Scally Hill Systems Mk4 Rifle

The Scally Hill Systems Mk4 is a tactical-style bolt action rifle build upon the Savage short action and AccuTrigger. It features an aluminium chassis, fixed or folding fully adjustable stock, Scally Hill Systems proprietary barrel nut (replaces Savage barrel nut), AR-15 pistol grip, Warne optics rail and Harris Bipod.

You can either send in a Savage rifle for Scally Hill Systems to upgrade or you can purcahse a kit to upgrade a Savage rifle yourself. The kit costs $1625 and the Scally Hill Systems build costs $1825 (+ your own Savage rifle).

UPDATE: Scally Hill Systems emailed us to say the pricing on their website was incorrect. They will be uploading the correct pricing soon.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • sdog

    man this looks pretty cool.

  • Russ

    errr… $1625.00 for the stock?…

    you can get the XLR and Mcree for well under 1000$ for savage….

  • Mike

    $1625????? don’t they mean $625. For $625 I would buy the stock, at $1625 it has to be a miss print or they are crazy!

    • Mike-

      I apologize for the issue. The kits are removed from the website and that pricing was in fact incorrect. As of now, the Mk4 system will only be offered as a custom build, the price of which you will find very competitive when compared to other rifles with the same features.

      • JMD

        So then, what is the price?

    • Mike Knox

      I hope you’re right on that..

  • tony

    No, thank you

  • The build price is listed. Kits have yet to be determined.

    • Tod

      $1725 to put the gun in the stock and either cut the barrel back or install a customer supplied barrel? The price seems… excessive. Am I missing something?

      • ARnold

        I think you are missing the point man. What does any gunsmith do except change barrels and put stocks on? Most custom AR builders are just assembling parts so you don’t have to.
        Now, I think that that price is a little much, but look at savage factory 10BA in 308. the msrp is $2218 for a gun that, if you can find one, has zero options. I like that someone is delivering these features on a custom basis. A few years back, I paid $250 for a savage package gun with a sporter barrel in 243. Now that I saw this, I want to have this guy build me up one off that 243 with a OD folding stock, Troy handguard, and a hogue grip. I might have him cut the barrel back to 14.5 inches and thread/weld on a brake. That would be a badass varmint and deer rifle for a total of like $2050 or so. That is still less than the savage msrp and I dont have to go through an FFL.

  • Lance

    Not worth it a regular Savage P110 would be good enough for most precision shooting.

  • larken

    That is not bad pricing. Check out other custom guns with the same stuff. Have you seen the website? These guys offer a more diverse range of options than most. This is a good idea to use ar parts on a bolt action.

    • davehooks

      I like this concept too. I spoke to the owner today and he was very knowledgeable. Some guys are satisfied with factory guns. I like to know that I can have it my way.