S&W Optics Ready Model 41 Pistol

The .22 Model 41 target pistol is over 50 years old but is still going strong. The S&W Performance Center has developed a new optics ready version of the M41.

Caliber .22 LR
Capacity 10+1
Finish Blue
Grip Custom Wood Target
Barrel 5.5″
Weight 41 oz
Front Sight Removeable
Rear Sight Adjustable
MSRP (Price) Not yet announced.

The MSRP is $1,579. It is not cheap but this is a high-end target pistol, not a backyard plinker.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Kenneth Fechtler

    I like this. I have been looking for something similar. I would like to find a .22 with a 10in. barrel max length. for use as a survival compliment weapon. I may have to settle for shorter barrel. I’m also think perhaps to have a threaded barrel end.

    • Komrad

      Ruger 22/45 Lite might work well. Threaded and comes with an optics rail I believe.

      • Kenneth Fechtler

        I had not looked at this model until your post thanks, My local dealer has one and its already suppressed I’ll be testing it this weekend. Semper Fi

  • Reverend Clint

    looks like a pellet pistol mated with a desert eagle

  • Gidge

    I like those grips

  • Marc S

    I hope they will sell just the barrel like that.

    • KC

      they probably won’t advertise that; however, I bought a new barrel from S&W when I still had my M&P. Basically if you can find a few other people to place an order for them, you’ll have no problem just getting the barrel. Assuming it works in older models…

  • D

    It’s interesting looking, that’s for sure.

    Also heavy.

  • Billy Bones

    What an abortion, absolutely hideous.

  • AZRon

    It looks like a moustache on Mona Lisa.

  • Karina

    It makes me think of a Colt Woodsman, but modernized…

  • gunslinger

    if it’s going to be a match pistol..it doesn’t look it. but i guess i’m comparing it to those race 1911 guns.

  • Tinkerer

    Whenever I think of a “high-end target pistol” -especially of .22LR caliber-, what comes to my mind are Feinwerkbau, Hämmerli, SIG, Walther or Pardini.

    • Komrad

      Well, Colt and S&W revolvers were preferred for target competition for years and the S&W model 52 .38 semi-auto is still considered one of the best target pistols ever.
      S&W is certainly capable of putting out an accurate gun for enough coin.

      • Zo

        I love my S&W K-38 Masterpiece 🙂

  • Hikerguy

    That ‘s interesting, but mine is 30 years old and I prefer it the way it is.

  • Noodles

    Makes my Beretta 87 Target look like a steal! Also optics ready, and threaded but that wasn’t exactly easy.

  • FormerSFMedic

    S&W is also doing an optics ready M&P called the M&P Pro Series Core. It’s part of the same performance center series that this Model 41 comes from. The M&P Core will give the user the ability to mount different optics like the RMR, Deltapoint, CMore, etc. It should be a really good platform for guys using a red dot on their pistols.

  • Styling seems weirdly reminiscent of newer Desert Eagles.

  • jeh

    there need to be more guns like the beretta 87 on the market, made for combat but chambered in .22lr. there seem to be a billion target pistols on the market, but very few 22lr pistols built for real world self defense purposes……..i know alot of people think that caliber isnt really practical for that role, but it would be nice to have some affordable and reliable choices (with second strike capability) in that category anyway…..

    • Noodles

      I have an 87 Target threaded, and would love a regular 87. Finest practical 22lr handgun I have ever seen. Looks so good suppressed.

      They’re expensive, but still only half of this 41.

    • Laenhart

      My Beretta 87 (standard non-target model) was my very first firearm and it has served me well. Extremely accurate and reliable even with bulk 22lr it is a fantastic trainer and target gun.
      It is great for new shooters. Unlike a lot of 22lr handguns, even Rugers (which are very nice 22s, which should say a lot about the Beretta) the 87 extracts 100%, even with the dirtiest bulk ammo I can find. This matters a lot to my wife, who was used to struggling with dirty rental 22s that rarely work as advertised. Although I would prefer something larger and centerfire, the 87 would be one of the few 22lr handguns I would consider for defense because of this reliability.
      I also like that it shares controls with my other favorite guns (hi-power, CZ, etc.) I can shoot hundreds of rounds slow fire with my 87 and then switch to a 9mm or .40 and practice sight-recovery using similar manual of arms.
      Not to mention that I can shoot better 15 yard groups at the indoor range than the guys with 22lr AR uppers (which is not saying a lot, but it makes me feel good!)

  • gaosmer

    i bought my first m41 with extendable front sight in the middle 1970’s; a used gun with an aftermarket grip (herret I think.)
    Several years later I bought a “optic’s only” barrel group from Jim Clark in Louisana. I used an Aimpointn2 MOA dot scope that barrel.
    Last year I found and bought a used M41 with a k-frame rear sight that smith and wesson had used in late 1980’s as a cost cutting measure. It was rare and even my S&W dealer had not seen that varient before. I bought another barrel from Midway with a Keng sight so I could save the original barrel.

  • Tony

    My $300 Ruger MK III Standard will shoot as well.

  • Netforce

    Holy Heck! I’ve never seen that kind of front sight before. That’s huge!

  • Netforce

    That front sight is something.

  • Ben

    You know how there is a thing thing now of making classic children’s shows in CGI? This is it. This is the .22 version of Noddy in CGI. Basically the same just ruined. Awful, just awful.

  • Ben

    You know how there is a thing thing now of making classic children’s shows in CGI? This is it. This is the .22 version of Noddy in CGI. Basically the same just ruined. Awful, just awful.
    You know how there is a thing thing now of making classic children’s shows in CGI? This is it. This is the .22 version of Noddy in CGI. Basically the same just ruined. Awful, just awful.

    • Ben

      Hi, please remove the multi post. Phone posting at it’s finest.

  • Mike Knox

    An odd mix up of a desert eagle and a Walter PP isn’t it?

    • Karina

      It remembers of that movie, Red Heat. Schwarzenegger carried a very strange mix of a Desert Eagle and a Walther P38, the “Podbyrin 9.2mm”. Which is very ironic (Israeli/American and originally Nazi German weapons) considering Arnie’s character is a Soviet officer…


      • Mike Knox

        I remember that movie. You pointed out what came to my mind when I saw it. Wonder what would have went if this pistol was used instead of that “Podbyrin 9.2mm”..

  • Mike M.

    For $1600, I’m going to spend the extra $200 and get a Pardini SP.