Dutch Police Adopt Walther P99Q

The Dutch Police have announced that the 9mm Walther P99Q will be adopted as their new sidearm. It will replace their inventory of Walther P5 and Glock 17 pistols.

The Dutch Police originally chose the SIG PPNL (a variation of the SIG P250 DC). The contract signed with SIG required the pistol to be retested with the 9x19mm NP (Netherlands Police). When it failed a number of tests the Minister of Security and Justice canceled the order.

[ Many thanks to Jas for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Im surprised except for a small period after 1997 the P-99 never gained steam when the Glock 17 and Beretta 92FS dominated the market. We it is a nice light weight pistol. Glad to see Walther make one buy. Still I prefer the Glock and Beretta to the Walther more combat proven.

    • Brian in Seattle

      What?? You like it? You don’t like it? Kinda hard to tell.

      • Lawman

        P99Q is only available for Law Enforcement / military. The PPQ is for the civilian market.

    • Anonymoose

      But James Bond uses the P99 so that must mean it’s awesome, right? 😀

      • noob

        “more of a personal statement”

      • Sky Soldier

        No, James Bond used the Walther PPK .380.

  • JD

    The thought of an FDE PPQ with a threaded barrel and AAC can gives me a serious chubby. This pistol is impressing lots of people, but still not fast enough to contend with the other major players (yet at least).

    • Noodles

      It’s black of course, but I love my PPQ suppressed. It makes an excellent host. The P99c did as well, which is impressive considering the subcompact Glocks choke with full sized cans.

      PPQ + Viridian Light + Osprey Silencer… I love it.

  • Mike Knox

    I’m not sure if I’ve read a report like this almost a year ago..

  • Vincent

    Is it me or is it mostly dutch police service pistols that are discussed whenever service pistols are being discussed?

  • Noodles

    A P99Q and not a PPQ? Perhaps the article should explain the difference, seeing as a P99Q is not available for civilians anywhere I believe.

    For what it’s worth, my primary handgun has been a PPQ First Edition, with light and suppressor for the house. It’s really a fantastic gun, the Dutch police could certainly have done worse… Like the 250 they almost ended up with!

    • Anonymoose

      Didn’t the PPQ just come out like last year? This contest has been going on for at least that a couple years now I think, so it’s unlikely Walther would have been able to enter the PPQ in the competition. I suspect though, that the P99Q is sort of a transitional model between the P99QA and the PPQ, and when they introduced the final design onto the market it was in the form of the PPQ.

    • Sky Soldier

      Beg to differ with you, but my P99Q .40 S&W is owned by a civilian… and I do exist.

  • gmanaz

    Being a left-handed shooter, I love Walther pistols. The ambidextrous controls work really well once you get used to the mag release.

  • mouldysquid

    I have a PPQ and it is a fantastic gun. Great ergonomics. I like it almost as much as my CZ SP-01 Tactical.

  • Esh325

    The Walther PPQ is no doubt a good pistol, but I’ve always thought that pistol with pre cocked glock type triggers with no manual safeties were poor choices for most police departments.

    • Marc

      The P99Q has a light double action trigger, unlike the PPQ with its pre-cocked striker.

      • Esh325

        My mistake then.

    • Nicks87

      Why would police officers need manual safties? If you cant keep your finger off the trigger until it’s time to pull it you have no business being a police officer. Even depts. that carry pistols with manual safties carry them with the safety off and a round in the chamber.

      This is typical non-LEO, safe-queen mindset. I cant give your comment enough thumbs down.

  • Corvus

    This is more a comment on the pistol, but the P99Q’s mag release, slide stop levers, slide serrations, and the grip’s molding and stippling make it look like a knock-off of the HK P30.

  • Nicks87

    I’ve been hearing lots of good things about the new walthers. I had a PPS in .40 S&W and it was not reliable at all so it kind of soured me on walther. Maybe I will have to give them another look.

  • Sky Soldier

    The high quality and reliability of my first Walther, a PPK/S .380 cal, for concealed carry, resulted in my buying the new Walther P99Q in .40 cal. for additional firepower. Very nice duo for self-defense.