DoubleTap Pistol Production Canceled

After trying in vain for months to get hold of a DoubleTap pistol to review on TFB ever since SHOT Show, Phil White and I began to suspect something was up. Raymond B. Kohout, the inventor of the DoubleTap, has announced that he has terminated his relationship Heizer Defense, his manufacturing partner, because of their inability to manufacture the pistol. He is now looking for another manufacturer.

The full press release …

To our valued customers:

As the inventor of the DoubleTap™ pistol and owner of the design and utility patents, along with other intellectual property including the DoubleTap™ name, I am issuing this press release to inform our loyal customers of the current status of the production of this new innovative pistol.

Since we introduced the DoubleTap™ Tactical Pocket Pistol in November of last year, we have been overwhelmed by the industry reception; the popularity confirmed by literally tens of thousands of orders placed by consumers to their dealers, through our distributor partners.

Unfortunately, with the deepest regret, today I announce that we have terminated our relationship with HEIZER DEFENSE, our manufacturing partner, due to their inability to manufacture the DoubleTap™ pistol. I cannot comment further on this subject at this time, under advice from legal counsel, due to pending litigation.

It is our intention to immediately license the design to a leading firearms manufacturer or to align with another manufacturing source to produce the DoubleTap™. We intend to accomplish this as quickly as possible to satisfy the huge demand for the DoubleTap™ pistol. I will make a further announcement as soon as we have established a new manufacturing agreement.

Please visit our new website for news updates.

I handled the DoubleTap earlier this year at SHOT Show and was impressed. It is sleek and stylish, albeit a little costly.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Reverend Clint
  • Trev

    Novelty item IMO.

  • Bob Z Moose

    I know I’m gonna get smashed for this, but… who cares? It a super duper high tech derringer. Yawn.

    • Nicks87

      I agree bob, guns like this make me cringe.

    • D

      I think there’s a market for derringers, certainly, and a new derringer at market isn’t a bad thing.

      That said – it’s pretty expensive for something that’s a niche product.

      • Phil White

        We can only hope the new company will be able to produce these at a lower cost allowing a lower MSRP.

  • A bit of a shame. I was happy to see more arms made in MO.

    btw, that website he links to in the press release is just a GoDaddy placeholder at this moment.

    • Phil White

      Living in Missouri myself I was also looking forward to a Missouri company making this derringer.
      I also noticed the website is a blank right now. I’d try back next week sometime.

      • Bob Z Moose

        It’s updated. Still has the address as St Louis (“Earth” was a nice touch).

  • bbmg

    I’m guessing the grip texture is going to change.

    As to labelling it a high tech derringer, not fair in my opinion – there clearly is a market for a simple self defense device like this one, so don’t knock folks trying to get new designs using modern materials manufactured.

    • Phil White

      I’m certain that will change. We’ll just have to see what they replace it with.

  • JL Coburn

    I have family that can’t rack the slide on my Kel-Tec and a revolver is too bulky for what they want, so I was actually looking forward to this. There’s another company out of Texas, Bond Arms, that makes derringers with interchangeable barrels. Looks like that’s going to be the one to go with now.

  • apache

    This fills the same niche as the .25 Auto pistols but with more power and less shots.
    For those times when carrying anything bigger or with more than two shots is not needed.
    Jogging, biking or just walking around the house.
    Currently I use an M-640 S&W for this job.

  • Justin

    So I’m guessing its not going to be made in St. Louis anymore. Damn 🙁

    • Phil White

      I think that’s a fair assumption—-

      • Samopal

        Do you think it’ll still be at least made on Earth?

  • Mike Knox

    Somehow, I feel glad I picked a .40 Walther PPS rather than wait for this..

  • Charlie

    And after all of the BS wasted on something that didn’t even exist.

  • Steve Day

    It was ridiculously expensive for such a simple handgun. It appeared to have less than 10 moving parts, only held 2 bullets with no magazine and a starting price of $500. You could buy any number of decent fullsize handguns for that amount which would consist of a lot more machining and probably 4x the quantity of materials.

  • IT in California

    This should come as no surprise to anyone who read the comments on the earlier post about this weapon, right here on this site:

  • Sian

    Good maybe whoever manufactures this next can put on a proper 1913 rail and bayonet lug.

  • glenn b

    I would prefer a Beretta 21A Bobcat in .22LR than a two shot 45.


    This makes me sick as I’m sure it does the inventor. This is a perfect gun for specific circumstances. Super light, super simple, and straight forward. Excellent weapon for the girlfriend to operate. It would be great to slip into the pocket of my cargo shorts when attending concerts or sporting events. I would had a couple of these.