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Steve Johnson

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  • Masoo2

    Anyone here have the Costa OBR? I would like to read a review of them.

  • Fiddler

    Put through an order for a JP today – “Oof” says my pocket book, but I’m really looking forward to it.

  • John Doe

    Best handguard for 3-gun?

  • TOPO

    All I can say is…

  • Philntx

    On a recent episode of ‘Covert Affairs’, episode – ‘Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)’, the main star – Annie Walker stops a jet and confronts the pilot (about 44:00) with a really cool revolver with a heavy frame like I’ve never seen.
    Has anyone seen these revolvers? What is it?


  • TangledThorns

    So anybody made panic buys after Obama was re-elected?

    • Ducky

      I didn’t ‘panic’ buy, but I did rearrange my gun priority list, putting another AK-47 and an AR lower on the top of my list above the hunting shotgun and 22s I had wanted.

    • W

      nope, already bought what I needed last year and still have plenty from when Bush was in office.

      Perhaps if I want to make some extra money, ill wait to sell some combloc AK drums in two years 😀

  • How about them politics?

  • fred

    Um ok how about the UN small arms treaty?

  • Michael Pham

    How about them local sports teams?

    • Michael Pham

      Personally, I think the Wildcats are going to go all the way this year.

    • wild willard

      W read the proposed treaty…. the members of the treaty have recourse for pushing resolutions that would be binding. This council could expand the language after its ratified. The same thing exists in the law of the sea treaty. I know because I went to the source and not a third party site to do my work for me. Signing the treaty after it can be expanded is akin to signing a blank check…who knows what you are on the hook for.

      • W

        “I know because I went to the source and not a third party site to do my work for me.”

        youre attacking a pulitzer prize winning fact checker? c’mon man. indicating by your comment you didn’t even read those two links.

        you have bigger things to worry about, such as the vague language of the 2012 NDAA and the Patriot Act.

  • Rich

    Here’s one for you all to consider.

    WND reports Lousiana residents petition to secede.

    They used the White House website which is useless in and of itself.

    However it gives pause, no? It’s one way out of this mess I suppose. Not clean but at this point what would be?

    • Gumby

      I learned from the results of Katrina more than enough Louisianians want paychecks from the government; no way they’ll secede.

    • wild willard

      I read both links. The fact that it is Pulitzer prize winning does not make it a primary source or over rule the language in the proposed treaty. My point still stands that the actual treaty proposal is more authoratative.

  • Alaskan

    I wonder if Chris Costa would endorse a waterproof carrying case with some safety orange and reflective tape on all four sides. He could call it the Costa “Guard”

    Anyone get that reference? 😉

    • Fyrewerx

      You can hear the groans over the Internetz.

    • Nicks87

      He could make a neon green one too and call it the “zombie guard”.

      It would come with his operation Z DVDs and a flesh-light so all his fanboys can enjoy watching Costa stroke his ego while they stroke their…

  • Supersonic

    Does anyone run a cantilever scope mount? I’m looking at the Vortex Razor 1-6 and want to run it with their 3-inch offset mount.

    What are the advantages?

    • GreenPlease

      Eye relief

      • Supersonic

        How do you choose how much, though? The optic itself is a 30mm tube with 4 inches of eye relief adjustment. How do I know whether to buy a straight mount, 2 inches of offset, or 3?

  • OK, for discussion’s sake, here’s a hypothetical question:

    If you were in charge of rebooting Izhmash, what would you do?

    I’m specifically referring to product plans; we all know that they need to fix their management, deal with corruption, etc.

    But I’m talkin’ ’bout guns here, not corporate governance.

    • SAPH

      Well they need a hell of a lot work done on the management side of the company. Gun wise they should move a bit away from military rifles and semi autos based on the basic AK. Bolt actions, and pump shot guns of a decent quality and price would be nice, some that could compete with HOWA and Savage. That should bolster sort to medium term sale figures. They need somebody that can design a military rifle or semi rifle that doesn’t look so basic like the AK or like complete ass like the AK 12. Take a page out of Randon page with their MSBS prototypes.

      • GreenPlease

        I’d like to see them sell 47s and 74s here in the U.S. in a non-sporterized configuration. To that end, they should establish a U.S. assembly plant. Just send over trunnions, BCGs, and barrels from Russia and then assemble the rifles here. There’s no reason a quality AK should cost more than $600. If Izamesh could hit that price point in the U.S. their sales would literally skyrocket.

        Also, I’d like to see them build their rifles similar to the Fuller builds: 14.5″ pinned and welded (either FHA or brake) and a gasblock front sight combo (ala Bolton gas block or a Draco gas block)

    • & just to get her started, personally I’d like to see:

      – A fully modernized (but still Calif. compliant) practical SKS with an adjustable gas system, also available in modern calibers like 6.5 Grendel.

      – A new compact PDW/SMG based on a commonly available inexpensive cartridge. Keep it legal with a 16″ bbl, keep it small by making it bullpup. The weapon/cartridge combo must have an MPBR of at least 150 yards; 200+yds would be ideal. The bullet must still deliver at least 800 ft-lbs of energy at MPBR.

      – The 22LR Biathlon Basic rifle updated & widely commercialized as a varmint/sporter/youth/plinker rifle à la Ruger 10/22, Henry, Marlin 60, etc. And make it convertible to .17HM2.

      • Pliskin

        Mexican authorities are using ARX-160s in what appears to be 7.62×39. Now If they would just start selling them in America already…

        BTW I didn’t mean to reply to Blake but good ideas Blake.

      • Chase

        I would LOVE to see a modernized but California-compliant SKS. Right now I’d like to buy one and put a Tech Sights rear sight on it, but I’m not sure I should alter an old gun like that.

      • Well, don’t worry about “modifying” an old SKS. Most of them on the US used market have been monkeyed with at some point in their lives. The only ones for which I’d make an exception are original production Soviet models made up until about ’56, those are kind of “originial” SKSs and worth good money in unmodified form (my Dad has a very nice example from ’54 or so, Izhevsk I believe – it’s still in the cosmoline & never been fired); our LGS has one right now like my Dad’s going for about $8-900 I think.

        But old Norinco, Yugo, etc models are really quite common and tasteful correctly done modifications don’t really detract from their value & may even improve it. Dig through the comments on the Molot SKS featured here last week for more info, but basically you need a bolt buffer, fresh recoil spring, and either rear-sight-replacement “scout-mount” optics or a replacement receiver cover. Neither of them permanently alter the rifle.

        BTW filling off the bayonet lug *might* affect the C&R status of the weapon; best to check state & BATF laws before making any permanent modifications.

    • W

      open a production plant in america.

      how would they get the capital to do so? who knows, given their current financial debacle.

      I can say with a high degree of confidence that they would sell in the United States, especially if they moved to firearms other than military style and actually produced and sold Dragunovs.

    • GreenPlease

      It comes down to your style of shooting. If you keep the stock short, right elbow down, go with 2″. If you shoot with a fixed stock or the stock fully extended go with 3″.

      IMO get some cheap rings and fiddle with positioning. Once you get the scope where you like it, measure and buy the appropriate cantilever mount.

    • Flounder

      I heavily second selling all variants of the Dragunov/tigr in the US such a beautiful rifle!

      But I would add two developments. 20rd mags for the 7.62x54r and improvements in the 7.62x54r round itself. And then make those improved rounds available!

    • Oh yeah, totally forgot about the Dragunov. I think 7.62x54R is sort of getting a second life (or third? she’s 120+ years old, after all) thanks to the surge in popularity of the Mosin-Nagant.

      A civilian SVU with standard rails would be amazing :-).

    • klyph

      They could start selling all new parts kits (everything minus the receiver). cheaper than milsurp. This is something that couod be implemented now to increase revenue.

  • Arifonzie

    I just saw the new bond film which is really good by the way, and one of the villains has a glock 18 with a beta-mag attached , which I’ve never seen on a pistol. Looked great!

    • noob

      the game Borderlands features such a pistol under the brand Bandit. Nice to hear it made it to the big screen!

      • Gumby

        The Glock-18 has a C-mag long before Borderlands.

    • Karina

      I don’t keep track of all of his videos but I believe FPSRussia made one showcasing a Glock 17 converted to full-auto with one of these beta-mags. It looks… unwieldy.

    • William C.

      If you’re going to slap a C-Mag into a Glock 18, for God’s sake just get a real SMG.

  • noob

    I really like grilled cheese toasties. Who’s with me?

    • Fyrewerx

      I’m with you noob, however, every once in awhile I like a slice of ham on it, too.

    • schizuki

      When there’s nothing in the house to eat, grilled cheese is there to say, “I’m here for you, man. I’m always here.”

    • Murph

      Goes great with tomato soup.

    • Oh yeah, grilled cheese & tomato soup. Tasty memories from my childhood.

  • schizuki

    When I find a raisin in my food I want to punch a baby in the face.

    • hart

      To he who gave shizuki a thumbs down, I call you a monster, a deviant, and a coward. Who but him made from the poorest moral fiber is delighted, or even ambivalent, about finding a raisin in his food?

      Bring more babies, I say.

    • schizuki

      Sheesh. Buncha baby-lovers.

  • Denny

    I like the variety of subjects, knowledge of people present in discussions…. and yes, I like to collect thums down. It’s fun!
    As editor says, let’s keep it as civil as it has been; good luck!

  • H4895

    Any thoughts on Chiappa’s new 3 barreled shotgun?

    • Nicks87

      Looks cool and makes sense but might be a bit heavy.

      I think I need a sawed off version… you know… for zombies and what not. 😉

    • Reverend Clint
    • It broke me heart when the guy said the production one won’t be using that wood stock, and will instead use a black stock. Awful idea. Also, not in love with the chokes on the barrels on a pistol-grip type of shotgun, but that’s being a smidge nitpicky.

      If they offer that stock on the aftermarket, I would consider it.

      • Flounder

        WHAT!!! No wood stock! Not alright!

        But as for the 3 barrel arrangement… I kinda like it! more for the novelty of it than any practical reason…

    • anon

      Yes. My thought is, I want.

    • noob

      Chiappa Triple Threat == Borderlands2’s Three Way Hulk.

      It’s a fantasy gun, and some fantasies deserve to be lived out.

  • calool

    <– official British gun laws moaning champion, wheres my right to own a weapon capable of leveling a small village? but really, the fact that they don't even make exceptions that could allow for gun ranges where you could pay to shoot a variety of weapons is a bit silly.

  • Murdock

    anybody here have experience with RED X ARMS?

    • Samopal

      Never heard of them, so I just looked ’em up. It seems they manufacture “RXA-308 ASSAULT RIFLES (.308 CALIBER)”.

      Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

  • Derek

    At the end of the day, we all scream for ice cream.

    • Abram

      Why wait for the end of day? or conversely,’at the end of days we all scream for ice cream. cause it’ll cure zombie mania.

  • Mike Knox

    This is a ban hammer trap, isn’t it?

    • Nicks87

      If it is, oh well, I will just spread my 1911 and all things zombie related hate elsewhere.

      There are hundreds of firearms websites on the net (been banned from a few of them, by haters of course) but I really do think thefirearmblog is one of the best. Steve keeps it short and sweet and is pretty lenient about the comments section. Also, Phil White is a plethora of knowledge even though he may be taking money under the table from a few firearm manufacturers. 😉

  • EBR Owner

    Thought I would post this:

    Not just an exclusive to anymore, and they are in stock. I know this is a highly sought-after upgrade in the M1A realm.

  • Partizan1942

    Today on youtube I stumbled upon a really nice gesture wrapped in a video. I thought I would share it with you. Before I do let me just say:
    1.: Gunlovers of the world unite!
    2.: And finally, if you do not know these guys in the video yet, check their channel out, they have some really good stuff and I wish all people would be as open minded about the world as these guys show with this video.
    3.: Happy Birthday Uncle Mikhail!

  • Doug

    Who else wonders who is always clicking “thumbs down” on non-polarized/benign comments and questions?

    • schizuki

      A dick?

  • Me

    Do you think we should give the Abrams the Patton treatment?

    • noob

      please forgive my ignorance but what upgrades to the Abrahams would you like to see?

    • W

      yes if youre referring to the armored vehicles. 😀

  • Mike Knox

    Most surreal firearms experience ever? (post an example)

  • noob

    I heard a rumor that MRI would make you a 458 socom BFR if you pays them the moneys.

    weeellll, why not go the opposite tact and make a AR-15 upper that has a revolver cylinder chambered in .454 casull!

    Be the first kid on your block with a real revolver rifle in a large game cartridge without needing to buy a whole new weapon!

    Don’t wait for a Rossi Raging Circuit Judge Magnum carbine in 454 casull to go with your taurus Raging Judge Magnum 454 Casull, just slap on the upper and you are good to go.

    (the upper is single action only, requiring a pull of the charging handle to cock the hammer and turn the cylinder for each shot. With the recoil expected, that’s probably a good thing. Yes, the judge series is SA/DA, but if you want fast follow up shots, switch to your pistol.)

    Now you can slap all kinds of optics and magpull gear on your .454 casull hunting rifle without resorting to an ATI zombie stock and it might even be legal in some metallic silhouette competitions. And you have ammo commonality with your sidearm.

    And the manual of arms is just like an ar15 with a blown gas tube.

    You could also put on a folding stock on the carbine, and fire while folded. The stock should fold to the right to allow reloading while folded.

    If you SBR’ed it so the bbl didn’t extend past the butt of the stock while folded, you’d have a compact bear defense gun that is effective at a longer range than the pistol with the stock unfolded, but while folded is smaller than your lunch.

    So what do you think?

    • D

      I wonder if anyone’s ever made a revolver upper for a AR15 lower? It’d be..interesting, to say the least.

      • noob

        I guess the key thing would be CNC machining a strong enough frame to keep the cylinder indexing after repeated firing, and desiging a new charging handle that will cock the hammer and turn the cylinder.

        Everything else is pretty much off the shelf.

        I wonder if you could buy standard AR15 .45 barrels from pistol conversion kits and cut off the chamber and replace it with a forcing cone to reduce one of the major costs of new upper manufacture.

  • Curzen

    Will ruger ever fulfill my wish of a LCR with 6 shots, full grip and longer barrel?

    • Samopal

      I’d pay good money for a 3″ barreled .38 Spc LCR with a full grip.

  • Esh325

    I would prefer if you guys opened up a message board also as this is a little cluttered.

  • Moose

    NFL blackout rules SUCK.

  • Jeff Smith

    What is your favorite firearm you own?

    I managed to pick up a customized Norinco 1911 from a local gun shop for $350. It’s the best deal I’ve ever gotten. Someone had gutted it and replaced it with all Wilson Combat internals. The barrel alone costs around $200.

    • noob

      Jeff – I’d nickname it the “crouching tiger, hidden dragon”.

      • Jeff Smith

        @noob, that’s a fantastic name!

    • W

      Norinco 1911s are neat guns. dollars well spent!

    • Alex

      I would say my select fire Vector Uzi.

    • Mike Knox

      My SIG Sauer P226 .40S&W with a spare .357 SIG barrel and SIGLITE sights. Had it with me since 2003. Stayed under my desk for a couple years until a trip south where I killed a couple of gators with it. After that, I never left home without “Steve” (as I named it)..

    • Caleb

      I picked up a Mosin Nagant for $110 about 4 years ago at a local gun store. Once I got it home, I discovered that it had matching serial numbers on everything, original cleaning kit and tools, and a barrel that looks like it might have been fired a total of 15 times before being cleaned and cosmolined. Plus, the stock looks like it is made out of cherry and the sights are still zeroed. Best gun purchase ever.

      • Caleb

        Named it Dimitri. 🙂

    • CZ 527. Ours happens to be chambered in .22 Hornet as my father learned to shoot on that caliber when he was young so I got him one for his birthday a few years ago. I consider myself an average marksman and I can put 4 out of 5 rounds of cheap PPU ammo into squares of pool chalk with it all day long standing at 50yds with a support. I’ve grown to like the caliber quite a lot as it has blast and recoil about like a .22 mag but can easily reach out to 200yds & is reloadable.

      Any well-set-up 527 should print similar groups (or better, if it’s someone more experienced doing the shooting off a rest), including the carbines in 5.56×45 & 7.62×39.

      In the last year or so I’ve also had a Beretta U22 Neos 22LR pistol (6″ bbl) and I must admit that for the money it’s hard to beat. The design is extremely comfortable and while it may look a bit odd it feels & shoots great.

  • John Doe

    Best handgun in .357 Sig?

    • Samopal

      I vote the Glock 33, because .357 SIG really shines in short barrels.

      • noob

        Hmm. If you have a shorter sight radius but still achieve good velocity, would you consider having an optic installed on a carry gun?


        it would be neat if the Competition Optic Ready Equipment concept from S&W would show up on glock slides (aftermarket or *gasp* glock OEM components)

        that way you can co-witness your optic and your iron sights in case of an optics failure, but still enjoy the infinite effective sight radius of the optic.

    • Mike Knox

      SIG P226..

  • Riot

    Does anyone know how the magazines and mag release on a G36 work?
    I’d like to know what sort of mechanism is used to secure the mags in place.

    • Doug

      G36 mags utilize a paddle release. The magwell that accepts AR mags looks like it’s a button release.

    • Mike Knox

      Like an AK’s but just plastic. There was an option for a mag well that accepts AR-15 mags and works like a classic H&K rifle mag well, but it isn’t around that much..

  • Nope

    what a mess

  • Michael

    I got my Concealed Carry Permit!

    • Jeff Smith