Venezuela Adopts Beretta Cx4 Storm Pistols and Carbines

Infodefensa reports that The National Guard of Venezuela has purchased thousands of Beretta PX4 Storm pistols and carbines chambered in 9x19mm. The cost of the pistols, carbines and bulletproof vests (from an unspecified supplier) was $5,944,650.

National Guard of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s new pistols and bulletproof vests.

Steve Johnson

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  • DannyBoy
  • Tim

    It’s a very pragmatic pistol-carbine system for a police force.

    • Alex-mac

      Underpowered these days though given concealeable armour that can stop pistol rounds. Must have got a sweet package deal.

      • Esh325

        Unless they are issuing AP 9mm.

      • schizuki

        How many criminals use body armor? Overpenetration should be a bigger concern for police forces.

      • Phil White

        There actually is a trend with more serious criminals using body armor. Even some run of the mill bad guys have them.
        There getting cheaper online so more people are buying them for others to steal. US Palm comes to mind.
        Also, with the problem of gangs enlisting in the military (Marines more than other services) they have become rather good at spreading cash and making off with military grade vest, night vision, weapons etc.

    • noob

      Can the Px4 magazines fit in a Cx4 Storm carbine?

      I thought that the Cx4 only had a 92fs magwell

      • Sean

        Beretta sells adapters for the CX-4. Or someone does, as I have a shooting buddy who has one set up as such.

      • David

        Beretta makes a Cx4 that takes 92fs mags and another version that takes Px4 mags. Both are available in 9mm and .40.

        A matching set is possible for either the 92 or the Px4

      • Tim

        My Cx4 came with the Px4 magwell insert installed. I run it with a 92 FS, so I bought the FS insert: flawless.

        “Won’t penetrate body armor”? Yeah, I guess not. If it’s ever necessary to sling armor-piercing rounds in my neighborhood, it’s probably time to leave, anyway.

      • Phil White

        Both are available in 45 acp as well.

  • alannon

    I had a Px4 for a while, it was a good pistol. I just didn’t need another firearm in the same size category as several others, and I like my XDs* better.

    * XD, plural. Freakin’ Springfield and their XDs (single-stack .45) confusing the issue! Good pistol, bad name.

    • Karina

      Just a little grammatical tip I was once taught; You can refer to “XD’s” for XD plural, with the apostrophe, so you don’t confuse it with the XDs. Hope that helps with confusion issues, though Springfield should really have chosen a better name!

      • Freiheit

        The XD’s XDs naming issue arose as revenge. Springfield lost a big contract with the Grammar Police to Jiminiez.

  • Frank

    I wonder. Are they getting issued regular CX4 carbine or the MX4 subgun version?

  • george

    Excellent choice on both. Probably simplifies logistics quite a bit with rifles and pistols sharing the same mags and ammo.

  • Lance

    Good buy why not the 92FS then? if you stay in 9mm? Been better if they picked .45 AUTO for the Storm Pistol. But BIG contract for Beretta Italy. And with US Army sales Beretta must be making a fortune now.

  • Gabe

    Hey, maybe in thirty years these will hit the milsurp market! Interesting to think that the Berettas will eventually become surplus and available to the public in the same way that the 1911 did when it was phased out.
    Unless everyone elects to follow the Canadian government model and attempt to melt them all down.

  • Cameron

    I’ve had a PX4 for about 4 years. About 4,000 rounds without a hiccup. It has been an excellent firearm in all respects. I’d love a CX4 to go with.

  • Mike Knox

    Didn’t someone report on this around a year ago?

    • Luis Peña

      Last year was reported the carbine acquisition. Now they are purchasing the pistol