The New Heckler & Koch HK416A5

Heckler & Koch has unveiled its latest version of the HK416, the HK416A5. This model builds on the version they submitted to the US Army Individual Carbine competition.

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The rifle borrows from the HK417-based Bundeswehr G28 Designated Marksman Rifle. The new slimmer stock is a non-adjustable version of the G28 stock and it features the same Flat Dark Earth color-scheme as the G28.

Internally the rifle features a new improved adjustable gas regulator. report that the improved gas regulator allows the rifle to accommodate a 10.5″ barrel. The rifle also features ambidextrous fire controls and a repair kit housed inside the pistol grip.

[ Many thanks to BS for the tip. ]

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  • Nmate

    “ report that the improved gas regulator allows the rifle to accommodate a 10.5″ barrel.”

    I believe there are plenty of short HK 416s out there. In fact, that was the point behind the whole program. While the direct gas system is plenty reliable in a 20″ or 14.5″ gun, it isn’t nearly as reliable in a 10.5″ sub-carbine. There simply isn’t enough dwell time. When you start adding a sound suppressor, things go further down hill.

    • Trev

      This is an internet myth that keeps on getting repeated. The 10.5 and 10.3 DI has been around forever and works well.

      Works well enough for the mk18

      • FormerSFMedic

        I agree Trev, the 10.5″ DG guns are very reliable especially when they are specifically designed around that barrel length. I have alot of experience with MK18’s and similar guns and I have found the DG system capable of anything the piston gun is capable of. The DG systems are actually more reliable and better suited for such systems.

      • Esh325

        That isn’t entirely true.

        “Carbines with 11.5 inch long barrels have a very short segment of barrel beyond the gas
        port and the gas pulse is thus shorter than the carrier group requires. This problem
        combines with the carbine problems already described, and the reliability of carbines with
        11.5 inch long barrels is somewhat poorer than carbines with longer barrels. Efforts to
        adjust for the short barrel by enlarging the gas port produce a firearm that is extremely
        sensitive to differences in ammunition. Efforts to correct the problem by using different
        springs or buffers or by changing the volume of the gas used are only partially successful.”-TECHNICAL NOTE 48: THE EFFECTS OF BARREL DESIGN AND

      • W

        Yes, there are issues when you shorten a direct impingement carbine’s barrel to 10 inches.

        Typically with SBRs like the Mk18, you have increased mechanical wear and the MRBF is characteristically lower for these weapons than say a M16A4 (which is higher than the M27 even).

        nevertheless, advancements have been made over the past 30 years with shorty carbines. in fact, the Mk18 is reliable enough that I perceive it as a suitable replacement for a sub-machine gun.

        Hell, anymore, the older I get, the more im attracted to the simplicity of the stoner gas system.

    • Nope. The shortest barrel with the HK416A5 line will be 11″ (279 mm) instead of 10,5″ (266 mm), because of new gas regulator. There would be only three barrel lengths for future HK416A5 family: 11 inch, 14,5 inch and 20 inch. The current HK416 16,5″ inch version will be offered as “G26” (it is not mistake G twenty six, G27/G28 is HK417 or HK417 derivative) if only the KSK or Feldjaeger would adopted it, which is expected soon.

      • Esh325

        I’m curious as to why the KSK uses the HK416 when they have the G36.

      • AnoSymun

        Greater training overlap with international special forces and greater versatility. Of course a certain does of Kool-Aid isn’t out of the question.

        That aside, they still use the G36 versions, it’s only that they’re also given the option of choosing the HK416 if they prefer it.

    • Clodboy

      Just out of curiosity, couldn’t you also address this issue by adding a muzzle booster à la the AKS74U?

      • Esh325

        It’s possible. The XM177 had some type of muzzle modulator, but it was impossible to clean the internal chambers, and thus its function to reduce sound,blast,increase reliability would deteriorate as it became dirty.

    • Nmate

      I’m fully aware of the Mk 18 CQBR. That said, there is a reason why certain units have switched out their short DGI guns for 416s. I’d guess it is mainly for running sound suppressors.

      For that Mk 18 to operate with such little dwell time, you need a lot of gas going back into the receiver. The more gas you pipe into the system, the lower the longevity (look at the bolt life of an M4 versus an M16). You add a sound suppressor, you’ve just made the situation even worse.

      • FormerSFMedic

        You are right about the MK18. It does run on the edge and it requires tuning to work well. With that said, proper buffer selection goes a long way. I have found the MK18 to be very reliable with the right parts and good ammo with and without a suppressor.

        This is the one area where I think the HK416 fills a niche. The 416D10 has always been the only piston I really like. It runs with and without a suppressor without pushing the capability of the design. With that said, the 416D10 as well as most piston guns are also very hard on parts and increased maintenance similar to the MK18.

        Besides the MK18, a DG gun set up specifically on a short barrel to be run with a suppressor or without can run right along side the 416D10 in terms of reliability.

      • FormerSFMedic

        Seriously? Lance, you must be living under a rock. Maybe you should check your facts before posting them. Where do you think that over the beach feature on the 416 came from?

      • FormerSFMedic

        No, it didn’t come from Delta. That question was rhetoric anyway.

        I don’t have to check other websites. I don’t get my information from blogs and articles.

        I don’t think I’m God. I think I served 6 years in the Special Operations community and continue to work with units as a consultant. I think there is some great information that is not classified that I’m privy to that other readers might want to hear about. I think I like to share solid – no BS information with other like minded individuals. I think I like to share my experience with others as well as gain knowledge on their experience. I don’t think I’m God. I think I’m just like anyone else.

      • bob
      • Ivan

        Lance, DEVGRU used HK-416s to take out bin Laden. I am pretty sure SOCOM or JSOC themselves confirmed it. Steve even wrote an article about what they used to kill Osama.

      • W

        Lance, maybe you should quit while youre ahead.

        bob, LMAO!!!!

      • cc19

        “…I know have over 10+ years of Spec Ops service too wright me and tell me about things too.”,645/

        Please stop. Do you want to be remembered as Gecko45’s successor?

      • Nmate

        That Onion article was the first thing I thought of too.

        It isn’t a good idea to give a high functioning retarded person a keyboard and an internet connection.

      • W

        “Now now W its not your fight. And your name calling too makes you sound less professional. Its not your business.”

        Im not name calling, but if that is what you want here it is: stop being a dumbass.

        It is my business when you ruin a good discussion and article by throwing shit all over the walls and then get pissed off when other people refuse to clean it up.

      • MNOR

        Wow, Lance, just.. wow.

        You keep telling me that I have no proof, well, neither do you buddy.
        Like LJK said, the only thing that helps to convince people about your credentials online, is the way you converse and carry yourself.
        So far, you’ve failed miserably at that department.
        For instance, I asked you a qestion in order to help you clearify what your background is. “what spec-ops unit excists within the USCG?”.
        Your response: “stay out of this, not you’re fight”.
        You claim to have years and years of shooting and ninjasquirrel experience, but are either unwilling or unable to come up with an answer when called out on it. Word of advise, do not make bold, exaggarated claims if you are unable to explain them.

        You keep telling everyone else to stay out of it, while every single one of you’re comments are thumbed down, some to the point of them being hidden.
        Everyone else on here is wrong, and you’re the only one that’s correct. That sound about right to you?

        I dont even know why i bother, I’m done.
        Message ends.

    • MNOR

      I’m sorry if I’m feeding the troll here, but:

      Seriously Lance, if you really have 10+ years in a special forces community, we expect you to be able to explain exactly WHY the person you’re debating is wrong(by using you’re “considerable experience in the matter”), and maybe providing credible links\data for you’re statements.
      You know how a proper, polite, on a subjectmatter is supposed to be done.
      Point and Counterpoint, not resorting to moronic statements like; “stop thinking you’re GOD and know it all!”, “you’re so full of it mr. SCAR-lover medic” , “like you know it all mr knox your funny”.
      This shows that you’ve already lost the argument, and refuse to face it, and that destroys any credibillity you might have.
      Another thing that doesen’t exactly do wonders for said credibillity is the bad grammer, lack of commas and punctuation.
      I’m not saying my grammar and english is perfect either, but then again, english isn’t my native language.

      Secondly FormerSFmedic, is a well known commenter over at Kitup, and from what I’ve seen he contributes with great info. And he does seem to have the ear of some of the writers there, something that comes with the fact that he is able to properly explain and back up his statements with actual knowledge, data and experience. You haven’t.

      Combining the above points, I think you come across as a 16 year old AR-fanboy and NOT a special forces veteran. I just don’t see it.

      • MNOR

        Okey, maybe he is former spec-ops, maybe he isn’t. That Doesen’t really adress the fact that alot of his write-ups are technically sound, and coincides with what I’ve been thought about various subjects, but adding on it with what does seems like actual first hand experience. you haven’t done anything like that. Secondly, what spec-ops unit exist within the USCG?

        Bias towards SCAR? so freaking what? Maybe his story checks out and he has infact deployed with the weapon and in HIS opinion is that it is a superior platform. Just like you clearly feel about the AR-15. People like what they like.
        I’ve never touched a SCAR, but, it is quite possible that a weaponsplatform that’s about a decade old might actually outperform one that dates back to the 60’s. That doesen’t really sound to farfetched if you ask me…
        “I’ve shot a rifle longer than you and most of the commenters here”, like you said, theres no proof. Like I said earlier, It all comes down to that all important credibillity.

        My point with that earlier post wasn’t an attack on you’re person, it was an observation\critisism ofthe way you choose to run your side of the argument.
        And the fact that you chose to call me a moron instead of actually adressing that properly, and lower yourself to namecalling, simply proves my point.

      • LJK

        Glad someone’s finally addressing an issue here. I like the site and there’s generally even good comments. Except for that one guy.

        He doesn’t seem to have anything nice to contribute, yet he seems to write everywhere, all the time.

        And I know he’s wrong about [some thing] because I’ve been shooting AR-15’s for 70 years now because I was Stoner’s buddy. I’ve also fought in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam in the recent years. I personally started the war in the Falklands and I helped John Moses Browning while he was working on the HP. I founded the Navy SEALS, and was a member of the original “tea party” movement. In the 1700s. This makes me better than him, and he is, therefore, always automatically wrong.

        See how easy this is, Lance? The only thing on the internet that points to any kind of actual involment in anything or expertise (if you’re unwilling to post hard proof) is the manner in which you converse and carry yourself. You do seem more like someone in their teens, rather than a hardcore OPERATOR involved in all manner of super secret cool guy stuff.

        Not to be a cunt about this, but you need to calm down.

      • LJK


        You’re shitting on a forum I like. Of course it’s also my business.

      • cc19

        Leave our 10+ year spec ops veteran alone! He was killin’ Nazis back in ‘Nam for your freedom!

      • cc19

        “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” – Abraham Lincoln

      • Mike Knox

        You’re one of those cases where the turd calls the Mars bar crap..

      • JohnBrowning

        Mr. Lance,

        Mr. LJK indeed helped me in designing certaing aspects of my latest design. As I recall, he was a bit busy at the time while conduction espionage missions in Germany (he thought they might be up to something again) but I was glad he was able to get in contact with me in regards to the newly designed magazine housing and barrel linkage.


        John Moses Browning

        PS. He told me this “Internet” was going to be big one day. I did not believe him when he showed me his prototype of the electrical communication net in the fall of 1922.

      • Mike Knox

        Hey, this is just like the time that Gandhi and Billie Jean King teamed up to help stop the Civil War!

      • MNOR

        @ Mike Knocks

        “You’re one of those cases where the turd calls the Mars bar crap..”


        Right there, Gold…

  • Gidge

    Why go with a non adjustable version of a telescopic stock? I can understand offering it for markets where adjustable stocks are not legal but doing that for everyone seems odd.

    • Trev

      The old G28 had a cheek riser that was adjustable. You are mistaking “telescoping stock” with adjustable cheek riser.

      • Joseph

        I think what is meant by it is the stock is not quickly adjustable like others.

  • SGT Fish

    i guess they were mad that Sig came out with a better version of their rifle.

    • Trev

      Care to elaborate?

      • sgt fish

        after the hk416 came out, Sig hired a bunch of HK engineers that worked on the HK416 by offering them a larger salary and the chance to work freely without HKs politics. Sig had them design the rifle how they wanted to do it. check out Gabe Suarez’s blog at he did a good write up on the sig rifle and how it came to be.

      • W

        does anybody have a link?

        I dont suppose youre talking about the SIG 516…

      • Sian

        ” Sig had them design the rifle how they wanted to do it. ”

        with an ambi-mag release, and righty only everything else? That’s odd. I’d have guessed they’d at least add an ambi safety.

      • Mike Knox

        @SGT Fish
        Are you sure? Because one thing is, the Design team for the HK416 stayed the same even after the SIG 516 came out. The HK team is still even busy with HK416 specs for different countries as of now. Another is that both were developed on opposite sides of the Atlantic at partly the same time.

        One thing for certain, the SIG 516 is designed completely out of scratch and fitted into an AR-15 envelope, that’s why the bolt carrier and piston assembly is almost alien for an AR..

    • LJK

      You’re talking about the SIG516?

    • Trev

      You are getting that info from the same guy who typed this:

      “Finally, the piston gun keeps the blowback out of your face and nose and lungs. We hear all manner of dram from “second hand smoke” yet we hear nothing about the lung-full of gas the DI shooter gets everytime he touches off a shot. I wonder if the Piston Guns are…”healthier”.

      Suarez is in Sigs pocket. He sells 516s, which is what we call a bias. take a look.

      • W

        trev, that is hilarious.

        i would be concerned from second hand gas exposure from one of my DI guns if second hand smoke from cigarettes wasn’t a myth. It is. Ill keep using my DI guns.

        As far as a SIG 516 being “better” than a HK416 and a gas piston AR “a entirely different animal” than a DI AR, Ill argue those subjects into the ground.

      • SGT Fish

        tell him that in person and see what happens haha. Gabe’s company is independent and he only picks what works best. thats why he uses glocks, sigs, FN’s and a limited few other rifles.

        i suppose he has his “hand in the pocket” of glock and FN too? or just Sig because you have an unhealthy obsession with HK? I like HK too, i have 2 HK rifles, but i know when one product is simply better than the other. And it has nothing to do with being a fanboy.

    • LJK


      Well, a piston will keep some gases from getting to the user, sure, but I don’t think there’s any company out there that has managed to create a complete effective gas seal in the piston. If your gun works by redirecting gas towards the shooter, some of it will get out of the gun. Because it’s gas. And gas tends to get through all openings.

      Here’s a nice slowmotion porn video to illustrate the point:

    • Nmate

      I just laughed at that one. The SIG 516 is trash. The last few years SIG has been much more motivated by increasing profits at the expensive of producing quality weapons. The 516 is garbage. They stole the bolt carrier design from LWRCi.

      There is no doubt that the HK 416 is the standard when it comes to piston/op-rod AR-type rifles.

      • W

        yeah I dont agree either.

        The fact stands that the 416 is the only gas piston AR15 adopted by our military, or any military, for that matter. Despite everybody else flooding the market with their versions, they still havent touched HKs market.

        I can see why this is the case. Gas piston ARs are pretty underwhelming, especially in the case of “untouchables” like LWRC and Barrett and especially SIG. The only other company besides HK that impressed me with their gas piston design was PWS (which is a long stroke like a AK). Everybody else gives me the “meh” reaction.

  • Joseph

    I like it as a representation of improvements. As it sits it is a good system and I understand the appeal on a certain level, but considering the Geissele and Remington rails being in use it seems like these improvements should include lighter modular handguards, or at least have them in mind. All this said, I’m curious about the new gas regulator.

  • LJK

    I like that front BUS. A nice way to attempt to maximise the sight radius while simultaneously keeping the front sight out of the way and letting the user have the full length of the upper rail to play with.

  • Ian

    OMG It’s brown! I need six of these in my life right now!

    Wait, no. That doesn’t sound right.

  • West

    SEAL Team 6 member Mark Owen, author of “No Easy Day”, wrote that he took the HK416 on the OBL mission. That’s quite an endorsement.

    • tincankilla

      really – i’ve read other reports that said OBL was downed by a 5.56, so does this mean….?

      • West

        He did not fire on OBL but I believe he did kill another man in the house who fired at him while he attempted to breach an iron gate.

      • JeffS

        The HK 416 is chambered in 5.56 NATO. 😉

    • FormerSFMedic

      Again, have you been living under a rock? You can only speculate for so long before everyone else figures it out. We’ve known the weapon that killed UBL for over a year. If that wasn’t enough, Mark Owen spilled the beans weeks ago. Stop trolling.

    • FormerSFMedic

      “I trust the media more than your full of crap head games”.

      I am the media. Where do you think those writers get some of that information?

      Nice link but no dice. That article was written 18 months ago when nobody knew the details. It even starts off with “in all likelihood”. That was speculation. The funny thing is, Tom is a friend and I know for a fact that he thinks differently today.

    • W

      A SOPMOD M4 is not a Mk18 lance.


      This is pretty funny.

    • W

      Lance…I know!

      I said there is a difference between the Mk18 and the M4. Yes, obviously the 416 is different too.

      Where are your citations that a M4 killed osama? oh wait…there are none.

  • MEK

    I don’t know about the front sight mounted on the barrel.
    Front iron sight on the rail is just fine.
    That barrel mounted front sight could get in the way of attaching a suppressor.

    • Esh325

      You’re right. Everybody and their brother uses some type of optic/redot anyways so there isn’t much reason for the front sight to be on the barrel.

  • Vitor

    I have been wondering about the improved HK416 since I’ve read that HK had a improved version for the Carbine competition.

    The HK416 is already a sucessful gun, but HK didn’t hesistate to make it better, Colt could learn from that instead of just shouting “everything we do is mil-spec and that’s good enough”.

    Now I wonder if the norwegian army, for example, will be able to obtain this upgrade.

    • Esh325

      The biggest problem with Colt as a company is that they are very slow to innovate,have poor marketing, and do not make enough firearms to keep up with demand. They are trying to change that as they entered an improved M4 in the Individual Carbine competition. I think they are a bit too late though.

      • Jay

        Well. Colt not only is slow to innovate. I doesn’t innovate. When you think about it, the last succesfull military firearm they developed, was a single stack semiauto pistol….. about a hundred years ago. Since then all they did was get government contracts to make some firearms designed by someone else, ducked bancrupcy, and made very little changes to those handout designs.
        How this guys are still in bussines, getting government contracts and pretending they are great firearms company is a mistery to me.
        They spend zero on new things, instead they pay generals and politicians to keep the old contracts running.

      • José Pulido

        Colt is not an innovator. The last gun they actually supported the birthing of was from Mr Browning back in the day. They depend entirely on reputation and military contracts for sales, not innovation or real improvements on the systems they push.

    • Burst

      That goes back a long way. HK produces good guns, but their updates are top notch. Consider:
      *Making a G3 marksman variant, then building 2 additional sniper rifles.
      *Shrinking, silencing and/or modernizing the MP5
      *Upgrading the P7 to the P7m8.

      None of these weapons were deficient to begin with, but it’s hard to argue that they’re better ‘patched’.

    • MNOR

      RE: Norwegian army upgrades for the HK416:

      There is an ongoing PIP for the HK416, which has been running a few years now. Some of the things being looked at are:

      Stock: The standard buttstock is believed by many to be too wide(myself included), especially when wearing body armour. It also has a tendency to woble a bit. This can be corrected by tightning the screw on the stocks underside. The only problem when doing this is that tightning it to much will negate the option to adjust the “lenght of pull”(?).

      Gasblock: The adjustable gasblock has two settings: “N”-normal, and “S”- supressed. There has been instances where, not many, but few a rifles have switched from N-mode to S-mode during firing, thus leading to a failure to feed. They are now considering welding the gasblocks shut in N-mode on all weapons. Unknown whether this is meant as an interim solution until new gasblocks are developed\ready, or just simply the “solution” itself.

      I know that they’re also looking at replacing the charging handle, making some modifications to the hammer and replacing the pistolgrip.
      Don’t know if there has been any concrete progress\decisions on those last items though.


  • Esh325

    Not that it couldn’t happen, but there have been no plans to so far to call for its suspension, the trials are still going on. That’s not proof of anything.

  • Esh325

    Show me a link that says they are going to cancel it. I did a google search and I couldn’t find anything.

    • Mike Knox

      Well, but you should know something that is funny: your english “grammer”..

    • W

      I like how to lance it is morally despicable for FN to have some influence with our elected representatives (which is completely unsubstantiated) but its somehow okay for Colt to do the same (which is well known with a mountain of evidence behind it).

      Ill give FN the credit in that they sell and innovate. They are also not afraid to take risks with new designs. Colt??? not so much. more of the same with the kickbacks and giving military commanders cushy six-seven figure jobs. Business as usual with our military-industrial complex.

      If colt would only act more like FN…

    • W

      The SCAR L is not to blame for the lack of innovation, it is the 5.56 caliber it is chambered in (which ill even argue since there have been innovations with more effective cartridges in the past 20 years). The gas system, modularity, and other attributes make it a distinct member of the world small arms paradigm.

      FN Herstal has always had a close history with the United States. Just read any piece of documentation about John Moses Browning and his Auto 5 shotgun. You have to consider that FN Herstal also owns Winchester and Browning and manufactures products in the United States. If anything, FN’s relations are a lot closer to the United States than with Europe. The US has nothing to fear from the EU wrecking havoc, though if other companies dont start stepping it up, then they will get overtaken. Whether its FN or any other competitor.

      Colt has some serious soul searching to do.

    • Jay

      What you don’t understand Lance is that Colt is a very bad company to make your rifles. The only thing they care is the check. They turned from a firearm company into a professional government contractor. All they care is to get the government to give them the manufacturing contract. They don’t care what, whu desiigned it, how well it works, as long as they get to milk it.
      This is the fundamental problem with Colt. You are also forgeting that when Colt screwed everyone back in late 80’s/early 90’s, it was FN that picked up the slack and made 70% of the small arms for the US government. Colt screwed their workers, being the company that had the longes strike in the history. They screwed the government, the tax payers and the troops, producing (more like subcontacting) extremely poor quality rirearms.
      It was FN that had to take the contract to get some quality into those m16’s.
      The SCAR, if adopted in numbers, would have been made in US anyway, so I don’t really understand your animosity towards FN.
      For crying out loud, just look at how many succesful firearms did FN develop while Colt made Slide and grips for 1911’s and little changes to designs given to them by the government.

    • W

      “Not so Jay sure been made in Belgium and it offers nothing over the M-4A1.”

      As I have pointed out for over a year now with you, this is BS. The SCAR is more reliable, modular, accurate, and has parts commonality with its “H” brother. The rifles used by members of the US Military are manufactured in the United States. This is just the SCAR L…its not even getting into the SCAR H.

      “Anyway Its not Colt now who will make M-4A1s and new M-4PIP upgrades its Remington who has a GREAT track records. FN also has records of poor manufacturing in the US,especially in the 80s when they started. Your just wrong about saying all US companies all sucking.”

      Remington has a awesome track record even if you set aside its history and reputation as America’s oldest manufacturer. So does FN. Either way, the military cannot go wrong by purchasing from FN or Remington.

      Im not sure why you are quick to defend Colt Lance. Trust me, ive tried it in the past. I just cannot stomach supporting such a corrupt, taxpayer fattened, stagnant company that has a army of chuckleheads praising Colt AR15s and 1911s for their “quality”. Im glad the military realized they werent getting the most for their money.

    • W

      “Not so W. The SCAR offered for you beloved ICC has no barrel change no caliber change and no FF barrel as for ICC requirements so no its nothing over a M-4A1 for infantry the SOCOM version which SOCOM dumped the L had some modularity but ICC version does not.”

      You are talking about the FN Advanced Carbine, which is a modified SCAR. And how is the caliber change relevant to the subject at hand? You are WRONG by the way. the FN Advanced Carbine, like the SCAR, has a free float barrel. It is also still more modular.

      Lets see, with the FN SCAR/AC platform: more reliable, parts commonality with 7.62 counterpart, mild recoil, and gas system that can accomodate a sound suppressor better than the M4 series, superior accuracy, less intensive maintenance, and superior ambidextrous ergonomics. How are any of those things not a measurable improvement?

      Btw, like I have argued with you hundreds of times before, SOCOM did not dump the SCAR L. You keep spreading this bullshit around and its simply not true. Hell, at one point, you even admitted that it wasn’t true (which leaves me puzzled as to why you would change your mind).

      “Nothing is too wrong with Colt I know you hate them W but they offer the modular CM-901 which NRA rifleman gave top remarks about it. Overall your hopes are far fetched the M-4 is not getting replaced in any service anytime soon.”

      I dont like Colt. You got that right (you should hear my more colorful opinions about GDLS, Boeing, and other companies as well) and Im proud of it. The CM901 is still not as flexible as the FN series, which yields a SCAR L and H, IAR, PDW, and designated marksman/sharpshooter rifle in a common platform. As soon as Colt gets its shit together and comes up with a platform thats better than the FN SCAR, then Ill support it. Until something yields better results than the SCAR, then theyll get my endorsement.

      It is far fetched that the M4 will get replaced, though that doesn’t change my opinion that it should be. Of course, the Army will not select the best weapon for the troops. Indeed, the SCAR may be limited strictly to SOCOM.

    • FormerSFMedic

      Lance, the problem here is that your information is just flat wrong. The “proof” that you keep posting doesn’t even have anything to do with the inaccurate information your putting out.

      1) The SCAR-L wasn’t dropped. That is a fact.

      2) The FN ICC SCAR (AC) DOES have a quick change barrel. FN would have to completely redesign the gun to even accomplish such a change.

      3) Remington IS NOT filing orders for an M4A1 PIP. Remington was awarded a contract to provide the same M4/M4A1 that Colt has for the last 20 years. The funny thing about this is, Remington isn’t going to fill that order. The contract was CANCELLED and a NEW selection process will take place at a time/place that has yet to be announced. Hell, that process might never take place now.

    • W

      There are other hilarious points that I forgot to point out in my previous post. Seeing the name “FormerSFMedic” jogged my memory.

      First, there was a article on TFB about Navy SOCOM acquiring more SCAR “L” rifles, which debunks the myth that “the L was abandoned, dropped, etc, etc, ad nauseum).

      Second, I remember another SCAR-related article from TFB where it was adamantly pointed out several times that the new FN AC, which is the ICC contender, has a quick change barrel like its SCAR sibling. Not that the quick change barrel was any subject I delved into (it was a Lance Red Herring).

      Third, the link that Lance posted highlights that the Remington contract was cancelled and they will not be fulfilling the PIP. For Lance’s self-interest, Im really not sure why he posted that link (other than he’s trying to destroy his own contention).

  • Mike Knox

    Borrows from the G28? Please don’t tell me it has a steel upper receiver..

  • FormerSFMedic

    So much wrong with this comment. I’m not even going to touch this one.

    • FormerSFMedic


    • Mike Knox

      Keep poking the poodle, it’s starting to get funny..

    • W

      its a train wreck…i should be avoiding it and diving for cover…but i cannot help but watch 😀

  • gunslinger

    so, what’s in the repair kit?

    • Mike Knox

      For the accessories not standard for the rifle. Supposedly a bonus since the US IAC competition involves using different sights, optics, designators, muzzle devices, launchers, scissors and what not..

  • “The new slimmer stock is a non-adjustable version of the G28 stock ”
    The new stock is not height-adjustable. But of course still length-adjustable. The photos already show two different lengths.

  • Nmate

    Why do people always dig the hole deeper?

  • Nmate

    HK isn’t bringing the ICC designs to civilian sales. It’d be great if they were, but they’re not. Civilians just get the overweight, unlined, MR556A1 and it’s modified bolt carrier.

  • cc19

    “Nobody seems to like this comment! What do you think?”

    • Mike Knox

      I think we should get some pancakes or something..

  • Mike Knox

    How’d you miss the reply button twice in a row?

  • Mike Knox

    Take it easy, froo-froo. Take a break, have a peanut and take a nap..

  • Mike Knox

    Do you need help finding the ‘comment reply’ button?

  • Lance

    Nope sorry computer on the fritz

  • W

    I like the color. I think companies are starting to catch on that black for weaponry is so 1960s and earthly colors are much more suitable. Like quad rails, I wish the color black for a rifle a brutal, quick death.

  • jeh

    so how many billions will this one cost?

    • Mike Knox

      Just about ~0.000001800 billion dollars per unit..

  • FormerSFMedic


    I shouldn’t even do this, but I’m going to anyway. Really, I should thank you Lance. Everyone here knows what your about and everyone understands that it is actually pointless to argue with you. However, it is just downright fun to shoot down your BS. Childish as it may be, I’m gonna reply one more time.

    1)You said that the Navy bought SCAR’s to replace old worn out SCAR’s. First of all, that is COMPLETE SPECULATION AND NOT TRUE ANYWAY. Second, how is that not for new
    SCAR’s? Let’s see, they ordered new guns but they are not new guns? What the hell?

    2) Nobody said all SEALs use SCAR’s. As a mater of fact, nobody even mentioned the SCAR until you did. I don’t know why you love the SCAR so much Lance?

    3) The article you linked to doesn’t say that! That is why this conversation is so funny! The article states that the contract was CANCELLED. Not only that but the article is also completely misleading and borderline wrong. First, handing out M4A1’s to the Army is NOT a PIP. Do you seriously think that? It’s called Army politics. “Let’s issue M4A1’s to our troops and then tell congress we were successful at the PIP so they don’t ask questions about all the money they gave us”. That pretty much sums it up. Second, all those M4 PIP solicitations are STILL on the table! I know because I work for the defense department.

  • FormerSFMedic

    Thank you Lance. If anyone was wondering why I was even entertaining Lance’s comments and why I was NOT maintaining a professional behavior, this is why. It is content like the post above that should not even be here. I wanted to remind the moderators of the behavior that some individuals have been consistently exhibiting. I think we can all agree that everyone gets information wrong every now and then, but it’s our responses to corrections that truly show what our intent is. It is unacceptable to continue putting out bad information and to attack those that only wish to get it right.

    Putting out bad information for the sake of instigating confrontation is the definition of troll. Trolls ruin our discussions and make for a shitty experience overall. I would rather just discuss guns and gear instead of having to correct these individuals. Readers come here to learn and discuss topics with other like minded individuals. We can ignore the trolls but then risk newer readers taking their comments as good info.

    We should not tolerate this behavior. I am amazed that Lance has not been banned from this site. I know over at SOFREP (where I moderate) it would have been over a longtime ago. I sincerely hope that this situation is resolved. The readers deserve to have a good informative site and TFB deserves to be considered one of the best places to go comment and discuss gun topics.

    Medic Out-

  • W

    point 1.) Wrong
    point 2.) Wrong
    point 3.) Wrong

    Me providing counter evidence is not “being rude”.

    This would be being rude: Quit being a fucking idiot. You’re wrong. Admit it, drop your little ego strokes, and move on. Nobody gives a shit. You have to be either willingly ignorant or abysmally mentally deficient to deny the mountain of contradictory evidence in front of you. i tried being cool and understanding. Your incessant trolling and unwillingness to accept that you’re wrong has rubbed me the wrong way.

    What is funny about this whole thing is that your stupid media outlet contradicts your point as SF medic has pointed out. If you think you can recklessly throw out a link on a contention and dazzle me with bullshit, then you are sorely mistaken. Obviously, the law of deductive reasoning applies here: not only do you fail to read any links that I provide in my rebuttals, but you also fail to even read your own links. Jesus christ, how intellectually challenged can a person be? I blame our education system. LOL.

  • W

    stop dragging steve into this; learn to fight your own battles and stand your own ground if you have the audacity to make the outlandish claims have been making.

    and I am a SCAR lover. I own a 16 and 17. Ill gladly pit them against any other weapon of their class.

  • Enough bickering. That applies to everyone.

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