Cabela’s Star Exploding Targets (Slow Motion)

This video advertising Cabela’s Shooting Star Exploding Targets is awesome. Glitchy dubstep and slow motion explosions go together so well. Do yourself a favour and watch the video in 720p HD on Youtube itself.

Cabela’s Star Exploding Targets are available in a rimfire version (seen at the start of the video) and a regular version in a number of sizes.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nadnerbus

    Looks like way too much fun to be legal in California. Maybe see if I can get some of it in Idaho to shoot up there.

  • gunslinger

    tannerite competition?

    the video is cool thought.

  • West

    I guess the TV bad guys have trunks full of those things to make their cars explode from a single pistol shot.

  • Bret

    I thought the most interesting part was seeing the delay between the .22 case being ejected and the explosive target actually lighting off. Really drives home how ‘slow’ bullets are. It’s easy to forget when you only ever see them at real-life speeds!

  • Foetus

    Could make skeet shooting a lot more attractive 😀

  • Cozmo

    I’ve shot several of these. I was surprised how big a boom they make. It makes everyone turn and look that’s for sure. The middle sized one seemed to be the best bang for the buck. The only problem is you need a fast rifle to make them go off (3000 fps).

  • John E Davies

    I thought these Tannerite bombs required at least 40 gr at 2200 fps? The first rifle shown was a rather nice 10/22, and it seemed to have no problem at close range. Was this an exception?

    Would a 400 grain .458 rifle bullet at 1200 fps (my .45/70 plinking load) reliably touch them off at 100 yards?

    I once spectated at Boomershoot in Idaho, where the targets are all the exploding kind (a home made mixture), at ranges up to 1000 yards. WooHoo! In 2012 they touched off 1700 pounds of explosives: “The explosions can be heard over seven miles away. Cars and houses will shake up to two miles from the range.”

    Pics and videos here:


    • From the link to the .22 target:

      “This inert compound explodes when impacted by at least a 17-gr. bullet traveling a minimum of 1,000 fps. Target must be at least 25 yards away.”

  • Lance

    Looks fun but most Gun Clubs ban explosive targets so many cant shoot them.

    • Zo

      Sadly, this true for me. I live in CT and unless you have private land, I will never have the joy of trying one of these but glad others will.

  • McFilthy

    Oh my, Hickok45 appears to be doing high quality video production shoots now.


  • schizuki

    The fact this is legal is proof that God exists and she loves us.

  • schizuki

    Carl Spackler wants to stake these next to the gopher hole.

    “Two hundred yard shot… Cinderella story… looks like he’s using a .223 here…”

  • Mike Knox

    Check out the barrel whip at 0:33..