Magnum Research Glacier Ridge Stock for Ruger 10/22

Magnum Research, a subsidiary of Kahr Arms, is getting into the accessory business. Their first accessory in the Glacier Ridge line is a thumbhole stock for the Ruger 10/22.

USA manufactured Glacier Ridge replacement stocks are made from polypropylene with fiber additives for maximum strength. The stock design features a semi-palm swell on both sides of the pistol grip, a high comb for proper scope shooting, and a molded-to-fit rubber butt plate. Replacing your current stock with a Glacier Ridge stock requires just 4 easy to follow steps to remove your old stock, and 3 steps to install the new ambidextrous thumbhole stock.

The MSRP is $79.99.

Steve Johnson

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  • Michael

    Bullpup stock please for the 10 22

    • alannon

      ZK-22 or HTA 90/22?

      Both are P(S)90-style, but the ZK-22 at least seems well-received. Haven’t seen a hands-on with the Hightower yet.

      • Brandon

        ZK22 does look nice, but I can’t justify $300 on a stock

    • Cymond

      I really like the look of the ZK-22. Unfortunately, most bullpup 10/22s need a 18.5″ barrel to stay above 26″ overall length (important in the USA). That seems to preclude the use of most of the aftermarket 10/22 barrels and almost all of the lightweight aluminum-sleeved barrels like Tactical Solutions. Whistlepig Gun Barrels makes 18″ and 20″ aluminum-sleeved barrels, but I don’t know anything about their quality.

      • Risky

        The overall length can be achieved with the addition of muzzle attachments. Because its an overall length requirement and not a barrel length requirement, the muzzle devices don’t have to be permanently installed.

  • gunslinger

    humm…take off the front ring, unscrew from the barrel/receiver and put back on, minus the front ring?

  • mikee

    How about a similar stock for a Ruger 77/22 etc.?

  • Lance

    Naw I like the 10/22 its a small handy rifle I dont care for all these fancy stocks a nice light weight handy stock is what the 10/22 needs good for packing around or Squirrel hunting.

  • Mike Knox

    Who the foop would replace a Ruger 10/22’s rifle grip stock with a thumb hole?