The SteyAR

A reader email us this photo that is supposedly of a prototype Steyr AR-15 called the SteyAR. Personally I think it looks like a photoshop, but is a nifty design nonetheless.

Steve Johnson

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  • bob

    def a photoshop

  • Mike

    Obvious PS is obvious, but it’s technically possible. I think it’d work pretty well even.

    • noob

      If you were a former Austeyr F88 user, you’d have muscle memory trying to hit the stock adjust when you wanted to eject a magazine.

      Using the Steyr mags might aid reliability though. those things are tough.

  • Jake Barnes

    Not sure if just stupid photoshop…or actually a good idea…

  • Sean

    A neat idea, but 100% photoshop.

  • Reverend Clint

    definite photoshop, not done very well either. Dont see how that would really be any better with the over sized trigger guard unless you have lobster hands. Plus magpul already makes a buttstock that looks similar

    • S O

      Such trigger guards are great if you’re using thick winter gloves as is usual in Scandinavian, Russian or Arctic winter.

      What’s up with the flash hider? Haven’t seen such a long one ever.

  • russe


    I think you guys just got trolled. Nice job on the photoshop though, whoever did this.

  • Munkfish

    Hah, the mag release turns into the stock adjust. Personally I think it would look better if the stock and lower were one piece.

    • Munkfish

      Wait! Put an AR57 upper on that thing and then nobody would understand what’s going on.

  • Gidge

    Looks photoshoped, but it could be real.

    Quite possibly a prototype or mockup of the new Steyr STM556 that was just announced. They may have considered giving it a familial resemblance to the AUG to see if they could leverage some sales from it

  • Michael Pham

    Obvious photoshop, but even if it were real, what does this offer over either platforms?

    If a SteyAR was made I’d at least want the quick change barrel 🙂

  • Bondmid003

    Definitely a photoshop job!

  • Brandon

    Totally legit.

    Just joking, obviously a photoshop. Why is this even a post?

  • The posted photo looks nothing like the photo that I attached on the Steyr STM556-AR15

  • Doug

    It looks cool (beit real or fake) however it’s kind of pointless if it’s not a bullpup.

  • Darkness

    It can’t be photoshop!! Everything on the internet is pure truth!!

  • W

    undoubtedly a allegory to Steyrs recent release.

    • Gidge

      Possibly a rejected design or a civilian version trying to get some sales by being a little bit different

  • GreenPlease

    I don’t get it. What’s the point?

    Quick change barrel? Cool, but why can’t that just be an upper? Why force a lower on us with what seems to be a grip that can’t be swapped out by the end user?

    C’mon Steyr, figure out a way to make the AUG here in the U.S. and sell it at a competitive price.

  • bbmg

    It looks like someone took a hacksaw to the shell of an airsoft AUG and glued it to an AR.

  • Ian

    This is SATAN’S PATENT!! -Η πατέντα του Σατανά

  • 6677

    I can just make out a blurry line around the top of the AUG grip at the points it attaches to the AR. Nowhere else on the gun blurs in the same way when zoomed in. PhotoShop smoothing attempt I think.

  • Ledas

    Hey Steve,

    I’m fairly sure this was a shop that was at least posted (if not originated) from a certain weapons image board called /k/.

    I thought it looked familiar, and a running thread there now seems to confirm my suspicions.

    Having said that, it’s still neato.

  • mechamaster

    It’s nice when AR trigger have a progressive trigger like AUG. ( Just my imagination )

    • Nmate

      No, no it isn’t.

  • gunslinger

    ah… /k

    but still, what’s the point compared to a real AUG or a regular AR?

    on the small scale, it looks shopped.

  • Victor

    Nice design though. One could make a money designing weapons like this for videogames.

  • JDub

    I think photoshopped as well.

    If you look at the AUG portion of the image, the rifle looks to have it’s key light on the left with a blue hue.

    The AR portion looks to have it’s key light above and it is neutral in hue.

    These affects my not be how the rifle(s) were lit during the actual photo shoot but the point is that they don’t seem to be from the same image source.

  • Mark

    Photoshop for sure. If you look at the pins on the fire control group, they have the placement of an AR15. If you think about how the AR trigger functions compared to the Steyr, you’d see that those pins make no mechanical sense.

  • GregoryFisk

    Google has image search capabilities and I was able to locate the origin of the SteyrAR.

    Was posted last year as a mockup.


  • Lance

    The AR has a bigamy problems they married a AR to a AK married a AR to a G-36 now married to a AUG, WOW.

  • Mike

    With a little enhancement, you can see how clearly it was Photoshopped.
    Notice how all of the source elements have a different color cast. The grip has a blue shine to it but the rest of the lower receiver does not. And by tweaking the contrast, you can see the blending that was done above the grip and behind the magwell. It’s good work, but not “bulletproof” .. ba-dum-ching!

  • Vitor

    I very rarely find a gun to be ugly, but this is.

  • John Doe

    I think the previous commentors said what needed to be said. I just slapped myself.

  • Piers

    While this is a photoshopped image, if someone were to actually make functioning parts as a tribute to the Steyr AUG, it would certainly be a cool looking idea. Next up, an AK tribute on the AR-15, wooden furniture and all!

    • Sadler

      PWS makes an AR with wood furniture that looks quite nice. It’s called the Woodland series

      • Piers

        Looks good! I remember seeing a Czech AR manufacturer on here who also makes wood furniture as well. I haven’t searched the site link you sent, but unfortunately it appears that the wooden appointments only come with the upper.

        Still, it would be cool to see AK looking furniture on an AR.

  • that’s odd, when I Tineye that image I get this picture as a hit

    from here

  • Paul has a whole thread dedicated to this.

    It is not this photoshop monstrosity but rather an AR monothlic upper that can take the AUG’s quick detachable barrel and gas system. It mates to a standard AR lower.

    It actually looks pretty nice. Imagine the LMT MWS but with a quick change AUG type barrel instead.

  • Paul

    It is the STM556 AR-15 rifle discussed here previously.

  • Mike


  • Mike Knox


  • davec

    The handguard looks cool, but to what end? On a Steyer AUG it forms a nice place for your left hand, but on a weapon with the mag forward of the trigger I don’t see any advantage. Well, except for one.

    You could twirl it around like Chuck Connors in the old TV western, “The Rifleman”.

    I wouldn’t recommend doing that in front of the rangemaster though…..

  • Joseph

    Must be photoshop judging from the billet-like cuts and then seeing a plastic pistol grip somehow morphed into the lower…