CZ 83 To Cease Being Imported

CZ USA has posted their list of discontinued products for 2013. On that list is all four of the CZ 83 SKUs they currently sell. It looks like they will no longer be importing the CZ 83. CZ USA touted the “moderate weight” of the CZ 83 as an advantage over the light polymer carry pistols of their competitors. At 28 oz it is a fair bit heavier than even other all steel carry pistols like the Walther PPK/S (22 oz).

Steve Johnson

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  • Joe

    Sad to see it go. Even with .380 back on the shelves, it seemed inevitable. Personally, I love my 82 with its chrome plating and polygonal rifling and think it’s perfect for my usage case but I think for most men interested in carrying concealed, it was too small. Just speculating but for women, it was probably too heavy. The niche for this one is pretty near saturated anyway. I hope CZ USA uses the extra time for exploring the single stack as an option for their flagship CZ 75.

    Oh and while I was just surfing the CZ USA site, I found the best product name of all time. CZ 75 TS Czechmate “comes with all parts necessary to run in IPSC Open or Limited division”

    • Agreed. A fantastic gun that has fallen out of fashion; too big for folks that want to carry a pocket .380 and it can’t compare to other guns in it’s size group (G19, CZ’s own P07) in terms of firepower.

      Thing is crazy accurate, feels pretty great in hand, and I love mine.

  • SAPH

    It really is a great pistol, still on the market here in South Africa. But for how long is another question completely

  • Andy in West Haven

    A classic (and classy) pistol. I’ve owned one but had to sell it when I hit hard times. But it looks like I need to buy another one.

    It’s truly the only .380 I’ve ever owned or liked. Crazy accurate and a pleasure to shoot. Sure, large for a .380 and heavy. But it does hold 13 rounds and the weight and size made practice most enjoyable.

    To see it discontinued saddens me but there are so many in circulation that we won’t feel it’s departure any time soon. Especially with all the 82’a out there.

  • Michael

    Bring back the CZ52

    • 7.62x25FTW

      My dream gun is a CZ52 in stainless steel with Novak nightsights,and 4lb trigger pull. NO make that my wet dream gun.

    • Noir

      You are asking the wrong company – cz-ub didnt produce vz.52.

      • 7.62x25FTW

        And Ruger did not invent the 1911. If there was any company I would want to remake a high quality roller locked VZ52 handgun,it would be CZ.

      • Michael

        I don’t care who makes it, I want a modern Hi cap in 7.62×25. Ruger, glock, FN, CZ, even Taurus. Please, something different, not just AR15s, 1911s and small 9mm

  • gunslinger

    didn’t know about this. have a Bersa .380 and love it. but the 7 rounds is low.

    but i guess if you had to lug something around in .380, why not get an LCP or one of the 3ATs

    or if you had that weight, why not just stick with a 9mm compact then?

  • jeh

    their getting rid of all the non black cz 75/85’s and cz75 compacts……thats a little more disturbing to me than losing the 83

    • Cymond

      They’re discontinuing the 2-tone and satin nickel, but we’ll still have the all-stainless model.

  • Curzen

    the tons of cheap surplus CZ82’s killed it

  • Lance

    The CZ 83 was the best Warsaw pact handgun after the Makarov PM. I agree alot of CZ 82s in a better caliber than .380 which is 9x18mm Mak killed sales. But the design was good and it was better in some cases than lighter polymer pistols stronger better sa/da action and safety. Hope 82s keep coming in. The 82 was so good Czech police still have some in use.

    • Gaunt

      It still is our standard law enforcement firearm here in Slovakia. Unfortunately it has a bad reputation, due to lack of care and maintenance, but I still shoot more accurately with my 82 than my Gen 4 Glock 19:)

      • Bad Enough

        Not to mention that it’s a near-fully ambi handgun designed in the early 80s. Mine shoots like a dream and empty magazines clear the mag well with surprising speed and force. Gotta love that czechnology.

  • NMM1AFan

    Crikey, are there any products that they didn’t discontinue?


    • I’m with you! Looking at that list of discontinued import models, are they going to still import any at all?

  • Fred Johnson

    CZ’s own CZ75 compact series is also a suspect in the death of the CZ82/83.

    The 75 compact holds 2 more rounds and the 75 compact shoots more powerful and potentially cheaper 9mm ammo at no loss in accuracy. Both of these guns are close enough in size as to not matter except in choosing a holster. Plus, felt recoil feels comparable between the two due to the 82/83’s blowback action vs. the 75’s locked breech action.

    The CZ82/83 made sense to be in the CZ lineup before the CZ75 compacts came out, but not so much anymore.

  • JT

    Too bad. Despite it being a heavy .380 from what I’ve heard it’s very accurate being straight blowback and heavy(er) when compared to your typical subcompact .380’s. That and there aren’t too many other .380 besides the Thunder+ that can come close to it’s capacity

  • A used one in good shape is every bit as good as a new one, but I’m thinking it was still at least a little bit of their sales. And some people just want a new anything.

  • Aww man, the day was going so well! And to end it on this downer :<

    • Mike Knox

      It’s not like .380 ACP pistols are an endangered species or something..

      • Bob Z Moose

        Very true that there are a billion 380 pocket guns out there. The 83 filled a niche between those and 9mm mid size guns. IMO, it seems like the perfect gun for a new shooter. Decent capacity, little bit heavy, and straight shooting (not to mention that I’ve never heard of a CZ having many hiccups). It could be the perfect car gun, too. 😉

  • Adam

    I’m slightly more distraught about not being able to procure a CZ 75 or 97b. I’ve been looking forward to owning one of those since I was a child.