More Photos of the Thales EF88 Rifle

I cannot help posting more photos of the Thales EF88 rifle. The olive green stock with flat dark earth barrel, rail and accessories looks great in my opinion. Nic Jenzen-Jones took these photos

Steve Johnson

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  • I love how the gas block is integrated in the rail system.
    Looks like an excellent firearm.

  • Nathaniel

    Not to be horribly pessimistic, but the EF88 most closely resembles an attempt to make the AUG heavier.

  • EzGoingKev

    It looks like there is some type of clamp on the barrel. From the pics it looks like it is just sitting there doing nothing. What is it?

    • cottage cheese

      That would be the bayonet lug.

      • Chase

        I’m glad it has one. I like rifles with bayonets.

  • A.Lentz

    1. Bayonet fitting.
    2. it’s lighter than the current F88.
    3. agreed it should be good.

  • Anthony H.

    My thoughts are this:

    1. I had a full hour to play with a FA Steyr AUG-A3 and LOVED it. I balance, recoil, fire controls, and everything about the weapon was awesome. I hate to say it, but I think I liked it more than my AR-15’s. So if the fore mentioned are the same, or similar to the AUG, then I already think I like it.

    2. I like their ideas with the barrel fluting. They have it cut back to save weight, but then they have it thicker at key points where the barrel will flex during the shot. Very nicely done.

    3. It’s got more than enough rail space to do anything I’d want to do with it.

    4. They have 4 little cut-outs near the chamber. I’m assuming it’s for additional cooling near the chamber and serves no other function, but I like that. A cool gun is a happy gun to me.

    5. (This is objective, bear that in mind) The aesthetics are just wonderful. They’ve managed to maintain utility while still paying attention to the look of the rifle and made it look powerful and sharp, but graceful.

    So where can I get one to try now? 😛

  • gunslinger

    nice looking rifle.

    does it come with the grenade launcher? where so i sign up?

  • Alex-mac

    A shame they didn’t improve the trigger pull, but there’s aftermarket parts for that.

  • RickH

    I must admit I have not been following this rifle. Does it come with different receiver options? Meaning, can you get the old style scope/handle like on the original AUG? And yes, I wish I never sold my AUG over 20 years ago.

    • jugy

      The Australian Army ditched the integral-scope-handle receiver from frontline service many moons ago. It all picatinny mounted scopes now but in the ef88, they’re replacing the 1.5x donut proprietary scope with a 1.5x acog.

  • Brutalist Archetype

    It may be the rail playing tricks with my eyes, but it appears to me that the unsupported section of barrel is bent downwards 2 or3 degrees.

    • Mike Knox

      Nah, It’s an effect caused by most digital/phone cameras. They take images bit by bit from top left to bottom right like a television image. Most likely the shot was taken while his hand moved..

      • Fritz

        It could also be some distortion from the lens itself.

        Most likely though, it’s ancient Free-Mason aliens generating minor inconsistencies in time-space in order to destabilize the universe causing global annihilation on the 21st of December this year. The Timewave Zero is approaching fast.

        Or something else… maybe…

      • Mike Knox

        God damned nazi magicians..

  • Ian

    All that work and the same 35 year old flash hider.

    • Lew

      I guess it’s a simple case of “if it’s not broken – don’t fix it”. Considering the length of the barrel there really shouldn’t be a need for a AAC Blackout or one of the more modern flash supressors.

      • Alex-mac

        Actually the 16 inch barrel version does come with the AAC blackout flashider or something valmost identical.

  • Lance

    Like the OD stock other than that doesn’t look different than a US made AUG.

  • Mike Knox

    I like it more since it looks like it’s made of chocolate..

  • John Doe

    I want one so badly. The AUG is so sleek and space-age, and looks pretty damn ergonomic.

    They aren’t bad rifles by any means, but I’m getting bored of conventional layout rifles like the AK and AR-15.

  • schizuki

    If “Die Hard” is any guide, this thing will sound like a freakin’ cannon.