Taurus CT556 Rifle Broken Down & Fired

This video shows pictures of the Taurus CT556 broken down and being fired at the range. The semi-automatic 5.56mm Taurus CT556, and its fully automatic big brother the ART556, was unveiled last year in Brazil.

Like almost all of its contemporaries, the CT556′s action and lower receiver is derived from the AR-18. Externally it resembles the FN SCAR and Bushmaster ACR.

I am not crazy about the aesthetics of oversized magazine well/grip combo that Taurus first used on the 9mm Taurus CT Carbine. Still, as someone who continues to use magazine wells as grips, despite this being out of fashion, I think I would enjoy using it in practice.

[ Many thanks to Victor for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • sgt fish

    wow. i like it a lot more than the beretta. are they planning to import the rifle? and i wonder if the lower could be trimmed successfully. but it probably wouldnt even need it

  • alannon

    Is it just me, or does that look a lot like FPSRussia’s rifle?

  • Esh325

    Maybe it’s just me, but the recoil looks a little stout for some reason. Looks pretty neat though. Maybe a cheaper alternative to a SCAR or ACR.

    • LJK

      No kidding. For a second there I thought they were firing a full-powered 7,62 NATO or something similar. Needs an actual compensator instead of that bird cage flash hider.

      • Victor

        Ronaldo Olive, the journalist that filmed the video, is an old guy in his early 70s. Given that we civilians here in Brazil don’t have legal access to acquire semi-auto/full-auto rifles (or even pistol-chambered carbines), he doesn’t have much experience in shooting and handling the recoil of such class of firearms.

  • WJS

    I think that guy is just frail and makes it looks worse than it is.

  • Lance

    Looks like a clone of a ACR by Remington hope its alot cheaper than a ACR is.

    • Anonymoose

      It will most likely be much cheaper than the ACR, and it’s probably at least as reliable as the ACR (which isn’t saying much). I would not say it’s a clone of the ACR though. A lot of recent “tactical carbine”-type guns look similar due to the influence of guns from the original SCAR competition like 10 years ago. The CZ-805 I know was directly patterned off the FN SCAR, but most of these other guns look more or less the same because they all just share certain very practical design features (forward ergonomic charging handle, monolithic rail system, ambidextrous AR-style fire-selector, folding adjustable stock, short-stroke piston, folding BUIS, etc.).

  • Lance

    Sad its a 5.56mm rifle only.

    • Anonymoose

      I thought I read somewhere a while back that they were toying with the idea of a 6.8 version, but I may just be mistaken…

  • Carlos U

    Interesting how most modern rifles seem to be converging into the same basic design. AR-18 internals, extruded aluminum upper, foldable, collapsible butt-stock.

    • Denny

      That is true Carlos. My point of curiosity is structural rigidity of those extruded tops. How would they compare with forged 7075 aluminum or pressed steel sheet? Would be interesting to know. I am specifically refering to the length of it and the fact it mounts barrel, action, sights and stock.

  • Denny

    Not much of visible innovation and it follows the trend. That weird mag housing is good idea though; it will definitely assist with mag changes. At least IMBEL has competition on home turf. I believe this kind of things is out of civilian reach in Brazil.

  • Mike Knox

    Now this is starting to get sad. A lot on “new” gun designs are more and more based off established designs. This one’s like some SCAR that sprouted on a different continent..

  • John Doe

    Maybe all new rifles look like the SCAR/ACR because they’re currently the best design for an assault. Important to think about before you scream, “COPIES!”

  • MrHPlus

    Looks to me like Taurus is finding it’s niche again: The ARX is basically vapourware at this point and the SCARs are expensive/ hard to find, so: Hey, Taurus!

    Hopefully, this was designed with import to US customers in mind. I’m now really anxious to see it evaluated.

  • fred

    Looks like a reasonable design.
    A reborn 180?
    Why they chose the mag release they did is odd.
    The mag well is ugly but I imagine it would work.
    No telling until somebody wrings the the thing out.
    The question is.. what is the price and will it be available?