Dear Hollywood, if you want to be tacti-cool and dual wield a AR-15 and a knife, make sure you have a rear sight installed, otherwise you just look stupid.

As seen on The Walking Dead.

[ Many thanks to Clinton for the sending in the photo. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • partyboy6.7

    lame,and shame ..

  • KC

    video games have this problem too. Battlefield 3 and GTA 4 come to mind.

    • Gumby

      The M4 in GTAIV has an LMT sight w/o carry handle. BF3 renders all weapons in third person that are not in use as having no sights.

  • Joseph Chen

    Not sure how these huge shows with large budgets can’t afford a technical weapons person to tell the actors how to use firearms.

    • Nadnerbus

      Or just ask anyone that hangs around at a gun shop for free. That’s like forgetting to put a steering wheel on a prop car. Doesn’t take an expert to advise the correction.

      • Schizoid

        Actually, gun store conversations are just about the WORST place to get information. Well, after gun shows.

    • J Star

      This is a common thing, actually. I’ve seen it in big budget movies as well as TV shows. Stargate Atlantis had this happen more than one with M4s. Drives me nuts.

      Joe, these shows DO have technical people who know better. The issue is that often the armorer for the show AND the actors who know better because they received training are completely ignored by the director, who thinks it looks cooler or whatever reason he comes up with.

      You can rationalize this on the Walking Dead all you want, but it comes down to a director who wanted a certain look over technical accuracy.

  • TXDadoo

    No…clearly, zombies ate the rear.

  • Jason F

    And tuck your damn elbow into your him for a more stable firing platform.

    • Jason F


      not “him”

      ‘Cause that’s a whole different show…

    • Brad

      I, and thousands of other highpower and CMP shooters do just fine with elbow out.

      • Bill

        I think he means his left elbow.

  • Phil

    I’m glad someone else noticed this! I love the walking dead, but my fiancee gets annoyed because I point out every firearm faux pas (and there are many: recoil is apparently nonexistent during the zombie apocalypse)

    • Remember when Rick shot that zombie in the tank? He nearly went deaf. Now everybody shoots in enclosed spaces with no negative effects.

  • Iziah

    He needs to extend his stock out a little bit also!

  • W

    its a tv series. you guys take stuff way too seriously.

    • Ron

      ha-ha. Yeah, not a single “oh come on, a zombie apocalypse, get real!?” comment. But the poor guy grabs an AR with a missing rear sight and all hell breaks loose. “Oh come on, man! No rear sight! This is getting completely out of hand in its ridiculousness now!”

  • doug

    Related true story, I was at the range a couple months ago and next to me there was a guy firing one of those “optics-ready” ARs that comes from the factory with nothing but a top rail and no front sight. He had no rear sight or optic of any kind on the gun and was literally firing it without sights. I wonder if Hollywood will ever go that far.

    • Geodkyt

      Seen it repeatedly. SyFy Channel movies regularly have “US military” with “M4″ that are actually M4geries with 16” barrels, carbine gas system, and no rear sight or optic installed on the receiver.

      If the actors don’t have rear sights or Aimpoints installed, they can’t break/lose them on the rented guns. Or, the Airsoft guns they are using for props don’t even have rear sights or optics at all, when pulled out of the blister pack from WalMart.

    • One Syfy cinematic abortion featured a Remington 700 with no iron sights or scope. Guy could hit any bug monster with it.

  • Justin G.

    That scene drove me nuts!!!

    I know people don’t use the sights in movies, and maybe because of the zombie apocalypse, a rear sight wasn’t available… But I don’t think either of those were a factor and it was just the neglegence of the production crew.

    Attention to detail really pays off. This show has a ton of guns and this is not their first faux pas.

  • Keith K.

    Yeah that annoyed the crap out of me when I saw it. Front post with a top-rail and no rearsight? Really?


  • David S

    I do know that Hollywood did not think if this… but in a survival situation i would try to shoot a AR with only a front sight (and looking how his cheek is press to the stock, he might get lucky and hit something within 25?)

  • CSS

    I constantly see inconsistencies from the Walking Dead in terms of firearms, and also survival know-how. I highly doubt an eight year old kid could stably fire a Browning Hi-Power whilst scoring headshot after headshot while running. .44 magnum with no recoil? Is it perhaps even possible to make a suppressor from a Maglite? Also, for as big of a production and of popular as a show, you think they could at least afford blanks to have some recoil and blowback, instead of Adobe after effects or similar. There is some videos of The Walking Dead’s firearms trainer or something of the sort on the internet, wonder if that holds any comedic gold.

  • I bet he took the rear sight off so it would stop bonking his nose.
    Besides, it looks like his right eye is closed anyway.

  • Reverend Clint

    best part is he took this off some National Guard troops… typical 😉

    • W

      dont wink because based of what i have seen, that is the truth and you know it 😀

    • StayClassy

      Seriously? 10 years of deployments for the guard post 9/11 and days after Veterans Day. Stay classy.

  • Jeff M

    I saw this scene and rewinded it to show my wife how stupid he was.

    Speaking of stupid, I actually neglected lock-tite during a 3 gun match one time and had my rear sight fall off in the middle of a state, the remaining targets happened to be the furthest in the entire match, I hit the 100 yard targets after a few tries but then wasted an entire clip on the 200-yard targets before giving up.

    • Janis Petke

      That’s why you install backup iron sights for your backup iron sights.

      • Anthony H.

        Why would he stop there? After your back-back-up, you need to have a foldable emergency sight and then just resort to another sport because it’s obvious the Gun of Guns hates you at that point…

  • Nathaniel

    That show has never been particularly accurate as far as, well, any technical details are concerned.

    A couple of the facepalm moments so as far along as I’ve gotten (middle of season 2):

    “Just make sure you’ve got a round in the chamber and your safety off.”

    *he says to an officer with a Glock*

    “They ran out of juice. Just like us. The world runs on fossil fuels, how stupid is that?”

    *said by the guy at the sooper secrit underground CDC lab which is apparently run on diesel generators with only two months worth of fuel (64 days since world infrastructure collapsed). They have clearly never heard of nuclear reactors.*

    • Brad

      I thought it entirely plausible that the CDC emergency power was a diesel generator. It is not plausible that a nuclear reactor located in downtown Atlanta would be built for such a purpose.

      Power reactors are not made in today’s marketplace for such a small energy consumer. (Though they could be).

      • P161911

        Downtown Atlanta’s nuclear reactor was shut down in 1996. It was a research reactor at Georgia Tech. Olympic security freaked out when they found out about it. Georgia Tech was phasing it out anyways.

  • Darkness

    Almost as dumb as the Mossberg 500 with a supressor and scope on Falling Skies


    • bbmg

      Why is that “dumb”? Shotgun suppressprs exist and can be effective, and a night vision scope is an advantage on any weapon regardless of whether it is highly accurate.

      • Darkness

        1. A shotgun isn’t loud enough to even have an actual need for a suppressor
        2. A suppressor will decrease the power and effective range of a shotgun
        3. If you need a scope to shoot 40-150 yards (depending on what you’re shooting, ranging from birdshot to slugs), you need to get more practice
        4. And if you’re using the scope solely for the night vision, go get a pair of goggles

      • bbmg

        Not sure if trolling…

        1) Either you’ve never fired a shotgun, or have done so so enough to have permamently damaged your hearing.

        2) Porting the barrel for an integral suppressor will reduce velocity by a small degree, true – but adding a suppressor on the other hand increases the time that the projectile is under the influence of the propelling gasses, and in most cases will actually boost velocity by a small amount.

        3) Nothing wrong with a low magnification scope to help you aim better

        4) This is a zombie apocalypse, clearly beggars can’t be choosers…

    • Steve

      Let’s not also consider he used a incendiary (dragon’s breathe) round with the night vision scope on. I’m sure he didn’t burn sensor out by doing that.

      • bbmg

        New generation digital NV scopes don’t have intensifier tubes that can burn out and aren’t susceptible to this kind of problem.

      • Darkness

        I’ve also seen this episode and the kid with the shotgun is sniping with said suppressed, silenced shotgun… with incendiary ammo. So it stands to reason that TNT is leaning more on the “tacticool” aspect, rather then giving their characters efficient weapons.

        And it’s also worth mentioning that television networks aren’t known for their great knowledge of firearms- i. e. shooting rear sightless ARs on The Walking Dead, sniping with suppressed, silenced shotguns with incendiary ammo on Falling Skies or a motorcycle gang member on Sons Of Anarchy cocking the hammer on a Glock (cocking the HAMMER on a Glock, really?!?)
        That’s the main point I’m trying to making here

      • David/Sharpie

        I have to agree with Darkness about SoA, I always hear a cocking noise when Glocks are drawn.

        But Shotguns are actually some of the easiest to silence due to their low pressures.

  • AkA

    Are you guys also missing the fact that in the same episode when the black women was looking over the vehicles and when she was on the hmmwv she turned the “m2” it was like 2-3 inches wide. obvious prop

    • Reverend Clint

      and hollow… noticed that too.

    • Brad

      Not the same episode.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    In the scene in question, the M4 was picked up (cut away, actually) from the dead Guard on the ground. It’s possible that the rear sight or carry handle had been lost in the hasty evacuation from the military base and the sun-for-your-life existence of the survivors precluded finding a new one.

    • Reverend Clint

      i spotted a few guys with both iron and optical sights… surly he could get a spare

  • Sardaukar

    I also like the aerodynamic right arm spoiler, guess it stabilizes your aim while you move…

  • Brad

    Wait just one moment.

    This incident, this one scene of the Governor was chosen for criticism? Out of that episode of The Walking Dead in particular? Really?

    And not one word about the Governor walking right up into the middle of a gunfire ambush?

    And not one word about the non-existent security precautions of the National Guard unit?

    In context, it actually made sense for the Governor to have a knife in hand while shooting that rifle. ‘Tacti-cool’ posing had nothing to do with it.

  • Vincent

    This will be a familiar sight to those who saw the earlier BF3 trailers.

  • Nadnerbus

    On a related note, what is the psychology of this? Beginner shooters, and I’m sure I did it too, almost always stick out the firing hand arm in the chicken wing configuration. Why is this? Something left over from Archery in gym class? It just seems so odd that it is so common.

    • mtnmn

      “Chicken wing” is a valid steady hold factor in the standing position. US Army taught it up through Korea and it continues to be used in CMP and Hi-Power matches. You can even see it being used in posters made during the war: http://jeffersonian.therealgunguys.com/oldjpg/battlebegins.jpg

      • Geodkyt

        US military taught the chicken wing standing position (AND the teacup pistol hold!) MUCH later than Korea. Like, until fairly recently. (I think teacup is still in the current US Army FM on pistol shooting — if not, it was still in the 1990’s era one.)

      • Tuulos

        Main problem with the chickenwing position is that it increases your silhouette giving the return fire a bigger target. And since the zombies don’t really shoot back there is no problem of that.

      • TK

        Erm, I’m pretty sure that poster you linked to is showing how the chicken wing is wrong…
        At least, that’s what I get out of it. The darker pictures are meant to show the wrong way, in my mind.

      • mtnmn

        Here’s another image showing the “chicken wing” from an 80’s Army FM I believe:


    • David/Sharpie

      That’s the proper way of holding a long gun, it puts the stock into a “pocket” in your shoulder.

      The only reason Mil/LE don’t chicken wing is due to your silhouette. If you’re not worried about silhouetting yourself a chicken wing is more accurate.

      Look at pro rifle shooters, they don’t tuck their elbows in, they stick them out.

      • Dave

        No. This is not the proper way. Aligning the bones of your arms, your structural support (not your muscles, they tire) underneath the axis of the firearm is the correct way.

      • David/Sharpie

        Dave: No it’s not…

  • Nate

    Lol, I remember seeing that in the episode and thinking, “He must be a hell of a shot to not need a rear sight.”

  • CommentPolicy

    And I don’t even want to mention the uber-chicken wing in this particular photo…

  • Mark

    Also, he supposedly took this off of a dead soldier. It has the 16″ barrel not the military 14.5″.

  • Clodboy

    Seriously, The Walking Dead?

    If you ever wanted to see a show that throws all gun-related plausibility out of the window, look no further than “Revolution”.

    The premise, for those of you who’ve never heard of it, is that some mysterious event wiped out all electrical devices, and prevents new ones from functioning as well.
    So, a mere 15 years later, warfare has regressed to a new age of blackpowder muzzleloaders and swashbuckling. Gas-operated and bolt-action firearms still exist, but these are reserved for guarding critically important assets – the reason given being that people have almost completely used up all existing stockpiles of ammo and smokeless gunpowder. Yes, apparently nobody in the future has heard of the concept of “handloading”, that new bullets can be cast from lead (or swaged if a jacket is required), and that smokeless gunpowder can be made from the most basic of chemicals.

    Not only that, but the characters exhibit amazing tactical ineptitude – the most infamous moment being one where an officer tries to take out a sniper armed with a bolt-action rifle by repeatedly sending single soldiers into the open, reasoning that the sniper will run out of bullets before he runs out of men (note that he doesn’t seem to have more than a few dozen men with him).

    • P161911

      I have to agree with you on Revolution. They can make percussion caps, but haven’t figured out primers and smokeless powder?!? I’m pretty sure the first metallic smokeless cartridges were produced without electricity. I MIGHT find it a little more believable if they used flintlocks. I could probably make black powder, but I would have a little bit of a harder time with smokeless.

    • poot

      The reason not very many ppl have guns in that show, is cos the miltia banned the ppl from owning firearms, and then seized them all.

      The show is still terrible tho

      • Clodboy

        Yeah, the militia banned private gun ownership, which means they should have even more guns and ammo available to them rather than being stuck with flintlocks. Again, yes, some of them do have modern guns – Monroe’s personal guards have UMP’s, the elite soldiers we saw in the latest episodes have M4’s, and the show’s best actor, Giancarlo Esposito, is dragged down several ranks of cool by his cliché desert eagle.
        But even if we accept the premise of an extreme lack of modern smokeless ammo, I see no reason why the rank-and-file troops (which are, after all, fighting armed rebels) should be outfitted with anything less than a modern lever-, pump-, or bolt action gun capable of firing 19th century-level cartridges. There must plenty of hunters who are into classic guns where powder fouling and lead shavings are a secondary concern.

        @P161911: Making smokeless powder actually isn’t that complex – the basic components should be found in any highschool chemistry lab: Nitric and Sulfuric Acid to convert cotton into nitrocellulose, ether and alcohol to stabilize it into a collodial solution that can be dried and cut into flakes – and bang, you have Poudre B, the French invention that revolutionized warfare. If you want to kick it up a notch, you add nitroglycerine stabilized with camphor to the mix, and you have Nobel’s Ballistite.
        Yeah, probably a dangerous job for those involved in its production, but the loss of life will be insignificant to the number of lives your own soldiers will save on the front.

      • poot

        The miltia mostly likely have muskets for story reasons. How would the heroes get away from miltia with full auto weps?

        An in show answer would be that they are stock piling the good weps and ammo for the wars they have with the other miltias, and just give the grunts that hold their land with muskets, cos they will only be fighting ppl with bows and arrows

        the show is still bad tho heh

  • JeffS

    You know what I find unrealistic?


    Give it up, guys. 99% of the viewing public wouldn’t catch any of these complaints… AMC has been losing money left and right, despite the success of this show, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men – I really doubt they have the extra cash for functioning firearms and 100% accuracy.

    It’s entertainment…

    • W

      zombies may be horrifically unrealistic (from a physiological perspective), though if a fad like zombies inspires and pushes people to prepare for a disaster, then more power to the idea 😀

      • David/Sharpie

        Pop Cult zombies: Yes.

        But “Crazies” (Horrible movie….) style “zombies” I believe are possible.

        I agree on the prepping part though. I belong to a zombie site, and most of the regulars are preppers, they don’t actually believe zombies are real/could be real.

  • Ray

    Rear sights and comfortable shooting positions? We don’t need no stinkin’ rear sights and comfortable shooting positions.

  • cy

    I want to know who is mowing the lawns on that show. Every lawn is mowed and trimmed wherever they go, I mean, their are zombies everywhere, not a lot of regular people, so who the hell is mowing the lawns?

    • Steve

      Never watched this enough to catch that. Good eye CY.

      • fahnhup

        zombies graze when not fed. they make good fertilizer as well.

    • Ron

      Forrest Gump

  • War

    Any of you guys notice that the action doesn’t move on any of these fire arms, nor does a round eject when they are fired. That, above all else drives me nuts. I hate CGI gunfire.

  • Ron

    I would like to state this. I served in the us army and ranked an expert shooter. I shoot for the joy of shooting and am still a pretty good shot. One day I invited my bro-in-law to go shooting with me. I felt bad but I never thought anyone could shoot (or fail to shoot) as badly as he did. Everything he did was wrong and he was shooting into the ground 10 feet in front of the target. I even had a scope on the rifle! I stood there and laughed my ass off. He got ticked off and gave up claiming there were crosshairs in the scope.

    my point is this; the people in the show are mostly just people, like my bro. They have little, if any training. They are so ignorant to the importance of the proper firearm that they have never searched for a gun shop to attempt to acquire more ammo and firearms. Not all of them even carry a gun, for crying out loud. I like that the people are idiots who misuse firearms because that’s actually pretty realistic.

    • I gotta side with your brother on this one. You put something unfamiliar to him and when he didn’t instantly get it, you made fun of him.

      • Ron

        I did feel bad about laughing but there was more to the story than I wrote this morning. We had planned on going shooting for weeks. He told me he shot a lot an loved shooting. When he showed up he was wearing dress leather shoes, dress pants, a button up shirt and a black leather jacket. I asked if he brought a change of clothes because I shoot in the woods.

        he didn’t.

        Because of this he refused to fire in a prone or kneeling position, and would only shoot standing upright. He held the rifle like a rightie but kept trying to use his left eye to aim.. He also refused to listen to any advice. So he wasn’t looking directly down the scope and kept saying that there was something in the scope blocking his view…the crosshairs. He put the buttstock under his armpit and basically laid his head down on top of it. Then he just pulled the trigger as fast as possible, blowing big holes into the ground. At first I tried to help him, but then it just got funny.

        but my point was that most americans are like him. Of all of the people I work with, they treat me like an extremist because I like to shoot and like to talk about it. I, for one, would not want blondie up in the eagles nest with the “sniper” rifle covering me during hand to hand combat.

  • TangledThorns

    If you spliced the genes of Liam Neeson and James Cromwell you’ll end up with the Governor in Walking Dead.

  • gunslinger

    so… the zombies are ok?

    how many other movies have large guns, and NO recoil?

    but this is too far?

  • mechamaster

    this guy want to copy CQC technique from Solid Snake in MGS 4. LoL

  • Nicks87

    That’s why he’s the Governor, he’s that good.

    • Karina

      Authority equals asskicking?

      • Cymond

        other way around: asskicking equals authority.

        Gotta be a badass to lead a group of survivors after the apocalypse.

  • Bernardg

    Yeahh, it irked me too when i saw it. This Governor guy must be a hell of a marksman.
    If you want a tv series that showing a “fairly” accurate depiction of gun handling. My suggestion, please see “Strike Back” series.

    • Reverend Clint

      now thats a good show and the original brit version has the guy who plays rick on walking dead

      • Bernardg

        Indeed. He was the guy who kinda messed things up & killed off doing heroic stuff to atoned his past. By s02, almost all the cast have been changed completely (for the better i think, especially since now they’re including Rhona Mitra as a badass intelligence officer).

    • Sian

      Strike Back is mostly okay, but only the main characters aim, and they still use automatic fire way too much.

      • Bernardg

        Well, the “spray & pray” technique using by the “bad guys” actually not implausible, especially if they’re using AK’s. Because that is how AK is build for & even being included in the doctrine since Soviet era.
        Still, most of the time they’re pretty alright on the way they handle the guns.
        Well, being taught rigorously by ex-SAS & SBS guys will not go for naught, aren’t they? Especially since the series itself based on a novel from an ex-SAS.

  • ASM826

    I quit watching early, so I have not seen these recent fails. The one I remember, the incident that made me gave up on the show, was when the rest of the group disarmed one of the women. The idea being that she wasn’t trained enough to be carrying. In the situation they were in, everyone should have been carrying weapons.

    Besides, they’re in Georgia. It’s the zombie apocalypse. All those cars and trucks? There’s guns in them. Every town has a gun store. All the military bases have armories. Most rural houses have hunting weapons. Why is the main character toting a revolver? Because it looks cool to the producer is my guess.

    It’s like the writers of the show worked in Hollywood and just couldn’t get over their own fears and prejudices.

    • poot

      The main character has a 357 mag, cos that was his carry weapon was a sheriff.

    • W

      thats what baffled me too. I have friends that live in Georgia and those people are armed 😀

      Not a single soul decided it was a good idea to pick up a M4 laying around the CDC center either. WTF. or pick up a M2 and some ammo…

      Logically, since zombies need shot in the head, wouldnt a 9mm or 22 be the most suitable? you can carry thousands of rounds and they are less noisy than a shotgun or 357. A suppressed 22 would logically be the most effective zombie apocalypse weapon; as much as i hate giving sons of guns any credibility, i agree with the concept behind the Max Brooks zombie gun http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/p480x480/301896_358806697498933_161827083863563_948370_2063232468_n.jpg

      • Geodkyt

        9x19mm ammo weighs the same as 5.56x45mm.

        .22LR can have problems reliably penetrating the cranial vault if it doesn’t hit square on.

        5.56mm is highly accurate to extended distances, with a ballistic trajectory flat enough to make “center of mass hold” head shots very plausible well past CQB ranges.

      • W

        5.56 weighs very similar to 9mm, though the comment was more for a emphasis on the 22.

        I can see 22 having isolated problems with penetration, though perhaps this can be mitigated with higher velocity ammunition.

        I wouldnt argue with you either. 5.56 would be a very ideal zombie cartridge 😀 it is comparatively lightweight, very accurate, has low recoil, and is excellent for scrambling brains.

    • Cymond

      They didn’t disarm Andrea because she was untrained, they disarmed her because she was undisciplined. She shoved her muzzle into Rick’s face twice in two days. She was too untrustworthy & irresponsible for a firearm. Arm her with a hatchet.

  • Avery

    One of the things people forget about fiction, especially stuff like visual media like film and television, is to never take anything that gets to the finished product as just coincidence. Most times it is incompetence or lack of research, but a lot of the time it’s intentional. It’s especially true in this era of firearms instructors and technical consultants. As a filmmaker, you’re doing world building in every shot, ever scene. It’s what’s called “mise en scene” (which is French for “placement on the stage”).

    There could be unstated reasons why the Governor is firing a M4 without rear sights. Someone else said that he picked up off a dead guardsman, might be that there was a damaged scope and no back-up sight, so off it went. Or maybe, in the months following the apocalypse, the sight was lost. It’s just another thing that adds to the mise en scene.

    Ron brings up an interesting point is that most of the people on that show have no prior firearms knowledge and that might be one way of showing that.

    It’s like the “hammer” scene in Drive: you might know that the hammer won’t set off that bullet, but the Driver doesn’t know that. He probably heard it once when someone was talking about guns or he’s so hopped up on rage and adrenaline that he’s not thinking about technical details.

    • rigo

      No excuse, that why every series or movies have consultants. From Wikipedia, A consultant (from Latin: consultare “to discuss”) is a professional who provides professional or expert advice.

  • W

    The only “WTF” moment I had with the series (I havent seen season 2 or 3 yet 🙁 is when he escapes the horde by crawling through the bottom hatch of a British Chieftain tank. The M60 had a bottom escape hatch, though the M1 Abrams that the Chieftain was trying to portray doesnt have a v-shaped hull and bottom escape hatch. 99% of the REASONABLE population would have just shrugged this off 😀

    Oh and the DShK heavy machine guns at the CNC center in atlanta…cant forget about those.

  • leo

    Boy am I loving that chicken wing.

    • tony

      Especially when he is a right wing.

  • Lance

    You dont understand Hollywood as a whole is too stupid to know. Face it when no one owns guns and studies in Hollywood they will make dumb mistakes like this forever.

  • Sian

    They’re just being true to the comic, where the artist can’t draw any guns right either.

  • No bicycles in the apocalypse?

    • Alex Vostox

      Nah, The Americans banned bicycle as a model of transportation because of Lance Armstrong.

  • Jeff

    Even when they have a sight installed, they get it wrong:

    I’m convinced The Walking Dead got its budget cut or had to lay off its armorer or something

  • tomaso

    seems very real “like ” to me….when picking up someone else’s gear…no guaranty its going to be tactically right. heck i bet any HK pistol i pick up will have the round put in backwards………

  • jacob

    I always assumed that the reason they left these things of as well as other stuff like headrests in cars was because it would obstruct shots of the actors face

  • Mike Knox

    I don’t really follow on modern cinema nowadays, with all the stupid and ingnorance in the flow..

  • Big Daddy

    There are companies that specialize in training and providing Hollywood with everything they need. They have weapons modified to shoot blanks that are very hard to tell from the real thing. Their barrels are modified and you can see it if they show the muzzle. They shoot blanks that are very hard to tell from the real thing and the flash they make looks realistic too. Like I said they also provide training.

    It starting when the first Rambo movie was made as far as I can remember. They where actually using real weapons and they where all stolen, they got a real M60 they where using. From then on they started these companies that provide this service. I am guessing either they are too expensive or it is possible CGI made them unnecessary in the eyes of Hollywood and filmmakers. I do not know for sure.

    I have seen shows about them and some of the companies had rows and rows of every weapon from Brown Bess’s to M2HBs. I do wonder if they are still in business.

    Many of y’all bring out some good points. The average person has not a clue. But now there are so many veterans and people that shoot, it seems to me they would be the ones who survived and would have this knowledge on these shows, not the people that do not have a clue.

    I don’t watch these shows because after a few episodes I get annoyed at not only their lack of weapon knowledge but their basic lack of common sense and magical ability to get out of amazingly stupid situations with the help of this magic. Forget simple common sense tactics any intelligent person would figure out without military training.

    Hey lets get into a really compromising situation because of poor planning and taking ridiculous chances and amazingly they get out of it so they can come back next week to do the same thing. Shows like the Zombie one, Evolution, Fringe, Lost, all of them for years and years have disappointed me, especially MacGyver.

    The most realistic one was Gillian’s Island, at least they had a professor who could use actual science.

  • When it’s the zombie apocalypse you can’t just order sights off MidwayUSA.com.

    • curryt1me

      Yea, but they took the rifle by killing an outfit of National Guard Troops, I’d be surprised if a trained squad of national guardsmen would be so ill equiped as to be missing a rear sight like pictured above, I saw that on tv though and laughed that the rear sight was missing.

      • me

        You’d be surprised? I wouldn’t. Not all National Guardsmen are combat arms troops.

      • Dude

        Might not be combat arms but we are all trained as Infantry first, I’v NEVER seen an M16 or M4 without a rear sight. We store um with it attached and it never leaves the rifle unless you swap out for an ACOG or M68. At least in my experience.

  • MrSatyre

    Most of the characters on the show have not had formal training by experts. Not the actors, the characters. If they all acted like trained soldiers, the show would be equally silly because it would be unbelievable (um, kind of like using a sword). Personally, I like shows where the characters act like idiots out of their depth. Kind of like the real world.

    • Big Daddy

      Your statement make sense. Add some reality to that statement though. The ones that don’t get some basic books and read them or figure things out really fast will die really fast.

      So within a short time the idiots will die. Simple sort of Darwinian thinking. The ones that are cautious and think their way through, educate themselves quickly on weapons and tactics if they did not get any training would survive.

      The ones that act irrationally and emotionally will die very quickly. That goes with any life and death situation.

  • curryt1me

    So, I like the show and I’m not trying to “dis” it, but back in season one in the city where he came across the British tank, how did the military get over run? Why on earth in a biological apocolypse like that would a tank be in urban combat with its hatches not sealed? All the M-2’s that they had on the street corners, if they fired into a crowd of zombies, the .50 call round would literally cut the crowd in half, what was left wouldn’t be more than knee high…Idk, some stuff just doesn’t make sense.

    • poot

      Its not a british tank, its a british tank playing an abrams.

      For some reason ppl think walking dead, has a massive budget, but it really doesnt, they save money when they can, eg cg gun fire and blood.

    • W

      “So, I like the show and I’m not trying to “dis” it, but back in season one in the city where he came across the British tank, how did the military get over run?”

      I wondered about the Chieftain myself but if you understood the expense of operating a M1 Abrams, then it wouldnt be a surprise why they had another design fulfill the role (the abrams consumes 8 gallons PER MILE and its drive train is delicate, which would never encourage the armed forces to use one as a prop).

      I gave the show the benefit of the doubt; the tank ran out of fuel (which would NOT be surprising with the Abrams since it can only idle for 8 hours and only has a range of 250 miles) and/or ammunition. Just a idea.

      “Why on earth in a biological apocolypse like that would a tank be in urban combat with its hatches not sealed? All the M-2′s that they had on the street corners, if they fired into a crowd of zombies, the .50 call round would literally cut the crowd in half, what was left wouldn’t be more than knee high…Idk, some stuff just doesn’t make sense.”

      Thats really a good question. the M1 has a collective NBC system, which would be profoundly useful in the event of a zombie pandemic. World War Z explained rather well the uselessness of the M1 Abrams (which surprisingly highlighted the real life weaknesses of the design): They are only suitable against other tanks, meaning they arent armed with adequate anti-personnel munitions. If you count the mediocre performing HEAT and short range canister munitions, the M1 is limited to its coax and 50 cals (it has 10,000 rounds of 7.62 and 1000 rounds of 50 cal), which could be adequately effective against zombies.

      Anyways…im done geeking out 😀

      • Anon

        Out of ammo? Run them over.

  • Harsh

    Yeah, the new season of the walking dead has dropped the ball a little with the depiction of firearms. I note they are using after effects now for muzzle flash and the like. I guess there probably aren’t that many disused prisons around, so maybe its being filmed in a state with lame gun laws.

  • Payce

    I just recently go into the show. I saw an episode where the guy in the pic and a few others overwhelmed “soldiers” and took their equipment. It was painful to watch because of the ridiculous ineptitude of the “soldiers”.