IWI Tavor X95 in 5.45x39mm

A couple of days ago I reported that RPC Fort was manufacturing Tavor rifles under license chambered in 5.45x39mm. Israel Weapon Industries, the designers of the Tavor, have since announced that they too are manufacturing Tavor X95 rifles chambered in 5.45x39mm.

From the press release …

The new conversion kit was developed for the very successful X95 – which can be used as an Assault Rifle, Carbine, or Submachine Gun (SMG) with an effective range of 150m for 9mm caliber configuration. It enables the X95 to be operated worldwide, due to its compatibility with both western and eastern ammunition, thus saving training time, spare parts, and overall costs. The new kit has already been armament and operationally tested in extreme conditions including dust, water, heat, and cold (- 60⁰C) – as well as for shooting accuracy – passing all tests with remarkable success.

[ Many thanks to REMOV for the tip. ]

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  • Alpha Hotel Actual


    • Fred

      no uz r not!

  • Gidge

    As well as the new color I’m also noticing removable palm swells on the grip.

    Seems like they bring out an update for the Tavor once every couple of months.

  • Gidge

    IWI probably developed it to get the contract from Ukraine. They probably figured they could make some more money off it.

    IWI have been aggressively working on getting contracts from former Izhmash customers so they’re probably going to try get military contracts from Eastern Europe.

  • Ray

    It’s a thing of beauty…

  • bbmg

    Nice… the design cries out for a compact integral suppressor to be fitted as standard.

  • Axel

    Wait, why can’t I see a mag release?

    • Take a second look at the X95 (hint: close to trigger) not to confuse with TAR-21 😉

  • Alex-mac

    No doubt the best standard military rifle in the world, shame about the awkward ubgl, which requires two hands to fire.

  • MK

    Can anyone explain the differences between the X95 and Tavor “proper”? I’m having trouble finding anything definitive.

    • Gidge

      The X95 has a shorter more compact receiver with a different mag release because the standard setup isn’t very ergonomic with the shorter setup. Also available in two different 9mm versions, with and without an integral silencer but the non silenced version accepts detachable ones.

      All X95’s used to be shorter but there’s now an L version that gets the same barrel length as the Tavor C-TAR carbine model.

      The X95 was originally called the Micro Tavor, then as successive updates made it look mo

    • Joe Schmoe

      The Micro-Tavor used by the IDF is different in several ways from the X-95.

      I’m still waiting on OPSEC clearance to be able to do an article on the IDF Micro-Tavor, so don’t bother asking yet what those differences are since I cannot say.

    • Ripley

      Google found this comparison from 2010… http://h-2.abload.de/img/_x95_01cyzw.jpg
      Remov could comment on this 🙂

    • Mike Knox

      An odd game of spot the difference..

  • peter

    How can the mag release by the pistol grip mechanically work? It is far away. Some sort of transfer bar? Would it be hard to push?

    • GreenPlease

      I’m also curious about this. Has to be a cross-bar of some sort but I’m struggling to imagine how this would work. FWIW, I’m a fan of the F2000 mag release. You can’t swap mags as quick as an AR but, IMO, that’s just one of the tradeoffs when you go to a bullpup

  • This is the first FDE Tavor I’ve seen that isn’t an airsoft piece of shit! (Drives me nuts that those things get high ranks on youtube when you search TAR-21 Tavor)

    The Tavor has gone through a lot of changes. I for one am very accustomed to my rear mag release, but would love to try this thumb operated one.

    Its not impossible to catch the old release unexpectedly on gear or webbing. Hard to do, but not impossible.

  • Mike Knox

    Heh, IWI’s actually building a TAR-21 in their PDW frame. Althought I was expecting it to be in 9mm as their SMG version..

  • The unasked question is: “Did they make 5.45x39mm-specific magazines?”

  • W

    havent seen that before. the tavor in tan looks sharp!!! I cant wait until I see these rifles (im not sure about the 5.45 version) in the US.

  • I’d like to be able to shoot my Tavor more. 5.45×39 would be much cheaper than my 5.56 version! Although I shoot a fair bit right now:


    • Ripley

      Israel is a subtropical country and I don’t see that the design of the trigger clearance and magazine release looks reliable and comfortable in winter conditions of Ukraine (or colder regions, like Siberia or Canada *nudge*). “Tested in extreme conditions of -60”, I think that just have to be in a freezer somewhere checking for frost in the mechanism. Not in a snowstorm with heavy mittens on.

      • Thats one of the nice things about the initial Tavor TAR-21! You can see in the thumbnail image that the girl shooting is wearing pretty heavy wool gloves.

        The trigger on the TAR-21 is stiff, because as a military rifle it should be able to hang by its trigger. The trigger guard is huge in the original TAR-21, which does aid in manipulation through winter clothing. The rear magazine release is similar in that it can be accessed even with heavy gloves on, and a less proficient user can still figure out to hit it and have the mag drop free.

      • Ripley

        Thanks for the answer.
        I’m mostly skeptical about the small space in front of the trigger. Much smaller than on an m4, ak74 or sa80. But I realize now how great for full mittens the large trigger/handguard is. Looks like a great gun and even better with the x95 modifications. Ukraine probably knows what they want 😉

  • Bob Z Moose

    The headline is missing “for Canadians”