The Battle Mug: A perfect present?

Whether for Christmas, a birthday, a corporate, law enforcement, or military gift, the 24 oz. Battle Mug is an item that most boys and girls, young or old, would love to receive as a present. It’s something unique, and a lot of fun to boot.

Standard Battle Mug. The M4/AR-15 carry handle is an optional accessory.

Also in ATACs.

From the website (

Battle Mug starts life as a 13.5 pound solid block of 6061 T6 billet aluminum before it enters a state of the art CNC facility in Huntsville, Alabama. This facility produces specialized parts and equipment for the U.S. Department of Defense, major weapons manufacturers, NASA, and a host of other companies working at the U.S. Rocket and Space Center.

Built to military specifications, Battle Mug features a M1913 rail interface system which allows the operator to mount a standard issue M4 carry handle, tactical light, laser device, holographic sight (we call them beer goggles) or even a bayonet for close quarters, high risk operations.

Battle Mug comes in multiple types of finishes in case you “operate” in a location where camouflage is required. My Battle Mug stays on call in the freezer so it’s ready at a moment’s notice to chill my beverage of choice.

BattleMug being prepped for an “engagement.” Can you find it?

A Crimson Trace MVF-515 laser/light forward grip, and a GripPod forward grip + bipod. When your beverage needs extra support, and protection.

Trijicon ACOG 4×32 scope with the Crimson Trace MVF-515 laser/light forward grip. The author is prepared for short and long term engagements, in low light situations.

You can get engraving done as well. Battle Mug does custom engraving for military, law enforcement, and company logos.

Battle Mug also comes in a Dog Tag edition where the owner can mount a dog tag into the bottom crenulated area.

What would you want to do with a Battle Mug?

Chris Cheng is History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 champion. A self-taught amateur turned pro through his Top Shot win, Cheng very much still considers himself an amateur who parachuted into this new career. He shares his thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a newbie to the shooting community.

Chris Cheng

Chris Cheng is History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 champion and author of “Shoot to Win,” a book for beginning shooters. A self-taught amateur turned pro through his Top Shot win, Cheng very much still considers himself an amateur who parachuted into this new career.

He is a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops who shares his thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a newbie to the shooting community. He resides in San Francisco, CA and works in Silicon Valley.


  • mechamaster

    I want to attached it with a Grenade launcher or Underslung Shotgun like Masterkey-style shotgun.

  • Anonymoose

    I would like to see a “Battle Thermos”- use the same outer shell as the Battle Mug but insulated inside, with a screw-on cap. Also include a quick-release rail-to-rail adapter so you could have and underbarrel thermos. 😀

    • Partizan1942

      with a screw cap it could actually be useful in a pipe bomb role.

      • Anonymoose

        It’s far too expensive to just use it as a container for explosives. 😐

  • Riot

    Americans and their rails…..

  • mike

    Maybe its because I am stingy, but I hate expensive gifts that serve no purpose. I’d match rather get something useful. If it was 30-40 bucks… ok


    • Reverend Clint

      yeah $100 minimum is a little steep, id rather spend that on ammo

  • JM

    They just spoiled Top Shot Season Four for us Netflix viewers.

  • gunslinger

    it’s that mug like $100 bucks? I think it’s milled from a solid block of aluminum. I understand the cost, but still. I don’t think it’s worth it.

  • Partizan1942

    This looks like the perfect mug for disabling the bulletproof iphones from one of the previous articles. Just add water.

  • Karina

    I don’t want to be unoriginal. I really don’t want to. But, honestly?

    Dear Santa…

  • Kurt

    What, no light?

    • I’ve got a light on the Crimson Trace forward grip. Would you want a different type of light on it?

      • AC

        Because tactical!

  • Dude I need this!

  • My friend Mark found out at our 4th of July picnic this summer that chilling your Battlemug next to the ice cream is a BAD idea! Think about the scene from “A Christmas Story” when the kid has his tongue frozen to the flagpole and you get the idea of where a cold Battlemug and wet lips leads…

  • schizuki

    Sorry, but the BATFE has previously ruled that mugs such as this serve no legitimate drinking purpose.

    Section 922X: No drinking receptacle shall be lawful to manufacture, sell, import or possess if said receptacle includes, or has provision for including, any of the following features: (1) bayonet mount, (2) laser aiming device, (3) bipod, (4) carry handle, (5) zombie-themed accessories (even of limited or nonexistent utility), or (6) a mounting system capable of accepting any of these enumerated features;

    922Y: Sale, possession, importation or re-importation of any such drinking receptacle shall be permitted on a case-by-case basis as a Curio & Relic if such receptacle is of historical significance and remains in unaltered condition. Refer to Section 922Z for currently importable drinking receptacles;

    922Z: CURIOS & RELICS: Mauser Modell 1917 Grosse Gewehrstein; Lebel-Berthier Mle 1889 Flute a Champagne de Guerre; Smith & Wesson 1.5L Magnum Magnum; Glock red plastic picnic cup with Safe-Action sippie spout.

    • LOL, I better start running. The Feds are coming for me!

  • cc19

    Is there a CA approved model that limits capacity to 10 oz?

    • Hopefully Battle Mug can contact the CA DOJ to get it on the list.

      • Bring your wallet, it’s like 10K to get each model tested.

  • Lance

    There too much of a picitieny rail craze. A mug must have them????? Wonder is underwear next???

    • Riot

      Could have boxers with rubber and plastic M1913 rail and rail clamp instead of buttons or a zipper.
      I call patent!! Taking orders now from rail-mad yanks!!

  • Frank Delia

    A mug with an Acog…yeah…

  • Do they make picatinny to picatinny clamps? Sticking my coffee mug on my rifle is a GOOD idea!

    • noob

      with ARMS levers.

      because when you reattach it after you drink your coffee, you want the mug to hold zero.

      I wonder how many years it will be before the first testimonal comes in saying “I actually killed somebody/somedeer/somemoose by hitting them in the face with my battle mug. Saved my life.”

  • Munkfish

    That’s actually pretty cool, I’ve got a friend I’d like to get it for. *looks at price* OOF! Hmm, well, now I have a great idea for what to do with the next discarded quad-rail free float tube I come across.

  • John Doe

    Warning this product is illegal in the state of California because the notch things (the one that folds, right?) can kill a man from a 2000m range with extreme accuracy and can spit out many deadly cartridges. Anyone caught using such a deadly product in California will be prosecuted.

    • Nick Mew

      Aww man, stole the words right of of my mouth.

  • Zee

    Attaching a 37mm launcher so I can fire signal flares for refills…good idea? Or great idea?


    • TacticalDad

      Or to Signal your wing man for help.

  • Nicks87

    What’s the ACOG for? Checking out drunk chicks on the other side of the bar? 🙂

  • I was pretty interested, until I saw the price on their website – $189.00, without AR carry handle. I understand that it is a quality piece of machined billet aluminum, but HOLY CRAP. Of course, the deal-killer is that it won’t keep my coffee hot. Yes, I wrote coffee. Any serious tactioperator would go into harms way stoked with dark, rich coffee.

    But then again, in that bar fight where your skull has already been fractured by a glass mug, this could be a real game changer. Lying on the floor among the peanut shells in a pool of your own blood, you can scream “I’ll ‘bite’ your kneecap off with the mighty teeth on the base of my Battle Mug! I’m the Black Night. I’m the Black NIGHT! I’m the BLACK KNIGHT!!”

    • Anonymoose

      There’s an independent coffeehouse near me that has a “double caffeine” blend. That stuff is great. :3c

    • D

      For what it is, that’s actually not a horribly unreasonable price. Super-custom mugs (which is what this is, gimmick aside) generally run about that.

      Plus, of course, you’re paying for the conversation rights and the cool factor.

  • Think “precision” explosives. “Precision pipe bomb?”

    • Uh, actually a response to Anonymoose’s comment. How does this computer thing work? LOL

    • Anonymoose

      Maybe if you made it out of cheap-ass lead pipe instead of milled aluminum a remotely-detonated precision pipebomb could be a viable explosive weapon, but why the f— would you attach a bomb to your gun in the first place? It would be better strapped to your belt or something…

  • That thing needs a cupholder, and an ashtray.

    • Bob Z Moose

      You forgot “tactical”.

  • Billy Bones

    Lol… It’s a high capacity feeding device!
    BTW they make a nice A2 flashider shot glass for a lot less.
    The battle mug has been around for a while.

  • Stanislao


    • Anonymoose


  • snmp

    Aluminium with foods not real nice if you have Alzheimer’s disease in your familly ( risk factor)

  • tommy2rs

    Add a set of scope rings to hold a tabasco bottle turned toothpick dispenser and a Laser Lyte pistol bayonet for tough steak emergencies.

  • Zach

    I’m glad I heard about these! They’re made one town over from where I live in North Alabama and I would love to support a local company. Now I know what to get my dad for Christmas!

  • So, does anyone make a custom holster for this thing? Kydex or leather?

    • noob

      With a shape like that I’d expect something more along the lines of protective foam endcaps and a carry sling.

  • David/Sharpie

    That is awesome, I really want that.

    But not for $200…

    I’m in Canada so with shipping etc it would be $200, if I could get it up here at all…