“Art-Activists” Plan to Dump Cement on H&K Factory

A group of “Art-Activists”, who call themselves The Centre for Political Beauty, are raising money on IndieGoGo to fly a helicopter over the H&K factory and dump cement on it. They have raised over 3,500 €. They explain their plan in this video …

I think all they plan to do is fly a helicopter over the factory at a high altitude and throw a handful of dry cement out of the window, making a nice profit from gullible do-gooders online. I am surprised IndieGoGo allows this kind of thing to be funded. Either it is deceptive or it is vandalism.

[ Many thanks to John for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Β€

    I may feel more about this if they sold me an HK 91 or whatever the civvie MP5 was, so meh. they are H&K and they hate me. ;_;

    and about the people doing the dropping, retards gonna retard

    • brandon

      If they were so worried about terrorists getting small arms, there are a few factorys in russia still pumping out Ak’s. Then again, they most likey still have a few rusted ZPU-4’s outside that might pose some…problems…

  • Fritz

    You know if they believe they can get enough cement in a helicopter to cover H&K and still fly I say they earned it!

    Unrelated: How much money do we need to raise to encase a few helicopters in cement?

  • Nicks87

    What a worthless waste of time, energy and money. Do people really support this kind of idiocy?

    I hope H&K files a lawsuit and forces them to clean up the mess.

  • surplus-addict

    So, these guys want to stop one factory, which makes weapons that are not sold to civilians, because they are afraid that they will be used by “terrorists”.


    • Sian

      These are artsy kneejerk liberals. what you call terrorists, they call freedom fighters, and what they call terrorists you call modern western militaries.

  • Trev

    If HK made these: http://www.fnherstal.com/index.php?id=316 they wouldn’t have to worry about this stuff.

    • W

      they dont need “those” little belgian pushovers.

      they have these mantis screaming machines of death. http://www.army-technology.com/projects/mantis/

      yes, counter-rocket, artillery, and mortar. that spells helicopter death too. πŸ˜€

      i love german engineering. The folks at Rheinmetall and HK really represent the true German: those who engineers exquisite pieces of machinery that are profoundly effective at slaying the uncivilized man.

      • bbmg

        Words cannot express the awesomeness of those AHEAD rounds:


        Shrapnel shells meet the 21st century πŸ˜€

      • american superiority


        And the American enginering (including enginers) are shit on the other side ?

        right, just look at compagnies like boeing,northrop grumman and the like and then come heres again.

        Seems like that some american are not so american that would pretend to be.

        Yes, if you like to trow flower to an other than your’s where all type of gun are prohibited and responsible of the TWO major tought the human history, then go aways.

      • Mike Knox

        @”american superiority”
        It’s kind of ironic putting ‘superiority’ in your screen name when something as simple as English Grammar, Spelling and Composition says otherwise..

      • W

        american superiority, im not going to dignify your stupidity with a response.

        Since I have to spell it out for you, I was being humorous about the German engineering part and was implying that American engineering was superior. Jesus christ.

        Maybe ill respond next time when you choose to type coherently like a civilized adult.

    • Samopal

      >.50 BMG
      >1000-1100 RPM


  • Nadnerbus

    lol, go try that tactic against the countries and organizations that actually are actively selling arms to known terrorists and criminals. They will get dead really quick.

    Insert Ollie North joke here.

  • Jaymes

    Sounds like a brilliant plan, fly a fleet of cement-helicopters over a weapons factory and completely encase it in cement. Obviously it will work, obtaining takeoff clearance for 50+ helicopters, fly in some formation and make repeated passes over a factory for umpteenth hours. They’ll be taken off their guard, totally buffaloed! Not having enough time to react, they’ll find themselves buried by all the cement! I wouldn’t want to play whoever thought this scheme up in chess.

  • Ray

    Wouldn’t it just be *terrible* if a bunch of machine guns just happened to have “negligent discharges” in the direction of the helicopter all at the exact same time. Oh the humanity…

  • Gidge

    We’re looking at this the wrong way: Why are we working for a living when we could have gullible do-gooders funding a far more extravagant lifestyles?

    The fact that there are enough stupid people willing to fund something so ill conceived that’s blatantly not going to work is proof that this is a viable business model.

    • kjjohn

      They would have a better chance of covering the whole building by freezing shaving cream cans, then cutting them open and dropping them out of the plane.

  • Β€

    I just watched the video… holy mother of god, how does one become this retarded? IMMA DRAP MUH HELACHOPTERS A SEMENT ONNA DAH HECLER AN KAH ARMS FACTORY AND IT WILL FORM A PERFECT WALL ON ALL FOUR SIDES AND SEEL UP DIM EVUL GUNS!!!1! arggghs now to fondle my glock and recon 1 and dream about all my other guns back at home :C

    • kjjohn

      Okay, now I just want to find their helicopter, and seal that up in cement.

  • bbmg

    OK, so you’re covered a factory in concrete (and presumably buried the evil workers inside alive). Congratulations. But how do you change human nature?


    As long as the are people, there will be weapons. Trying to focus on disrupting one arms manufacturer thinking anything meaningful will be achieved is an exercise in futility.

    • HeatherRadish

      Kang: It seems the earthlings won.
      Kodos: Did they? That board with a nail in it may have defeated us. But the humans won’t stop there. They’ll make bigger boards and bigger nails, and soon, they will make a board with a nail so big, it will destroy them all! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • 6677

    How much would we have to raise on kickstarter in order to install an anti aircraft system over HK?

    • Cymond

      We’re dealing with anti-gunners so perhaps we should use their logic. According to them, a single-shot 50 BMG rifle should be sufficient.

      • John Doe

        “According to them a single-shot .22 LR rifle should be sufficient”

        Fixed it for ya. Don’t underestimate the power of the gun! They can kill from miles away!

    • Anonymous Coward

      Oh please, if indiegogo lets anyone fund projects, someone need to submit one to build anti-air defenses at HK.

  • W

    good, then let HK become a american headquartered company.

    Oh yes, sealing off evil HK will stop the flow of weapons around the world…nice try activist pukes, but HK in Germany is not even a pimple on America or Russia’s ass as far as weapons exports go. youll have to cement the entire United States, and we could use solidified borders.

    I love the “enlightened, civilized” pseudo-intellectuals that represent Europe’s youth. No wonder they are sipping their lives away at coffee shops, unemployed and sterile, chasing liberal wet dreams that are not humanly possible. It reminds me of the same isolated, niche of douche bags that hail from such failed states like NJ, NY, IL, CA, among others.

    • Doug

      Well said sir, well said. If I could click the “thumbs up” button more than once you’d have a lot of extra support :).

    • Denny

      Actually, HK was once before under attack – by police. I do not remember what was the motivation (probably financial nature) and what was the outcome, but it happened. Once again, common denominator might be of higher order.

      • W

        it was due to sales of weapons to specific law enforcement agencies in mexico like chihuahua. Surprisingly (*gasp), many HK weapons ended up in the hands of drug cartel members and the german government needed to look good to the rest of the world.

  • Fred

    I used to think German schools were superior to ours (US). But now I am second guessing that.
    Don’t Germans make cars? I rather see them shutting down those factories instead. Last time I checked, cars kill more people than guns in the US and Germany.

    • Are you kidding me ?


      What’s the point of this statement ? the article does not even talk about education and instead of trowing flowers on the german every time try to make the us education better instead of complaining.

      and i don’t really see why how germany is better than that since most of the kid around heres are more immature, so much that they make easily the american one look like “angel”

      • RocketScientist

        I think you missed his point entirely… I’ll chalk it up to a language barrier. I am hesitant to put words in Fred’s mouth, but I am pretty sure he wasn’t actually trying to critique the German educational system, he was using sarcasm to make a humorous point (as a German, you may need to look up the definition of humor, possible sarcasm too). You see, he was suggesting that this story has made him doubt the efficacy of the German educational system, the implication being that if the people who came up with this inherently flawed plan to cover the H&K factory in cement are stupid enough to think this plan would work, that they must be complete f*****g idiots and, as Germans, this would suggest there is a shortcoming in the German educational system which causes it to produce such monumentally stupid people.

        In case you missed this as well, my attempt to explicitly explain the nature of the humor in the post in such detailed and step-by-step fashion, is itself intended to be humorous, suggesting that a German such as yourself has difficulty understanding humor, a commonly held stereotype of the German people (one which I personally know to be false, but which I thought might elicit a laugh from some of the readers).

    • Noir

      STFU, they are on their way to ban cars too, dont give them ammunition by sayng cars are worse than guns..

      • Karina

        In a country that has highways with no speed limits? Hell no, the Germans love their autobahns, why would they ban cars too?

      • W

        especially german cars. they go fast. I like to go fast. Therefore, it is in my self-interest for german cars to not get banned or their factories shut down.

  • Sir Panfried

    Hmm, despite all the rockets, bombs, and catapults he bought I had no idea Wile E. Coyote was anti-gun…how odd…

  • It just strikes me as a bad idea to fly a helicopter over the factory of a company which makes something with a name that translates to “Grenade Machine Gun”.

  • jack Luz

    Solution for potential attack from above: Stinger missiles.

  • Chase

    Self-righteous morons like this are the reason people don’t respect artists.

  • bob

    Thou art the unintelligible execution of a “endeavor of artistic flatulence”, ill-conceived over whine and cheese. Nay the good fellows at The Centre for Political Beauty

  • Doug

    I don’t get it. Why single out HK? Why not FN, CZ, Izmash, Norinco, etc. etc.? Maybe this is a campaign started by someone that HK directly hated on.

    It’s pretty clear these people are confusing AK’s with G36’s and G3’s. Sure we see photos of G3’s in war-torn African nations and the Middle East, but 1.5 million dead at the hands of HK’s products???

    Good luck finding a pilot that will sign on to this project. Because you know… pilots have measureable IQ’s.

    • Andrey

      Izhmash? I guess it’s harder to find a helicopter. Besides, they’ll have hard times getting out of Russia, mainly because they flight will be delayed somewhere around Magadan for couple of years πŸ™‚

    • Burst

      If I were to speculate, I’d say this group is made up of lazy Germans.

    • Denny

      Simply because they are Germans. With all due respect, Germans have time by time shown preponderance to extreme of extremism. Its in their veins; if it turns positive you have BMW, if the other way you have concentration camps.

      But, in this case they are likely showing, in their own very specific way admiration and respect to HK. You need to be of euro background to grasp it fully.

    • John Doe

      Stop it!!! You don’t use logic against us! We hate guns!

      H&K should be stopped because uh… guns are bad! And… well… California is good and crime and the ghettos and think of the children!

    • MacBeth51

      The response at Ishmash and Norinco might be really interesting. Especially at Norinco

  • Hoplophobic’s Superstition:

    Although Criminals, with Tools in their house, do not turn magically into Decent Folk;

    They believe Decent Folk, will turn Magically into Criminals, if they have Weapons in their house.

    “Center for political Beauty”?
    Looks like somenting out of Bolywood!!!

  • Brendan

    They’re probably just demanding for the civilian version of the MP7.

  • techohead

    Utter clowns, seems Germany has quite a few of these freaks.

  • Pepin the Short

    €3500 to drop a bag of dry cement on a factory rooftop?

    Would that I could come up with such clever scams.

    • Helicopter flight time is expensive, especially with European fuel prices. I also expect that there’s a “stupid hippy fee” in there somewhere.

  • BombedCarnivore

    And they think they can get away with doing this without facing legal action?

  • DaDjaPavlak

    Aww that’s cute little hippie stuff right there. And weren’t the G3 and G36 20th century inventions?

  • Anonymoose

    “Germany’s Deadliest Factory?” What about Rheinmetall, KMW, Diehl, and the other companies that make *heavy* weapons?

    • Database

      They did make a video about KMW, I have no idea what they are saying because its in German. But from what I could tell, they are claiming that the Leopard 2A7 tank was designed to run over protestors. Which seems legit, because, its not like there are far more efficient ways to do that.

      • Anonymoose

        Oh, wow.
        That is the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. πŸ˜€

      • W

        they are designed to do that, which is why saudi arabia has purchased a number of them πŸ˜€

        as if a regular tracked vehicle wasn’t good enough for such a dirty deed. Just ask a tiananmen square protestor.

  • Pete Sheppard

    You CAN make a decent living doing comedy!!

  • Mike

    I don’t need a helicopter to put that cement to good use. Just a bucket, a chair, some duct tape and water. I’ll show those numbnuts that criminals don’t really need guns.

  • gunslinger

    i thought the page said it was art and not a protest…

    but then again, i don’t speak german.

    i wish that i could get people to fund my next gun purchase though…

    • Mike

      Art? More like fart…

  • Masood

    Here’s an idea, attack a weapons factory with bags of cement. Brilliant. When are the anti-gunners going to realize that we have guns? That’s seems an awfully important thing to over look.

    • Hking

      Yes, because shooting and possibly killing someone is a completely rational reaction to someone attempting to minorly vandalize a building. Comments like these sure do make us gun enthusiasts look like level headed responsible people.

  • West

    I cant help but think of the scene in “The Big Lebowski” when The Dude attempts to cast Donnie’s ashes into the ocean and the wind blows them back in his face.
    Maybe the cement will be sucked into the engine manifold and cause it to seize.

  • Gumby

    3,500 € says the cement bag lands off target.

  • Graham 1

    Seems cost effective and practical, that’ll really slow HK down!

  • apache

    Most nations require at least a permit to drop anything by air.
    It is considered illegal to drop anything from an aircraft, especially on an occupied building.

    FAR 91.15 No pilot in command of a civil aircraft may allow any object to be dropped from that aircraft in flight that creates a hazard to persons or property. However, this section does not prohibit the dropping of any object if reasonable precautions are taken to avoid injury or damage to persons or property.

    • So, I wonder, did Daniel Defense get approval to drop their rifle from a helicopter for the torture test video? πŸ˜‰

  • Vitor

    You guys should check the most voted comment in the youtube page:

    “shes just mad cause H&K wont releaseο»Ώ a civilian MP7”

  • kjjohn

    WTF? I think I just lost 50 IQ points after watching that video. Are humans really this stupid? Anyone who funds this is unbelievable gullible, and does not understand a thing about guns, helicopters, or cement.

  • J.J

    don’t they realize that there is a neighborhood right next door and that super
    “saco- FAgus” or sarcophagus like we say in america, would literally destroy homes and ruin people’s live’s. And if by some miracle the German government doesn’t completely sh*t on this plan then I bet the plants worker’s whose livelihoods are on the line would just access the millions of dollars of high tech 21’st century “death machines” that they literally build almost every day of their lives and would easily be able to hold off an “assault” from a bunch of bleeding heart flower children with a few buckets of cement. so obviously this is just a scam, which I’m not condoning for obvious moral grounds, but I cant seem to condemn either because the people who are being duped deserve it. I hope that they somehow reach their goal just to watch the German legal system give it all to H&K for damages.

  • Spencedaddy

    okay….is this actually real?

    did anybody look at the indie gogo page and see the address?


    SARKOPHAG! there is no way they are serious at this point lol

  • jon

    Haha! I am pretty comfortable with their level of stupidity. The fact that they even think their plan as any chance of working is quite funny!

  • kjjohn

    Wouldn’t it just be hilarious if this whole thing was planned by HK employees to make a little extra $$$ on the side?

    • Tom327Cat

      What if Hk was ordered to build a cement wall around their factory to reduce noise and this was their clever way of funding it.

  • NI Shooter

    Why not drop a G3 on the factory? Surely a boat anchor would do more damage than some cement πŸ˜‰

  • Gryphonlore

    Local legend here in Wisconsin tells of a PETA activist team that cut a hole in the fence to a local mink farm late one night, freed the minks from the barns and herded them to freedom out the hole. The minks that left walked right onto the interstate… which is where the activists had stopped their van. Legend says 500+ “rescued” minks became high-priced tire coats.

    I have no idea if this is true or not, but this idea for H&K approaches that legend in terms of stupidity, and frankly exceeds it in terms of impracticality.

    Dropping a few bags of concrete on the roof, assuming they have the brain cells to OPEN them first, will simply piss off the janitors and get the helicopter pilot arrested.

    Since I have problems believing anyone who is not residing in an institution can be this delusional, I vote this is some sort of stunt.

    • Richard

      Yes, that incident did indeed happen in S. Central WI. I know a woman who’s father worked at the farm in question, and yes, most of the mink were road pizza. On the other hand there were fewer rodents that year until the winter froze out the extra, starving predators.

  • Ivan

    Sure this will be really popular idea. Go look at the like/dislike ratio of this video on Youtube.

  • 6677

    I emailed indiegogo about the fact that this is essentially crowd funded terrorism, at the very least its vandalism and against their terms of contract (cannot be used for funding illegal activity basically).

    This was their response: http://pastebin.com/yssbUefX

    Basically, we acknowledge you emailed us, we don’t care

    • Komrad

      Seems like an automated response or one made by a low level employee. It’s probably been routed to someone higher up the chain.

      • 6677

        If it has gone either up then they haven’t replied to me since that piece of mail

  • John Doe

    I like tipping this blog more and more.

    I hope these idiots try to drop cement bags on Rheinmetall without realizing they make tanks.

  • Mike Knox

    I bet times like this is when to put that LLA ammo to good use..

  • Sian

    A concrete WHAT?

    I’ve never heard a more mangled pronunciation of ‘sarcophagus’ before.

    • Komrad

      It’s just the German pronunciation.

  • Tom327Cat

    Look guys, I have a great secret plan to get all the anti-gun crazy’s to do themselves in with a large Rube Goldberg device!
    Now all I will need is a few million bucks to cover the cost of monkeys, anvils, exercise bikes, rope, window shades and such. Look for my kickstarter soon…

  • Brett S

    I can not stop laughing. seriously they have to be joking

  • B

    I reported the campaign using Indiegogo’s TOS – Posting a project that breaks the law – vandalism is against the law in Germany. Dropping a 50lb bag of cement on a factory that is occupied is vandalism, and potentially dangerous vandalism. I also pointed out that the company that owned the building may hold Indiegogo accountable in lawsuits as well as the German government holding Indiegogo accountable if it results in criminal charges.

  • dast

    PR gold for HK

  • KM

    couldn’t care less about this. Now if they were going to do this to an FN plant or Glock just over the border, then I would care. HK couldn’t give a flying **** about the US market, so why should we care about it?

    • John Doe

      H&K hates us, but the ’21st century weapons of mass destruction’ (silly art activists), the G3 and the G36 really are cool.

    • AZRon

      By all means, please edify us on how HK hates you. Or, perhaps, you’re just another internet idiot that repeats trained phrases with 0 actual experience.

      I suspect that your Glock and AR match your skateboard, and you have your gamer hit-points dialed in dude!. Right On Bastridge! You are rockin’ now dooderama!

      • Frank

        HK raped my father and killed my mother!

    • bob

      To whom it may concern: please put the “HK hates us” stuff to rest this literately has been proven time and time again to only make you sound incredibly uninformed if you considered logic instead of forum group think.

      If “Hk hates us” the U.S. consumer so much than why did they build a U.S. facility that mainly produces weapons for the U.S. civilian gun market and warranties guns they made in the 1980’s. And why hate on a company that’s a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and contributes to the NRA. Hate is baggage and so is prejudice, grow up.

    • W

      Im glad more people are standing up against this “HK Hates you” bullshit and cannot believe such a ignorant, factually incorrect, pile of horse shit blog article gained so much traction.

      The fact still stands: HK can sell to whoever they want, even if it is not you. Get the fuck over it, grow up. Nobody gives a shit.

    • W

      You know why we care? because Heckler & Koch GmbH is good, just like Rearden Metal is good.

      There is only one reason: you must say it, because it is true.

  • chris

    These are the translations of the “perks”:

    10€: For a donation of 10 euros you get a glossy poster (A1 size) of future sarcophagus.

    25€: The actions of the planning to the helicopter emergency measures bishin for construction (foundation stone) on future sarcophagus in Oberndorf, accompanied “dokumentarfilmisch”. You will receive the first copy on DVD.

    50€: You’ll receive a glossy poster (A1) is also a model of the future new landmark in Oberndorf: the sarcophagus in miniature form

    100€: We will send you a book on German arms trade and a glossy poster of the future sarcophagus.
    500€: You will receive in addition to miniature model, glossy posters and DVD movie an invitation to an exclusive dinner with the makers and learn about the opportunities for political action art in Germany.

    1000€: We will take you into one of the helicopters to weapons factory Heckler & Koch.
    that last one seems like “we will let you get arrested with us!”

    thank you google translate

  • Jeric Chua

    Seriously? All this hate just from that one article on Recoil magazine?

    • CPP

      This made my day

  • MacBeth51

    I thought this was interesting
    “Google for Entrepreneurs matched 3.679€ of contributions made to this campaign. Matched funds are reflected in the total amount raised.”

    Good old Google

    Mike B.

  • Brendan

    Because they are too scared to face Norinco.

    • Bob Z Moose

      Norinco: the armorers of tyrants

  • Bob Z Moose

    Not sure if anyone mentioned it, but… If we take these silly geese seriously, what about the workers in the factory? What about the houses around the factory? Why do they hate people?

  • El Freddio

    I wonder if HK is developing any new anti air weapons
    Could be a good time to test them out….

  • calool

    I think these guys are underestimating the size of the HK factory just a little, two buckets of concrete to make the sarcophagus? two buckets is a little less than 400,000m3 (each bucket is about 1.5cubic yards).

    also, i’m pretty sure H&K is a gun factory, correct me if im wrong but i heard somewhere that gun factories are full of guns. Also H&K is in germany and is one of the biggest income factories there, i doubt the government, or the Bundeswehr (who situate most of their weapons from H&K) would allow this to happen. so any way it goes about, the plan is most likely doomed

  • Karina

    How much dumber can those silly “gun haters” get? And they call themselves educated? Doesn’t seem to matter where you’re from in the world, idiots will always be idiots…

  • Silly hippies! The G3s are battle rifles, not assault rifles. To make things more dumberer 8) , the assault rifle is a GERMAN invention.

  • Sean

    Isn’t dumping a metric crapton of cement on top of an active factory a crime in itself and possible murder?

    • Karina

      How come they want to stop terrorists by doing a terrorist act by themselves? Sounds like to me it’s “pot calling the kettle black”… or something like that. I’m not good with expressions.

  • Tony

    I think HK reserves the right to shoot down the helicopter.

  • mosinman

    this is a great oppurtunity to answer a question ive been dying to figure out! how many .556 rounds does it take to get to the center of a helicopter?

    • 6677


      • Mike Knox

        And such is the meaning of life, the universe, everything..

  • Jagreen Lern

    After these intrepid heroes fix the whole gun violence issue, they plan to solve the issue of fossil-fuels by writing some dirty jokes on the wall of an Exxon bathroom.

  • JMD

    If they want to call small arms “the real weapons of mass destruction”, they ought to start with Izhmash, not Hk. Of course, the Russians might not be so tolerant of their “art” as the Germans… On that note, they ought to go do it at Izhmash first and see what happens. That should make for interesting headlines. lol

    • Gidge

      The Russians wouldn’t hurt them. They’d just “release” them. Just like Somali pirates

      • John Doe

        “Release” them. In a rowboat. In the middle of the shark-infested Somalian waters.

      • Sean

        Putin would have a field day if a group of “terrorists” decided to drop stuff on the Izmash factory.

    • Dan-O

      Dear HK,

      Please “artistically” dump the ordnance of your choosing upon their roflcopters.

      That is all.

  • Lcon

    I suppose once they are done with the gun factory’s, The Craftsman plants are next fallowed by the Auto manufacturers, Cutlery makers ect… ect.. The stupidity of it all. Small arms? 21st Century WMD?
    As long as there is Conflict there will be killing as long as there is killing there will be weapons until there is War no more.

    Dear Activist
    Take that cash and donate it too charity. forget this pick up a few books start reading and grow up. Because even if you were too pull off a concrete HK plant stunt there are plenty more and the ones you should really worry about aren’t in that plant. they are on the streets and in terrorist Armories stolen form lawful owners or bought black market. they are being built in the back villages of Pakistan, the garage workshops of bomb vest makers and the Arms factories of Rouge states. Hk is the top line arms the stuff that terrorist tend too get either on battle pickup or in movies.
    That is all.

    • Duh

      ‘rouge’ is what women put on their cheeks to make them red. I’m guessing you mean ‘rogue’ states.

      • Max

        Quit being a pretentious prick.

  • Airrider

    They’re just jealous that operators get the G36 and we’re stuck with SL8s.

    Between this and the elections I’d rather live on the moon, but there’s problems with that idea…

  • IC

    I would contribute just to see these haters being shot down their choppers.

  • Barbara

    Dont you no guns dont kill .