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  • Alpha Hotel Actual

    Can’t wait to see the video of the Osprey!

    • Noodles

      I took the video/stills, and that’s my personal Osprey. I was SHOCKED to see the inferno that boils behind muzzle of the can after every shot. It never leaves the can, but it’s definitely in there.

  • Lance

    Love the beautiful colors.

  • Have wondered what this looked like all my childhood. Finally! Thank you for sharing.

  • Alex

    This is awesome. I think I can make out the rifling on the bullet.

    • Noodles

      The stills aren the best, the video is actually more impressive to see that rotate and streak behind he bullet a bit. I had not expected to see rifling early on that day. The high speed camera requires a ton if light so it was always a balance between light, motion, detail, and file size.

  • tincankilla

    love this sort of gun art/science combination work. beautiful images!

  • Denny

    A question of curiosity: what is the caliber on rifle barrel? Also, it looks that all three baffles are same… or is the first one bigger? Thanks.

    • Noodles

      This day we were shooting 300win, 308 and 338 Norma. The suppressor is an Silencerco Osprey45 with a 9mm 147 coming out of it.

      • Denny

        Thanks, I appreciate. The flash may look ordinary given the load and barrel length. But it is known that if regular cleaning is not frequent, there is often left a residue which adds to fireworks. How was it in this situation?

      • Noodles

        Well, I’m not sure about that. I don’t remember exactly what we were using because it was whatever was on the table. I think the 300win mag was a 20″, I remember it was short. What you are talking about with residue doesn’t mean much in this case I think, when we humans watched thebshotnwe saw ZERO flame, it was only with the highspeed and two very large led light arrays pointing in the muzzle that the footage showed flames.

        I said above, there is an entire world we do not see. What you think you know about flames from gunshots doesn’t mean much when you are watching it at 500,000 frames per second.

        The current Proof muzzle brakes are very effective, a future product could squeeze even more performance out by really examining the footage.

  • gunslinger

    that’s awesome. love to see the slow motion of the world.

    • Noodles

      We did all sort of things like fire 12ga to examine porting, check ARs working for ejection and dwell time, even set the camera up for very fast takes and just watch rocks fall from hands incredibly slowly. There is an entire world we just do not see.

  • Zo

    That is sooo cool. I hope you guys have slow mo shots and video of bullets being ejected from from a pistol as well. I would love to see the action in slow mo as well

    • Noodles

      Doing gas port size, cyclic rate, and buffer weight testing we did a lot with extraction and ejection. I generally didn’t save much of this data, but I do have some showing bolt bounce on the M16 or rather lack of with the parts and selection we’re using

  • Noodles

    I should probably mention that I have the video of these coming. Also that you can see in the above stills that the barrels are wrapped carbon fiber with steel inners. We did some barrel whip testing, tons of accuracy, and now a lot of thermal testing. I’m going to see about getting that up online. The carbon wrapped barrels are unique and there is really nothing else out there like it, some of the results I was shocked on. I’d even expect some military applications soon, even if its limited to JSOC or special forces groups.

    • Demize99

      What sort of effect does the carbon wrapped barrel have?

      • Komrad

        Hella stiff but lightweight.
        Bull barreled Magnum Research MR-22s (10/22 clones) weigh about the same as a standard barrel Ruger 10/22.

      • Noodles

        Like seriously demize from Dice? Hey hey!

        The basics on carbon wrapping is like komrad said, the barrel is a ton stiffer, lighter, and with the correct weaver and epoxy transfers heat away from the steel quickly.

        Unlike Komrad said, this is not even a close to similar process to the MR or anyone else’s carbon barrels. This is a unique process. I wish I could say who was investigating this and for what application but I can not, but it’s currently ranging from sniper rifles to very large machine guns.

        The barrel is still steel but recused in thickness to a very light contour, the carbon makes up the rest. The carbon wrapped barrels are very stiff, the barrel whi under high speed is still there, but it’s a really interesting period and duration of the wave. Where a 24″ 338 barrel waves, these almost vibrate.

        The stiffness is accuracy over strings of shots while adding heat. The epoxy and weave helps shed that heat. The carbon makes the barrel very light. It’d all win except for the price.

        If you’d like I can explains little further in detail and if you are demize for real, I’d be happy to get you even more info like how these are about to be used and by who.

  • Holy crap that is amazing! Can’t wait for the video.

  • John Doe

    Slow-motion gun pictures/videos need to be a daily feature on this blog.

  • Ian

    I hope you have videos of where the Osprey has bullet strikes!

  • Mike Knox

    Didn’t look like the High speed video was fast enough..