Molot’s Latest VEPR 12 Shotgun

Molot has a new tacti-cooler version of their VEPR 12 shotgun. The new model features an M4 compatible stock, a fancy muzzle brake and two rail configurations.

The muzzle brake has three baffles which vent upwards and sidewards. Behind the muzzle brake is porting. I am not sure what the advantage of the additional porting is. I suspect not a lot.

The shotgun is designed for optics and has no iron sights or even a shotgun bead. It is available with two rail configurations. The one configuration (above) uses the space vacated by the rear sight to extend the receiver cover rail. The second configuration (top) has the standard receiver cover rail and a second slightly higher rail which extends the length of the handguard.

The standard/older version of the VEPR 12 begun to be imported into the USA this year. It is retailing for around $1000. Mr GunsnGear reviewed the shotgun

UPDATE: It is very similar to the new Saiga 12 shotgun. It is good to see some cross-pollination between Molot and their parent Izhmash.

[ Photo by military photographer Vitaly V. Kuzmin. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Noodles

    Dear humanity,

    Please stop putting m4 stocks on guns that do not have m4 buffer and carrier requirements.. And please stop putting stupid muzzle brakes on shotguns, they aren’t effective except at looking ridiculous.

    • Reverend Clint

      its the fact that most buttstocks are m4 style so you can choose what you want… thats the beauty of it.

      as to muzzle breaks on a shotgun… why would they be effective on everything from pistols to artillery by not a shotgun?

    • forgeshooter

      Hey, I have one of these muzzle brakes (DTK Ilyina) on my Vepr12 205-03, a can tell you, that THIS one is most effective muzzle brake on ak-style shotgun. if you do a lot of fast shooting with not very much time for aiming on, say, close standing targets, its a great help. Only side effect is that shot goes too loud to people standing near πŸ™‚ but its not really a problem πŸ˜‰
      Also, we Vepr12 users here, prefer Magpul CTR stock because of straight line with barrel and good ergonomics for fast targeting, and Hogue grips, because standard issue is a bit slippery, if you carry the gun with one hand on the run.

      • Noodles

        Forgeshooter, the only way a 12ga muzzle brake would work is if you have a very short barrel because the standard barrels have too low. Pressure at the muzzle to work.

        If you’re actually using 205-03s, those are a 12″ barrel and that might actually have a chance at working. Never tried it so I don’t know, but if you say it does I could see that. On an 18″ barrel the effects are almost too small to even notice.

        To ship a USA model with a giant muzzle brake because it looks “cool” is targetin the wrong audience IMO.

      • forgeshooter

        this is how it works. not jerry miculek, thou ))) but still…
        beleive me, it works. i believe, you can order yourself this muzzle brake, to prove its working)) its easy, i hope. check out molot’s web store, or guys at

      • forgeshooter

        btw, this muzzle brake is an option, not standard. believe me, it works just right with 430 barrels. also theres Vepr 206, which has gas regulator, for shooting with low loads. and that one on first photo looks like 205-04 with gas regulator. molot has lots of customizing options.

    • Noodles

      Shotguns have such a large bore and do not make enough pressure to make brakes work well. The best vangcomp barrel porting only makes a 10% or so difference and brakes are less effective imo. 12ga with the proper recoil mitigation is not a big deal, any change you see with brakes is most likely in your head. My Saiga weighs 9lbs, don’t talk about brakes for it, it’s already such a weak recoiling gun.

      They are effective at looking like trashy backyard gunsmith cool-guy range toys though. I suspect a few users here are really into that.

      As for m4 stocks, they were designed for ARs. They have limiting folding options of course but also weight and durability (sliding mechanism pin shearing) compared to other designs like off the top of my head, AK SVD triangle, AK 100 series export stocks, Scar and ACR, etc. ARs have no option for cheek risers and have a goofy dropped down look on other guns because the ARs sight height is so different than other guns. It’s trashy an lazy to put an M4 stock on an AK or a shotgun esp when you have other options available.

      • bbmg

        As it’s all about “felt” recoil, it’s almost all in your head.

        Lack of pressure just means that a brake needs to have a larger area to be effective, there’s no reason why it should be less effective than one on a rifle if properly designed. If this makes them look disproportionate, that’s an unfortunate consequence of the design requirement, but the laws of physics don’t magically change for shotguns.

      • displacer

        I know this article and the comments here are old but I keep seeing you repeat that brakes do not work on shotguns over and over and over here and it simply does not seem to be true, at least with this one.

        As you can see in these comparison shots starting at about 2:30 the large GK-01 does in fact seem to offer noticeable recoil and muzzle rise reduction. These were designed by Molot for Russian police, military, and competition users of the VEPR-12 and they seem to perform as advertised.

    • Noodles

      FURTHER proving my point…. Look how low the AR stock is on that gun. It’s the correct hight or iron sights on an AK. Molot didn’t make a new mount, they used an existing AR stock to AK mount and since traditionally AK optics aren’t a great option that mount was deigned for cheek weld height at AK irons.

      This gun doesn’t come with irons, optics only which means that the cheek weld will never be right on this gun as the stock ships too low from factory. And since there are no great riser options (LaRue or the CTR I guess). This is a pathetic excuse for a product revision, in the Russian tradition this is likely a demo model that will never be built, like more than half the Saiga models on izmash’s website.

      Stupid to put m4 stocks on non-m4 guns. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

      • Vtb

        Have you Ever shot 10 12ga rounds in 1.7 seconds into steel popper on 10 yards?
        You put your saiga stock backplate bottom on your nipple and wrap yourself around the buttstock leaning almost all your weight forward.

        Your head remain almost in air and you just look thru eotech (high mount).
        It’s a shotgun, not a .223 AR.

        M4 stock adapter is just because of tons of stocks around.

      • Noodles

        VTB: so, you recommend a goofy stance because when you shoot 10 rounds of birdshot into a steel plate you feel a proper cheek weld is not needed?

        Am I getting that correctly? Because I don’t shoot birdshot, so I just have no idea what you’re trying to accomplish. Oh, I remember now, Siagas and the like are range toys. Nevermind, now I get it.

    • Nicks87

      I would have to agree with Noodles on this one and those big ol’ banana clips (I know, I know, its called a magazine) make the weapon very tall and difficult to store/wield when loaded. Also the standard mags only hold five rnds and the hi-caps and drum mags are big and heavy. I will take a standard tube fed shotgun over a siaga or this monstrousity any day.

    • Riot

      Dear Americans,

      Please stop demanding M4 stocks on everything and maybe companies like Magpul will start doing the same great work they did on the AR-15 stocks for other firearms. And please stop spazzing out and screaming “It’s not ergonomic!!” about every gun that has controls that aren’t identical to the M16’s.

      • Scott P

        I am an American and I approve this comment.

  • jamieb

    Wow noodles, you are a stone cold badazz. Please explain how high quality, mass produced, modular stocks cannot work just fine on virtually any carbine, rifle, or shottgun.

    • Noodles

      AR’s unique sight height and abysmal cheek weld on non-AR guns for one. No folding options, two. Extra size and wasted space for the buffer tube, three. Looks stupid, four. I have other points listed above in a reply system this site uses.

      • Tyler Marcoz

        Looking stupid is a subjective opinion. Most people don’t need a folding stock, either. Putting AR style stocks adds options you otherwise would t have.

      • Reverend Clint

        buy a cheek riser for your stock

      • jamieb

        as reverend chet said buy cheek rise. Also no need to fold. Lots of rifles, dare i say more than most, do not fold. Also you can folk a AR stock. ACE stocks makes a galil like folding mechanism for AKs to adapt AR stocks.

        Your ideas are very limited.

        “Extra size and wasted space for the buffer tube”. Wasted what were you going to put there?

        Also ugly? Aks are already hideous guns, most russian guns are about as well designed from an industrial design standpoint as russian cars are, or communist buildings were. These are not high style units designed by design houses in italy famous for style. Its basically a hammer that fires bullets instead of hammering nails.

        That being said i have 3 aks, but i did not buy them for the looks.

  • ufo

    4Noodles: try to use some hot loads with classic stock and without comp/brake… You will be punished for your opinion(if you aren’t dwarf) πŸ˜€

    M4 folding stock is better with multiuser or winter/summer usage… πŸ™‚
    And CRT from Magpul is the best one i’ve ever seen and used.

    Brake/comp? Try to find videos on YT from MaxroundsCOM and compare speed and accuracy in this way of shooting.

    • Noodles

      See the article I wrote on this sight about Costa’s shotgun classes. And see the images I sent in to this site on high speed videos.

      We tested shotgun porting, and a brake along with all the rifle brakes/comps/suppressors. Look at the images of super high speed 300wm muzzle brakes on that article, I promise you the shotgun looked NOTHING like that. There was a distinct lack of gas, particles, pressure on the 12ga brakes. The large bore just does not make enough pressure to allow them to work like you think they do. Sorry to bubble burst.

  • raven

    I really like the front sight gas block and magazine well. It also looks like there is a bolt hold open feature on this shotgun? Personally I’d prefer the Vltor stock like I have on my Krebs saiga-12 as well as Kreb’s muzzle device over a standard m4 style stock and that large brake, but it would be an easy change. Overall it’s looking good. Molot has been doing some good work.

  • For a long second, i thought thye mounted the muzzle brake sideways.

  • Lance

    Very nice. I dont like the but stock prefer a new AK-12 style stock but every thing else very nice.

  • Tribulationtime

    Noodles have a good argument on AR stocks. Maybe we are too keen on tactical-use with red-dots signts and 5 shoots in 6 seconds. Maybe for shoot under 20 meters you dont need support your check.

    • forgeshooter

      5 in 6 = very slow )

      • jdun1911

        Yeah 5 shots in 6 seconds is beyond slow. Now 12 shots in 1.442 seconds that something to watch. In fact here it is.

        Anyway probably the main reason they went to AR stock is to save manufacture cost. Putting a real shotgun stock will cost them more and kill their already large margin.

        Personally I rather have a shotgun stock with removable/adjustable padding.

    • forgeshooter

      what about shot from unstable position from weak hand?

  • Nicks87

    I would have to agree with Noodles on this one and those big ol’ banana clips (I know, I know, its called a magazine) make the weapon very tall and difficult to store/wield when loaded. Also the standard mags only hold five rnds and the hi-caps and drum mags are big and heavy. I will take a standard tube fed shotgun over a siaga or this monstrousity any day.

    • jdun1911

      If you know it called a magazine then you should state it as a magazine and not a clip.

      It’s a trade off like most things with firearms. In this case it is between faster reloads/higher cap vs. bulkiness. Vepr 12 will probably do well in the 3 guns world just like Siaga 12 due primary to it reload speed/cap size. You also don’t have to mod it into a pistol grip version.

      • “banana clip” rolls off the tongue much better. And frankly, it’s not a frickin’ magazine either. A magazine is someplace where you store a bunch of ammunition, and it tends to blow the ship (or fort) all to hell when somebody (usually the “bad guys”) puts explosives into it. (see USS Arizona, HMS Hood for examples.)

        Or, another way of putting it is this: don’t be a pedantic pr$@!k about “clip” or “magazine”. If you’re in a gunfight and your buddy says “pass me another clip”, are you REALLY going to correct him?

      • W

        “And frankly, it’s not a frickin’ magazine either.”

        Actually it is. Your definition is also correct and is extended to include a detachable ammunition storage devise within a firearm.

        and honestly, I think the use of “banana clip” is being intentionally antagonistic. Is it easier to say than “banana mag”, or “mag”? I guess not LOL

        Anyways. Clips are fine. Mags are better. I really dont mind either.

      • jdun1911


        It’s a magazine. You can tell which posters have little or no knowledge of firearms just by their posts.

        A lot of posters here never fire a gun in their life and posted a lot of non-sense that is incorrect. I could point them all out but that will take up all my free time and then some.

    • Mike Knox

      You’re arguing about the ‘Magazine-Clip’ where it’s expected to be obvious? This is too rich.

      Off the top of my head, a magazine is a storage compartment that arranges articles to aid dispensation while a clip is a binding of articles for orderly means using tension. For easier digestion for the toothless: a magazine goes one way in and out in opposite order of getting in, a clip just holds them in place along others.

      Another thing is, It’s called a Crescent Mag, like how it’s called in Euope where they first came from. As in an enclosed shape following a curve. The term “banana mag” just comes from dim association below kindergartners.

      & @jdun1911
      start looking in the mirror..

      • jdun1911

        Mike you’ve been wrong most of the time. Your knowledge of guns are pretty weak. Your constant trolling on this blog is getting old. That’s why people ignore you.

        For reason I don’t know you have hard on for me. You need serious help kid.

        Magazine vs Clip difference in picture so you can understand it better.

      • Mike Knox

        On the contrary, a lot of casual visitors know how hard thinking is for you. Aside from the fact What I’ve said is already right, you’re just complicating it by saying otherwise and posting something that reinforces my statement. In other words: I said something right but tell me I’m wrong then post something that makes me right again. Your mommy must be proud of you.

        It’s just amusing how you jump about with burning bramble in your pants after that post where you didn’t know what a hangfire is. I’m just pelting peanuts for the dancing monkey’s motivation..

    • Nicks87

      I called it a “big ol banana clip” because it is more descriptive in nature vs. just saying “magazine”. Yes it is slang but I’m sure most people immediately understood what I was talking about.

      Also, less than 0.0001% of the world’s gun owners shoot 3-gun competitons so if that is the target market for this weapon then it’s still an inferior design when compared to a standard tube fed shotgun. As far as putting a pistol grip on a shotgun I think we’ve already established in other discussions on this site that it is absolutely unecessary.

  • Mike Knox

    Really? Muzzle breaks as big as an AMR’s? Why put those on a gun that can’t produce enough muzzle velocities, projectile and gas, for it to work? Firearm innovation’s starting to slope down nowadays..

    • bbmg
      • Cymond

        Looks a bit like an R&R modified Saiga:

        Say what you want about the comps, the magwell leads to some impressive reloads:

      • Mike Knox

        My point proven, if it’s not for innovation, it’s for amusement..

      • bbmg

        That reply was a bit tongue in cheek, the fact is that effective muzzle brakes can be made for shotguns.

        This Chinese grenade launcher for example fires a low velocity round from a large bore, but still has an effective muzzle brake:

      • Mike Knox

        As I’ve said, Muzzle breaks require at least either high Gas and Projectile velocities. Shotguns however generate less than needed, so it uses barrel porting instead.

        The QLZ however gets higher muzzle pressures and recoil than a shotgun making it’s muzzle brake useful..

  • forgeshooter

    its only a catch for a seconds. for me, recoil on vepr12 was insignificant until i tried to get a better result. i’m quite ok with slugs and aiming, but when theres 10 targets on each stages,and clocks are ticking, its different.

  • forgeshooter

    my bad, its version of 206. the ones 206 i saw had 2-sided charging handles, and definitely, magpul ctr, no open sights and rpk foregrips.

  • forgeshooter

    the MOST popular sight here is eotech xps 2.0 or 3.0. these ones proven durability, recoil resistance and easy aquisition of target. everybody here use this combination, vepr12 and eotech.

  • Kelly Harrison

    I’m sure its just me but seeing an M4 adjustable stock on an AK style weapon is like sandpaper on a chalkboard. Just sayin’

    • Chuck

      12 gauge semi automatic shotguns don’t need any sights. I just mounted a good compass on the receiver. If there is a threat coming from the East, I start shredding to the East.