfunction.

      And Ive seen Nick run that thing pretty hard, he is not babying the shotgun, and it has held up very well.

  • Jeff

    Auto switching the tubes is a nice feature, but the selector working in opposite (blocking the tube its pointing to instead of feeding it) bugs the hell out of me.

  • Nicks87

    Wow a $1500 tactical shotgun?!

    That doesnt leave much money left over for zombie targets does it?

    Or, I guess you could just wait for that zombie apocalypse to happen, right?


    • Steve

      That’s about how much the KSG’s have been going for……. IF you can find one, Kel-Tec SUCKS as far as actually producing the firearms they brag sooo much about, show off, talk about. WHERE ARE THEY AT KEL-TEC? A SUB-2000 maybe? PMR-30? Even an SU-16C? Heck, they’ve been making the SUB-2000 for over 10 years or so, still cannot make any for more than just REVIEWERS, that’s their priority, getting gun’s to reviewers so people will pay the 2x MSRP price they go for!

  • Máté

    And I thought id Software’s gun designs were crazy…

  • Jason

    Wow that was awk-ward! This guy sure went out of his way to give what i’m sure was an unbiased :ahem!: review. Hard to load compared to the Kel-tec, seriously?! A little tight maybe but this old man had no problem loading his; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23Y3uZOVPIU
    Or maybe you forgot to mention the location of the Kel-tec’s port, or how it reportedly shits the spent hot shell casings on the shooters arm. Or how close your pump hand is to the barrel. I dont have a dog in the fight, I see advantages to both designs, but to call this a review is just laughable. And whats that shit on your face?
    Here’s a better review, a side by side comparison for anyone whos interested.

    • Tom

      Oh wow dude.

      “What’s that shit on your face”?

      You’re probably one of those who “know about guns and REAL tactical stuff” that likes to diss people who like “TACTICOOL NIGHT VISION DESERT EAGLE 50AE”. Because you’re so much more experienced and a smarter person.

      Insecurity oozing out of your ears here.

      The thing that’s on his face is a camera, they’re recording the range from his left eye’s point of view.

      Oh how you jumped at the opportunity to make fun of it, the irony.

    • Michał Pawlak

      Yeah, this “review” was pretty bad and the shooter was clearly pissed because of his own ignorance, but FPS Russia went through three UTS-15’s in one video – two of them outright broke and the last one failed to fire at one point. If this doesn’t mean that a weapon is shit, then I don’t know what does.

      • KJQ

        FPS Russia’s review was using the version 1 model which has massive problems. The reviews I’ve seen of the current version 2 they have fixed those problems, and added the light/laser stock.

  • FindYourInnerWoodsman

    You man not be a fan of his but you should see Nutnfancys vid on this, even if he ad a lemon….looks to be made of flimsy material. Heres the link to the vid and no this is not made up. Watch a POS in action.

    • Philip

      I was very concerned when I saw yes Nutnfancy video because I had ordered my UTS already and not received it when I viewed it. I have to say that I believe that Nutnfancy received a Lemon because my IT’S rails perfectly smooth and I couldn’t get it to jam. I shot over 150 shells and never experienced a jam. I will say that in their video they are shooting the lowest shot loads possible. Maybe that was the reason it kept jamming???
      Love my new UTS. I purchased mine from Center Mass Arms in WV. And glad I purchased it. Maybe I just got lucky!!???

  • Mike

    I am getting this gun officially tomorrow(Merry Christmas to me) but I have handled it both at the gun store and shown it to several people. While I haven’t fired it yet, I can say that without a doubt that it does not feel flimsy at all. The only part that feels a little less solid is the chamber cover that you open to clear a jam on the stock.

    When I get it out to fire tomorrow I will definitely be working it hard to try to get a jam out of it. However, one of the owners at the gun store uses this gun in competition so if it is a common problem to jam like the nutnfancy video, he wouldn’t still be using it.

  • amazing gun love it!

  • randy

    Read the instructions, you will look so much more informed in the next video you make.

  • Doug

    The UTS 15 has gone through several improvements since it was first released. So if you’re looking at an old review, you check out the newest ones. Here’s one Rockwell Arms did at Shot Show this year that goes through the entire gun. It’s pretty good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kcM4McX0i0

  • KJQ

    Hate to be a hater, but get familiar with a firearm before “reviewing” it (or at least RTFM). BTW, turning and pointing any firearm up range (i.e. at the parking lot) would get you immediately kicked off of our range, and a temporary suspension of your membership.

  • Bob

    I spent 23 years as an Airborne Infantry soldier, I say this not for any praises or sympathy but as a person who has shot many different weapons in combat and at the range, I am now a 100% disabled American veteran, I spend a lot of time shooting on my range with many of my different toys, I purchased the UTS-15, Gen 2, and later on ordered the laser and flashlight and installed it myself, I have shot approx. 200 rds through it from birdshot to slugs to tracer, my Sons, Daughters, grand-children and nephews (Age 10 and13), have also shot it, it performed flawlessly, I must admit I have never shot or held the KSG, so I cant speak for it. I had only had one problem with it, my 10 year old nephew is short and has short arms, we only had 3 jams when he shot it because he was short stroking it, once we identified the problem and he stroked it like a man, he had no problems, I like the weapon and would trust it in any situation, the only thing I don’t like about it is, is the location of the release, but unless you have the funds to have a custom rig built for you, it’s like any other firearm you have to get used to it and practice. I don’t put much sand in the videos of someone else’s shooting a weapon, I feel it’s best if you can shoot it yourself and make your own decisions, I am not putting down any of the videos, or any of the shooters. Thanks, God Bless, God Bless America.