SIG P227: Double Stacked  Coming reports that SIG will be unveiling a new double stacked .45 ACP pistol called the SIG P227 at SHOT Show.

The P227 is going to be a .45 ACP double stack pistol with overall dimensions very close to the P226. The thickness of the grip will be pretty much identical to a P226 with 2 piece grips except it will be an enhanced ergonomic grip.

The P227 will ship with a 10rd flush fit magazine and there will be a 14rd extended length mag as well.

The P227 will accept standard P220 5″, 4.4″, and 3.9″ slides. If you have a P220 Match Stainless Elite or a Super Match, those slides should work too. The pistol will fit in standard P220 and P226 holsters.

Steve Johnson

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  • jeh

    awesome. now if the pricepoint was around 600 bucks, that would be ideal, but i know that wont be the case.

    • El Duderino

      Yeah good luck. Probably more like $750 for a bare bones and $900+ for the night sights/short reset/rainbow colored/SAO/G-10 grips models. 🙂

      SIG puts Kimber to shame with their weird combinations, but I guess there is a flavor for everyone. Unlike say, GLOCK which expects you to soil yourself when they put out a poop colored frame.

  • Samopal

    Eh…+2 capacity doesn’t seem like enough to warrant the thickness and shape of the grip. I’m a big fan of the P220’s ergonomics and it just doesn’t seem like a worthwhile trade.

    At least they’re listening to consumers though, even if it is a decade or so late…

    • Andy from West Haven

      It will still be narrower than a 12-15 round fat mag pistol. SIG went the route of CZ, Tangfolio, HK (HK45), Beretta (PX4) and S&W (M&P). The “mid-cap” .45’s fit more peoples hands than true hi-cap .45’s.

      Hey, I have an XD and an FNP-45 Tactical. Yeah, 13+1 in one and 15+1 in the other. But 10+1 rounds of .45 is nothing to sneeze at.

      Though I would rather see mags with a +2 floorplate rather than a full extended 14. But the 14’s would make decent backup mags. And even though I love how 220’s feel, I also like the feel of the 226 and 229 so a bit of deviation of the grip thickness ins’t going to bother me.

    • TCBA_Joe

      It’s the size of a P226. Hardly “huge” for a .45 ACP pistol. Plus have you ever seen the 10 rd extensions for the 220? I’ll assume the 14 round mags will be shorter than the 10 rd extended 220 mags.

  • Noodles

    Can’t wait for them to make a hideous rainbow version.

  • Nathaniel

    Huzzah, a huge metal-framed pistol from a manufacturer with a history of producing lemons that fires a round no more powerful than 9mm, holds fewer rounds, and probably weighs half again as much as a Glock 17 when fully loaded! Just what I wanted!

    • Matt G

      Spoken like a true Glock fanboy. Wait til Glock has a gun that has issues. Oh wait, they do its called the Gen 4. I own over a dozen SIGs and never an issue. Thousands of rounds thru my SP2022 in IDPA.

      • Nmate

        The Gen 4 doesn’t have issues in .40 S&W or .45 ACP, in fact, the Gen 4 versions of those pistols are definitely superior to their Gen 3 predecessors. Even in 9mm, I’d still take a Gen 4 Glock over anything recently produced by SIG.

        The P220 is already the least reliable of the classic SIGs. They shoehorned a .45 ACP into a pistol designed for the 9x19mm. Instead of increasing slide mass they added a stiffer recoil spring. While this dampens the recoil down, it will cause battering. The extractors also tend to break at a far higher rate than the 9mm guns and the feeding characteristics are definitely not as good as the 9mm.

        You want a D/S action, double stack .45 ACP pistol? Get an HK .45C and be done with it.

      • David/Sharpie

        My Gen 4 has only jammed when friends limp wrist it. It’s never jammed on me.

      • W

        Glock gen 4s work fine. so do Sigs. A couple of lemons do not paint a broad picture for the rest.

        Not everybody likes polymer frames. That is why SIG still has customers.

        This Glock gen 4 and Post W. German SIG crap has to cease. You want a 100% guarantee? buy a silver coin.

    • Patriot

      Your dumb.

  • Janis Petke

    I’ll pass. I already own a huge and heavy double stack .45 in cz97b.

  • So, they are finally going to reintroduce P221, which went kaput due to infamous AWB’94…

    • Karina

      About time, too. I find myself wishing I could get one, now.

    • El Duderino

      Crap and I just sold my older Made in Germany P220 for a G21 to get ahead of a new-style AWB. Let’s hope SIG doesn’t have epic poor timing AGAIN and get this gun yanked by new restrictions.

  • Marc

    Might be a decent basis for a 10 mm conversion.

    • Anonymoose

      Or maybe a 9×25 conversion. :3c

    • Anonymoose

      Or, since the barrel and slide are interchangeable with the regular .45 P220, maybe it could be converted to .460 Rowland…? :3c

      • Komrad

        .440 Cor-Bon would be another interesting option.

      • Anonymoose

        THAT WOULD BE AWESOME, but I think you’re thinking of .400 Cor-bon, which is .45 ACP necked down to 10mm in a (futile) attempt to duplicate the performance of 10mm Auto. .440 Cor-bon is .50AE necked down to .429″ (.44 Magnum caliber).

  • tincankilla

    sounds like they’re going the route of Tanfoglio – double stack .45, changeable slides, etc. although it doesn’t sound like changing calibers is an option, like it is with my Witness. Can’t believe that hasn’t really caught on with any German manufacturer yet, since they’d prob do it better.

  • Mike Knox

    I was thinking about getting my dad a HK45C until I read this post..

  • FourString

    Yay! But which one will it have: the p226’s decocker or the p220’s thumb safety?

    • TCBA_Joe

      Well… I’m sure, like the P226 AND the 220 it will come in DAK, DAO, and DA/SA flavors. An SAO version would be nice though.

    • mike

      I’ve never seen a 220 with a thumb safety, when did they start that???

      • Mike Knox

        When they started making SAO P220s. A lot of hoomiz got used to the M1911 and SIG jumped in on that..

  • Matt G

    That was my point, anyone can have a bad gun but SIG and Glock for the most part are excellent guns. Just too many Glock fanboys that irritate me acting like their machine is invincible. Seems someone built a big boat once that thought that too! The P220 is plenty robust or Grays wouldn’t be making 10mm outta them.

  • agarie

    It’s sad that sig doesn’t make fully ambidextrous DA/SA pistols…Maybe in a near future?

  • BillyBones

    .45 GAP 😛

  • Idahoguy101

    There is a ten round .45ACP magazine already. Who thinks four more rounds important enough to buy a P227? Just curious…