ATI Zombie Circuit Judge

Also new from ATI Stocks next year will be a Tactical Zombie stock kit for the Rossi Circuit Judge. Below are photos of the prototype …

The zombie nomenclature aside, this looks like a very nifty stock upgrade for hunting, defensive use or just plain fun with the Circuit Judge. The top rail allows for more types of optic and accessory configurations than the short factory rail allow. A side plate (pictured below) has been added to protect users’ hand from gas vented by the cylinder gap.

The company is aiming to sell this for less than $150, but the MSRP has not been decided. I can’t wait to try this out at SHOT Show.

[ Many thanks to Andre for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Nathaniel

    A silly “upgrade” for a silly firearm.

  • Icchan

    Damn this looks immensely fun. And for only a buck and a half, it’s one of those dumb things that we know are pure self-indulgence and WON’T kill your wallet!

  • Icchan

    …and is it wrong to admit I’m thinking of a Blade Runner style carbine because of this…

  • A pointless accessory for a pointless gun, and now it doesn’t even have the steampunk look.

    What’s with the cheesegrater around the barrel?

    • Murph

      Grate cheese, shoot, then melt cheese on your nachos with barrel heat. If not for this capability it would only be a $75 dollar add on.

  • Vince Peyton

    Why is it silly?

    I own one and love it. It’s fun to plink and everyone can shoot it. Nothing silly about having fun and being able to make it look tactcool.

    • Erwos

      I think it gets looked down on because there’s not even a theoretical serious use. Someone with a 9mm carbine can at least convince himself that he might silence it someday, and you can silence a 9mm much better than a rifle caliber.

      But this thing? .45LC sucks as a pistol round, and .410 sucks as a shotgun caliber. Most people who plink simply buy a .22LR rifle and are done with it. Now, in the Circuit Judge’s defense, there is a .22LR version, so maybe you could justify it as a really LOL-worthy rimfire plinker. *shrugs*

      • -V-

        .45LC Sucks? Huh? Its running right at the heels of a .44 magnum. I guess if you mean by its a handgun round and all handgun rounds suck versus rifle rounds, then I may agree. But, seeing as it can push a 360gr slug at over 1500fps from a carbine (in +P format from Doubletap ammo), I’d hardly call that lacking.

  • Sian

    I’m getting a real Boba Fett vibe off of this.

  • JMD

    “No! God! No! God! No, God please no! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

  • david

    Needs a bayonet mount

    • Noodles

      But that might actually make this thing dangerous.

  • Burkefett

    Personally, I’ve found my circuit judge to be an excellent, very lightweight backpacking gun when loaded exclusively with .45LCs. It’s given me solid accuracy, plus having a true revolver carbine is just plain cool. I might try out the ATI furniture, depending on the weight and method of attachment.

    • JoeBob

      You should try out those new Hornady Triple defense rounds. A slug and two .35 caliber balls? Sounds deadly effective.

  • ahil925

    I think it’s pretty nifty looking.

    Anyone else find it a bit funny to see what is a very old concept (revolving rifle) looking like a space blaster?

    • JamesD

      This probably would have made it into Star Wars if it had been available at the time. Of coarse it would have to have the little funnel like think on the end of the barrel and some other hi-tech mod to it.

    • JamesD

      Ya know, I just realized this would have been perfect for ‘Firefly’.

  • JoeBob

    Reminds me of the Mossberg tactical lever action abortion…

    • JamesD

      That was my first thought… but the Mossberg is so bad it makes this look good.

      • JoeBob

        Very true. That is truely a hideous rifle.

  • David / Sharpie

    That is pretty sweet.

    I don’t have one but if I did, I would get this.

    But I don’t see “zombie” on it, I guess they decided not to bother with the prototype.

  • Looks better than than the original stock, which isn’t saying much.

  • Noodles

    Almost enough aluminum to make you forget it fires .410 shotshells

  • Cameron

    Alright, Internet. You win.

  • tarkan

    Why not make this in 410gauge revolver style?

    • JoeBob

      It is in .410 bore…

      • BlueOx

        …and it also comes in .44 magnum, 28 gauge, .45/.410, and .45 colt only…

    • Burst

      There are apparently .44 magnum and 28 gauge versions out there too, dunno if they’ll accommodate the stock, however.

      • I think the .44 magnum version might be pretty practical as a heavy brush gun for hunting deer or elk actually.

  • Curzen

    depending on weight and quality this might end up being quite interesting. I guess the 5star speedloaders for the judge also work with this one. In the looks department it’ll go nicely with the ruger lcr.

  • OmegaDR

    Enough with the Zombie Product BS!!!!

    • Laserbait

      Don’t gun manufacturers know when they’ve gone full retard?

      It’s so bad now… To me, extreme = tactical = zombie = garbage.

    • Nadnerbus

      A thousand times yes. Even if one of these “Zombie” products always being released was something I was interested in, the Zombie label would embarrass me too much to ever buy it.

      The fad is over. The horse is dead. Its bones have been beaten to a fine sand-like consistency. Let. It. Go.

      • David/Sharpie

        Seeing as how they keep coming out with all the zombie stuff and people keep buying it, it ain’t over….

  • mechamaster

    Only shooting gamer will be interested with this kind of gun.

    • David/Sharpie

      What video game is this used in?

      None? Okay, that’s settled.

      • Dan

        Call of Duty Ghosts will feature this firearm under a different designation.

  • Hey, Borderlands called and wants their firearm back.

  • Jim

    It’s not painted fluorescent green and isn’t covered in biohazard templates, it can’t be for ZOMBIEZZZ!!!

  • gunslinger

    i remember there being a problem with a revolver shotgun before, but i forget.

    i like this idea though. zombie? maybe not so much.

    • Anonymoose

      These are the problems with the Judge line that I recall:
      1.pretty much any handgun that fires shotshells can’t be bigger that .410 or it will be labelled a destructive device, SBS, or AOW, which would most likely prevent it from being imported
      2.revolver long guns have a tendency to burn the user’s forward hand and forearm
      3.the 28ga Circuit Judge isn’t supposed to be used with slugs because it’s choked or something (all I know is the Rossi catalog says not to use slugs in it)

      • David/Sharpie

        If the “do not use” warning has anything to do with chokes, as long as they are the foster slugs you should be able to use them.

      • Anonymoose

        I’m not really sure what the actual issue is. The catalog just “do not use slugs.”

  • Big Daddy

    Do people actually buy this stuff?

    • JamesD

      Do you really need to ask?

      • Tinkerer

        Does he?

    • David/Sharpie

      Yes, it’s why they keep producing this stuff.

    • Chris

      Who are you to care if people buy this kind of stuff?
      Musta been picked on in Grade School!

    • Big Daddy

      I was just curious, it is a little ridiculous. But if people buy it great, who cares.

      Actually in school I was the one that kicked the crap out of the bullies and protected the kids that could not. I bet you where one of those types that I protected.

      This place is to ask questions and make comments why is there always one jerk who must find some way to try and insult others. I know you would never do it to my face.

      People that do it on the internet are usually cowards who can hide behind their PC. Men very rarely hide behind PCs to act out like children. Funny you should bring up grade school, I figure you are still in school or recently got out.

      Like I said it’s the punks and cowards that do it hiding behind their PC. We all figured that out by now after so many years on the web. I guess you never got that email, right.

  • Caleb

    I think it looks cool, but is it just me, or does it look like a photoshop of the ATI VEPR Strikeforce rail system just a couple posts down the front page?

    • JoeBob

      I thought that at first, but then I realized they were made by the same company (ATI).

  • SiloZen

    People are going mad because they don’t like change.
    I for one like the design, but long barrel for a .410?

  • jeh

    at first i thought this was some kind of chiansaw gun when i first saw the outline of it…….

    • jeh

      chainsaw even

  • Martin M

    You know what would make this 1000 times cooler? Make it a top break! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    • BlueOx

      It’s a stock kit, you’re just adding parts… is this post a joke? There is no way a stock kit can magically re-mill the receiver into a top-break.

  • Lance

    Ok this Zombie thing is getting old. How about Aliens next????

  • Noodles

    I hadn’t even noticed the erector set piece holding the grip to the stock. My guess this is for compliance with restictive states, but doesn’t do anything to make this look like less of a joke.

  • Tyson Chandler

    I’m in, I like it and the rail that is featured on the AK a few posts earlier.

  • tomaso

    well…im afraid i kinda like it…..but…..not a fan of the slant at the end and also…should of integrated a laser/ flashlight into the lower section, their seems to be plenty of room….lol

    because if you think this is ugly now imagine how it will look with all that tactikool add ons.

    integrated laser and light with on off remote switches where the weak had would grip…..that would of been a “GAME CHANGER””…hehehe

  • Mike Knox

    Is that a barrel extension or just a sleeve..

    • David/Sharpie

      That looks to be the standard 18.5 inch barrel.

    • BlueOx

      WOW guys, there is no way a stock kit is going to change the gun itself, it’s not going to make the barrel longer, and it’s not going to make it a top-break. Even the best gunsmith in the world probably couldn’t turn a circuit judge into a top-break. Is everyone on this forum a 15 year old boy?

  • Nicks87

    More useless zombie crap. ugh.

    • -V-

      Hey, betas the stupid vampire hunting kit prattle of the late 19th century!

      Seriously, though, this thing needs more bayonets. Perhaps take some of those pistol bayonets and stick them on it on all the rails, for more spikey?

      • BlueOx

        The gun is built to be extremely light, as a result it’s quite fragile, a bayonet would be a VERY bad idea. There is no way I’m getting one of these stocks, if I can’t use iron sights (errr plastic sights) then shooting is no fun. I’ll leave the reflex sights to Call of Duty.

    • David / Sharpie

      Hey Steve, can you keep posting zombie stuff? Hopefully we can get rid of people like this.

    • BlueOx

      The gun industry has realized that stupid people – mainly the video game generation – will eat up anything that has “zombie” tacked onto the name. I brilliant, if very sad marketing strategy. I’d be more likely to buy this if it were marketed as simply a “tactical stock.”

  • Brandon

    Captain Malcolm Reynolds would buy it

  • michael

    somehow just looking at that and alll im thinking of is a bayarrain fusion pulse rifle

  • Alan

    What will they think of next? A bumpfire revolver?

  • Steve-O

    Anyone know if this stock will provide enough space to eject all 5 rounds at once? The original wood buttstock is so fat that empties can get caught on it.

    • BlueOx

      I can’t believe the number of people that don’t even consider the fact that you can shave down the part of the stock that blocks complete ejection. I did it all by myself no instruction, and I can even use standard Judge speed-loaders. I have no experience re-finishing a stock, so I just sanded it all down and applied spray paint style glossy black lacquer. It looks much better than the original finish, and no more stupid ejection/loading issues.

  • Steve-O

    Anyone know if this stock will provide enough space to eject all 5 rounds at once? The original wood is so fat that empties can get caught on it.

  • Steven J.

    Alan, I believe there’s some videos of 500sw’s doing just that

  • lee1911

    February 20, 2013 – After making an inquiry at ATI, I received the following reply about the availability of the ATI Stock for the Circuit Judge: “We released a prototype last year (2012). It will not be available in 2013, but maybe next year if we can get to it. Thanks, Matt Bergerson – ATI”

    • Hickok

      Really hope they make this. I would market the heck out of this on YouTube if they built it. I want a circuit judge because I own the baby judges and love them. However, i want a tactical solution for the circuit judge and not the wood stock. I like the full length rail setup on this that goes to the end of the barrel! I would buy this..maybe two or three even and do custom dipping on them as well.

  • mike

    Most of you need to quite whining shooting is fun zombies can be fun so why not mix the too. And anything with more then one shot is always better. If that isnt the case then sell all of the firearms you have and get one single shot weapon and have fun reloading constantly while everyone else enjoys the sport of shooting. Oh and join our wonderful present government.

  • Justin Devine

    Were can I find the ATI zk stalk?…. I love the way they look…. I was told they dont make them no more