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  • Jesse tronier

    Happy birthday 😀

  • Reverend Clint

    Very Cool
    Happy Belated Birthday

  • Jeff Smith

    As a portly man, I’m not sure I can condone the destruction of a birthday cake…

  • jpcmt

    Mr. Kal”ASH”nikov, if he were there, would smack you until you said his name right, then he’d yell at you for bubba’ing up his “made for US export Saiga” POS for putting that crap on it. THen yes, he’d appreciate the destruction of that cake and then share a bottle of Vodka with you.

  • Lee

    Check out RT’s documentry on the AK and it’s designer, Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov.

  • Nadnerbus

    I always like Eric and Bary’s stuff. Those guys just seem like salt of the earth good guys that would be great guys to know. They don’t claim to be the be-all end-all experts on anything, they just throw out their opinions, usually backed up by pretty good data points, seasoned with a whole lot of plain common sense.

    Happy B-day Micky Klash. No more reason to be ashamed of his invention than John Browning should be for the Ma deuce. A great piece of design and construction is always to be admired, even if it is sometimes put to bad ends.

  • Sardaukar

    Well, now I’m waiting for the birthday of Ronnie Barrett. 😀

  • Chic

    Happy birthday, the most happy hero!

  • Ray

    Born in 1919? How is that for irony…

  • mechamaster

    I’m waiting for Jim Sullivan birthday !

  • greasyjohn

    You shouldn’t eat cake that’s had lead through it.

    • JMD

      Don’t tell me what to do!

  • Esh325

    May he live to be 100.

    • John Doe

      There will be an AK 100th birthday edition, and it will flip the idea of a rifle on its head.

      *wishful thinking*

  • Lance

    Last of the Great Gun Inventors. Remington and Colt LOOOONG dead. Browning, John C Grand, dead Stoner now dead. May he live longer to prove the mind makes batter weapons than some crappy computer.

    • Máté

      If computers would be designing and making weapons by themselves, we’d be fucked.

      • Lance

        I mean that designer now never use smarts to make a new design just use computers to make systems for them to print out. I agree when computers dont need design teams were in trouble.

    • Duray

      George Kelgren certainly deserves his place with the great gun designers. In terms of diversity, innovation, and the setting of new industry standards, he holds his own.

  • Máté

    There’s still someone, who designs it. But with a computer you can see and “try” it out before actually making it. Then you can still make adjustments, if the prototype is not as efficient as you’d want it.

  • NI Shooter

    Should have lit the candles with the muzzle blast from an AK-47, would have been nice to see 😀

  • dan the man

    I think if i was going to do a video in honor of mr k, I would do it with a proper looking rifle, not that hideous bastard of a rifle.

  • Mike Knox

    I don’t get it: greet someone on his birthday, then shoot his cake. This logic has faults..

  • Alex Vostox

    Now, imagine Horatio Caine makes the birthday greeting..

  • I am so sorry I missed wishing this great man proper birthday wishes on the day. Happy Birthday, Mikhail Kalashnikov! It is my understnding, from somewhere back in time, that his intent in weapns design was to create weapons so strong that war became ugly and people would want to avoid war because of them.

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