US Firearms has developed a nifty modular .22 firearms system called the ZIP. This little rectangular gun will be available in a pistol configuration or an SBR configuration. The SBR can be accessorised with a number of stocks or used as a secondary gun mounted underneath a rifle.

This video shows a number of different configuration.

It will be officially unveiled next month. The MSRP is expected to be between $199.99 and $219.99.

It is nice to see a company trying something new.

[ Many thanks to Doug for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • surplus-addict

    I see soooooooomany uses for this sucker. I’m gonna add three of these to my birthday wish list thank you very much…

  • mechamaster

    I want to modifying this gun with the capability to launch a sleeping dart.

    • Karina

      Is it an MGS4 inspiration?

      • 6677

        Oh dear, MGS4 was not the first game to feature sleeping darts…

        007 nightfire had them. The splinter cell novel (before the games) had them and so did a billion other things.

      • Geno

        and who gives a shit who thought of it first…….. You do…..

  • DW

    they should consider making a .22Mag version

  • dallasdeadeye

    im interested , looks like the perfect backpack buddy

  • Even after watching the video, I’m still not sure what their intentions are with it. In the video they are trying to promote it for operator use, but I think I saw “it’s fun” and “the future of fun” a few times passing by.

    I also wonder why it doesn’t have full auto fire capability, I think it would be a great feature to add. (I’m not sure if the whole operating system allows that though)

    • Cymond

      It probably doesn’t have full-auto because they want people to buy them.

      Private individuals can’t buy brand-new full-autos in the US. Only police departments, military units, and certain firearm businesses are allowed to own newly-made full-auto guns.

  • BenJamin

    Hey, it’s that one gun from that failed youtube viral video

  • Nadnerbus

    They might want to consider getting a new marketing department. I too was confused. Are they actually suggesting that this is aimed at “operators” for military use? Is there a military use for an underbarrel .22 pistol that I have never heard of? I mean, nifty looking gun, and cool idea for a fun .22 semi auto, but the ad promo kinda misses the mark, I think.

    Unless Delta and SAS are using .22 pistols more than I am aware of.

  • D

    I *want* it. It’s the funnest, most futuristic looking gun i have seen in forever.

  • epicsalutations

    like they said… it’s for fun and gives you a bunch of different ways to have it. very cool and different.

  • Avery

    It’s a cute little gun, but methinks that the push-button charger needs to go. There’s a reason why KBP abandoned it on the PP90M1 and the PP2000 in favor for an G36-style ambidextrous, swinging-knob charging handle.

    Give it something like that, make the barrel about an inch or two longer to keep from sweeping your hand in front of the barrel to operate it, which is especially important when dealing with anything using expanded .22 long rifle magazines. You don’t want a simple misfeed turning into a NG that takes a finger off.

  • Gidge

    It wasn’t so long ago that a video of a prototype hit youtube and we were all wondering what it was and if it was a hoax

  • loopydupe

    It looks like a neat and maybe fun little thing, but the “tactical battlefield operator combat” marketing really leaves a bad taste in my mouth, it makes the whole thing seem like a joke. If it isn’t, though, I’d be interested to hear more about this oddball.

    The attachment configuration seems pretty useless to me, but since the rear end apparently doesn’t retract past the back, using this short action for a 26.5″, ~23″ barrel bullpup rifle would be interesting and maybe even practical. A bullpup trigger linkage on it might not be so bad, since it appears that the trigger goes straight back along the barrel, rather than rotating on a pin. Hah, maybe it’d even eject from so far back, lefties would get hit in the neck rather than covering the ejection port with their jaw?

  • NI Shooter

    Does this look familiar to anyone else? (remember the “Unidentified Firing Object”?) Oh yeah, I found it! 😉 Been a while since I’ve heard anything about it, but it’s still pretty cool 😀

    • partyboy6.7

      @NI Shooter….yeah your right this one looks like the one on the mysterious “unidentified firing object” that people conclude it as a Glock.. but cute little terd, i can say and i want one also from Santa Clause this Christmas…

      • NI Shooter

        I would love one as well, especially since it takes Ruger mags, means you could have a nice little pistol with a 30 round mag here 😀 Or if you really wanted to be ridiculous, a 110 round drum mag for it to have some firepower in a CCW xD

  • Nick H.

    Well at least its new an innovative, or at least appears to be. I am pretty sure I want one.

  • So?

    Has anyone released an underbarrel for an underbarrel yet?

    • Xzibit

      Yo dawg we put a gun on your gun

  • Jesse

    Normally never say this but…. This looks like shit and not practical.

  • Curzen

    I’m still not sure how I’m supposed to hold that pistol…

  • gunslinger

    what are the military options with .22LR? i thought i heard Israel used .22LR but can’t confirm.

    on the commercial side, this looks pretty fun to tinker around with.

    • West

      At one time the Israelis used the 10/22 (suppressed) for targeting violent demonstrators in large crowds.

      • David/Sharpie

        They still use those, they’re just not considered “non-lethal”

    • bbmg

      As usual, the nutty Russians:

      My favourite quote: “If a target is closer than 100 meters, You don’t have to defeat a ballistic jacket. An exposed neck, face or head is just enough!”

  • CUrob

    I was just thinking… add this to the Battle Mug, now that’s a combo for any redneck “operator” … drink’n + shoot’n

    • David/Sharpie

      I wonder would that SBR it?

      I doubt it because there’s no stock.

      GOOD IDEA!!!!!!

  • Partizan1942

    On the plus side it is relatively cheap, its semi auto, uses the Ruger mags (yey!), can be fitted under the barrel.
    On the negative side: The charging handle is a safety hazard, ergonomics for using as a handgun fully screwed up, sights are laughable.
    And the unknown factor: Reliability.
    I reserve judgment until I see non managerial reviews on this gun.
    In an ideal world with some tweaks (charging handle and silencer) it could make a nice underbarrel attachment for the ultimate zombie shotgun.

  • tincankilla

    I had thought about this exact concept – using a ruger mag as the grip on a small 22lr pistol. but i didn’t imagine making it “tactical” etc etc. that just seems comical.

  • West

    They should add an under barrel rail to mount an even smaller BB gun.

    This is getting out of control.

    • 6677

      which in turn has an under barrel water pistol 😀

      • West

        And mounted under the water pistol is a picture of an extended middle finger.

      • Metalix

        And under that there’s a gun that has “Bang!” flag!

      • Sian

        needs more bayonets.

  • Foetus

    Interesting. The video is cheesy as hell though ^^

  • Anonymous

    Today on Pimp My AR:

    Yo dawg, we heard you like guns, so we put a little gun on yo big gun so you can shoot while you shoot.

    • Bill

      I hope you flicked his collar when you told him that.

  • MJS

    I think that chambering this in .22LR is a good start, and using Ruger Style magazines helps to really sell it in the U.S. too, but I think this weapon system could really shine and have greater Military/LEO application if it could be scaled up to chamber a Pistol caliber round with the same concept of using the magazine as the pistol grip, maybe even chambering up to a short Spritzer style round, such as 5.7×28 or 4.6×30 would really turn this into a concealable PDW for Military application.

  • nick

    Put this under an ar15 and you’ll have one amazing apocalypse loadout

  • Noodles

    Curious they show it mounted under a rifle. Because according to US NFA laws you can NOT mount a handgun under a rifle without first registering the handgun as an SBR. Once you mount the 22 to the rifle is now has a “stock”, yea that stock is also a firearm but whatever, the 22 portion is now a short barreled rifle.

    Quite deceptive to show the average customer an option that is pretty much not available as who would pay $200 for the stamp to mount a $200 22 on their rifle?

    • 6677

      I believe the variant with the required mounting hardware on the top is sold as an SBR

    • loopydupe

      They specifically say that it’s a SBR configuration, that’s not really deceptive at all.

      Their marketing about it being something tactical operator battlefield blah blah is, though.

  • Bill

    I can’t decide if this is the coolest thing I have seen in a while or the most worthless. there is a part of me going WANT WANT WANT and yet I still am saying WHY WHY WHY.

    Although the Want part just made a compelling argument about putting a silencer on this as an sbr under an AR for all your close range quite type needs. I mean if your going NFA you might as well go balls deep.

  • Bryan S.

    Dont know how useful something like this is, but a perfect example of how most sections of the NFA are long past due to be revoked.

  • Doug

    That’s pretty cool and innovative. They priced it reasonably as well!

  • Peter
  • MikeZ

    25 round 22lr handgun? I’m in.

  • Tenx

    If this is the answer, it must be a very strange question indeed!

  • HEP-T

    The Modern bayonet?
    I guess it beats a souped up cattle prod attached.

    • phil

      Hey, hey, hey now…don’t be knockin’ cattle prods. When was the last time you were hit with a cattle prod??? You need to update your training with some real life experience. “Tactical Cattle Prod 101: Up Close and Personal” or as some like to call it “The Poor Man’s Taser” is one of the most shocking training experiences since “Taser 411: Face Shots really hurt!” 🙂

  • Mike Knox

    Design’s too convoluted for something meant to be simple..

  • jack Luz

    Why not 9mm or even 12 gauge?

  • mac66

    Kind of a cool design but I don’t get what it is supposed to be used for? Surely the military isn’t going to mount 22 pistols on their M4s. What would be the point? Civilians can’t mount one without a making it an SBR and what would you shoot with it if you did?

  • Lance

    Im with some a 22 on a 223??? If it was 12ga or something I would see this is a bit of a waste.

    • Esh325

      Been done. The Masterkey shotgun.

      • Max

        And then overdone when the jackwagons from sons of derp mounted a Saiga 12 to the bottom of a rifle… And then for the extra rip off they named theirs the masterkey (a licensed trademark of Knight’s Armament) as well.

    • John Doe

      Why would it be a waste? Slap a can on it, and an operator can use it to take a lethal shot at a sentry before doing in and finishing up everyone inside with his assault rifle.

      • bbmg

        … or just show up with a suppressed assault rifle in 300 blackout, problem solved.

  • Esh325

    It seems like a cool idea, and I’d like to think it has a practical use, but I’m not so sure though.

  • Munkfish

    I like what HEP-T called it below: “The modern bayonet.” I think under a rifle barrel is the only place this thing would do any good. Should you run out of ammo, or have a malfunction, you can switch to your secondary while keeping your sight picture and cheek weld. In that role it should be quicker and more accurate than drawing a handgun. It may only be .22, but it will still shoot people. Chamber it in anything much larger and it would probably be too large/heave to have on your gun.

    I would like to see how the action works.

  • Sian

    wow I’m really not sure what I’m looking at but I think I like it.

    I think I’m attracted to innovation.

  • Dira
  • Sean


  • Fishmann

    Any idea how long the barrel is? As a Canadian, I’m wondering if it will pass our handgun laws… for 200 dollars, I’d buy it in a heartbeat, reliable or no. Nifty looking little thing…

    • loopydupe

      A 10/22 magazine is 1.5″ long, so graphically scaled, and considering where the barrel extends back to in their ‘xray’ view in the video, it appears that the barrel on the gun shown is approximately 4.5″, 115mm or so.

      • nobody

        Using loopydupe’s measurements for the magazine and Screen Calipers I got around 4.9 inches for the barrel, 7.7 inches for the length of the gun, and height of 3.85 inches without the magazine and 8 inches with the magazine (both measurements don’t include the red dot sight).

    • David/Sharpie

      According to “ZipFactory” the barrel is 5.25 (HOLY CRAP, the GUN looks that long) so in that regard it’s good, but who knows, maybe the RCMP will prohib it for no reason, or for being “bullpup”

      I hope they don’t, I’ve always wanted a pistol that uses 10/22 mags but isn’t as bulky as the Charger.

  • Nick

    I don’t know what to think of this… It doesn’t seem terribly ergonomic, and I have never had a good experiance with 10/22 mags larger then the 10 rounders…. And yet I still find myself wanting one…

  • Demosthenes Locke

    I’m of two minds.

    The weapon looks interesting. I’d like to try one, to see if it’s at all comfortable to shoot. It looks a little boxy to be properly ergonomic. They’ve put so much effort into “golly gosh”, “gee whiz” and “whiz bang”, I’m actually afraid to see how well it truly functions. It’s like a Transformer’s action figure…it’s so good at turning from a robot into a Porsche, you have to scratch your head and wonder if it’s any good at walking around or rolling. Of course, that’s not the POINT of a Transformer, the point is that it transforms, not that it’s GOOD for anything else…

    I don’t need another .22lr. I have a perfectly good Ruger Mk IV with a bull barrel that shoots like a tackdriver. I also have a piece of junk Jennings J-22 that also shoots like a tackdriver. I have a Marlin 60 that shoots like a tackdriver. And if I want to be a bit more proactive, I have my new PMR-30 in .22 magnum that is pretty much a tackdriver, and also holds 30 rounds.

    Why do I need a boxy little gun that is neither fish nor fowl, has to be assembled like Megatron out to get those darned Autobots, and has to be promoted with a video THAT BAD?

    Seriously. That video was downright insulting. It wasn’t directed at people who know firearms. It was directed at people who know NOTHING about firearms, wannabes, gamers, and people who have gotten no closer to a gun than a Jason Frost novel.

  • JayT

    It looks like a chopped down Tec22 scorpion.

  • It might work well as a weapons system for diy drone builders?

  • Rodzilla

    This gun has been in R&D for about two years. Doug has kept it very quiet until all the patents were ironed out. He let me test fire this very ingenious pistol a couple of weeks ago at an undisclosed club in Connecticut where we are both members.
    First you will notice that there appears to be two trigger guards. The upper has the trigger and the lower is for the middle finger on your strong hand and gives hold ability to the pistol since you can obviously see the really isn’t a grip like a conventionable pistol.
    Second: there are two points of checkering on the side. The front one is for your thumb on your weak hand and the rear is for your palm. I found it very comfortable to shoot even though I had my doubts. There is almost no muzzle rise due to the fact that the line of bore is in line with the long bone in your strong hand.
    I believe Dough said there were five safety devices on the pistol and told me it would pass the Massachusetts drop test after I asked.
    The model I tested had fixed sights which are mounted to a removable rail. When it is taken off by hand there are two take down tools mounted on it’s under side. Really Cool!! USAF really thought this out. The sight rail can be replaced with an optional picatinny rail for any kind of optics you may fancy. There is also anther rail that has a mount that can mount the whole gun to the bottom of another picatinny rail. LET IT BE KNOWN: IF YOU MOUNT IT ON THE UNDERSIDE OF A LONG GUN YOU WILL BE IN VIOLATION OF BATFE RULES! DOING THIS AUTOMATICALLY MAKES IT A SHORT BARRELED RIFLE (SBR). There is also a small picatinny rail under the barrel to mount a small flashlight, lazer sight, bayonet, grenade launcher, or anything your nimble little minds can think of.
    All in all, the more I shot it the more I loved it. John Browning would be proud of the workmanship. I told Doug he and his company have rediscovered fire and reinvented the wheel, both a the same time. He grinned from ear to ear.
    He also asked how much the gun would go for retail. I thought, well, the gun is polymer so I went with $400-$450, thinking of the Glock. Another shooter thought it might retail for around $400 because it uses a 10-22 Ruger rotary magazine. We all agreed he is going to make a ton of them @ $200.
    There are things that you want and things that you need. I need one of these to fill a space in my gun safe for a firearm of such incredible ingenuity.

  • Pilot

    I think in Japan they would call this a shindogu gun.

  • bob

    I can’t decide which is worse, the video or the pointless stupid gun.

  • You know what I clearly recall? A June 5, 2012 post on this very same blog titled “Unidentified Firing Object” with so many “enlightened” readers thinking that it was made up!

  • ahil925

    I’ll choose to ignore any and all possibilities of hanging this off of another firearm and instead choose to focus on:

    Its CHEAP (if it really goes for MSRP or under)

    You can mount optics on it.

    Its a .22lr pistol that can take hi-capacity magazines (really, what other ones are there?)

    Its funky enough to be interesting.

    Now lets just hope that its accurate, comfortable to handle, and is actually made in enough numbers that it’ll sell for a decent price, as opposed to other neat-but-rare-guns.

  • Mike

    Can’t wait to pay the SBR Tax Stamp and mount this under a STOEGER DOUBLE DEFENSE SxS 12 gauge High-Speed, Low Drag TactiKewl Trenchgun.

  • David / Sharpie

    Santa…..please get me this.

    That looks so awesome, perfect fun gun. Is that a picatinny rail I see under the barrel? If so (if I get this, which I will if there’s a Canadian distributor) I would put a foregrip on it, I think that would be more safe and slightly better control than just that grip.

  • T Hurley

    I am moving to the US, “Live free or die” State As a collector I would love this! Looks very interesting & I will be buying one! Fingers crossed! Well done for such a unique design. Any chance of a full auto version in 9m? May be larger but it could be 2013 answer to the micro Uzi or the MP5.
    Lust a thought..

    • David/Sharpie

      Civvies wouldn’t be able to own a full auto, so I doubt it.

      • darkdestroyer

        Actually civilians can own full auto weapons but it costs a ton and the amount of atf paperwork required will give you a aneurysm.

  • ARTY6

    So what is going on with the release of the zip22? It looks like they “kinda” released it with just a couple of pistols available. Anyone know if more are coming?

  • Jakespeed

    Looks very space age, but the Kel-Tec PMR30 blows it away. The PMR is a lot more cool to shoot and shoot and shoot.

  • Oh, screw it. I MUST HAVE ONE!

  • Finally on the market!! Got one coming this week!!

    • ARTY6

      Where did you get yours? I can’t find a dealer that can get one.

  • jeff

    can someone just explain why i would want a pistol with no grip, or an under barrel .22?


  • ckiser

    Today’s gun show price is $479, so much for cheap!!!