Celebratory gunfire at Saudi wedding resulted in 25 deaths

25 people were killed when the celebratory gunfire took down a powerline setting a tent on fire and electrocuting the women and children inside as they tried to escape the blaze. Al Jazeera reports

At least 25 people have been killed by electric shock in a wedding in eastern Saudi Arabia, civil defence officials and local media say.

Celebratory gunfire brought down an electric cable at a house in Ain Badr village where the wedding was held on Tuesday night, Abdullah Khashman, an Eastern Province official, said.

Thirty others were injured in the incident near Abqaiq, a centre of the Saudi energy industry.

Some Saudi media reports said the blaze erupted inside a tent, killing at least 23 women and children. The kingdom’s conservative codes require genders to be separated at most public events, including weddings.

The media cited civil defence officials as saying that celebratory gunfire brought down a power line that touched off the fire.

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  • Anonymoose

    Oh, wow.

    That’s pretty sad. Stupid mofos need to learn that firearms are not to be used as makeshift pyrotechnics, and both firearms and pyrotechnics require strict safety measures.

  • Higgs

    Retards doing retarded things. Rip to the women and kids, but dumbasses who shoot up in the air have it comin.

  • Karina

    I think it’s safe to say that those people probably haven’t been taught the rules of gun safety.


  • HomeSec

    Suprised this doesn’t happen more often in Oakland, South Central, etc. Terrible thing that the women and kids had to reap what their Darwin Award winning idiot family members earned.

    • Burst

      Better roofing, and fewer rifles.

  • Big Red One – Ramadi

    Horrible, what a tragic event.

  • John Doe

    Stupid people using guns in a stupid manner have it coming to them. They aren’t toys.

  • Nick H.

    Any one else wondered what the bullets struck on the way down?

  • Nick Mew

    May they Rest In Peace.

    And to the gunman,”Way to go assholes!!!” May Yahweh/God/Allah have mercy on your stupid asses.

  • jon

    Crap I clicked on the report link and went to the al Jazeera site now I’m probably on a government watch list thanks a lot….Haha.

    • Victor

      That means the TSA will give you extra love next time you need to get on a plane.

    • DrewN

      Al Jazeera is probably one of the best news sites out there. I’d advise checking it alot more often. They are far,far less biased and provide alot more quality reporting than some U.S. “news” providers would lead you to believe.

      • JMD

        It’s true. International news tends to be far more reliable. There are some places left where real journalism and objective reporting are still alive, and they all seem to be outside the United States.

      • W


        another good news station is the American component of RT. Al Jazeera is among the best in my opinion.

    • David

      You’ll be fine. My understanding is that Al Jazeera has most larger companies, has a bunch of silent partners, one of which being Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

      Actually, I find NHK to have the most objective news. Almost never are there any additional adjectives thrown into an article. Very Very unbiased, at least in presentation anyway.

  • Brendan G

    I once heard about a wedding where the celebratory gunfire had taken place inside a building, causing ricochet that killed most of the attendees.

  • Brendan G

    In China, we use firecrackers.

  • fred

    Not too bright.

    From what I have read; individual bullets falling after such gun fire pose moderate risk to humans on the ground (apparently the velocity of the falling round is relatively low).

    I suppose if things other than bullets fall.. the danger can be greater..

    I cringe every time I see these fools firing into the air…

    • noob

      the vertical velocity is quite low… but the *horizontal* velocity is mostly governed by the BC of the projectile and can be still very high.

      Most celebratory gunfire is never perfectly straight up and down, so you could have a round falling at say 400ft/s but going horizontally at 1200ft/s plunge into a kid’s chest a mile away.

      Mythbusters did this one and it got all three ratings.

      BUSTED – nobody shoots perfectly upwards and has no wind so the bullet falls straight down.
      PLAUSABLE – but if you shot slightly off the vertical the bullet is highly dangerous due to the horizontal component of its speed.

      CONFIRMED – because people have been killed by celebratory bullets.

      • bbmg

        An AK bullet falling at 400 fps does so with about 45 ft/lbs of energy, not a missile to be taken lightly considering that people have been killed by 12 ft/lb air rifles. Since the most likely impact point is the head, it makes a lethal hit all the more likely.

        The “problem” though is that at this point the bullet is likely tumbling and will probably not result in a penetrating wound.

        It would be interesting to see the Mythbuster tests done with a Brenneke slug or some similar projectile that doesn’t rely on gyroscopic stabilisation:


  • jeh

    i guess they got quite a shock…….(ok that was probably in bad taste and i apologize)

  • Anon

    See, this is why I always take blanks to a wedding…

  • Gravity Wins

    Lol, blame directed at… Evil westerners and their electricity.

  • Chucky

    LOL! “Accident”? It’s widely known in the Arab world that death by domestic fires is the best way to dispose of ugly wives and stupid children.

  • Darwin Award candidate.

    • Vincent

      My thoughts exactly.

  • D

    I get that lighting off a gun is a cultural thing; and i even appreciate the appeal there of.

    But, maybe next time they could use blanks?

    • Máté

      That wouldn’t be “manly” enough, would it?

  • Jeff

    …You’d think someone would start marketing blanks for celebrations.

  • gunslinger

    darwin awards for sure.

    although it’s not the actual victims actions (aside from being inside that tent thing)

  • “Know your target and what is beyond.”

  • Lance

    They keep firing into the air. Cant they remember the song “What comes, must come down” LOL

    Fact they waste ammo in Arab nations never surprises me. Fact there ignorance on firearms only shows by such accidents.

  • That is sad I wonder if they are looking into who caused the deaths.

  • Big Daddy

    The emotional pain of the relatives is immeasurable, I feel for them all.

    I ask when will their governments end these celebrations?

    How many people must die. It’s been going on for so many years, probably since they first started using them.

    They suffer because of their ignorance, as all people do.

  • Metalhead2508

    I bet they were doing the Electric Slide at the time of the accident….HEY!!!! IT”S ELECTRIC!!!!! BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…..

  • Majo

    Natural selection, those inbreds thin themselves out… good!

  • Tinkerer

    Guns don’t kill people: power lines do.

  • Mike Knox

    And I thought the Idiots and guns thing happens only in the U.S…

  • Máté

    I’d hope they’ll learn, but they probably won’t.