BIG NEWS: Remington Acquires TAPCO

The Freedom Group has acquired TAPCO, maker of tactical accessories for the AR-15, AK and SKS rifles and Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 shotguns. The press release …

TAPCO is a designer and marketer of American-made aftermarket accessories and replacement parts for handguns, rifles, shotguns, modern sporting rifles and other tactical firearms. All aspects of the product development cycle are managed from within the company. State of the art computer aided design, rapid prototyping and extensive testing have allowed TAPCO to bring innovative and dependable products to the shooting marketplace.

“TAPCO has been in business for more than 25 years and has established market strength through its high quality U.S.-made products,” said George Kollitides, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Freedom Group. “This acquisition will enhance our positioning in the accessories market and allow us to further our research and development capabilities.”

“With the acquisition of TAPCO, Remington continues to demonstrate its commitment to the firearm parts and accessories business,” said Scott Blackwell, President of Freedom Group. “TAPCO is well-known as a leader in delivering innovative and dependable products to the shooting marketplace. We are excited about the breadth of the products they bring to our portfolio, and we look forward to utilizing our resources to ensure our consumers and OEM partners benefit from this important acquisition. We welcome TAPCO and its employees into our family of companies.”

TAPCO will continue day-to-day operations at its Kennesaw, Georgia, facility.

I did not see this one coming, but it makes perfect sense. The accessories market is insanely profitable. Not only has the Freedom Group been missing out on those profits, but many of their rifles (from Remington Defense, DPMS and Bushmaster) feature Magpul accessories.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Reverend Clint

    never bought anything Tapco but their saiga stuff seems ok

  • ¤

    CRAP! Freedom group Is really freaking me out, what happens when they buy up all the companies and then get an Antigun CEO and he decides to shut it all down? or neuters the guns / mags? I wont buy guns from freedom group, I dont care what they do, Gun companies should be owned by individual, not faceless corporations that are buying up every company on the market.

    • I think it would be unlikely they get an anti-gun CEO, anymore likely than Apple gets an anti-Apple CEO.

      • John Doe

        It’s possible. GE’s CEO is self-described as ‘not a car guy’.

      • ¤

        Doesn’t the Freedom group buy up other things other than gun companies? or is it cerberus that owns freedom group and other companies? Heck the best reason not to buy from freedom group is they have a nasty habit of shutting down original factories with years of experience making the guns, opening a new factory, and putting out some lemons made by newbies such as remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, Etc. It is up to others whether they want to buy their guns but I would prefer not to.

      • @¤ Cerberus owns Freedom Group, which in turns owns Remington et. al. For all practical purposes consider Freedom Group and Remington to be the same. Cerberus have many other investments.

        @John, its quite possible they will at some point in time have a non-gun CEO. I don’t think that would be all bad, as long as the CEO is competent.

      • Doug

        Even though it’s “possible,” it’s not very likely at all. Even though the GE CEO is not a “car guy” doesn’t mean he wants the company to fail. They are Chief EXECUTIVE Officers, not Chief FAILURE Officer. Their job is to make the company succede, not bring them down.

    • ¤

      Oh and bill Ruger was pretty anti gun and he Started a gun company…

      • Anonymoose

        Bill Ruger actually cared about the quality of his products rather than just making money. There is an ongoing struggle between gun manufacturers who care about the end user and work to improve their products (companies like Ruger, Colt, all those high-end AR and 1911 makers, etc.) vs. generic bloated big business management who care only for the highest profits and want to make the cheapest product possible while dominating the market (i.e. through AWBs and sh*t), quality and actual value be damned (such as the Freedumb Group). I’m sure if we didn’t have import restrictions on Chinese guns, Cerberus would outsource ALL their manufacturing to Red China to cut costs, and the NRA, etc. would still love them.

      • mac66

        Bill Ruger wasn’t anti gun he was anti getting sued and put out of business by the govt. after his Mini 14s were used in a number active shooter, mass murders. He was trying to save his company by throwing a bone to the government wolves.

      • JMD

        Then by that argument, Bill Ruger made a choice between the security of his company, and the freedom of the entire country. If that’s what it comes down to, he made a shitty choice, and stabbed us all in the back.

      • David/Sharpie

        He was not anti gun.

        From what I hear he supported the assault weapons ban and the magazine limits because it was either that or the guns themselves being more regulated.

    • Bob Z Moose

      Epic troll.

  • 7.62x25FTW

    Yeah…..Still sticking to Magpul.

    • ¤

      Magpul needs to make some affordable metal lined AK mags ;_;

      • Cymond

        And maybe some good stocks. My relative went full-Tapco on his AK because the factory wood stock was so short.

      • JMD

        Even in the realm of AK furniture, there are at least a half dozen better choices than Tapco. Tapco is absolutely the bottom of the barrel in almost ever aspect.

  • Nicks87

    I’ve got a couple Tapco AR-15 mags that I bought on sale at cabelas. They seem to work good but they dont fit as tight as my magpul mags or USGI mags do.

  • sten

    why would you bother with TAPCO? Reminds me why I’m going with SUREFIRE over AAC

    • Noodles

      Agreed! They got proper fucked when rem bought them and wont ever be the same.

      As it were, Surefire’s new cans look fantastic and are actually on the shelves for sale.

  • Tyler

    This can make it easier for smaller sized companies to slowly increase their annual sales. Although freedom groups long list of companies makes great products, the smaller things like customer service and PR seem to stand out in todays firearm community.

  • JMD

    “I did not see this one coming, but it makes perfect sense. The accessories market is insanely profitable. Not only has the Freedom Group been missing out on those profits, but many of their rifles (from Remington Defense, DPMS and Bushmaster) feature Magpul accessories.”

    If this is some kind of implication that people will be OK with their new rifles coming out of the factory covered in Tapco products instead of Magpul, I have to say I disagree entirely.

  • Bill

    Tapco while maligned for AR accessory design makes a very decent G2 AK trigger. Their mags are way better than Pro Mag. Hope that’s not next.

    • I have a bunch of G2 triggers, they are pretty good. The AR-15 endplates for single point slings are a steal at about $12. Not all their stuff is crap, and I hope they don’t kill off the decent stuff.

      • jamieb

        G2. The name comes from gordon industries. Tapco bought that successful design. They had nothing to do wth it.

    • nikonmikon

      The g2 trigger was not created by Tapco, they bought it from some guy who invented it. That’s why it’s one of their few products that are ubiquitous. It’s a good trigger. Don’t take this as Tapco bashing however, I love the company. They make decent stuff.

      • Bill

        To be sure any AK I’ve seen has the G2 trigger.

  • Noodles

    Two things…. One… Apparently the Tapco employees and president want to be out of jobs. Ask AAC.

    Two… Given Remington’s downward sloping quality over recent years. It makes perfect sense they acquire the cheapest plastic part maker in town. Tapco – it’s for range toys!

  • Billy Bones

    What a farce.

  • JD

    Tapco has come a long ways over the past few years. Regardless, I wouldn’t have bought the company. I’m willing to bet they have more plans for the company than the previous owner did. Maybe Cerberus can actually take them to the next level.

  • bob

    I can’t wait for all the new Crapco edition guns that are gonna be vomited out of all the various other FG companies now.

  • Poor-guy

    Why all the Tapco bashing? They have no snob appeal sure, but are your weapons just compensation for bragging, or are your weapons functional?

    I know my way around military small arms, and being in a tiny town all my shooting is out in the desert, the best spots you gotta hike to. I have lots of Tapco parts on my old AK and my RPK, never had a problem with Tapco but I have had several other brands that were horrible.

    Bottom line: Cheap, good quality, they make stuff for AK, SKS, and H&K clones that I have never found in another brand, and they make it easy to upgrade your C&R weapons into more modern functional tactical tools.

    My Tapco stock set, (and trigger group) on my AK has been put through a lot, looks better than the wood did (no visible wear either), makes it easier to feild strip, gives me features it never had before, and slashed a really noticeable amount of weight off the rifle to boot.

    I just hope Remington doesn’t use the same quality control on Tapco as they do their “wal-mart special” pocket knives.

    For the humble or poor shooter Tapco has been a real boon from my point of view, and I sure hope that doesn’t change.

  • dallasdeadeye

    if you where going to create a group, so that one day you could end our firearms freedoms, what would you call it? yep thats right the freedom group.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    If all the gun companies get bought up under one corporate umbrella, and George Soros buys that corporation (or holding company, I guess) and locks up all the doors, do you know what happens?

    Virtually nothing. The free market abhors a vacuum. Five minutes after the padlocks are slapped on the doors at Remington, Bushmaster, etc, four guys from Colorado or Texas will buy a building and start making ARs to fill the huge gap in the market, a handful of former employees in Illinois start injection-molding magazines, a defunct tool-n-die shop in Georgia gets bought and starts making scope mounts, etc, etc.

    Oh, sure, some intellectual properties might get tied up..some of the latest and greatest gadgets…but drying up the AR market (or the 1911 market or the revolver market or the AR magazine market) by buying Freedom Group and mothballing it? Not a chance.

  • Bob Z Moose

    I’m starting to think that these big companies don’t matter as much as they use to. I can build my own complete, semi custom AR with part all sourced from my home state. Mail order parts have made it easier for start ups to compete.

    As far as Tapco goes, this is the most logical step for the Freedom Group. Magpul isn’t cheap and I’m sure that FG tried to buy them out. Next best thing is Tapco. Only problem I see with this is that people want Magpul stuff.

    • JD

      I’m sure with all of their close relationships Cerberus has offered to buy Magpul. Hopefully Rich will always refuse to give in.

      • Bob Z Moose

        Let’s hope. Demand for Magpul stuff is strong and that should keep a buy out at bay.

  • Andrew

    When I hear the word Tapco it reminds me of ugly, ugly hand guards.

  • Yeah, the Tapco stuff is not that great on quality, but I bet over 90% of the people commenting in this thread own some Tapco stuff. I know I do.

  • Buzz

    Tapco was a great company back in the day. I bought several parts kits and surplus mags from them years ago.

    • Now that you mention it, when the AWB ban ended, TAPCO was there selling 30-round D&H AR-15 mags for just a little over the wholesale price while almost everyone else was price gouging. Used to be a good place to buy military surplus FAL parts too.

  • Mike Knox

    This sort of reminds me of something I heard from the Rugrats: “companies are like monsters that eat littler monsters to get bigger so they can eat more little monsters until they can’t no more, nuh-uh..

  • Fred

    This “Freedom Group” thing seems to be buying everything and i don’t like it…

    • Ian

      They did a great job with Chrysler!

  • Lance

    Good news now you can say with 922r legal part you have a Remington AK-74 LOL. Never had issue with TAPCO not the most expensive but still good parts.

    • Lance

      Also shows Remington’s power in the US They will be making M-4A1s for the Army they make M-24s and XM-2010s for the Army. M-870s for Cops and now most parts for AKs and ARs. that a major climb over the last decade.

  • Alan

    If the Freedom Group acquires Tapco, their high standards of quality and durability will deteriorate- oh, wait…

    • DP

      Agreed. I had two bad experiences with their stuff furniture and stocks. I have not yet had an issue with their AK or AR mags.

  • gunslinger

    hum… tapco.. it serves a purpose. we’ll see if now we get cheaper ar customs. quality. let the market decide.

    as for the anti-gun CEO, why would a guy/gal take a job to most surely close it down and well put them out of a job? last time i checked, selling guns was more profitable then closing down a business and not selling guns. but hey, i’m not an econ major.