Glock Group Unhappy with Son

Glock Inc. (USA) issued a press release today saying that Robert Glock, son of Glock founder Gadson Glock, is in no way associated with the Group Group. The press release is just one paragraph and reproduced in full below …

Mr. Robert Glock is not employed by, does not hold any position of authority, has no ownership in, and is not associated with the GLOCK Group in any manner. He is not authorised to speak for the GLOCK Group on any subject. His public statements wether in the press, or otherwise, are expressions of his opinions and not that of the GLOCK Group

Robert Glock and his two siblings were fired from the company in 2010. Robert Glock is now a restaurateur, his brother started a hunting and shooting apparel business and his sister owns a pet store.

Steve Johnson

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  • TheIrateBlackGuy

    I’d bet money Gaston Glock is a mega douchebag. Love his pistols though!

    • John

      In July 1999 Charles Ewert, a business associate of Glock, hired a French ex-mercenary to murder Glock (who was 70 years old at that time) with a mallet in a garage in Luxembourg in an apparent attempt to cover up embezzlement of millions from the Glock company.

      Although Glock’s injuries included seven head wounds and the loss of about a litre of blood, Glock was able to fend off the attack by striking the hitman twice.

      So… how many assassins have you fought off so far?

      • AnoSymun

        French hitman, mind you.

        That aside, Gaston has long passed his prime and something tells me his new young wife isn’t helping the situation one bit. I’m not gonna call her the cause of the family’s destruction, though. I don’t want them to sue my ass.

      • TheIrateBlackGuy

        I’d bet money your a bigger douchebag than Gaston Glock. Love your off subject comment though!

      • W

        “French hitman, mind you.”

        youre fucking kidding me.

        Still…the Francophobia. what is this? 2003?

      • Clodboy

        Fighting off assassins makes you a badass, it doesn’t preclude you from being a douche.

        And unfortunately, Glock’s behavior has been kind of douchey lately – divorcing his wife for somebody several decades younger, then squabbling with the woman who has given him so much (without her initial investments, his gun business would never have gotten off the ground; not to mention several kids) over money.

        Granted, that is pretty standard old guy divorcee douchiness, but you can tell something is seriously wrong in the state of Deutsch-Wagram when the Glocks, noted for their reclusive behavior, suddenly start giving interviews in the Austrian press.

      • AnoSymun

        Hahaha, nothing to do with Iraq-era Francophobia, W, I’m not American. I just like poking fun at my neighbours every once in a while.

      • W

        i treat it like the “HK you suck because we hate you” comments. Its mildly amusing that one time and then everybody jumps on it and starts repeating it over and over again; somehow that is supposed to exponentially increase the hilarity.

        besides, if youre going to make fun of the french, make fun of their dishes 😉

      • AnoSymun

        I have been too traumatized by French cuisine to be able to still joke about it…

    • Anon

      The family troubles started after Glock had a stroke. I know someone else who divorced his wife soon after a stroke. His personality changed overnight.

      • Mark

        My buddies father had a stroke and went from complete jerk to on cloud 9 super nice guy 24/7. His wife actually introduces him as “her new husband”. Everyone freaking loves him now and was probably best thing that ever happen to their family.

    • Bob Z Moose

      I think he’s that typical angry old man.

  • Sean

    Are they gonna sue him for having the Glock name now?

  • mikee

    And the punch line is ???

  • Phil

    Is it just me or are there a lot of typos in this article?

    • Máté

      Group Group. It’s like a Group, but better.

      • Karina

        Gruppe Group, anyone?

  • Xavier R Santoni

    Those things dont happen at Sig Sauer!!

    • Mike Knox

      What’d you expect? They’re Swiss and German, they concern more about product efficiency and performance. That’s why I love my SIG P226.

      Famous Austrians are more a**holes than whatever’s the opposite. Remember adolf hitler?

      • Karina

        Uh, yeah. Steyr would like to talk. Their stuff is awesome AND Austrian. Denying that the AUG is a fantastic weapon is blindness. What’s up with you people pegging the blame on entire nations when one of them fucks everything? The guy above craps on France, you crap on Austria… Why, really?

      • Mike Knox

        I was joking about individual people, not entire nations. I myself am part austrian actually, but that doesn’t stop me from self-critical humour..

      • Karina

        Fair enough, sorry for that. I’m just a little disappointed with the above matters with mr. jamieb. I just find it sad to watch this kind of disrespectful comments, no matter how much they’re true or how much they make sense to their authors, on a fine blog such as this one.

  • Peter

    Ok…… i have to pay money or sign up for credit card to find out what he said????

  • TZH

    I actually took a course related to managing Family Businesses. statistics aren’t very optimistic about the company surviving to the 3rd generation offspring unless control is properly transitioned away from the 1st into the hands of professionals. something like less than 30% make it past the grandchildren’s era.

    I’m sure they hired the top guys to run the company. I just hope this family mess doesn’t spill over to the guns and future innovation.

    And I want my descendants to own kick ass Glocks. hahaha

    • So?

      Ditto for monarchies.

    • mp

      What innovation?

  • JJ

    Here at Glock we are all a great big fam errrrr scratch that. Id like to see the Glock pet store though.

  • Denny

    Isn’t it interesting that people who are successful in business also not necessarily successful in family ties? This is almost a ‘classical’ case. By the way, the founder’s first name is Gaston. Also, it is of public knowledge that Mr.Glock was almost murdered in attempt by his former business companion. Must be sweet man to deal with.


    Link to the Glock Pet Store plz 😀

  • BrianB

    Interesting. This fits in with what I heard about Gaston Glock being a huge ass of a boss from employees at the Symrna plant.

  • gunslinger

    i thought glock was the end all be all for guns?

    i’d be interested to hear what jr said/did to cause this? maybe they could script a fight scene in the office where jr. throws chairs, then starts his own gun business…

    oh wait…

  • Andy from CT

    Perhaps Robert was caught shooting an M&P?

    Jokes aside I’m willing to bet that in the end, the only person on his will is his gold-digging gal pal.

  • jamieb

    If memory serves me correctly, this ohh so tough french assasin was equally old and feeble. It was two crooked old guys trying to control gastons network of holding and shell companies. He did not fend off young russian mob thugs. He does not have a price on his head from the triads, and he manages to stay allive. Also french people are the scum of europe after albanian muslims.

    • AnoSymun

      I was reading your comment going “yeah, he’s kinda right” until I got to the last sentence. What the heck, dude?!

      • jamieb

        the last sentence was in response to the fella who cant take a french joke. No doubt french, and pompous as they come.

        I see jokes on here about germans being anal, italians talk with their hands, etc.

        Most importantly i see negative american stuff very often, and it does not draw peoples ire. So it pisses me off when someone makes a very historically accurate joke about french men. All i can say is take it french guy. Racist says karina. I would say if racist means negative, then i have read hundreds and hundreds of racist american comments on this blog in the last 3-4 years. No one hardly flinches, people hardly respond.

        The frenchman, he reads a fine joke about his fellow men being effete, effeminate, weak men who would make a terrible hit man. Well thats funny. Take it.

    • Karina

      Racist people such as you are the scourge of this Earth. I wish you live a long time, you’re going to need it to change those backwards views of yours. Mes salutations, from France.

      • jamieb

        karina, maybe your english is not very good, but i said nothing racist.

        I for one am just about every nationality surrounding france, but thank god no french blood that i know of. I am 1/4 belgian, 1/4 italian, 1/8 german. But sorry for you french is not a race. Nor is albanian, nor is muslim a race.

        Also you did not defend in any way how the french are NOT the scum of europe. They are loathsome people, socialist, pompous, many are communist. The government is loathsome.

        Albanian muslims? Have you any knowledge of albanian muslims and honor codes? Albania is probably the most backwards and dysfunctional place in europe. Compare it to places adjacent to it like say italy. Why is it so backwards for so long, for hundreds of years. Nothing good comes from albania. No ideas, no inventions, no great scientists ages ago, or in current times. I did not say every albanian is terrible. Just collectively it is a terrible place full of terrible people.

        This is a US based web site, and i see anti US stuff on here all the time and it does not even raise an eye brow, and no one says its “racist”.

        Everyone is not the same. If they were, the english and dutch would have honor killings. I can share number of great stories that made local news like honor killings in church by albanians. Or guys killing their wife for getting a job! OK bad enough, but then in albanian culture the girls family will say, she got what she deserved, he told her not to get a job. This took honor away from the man. By all means defend that, i would like to hear how you defend it. This should be very interesting.

      • W

        JamieB, thank you so much for proving my point.

        how about instead of trying to back down and justify your opinions, you at least have the stomach to stand behind them.

        You also didn’t understand the context in which I replied with the Francophobia comment (dont worry, you and 30 some other people didn’t either), but thats ok. my point has been proven.

    • Karina

      Please. If you are sufficiently intelligent and if you have enough common sense, which I’m certain you have, bashing on entire populations because of what you saw from a few of them is not what I’d call either responsible or mature behavior. I’m fairly certain we are all responsible, respectable adults, save for the occasional oddball. So please. Firearms, not politics, nor racism or discrimination or any sort of that thing. I should not have to “defend” myself or my nationality because I’m French. The comment policy is pretty clear about viewpoints, and this is simply plain rudeness to crap on the name of all French, or Albanians, or whatever, because they’re French or Albanian, or whatever. I shouldn’t even have to explain this, this is what your parents should have done when you were a child or something.

    • Dantsx

      M&P owners tattoo their guns

      Glock owners shoot them

  • Lance

    Dont matter, bet you there alot of men who will run Glock that aren’t family related.

  • Máté

    “But mom, he started it!”

    I can understand that you don’t like what the Albanian Muslims do, nor do I, but right and wrong are pretty much subjective. For example a century ago slavery was right, and women studying or voting was wrong in many places.

    • Karina

      Thank you for those words, Máté.

  • Hikerguy

    The saga of the Glock family and the company would make for a great reality show or perhaps a made-for-TV movie on the Lifetime Channel.