New Arsenal Milled-Receiver SLR-101S 7.62x39mm AK

Arsenal Inc. is importing milled-receiver SLR-101S 7.62x39mm AK rifles from Bulgaria. To get around the BATFE restrictions on the importation of non-”sporting guns”, the rifle is imported in parts along with a hammer forged receiver blanks from Arsenal Co. The receivers are then milled and the parts assembled.

Caliber 7.62x39mm
Capacity 30 rounds
Finish Black/Polymer
Barrel 16.25″
Twist 1 in 240 mm
Overall Length 36.5″
Weight 8 lbs
MSRP (Price) $1019

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Nadnerbus

    about ten or eleven years ago I bought the SLR 101 sporter, configured with thumbhole stock and single stack five round mags. Besides being gimped for import, it has been an amazing rifle. In the 3000 rounds or so I put through it before I moved on to other guns, I never had a single problem of any sort, except exactly one round of Wolf that didn’t go boom. Absolutely solid rifle.

    It now lives in Idaho with my folks, since it is too evil to exist in Caliland. Cool story, I know.

  • klyph

    Do these take standard magazines?

    • Nmate

      It is pretty obvious that they do.

      • klyph

        Thank you for both answering my stupid question and being rude. Much appreciated.

      • klyph

        Thank you for both answering my dumb question and being rude. Much appreciated.

    • John

      Yes they do, drums or mags are no problem

  • Lemming

    I own an SLR-101 as well as an SLR-105. Both are extremely well made rifles.

  • harley

    I got a Arsenal SLR-95, back in … ’95, for a mere $350 or so. It has been with out a doubt the most reliable fire arm that i have ever owned, and it was not until recently i realized that the rifle had substantially inflated in value…. LOL.. damm fine shooting gun though…

  • John Doe

    Well. A new AK is still more exciting than a new AR or 1911.

  • Nmate

    Why would anyone want a milled AK? Besides an old, Type 1 or Type 2 collector’s guns of course.

  • Gabriel

    These are already sold out most places I looked online

  • Cameron

    I don’t own an AK platform rifle yet, but I will, despite my general preference for the AR platform. When I buy, I have no doubt I’ll go with Arsenal. There are plenty of decent AKs, like WASRs, but the Arsenal I have handled and shot was the only AK I’ve encountered that seemed like a truly refined rifle. They certainly do it right.

    • Esh325

      Arsenal does a good job with their AK’s, but there are other good AK’s out there too.

      • Cameron

        Which is exactly why I said there are other decent AKs in the post you responded to. In my opinion, though, Arsenal and the hard to find VEPR are the top or near-top of the pile. No big deal if that pulls some down votes from the huge number of WASR and other, cheaper AK owners. Holding an Arsenal next to a Century WASR or other AK makes my point.

        Will they probably all work fine? Yes. Is the Arsenal better fit and finished? Yes.

      • W

        on that note, I purchased a Waffen Werks AK a number of years ago and it was very well finished. Even to this day, they are considerably less expensive than the Arsenals.

        Im not sure about the others. I know there is Arsenal that is top of the line and Krebs if you want a custom. You can find a used Arsenal for 7-800 bucks and they are worth every penny.

        Of course, if you are on a budget, there are the infamous Century AKs. For a company that has gained a poor reputation on the interwebs, i have seen some centuries that were assembled really well.

  • Jays

    Please stay away from Arsenal!

    I have two older Arsenal’s, SLR and SAM7 both are top notch- Best AK’s I have ever shot/ handled. I ordered a new Arsenal SLR107CR, $1200 piece of junk (S*&^). Came in in May this year, off sight (way off), dent in barrel, bolt carrier not seating right, failed trigger resets- every other round, and other stuff. So called them up and they wanted pictures, sent pictures, then they wanted back and I pay shipping back.(?) So out of the blue -a month later comes back nothing fixed called they said we cant tell you what we did that is internal use only.

    While cleaning noticed rear sight block has detent pin straight through gas system (Wow, really?). So called them up and pictures again, after god know how many emails/ phone calls with no return (waste my cel-minutes). Had to call my Visa, thank god for a great visa company. All the sudden Arsenal magically calls wants to get this looked at, still not sure if it is in spec. or a fault on their part.

    Well-Got my money back minus transfer/ ship fees. Only took almost 6months! $100 loss, for me…

    Screw Arsenal. Id rather walk down a dark alley in Bulgaria with $1200 strapped to my back. I also have century AK’s and expected $500 AK’s, guess what- less crap/ no problems than the $1200 Premium (POS) Arsenal. So buyer beware!

    • Nicks87

      I feel the same way about arsenal and all AKs. After getting burned a couple times I just stick with ARs. I dont think an AK has one single advantage over an AR except maybe reliability and even with that its a toss-up most of the time.

      • Nicks87

        I do, however, love my SKS. Thats just good cheap fun and as long as you dont put a bunch of Tapco crap on it they work just fine.

    • W

      damn. thats really too bad!

      I have had nothing but wonderful luck with arsenal. No product is perfect however.

      That is why I strongly favor the AR platform. the quality control of them is very, very good, even with lower tier ARs like Olympia, DPMS, and Bushmaster. At least more consistant than AKs. Most AK makers are either hit or miss. Aficionados should really learn to quality check AKs, a easy process that takes no time.

  • tony

    A milled receiver doesn’t look good with plastic furniture.
    I miss the cold war.

  • Mike Knox

    I don’t really care for the difference of a milled or stamped receiver. Any AK is as good as it gets, doing what it’s designed to do, shooting at an intermediate reach without a care of what it’s made of, how it’s made, or maintenance. Just so long at it goes at the degree of an assault rifle..

  • DW

    Would you please read the title? This is a milled receiver AK, whereas the AK103 is stamped. Not exactly boring development.

  • gunslinger

    so i’m not an AK expert. what’s the difference between a stamped and milled receiver (yeah i know one is a piece of sheet metal that has been bent, and millied is a solid block that is “cut away”)

    what’s the advantage of one over the other?

    why pay $1k when i can get an AK for under $600? I want an AK, but haven’t started my research.


    • Esh325

      I own both. Assuming you have 1 stamped AK and 1 milled AK made in the same country and made to the same standards, there will be little to no difference in accuracy. So there is really no advantage to a milled AK. The quality of the barrel and its make, and the caliber are far more influential in accuracy than whether it’s milled or stamped.

  • RobGR

    It would be great if they dropped the SLR designation or simply use SGL cause then, Arsenal, you could sell them legally in CA. It’s that easy, simply change the damned name please! How hard is it for us Californians to put money in your pockets seeing as you are the only ones stopping us form doing it, ha.

    Looks good btw. But I’d grab an SLR-107CR first.