MasterPiece Arms MPA570SST-SBR Short Barrel Rifle

Apart from the name, which is a bit of a mouthful (The MasterPiece Arms Em Pee Ay Five Seven Zero Es Es Tee – Es Bee Are), the MPA570SST-SBR is a nifty short barrelled carbine chambered in the 5.7x28mm round.

MPA570SST-SBR with suppressor attached.

It features a 10″ threaded barrel, folding stock, iron sights, top scope rail and forward quad rail and Strike Industries Foregrip.

The MSRP is $800, making it a cheap way to own a semi-automatic 5.7mm carbine to complement a 5.7mm pistol. For comparison, the FN PS90 sells for about $1700.

Steve Johnson

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  • bbmg

    I wonder if you could bury it into one of these and have a poor man’s P90:

    • alannon

      Only if you don’t care about accuracy or ergonomics.

      Muzzlelite stocks are notoriously terrible.

      • Clodboy

        Modify it into a poor man’s P90? Sacrilege.
        The Muzzelite may be a piss-poor gun, but it’s an amazing piece of Hollywood history, reminding you of getting some R&R with that triple-breasted hooker in in Total Recall, or taking on T-800s and Hunter-Killers in Terminator’s version of 2029.

        Oh yeah, and at least one intrepid Muzzelite actually finished its pilgrimage to the gun markets of Pakistan, which are probably considered holy sites by libertarian hoplophiles.

      • bbmg

        There’s an easier way to go about it.

        – remove the folding stock and remove it with a buttpad

        – extend the railed section to include a forward grip and trigger rod

        – add a high mounted sight at the front


        If you use the same grip for the front it could be used to store an extra magazine.

    • Anonymoose

      Hollywood tried that in the mid-90s when they made Spawn but real P90s were rare as f— and they had a buttload of MAC-11s from a couple decades of using them in action movies.

      • bbmg

        Not really a bullpup though is it, you don’t get the benefits of a long barrel but short overall length.

  • Trev

    It’s so ugly. So So ugly.

    • Hikerguy

      You are about 2/5 Correct. It’s so ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly. There. I fixed it.
      Despite it’s homely appearance, I’d bet it is one of those guns that is almost indestructable and super reliable. The charging handle must be on the left side since I don’t see one in the picture. The poor man’s (or the poor police department or the poor army’s) PDW.

  • Wow. That takes the design way past utility over form to pug fugly equipment. That said, I wonder how well it handles and shoots.

    Also, this looks a lot like a homebrew subgun I saw out on the net.

    I think I’d rather have the homebrew.

  • gunslinger

    so it’s like an Uzi and a Mac 10 had a nasty love child.

    what do 5.7 pistols go for?

    the FN looks to be around $900 or so. And i guess you could get a carbine and the pistol for the price of one PS90, but if you have the coin to drop for the FN5-7 i would bet you’d like to keep the FN family and pick the PS90 as well.

    but that’s just me.

  • Chucky

    Half the cost of a PS90. But it looks so goddamn bad it makes you want to work overtime until you cover the difference to afford a PS90. Still gotta give them credit though, at least they were more imaginative than just raping an M11 with Magpul accessories.

  • noob

    i like this. in full length carbine it actually looks not as bad as a neutered PS90.

    ample rail space means you don’t have to worry about not having your preferred red dot.

    it looks like it would be amenable to an aftermarket full profile fixed stock.

  • Mike Knox

    Holy cow, it’s like oversized plywood body kits on a crappy Korean car..

  • Brandon

    I just don’t see the point. No matter what you plan on using it for, there’s probably a gun out there that’s way better suited for your needs. $800 + $200 tax stamp just seems like a lot for that thing

  • Tim

    I really want to like the MPA 5.7’s but the grip keeps bugging me. That blocky grip just looks unfinished. After handling it at SHOT it feels unfinished to me too. I don’t mind the overall blocky style of the MAC design but that grip doesn’t work for me aesthetically or ergonomically.

    • noob

      Anyone know if it uses standard FiveseveN mags? or some weird proprietary mag?

      • klyph

        It ships with promag 20 round mags for the FiveseveN

  • TheIrateBlackGuy

    Ha. Masterpiece is back at it. I had one of their 9mm carbines for a bit. Extremely inaccurate and every time I shot it I had the weird feeling the gun was just gonna explode in my hands. Extremely bottom tier weapon not even on par with Hi-Point. The price is what gets me though. Who would pay that much for a sheet metal stamp out? You’d be better off ordering a UZI repro from CIA.

  • Lance

    Looks like a Civilian legal tacti cool Mac-10. Get a UZI or Grease gun.

  • Clodboy

    Ugh. It’s like somebody decided to make a MAC-10, then half-way through decided to make an AR-15 forend with quadrails and an angled foregrip, then decided it needed the cheapest-looking foregrip and suppressor they could find.

    You want a carbine to shoot 5.7mm ammo on the cheap? (well, atleast the gun can be cheap, 5.7×28 still probably isn’t what you’d consider a plinking round)
    Get an AR-57 12′ upper for the same price as this abomination, and enjoy the feeling of being able to take on Kevlar-wrapped varmints with a gun that actually looks better than a regular AR-15 (IMHO).

  • Tony

    I wish they’d rethink their rifle/sbr line, I’d be all about a top cocker with that folding stock, a standard length barrel, and the old school strap and hanger.

    All the rails and odd barrel lengths really detract from what makes a MAC type gun appealing to me.

  • John Doe

    Ugly as sin, but a poor man’s PS90 is still awesome.

  • Bob Z Moose

    I hate to be “that guy”, but did anyone else think that this is as close to a civilian MP7 as we’ll ever get?

  • Alex-mac

    Although it doesn’t look reliable or rugged, that’s a sweet setup.

  • CalAnon

    I like it. I’d like one better if someone produced a body kit to mimic some of the MP7-alikes out there, instead of just a M-11/M-10 variant.

    This is, in fact, probably as close as the US market will get to an MP7, but if this and the Excell Arms 5.7 pistol are used together? I could see some applications here.

    Anything to drive down the cost of a 5.7 system, ammo, and the like, is good in my book.

  • Darex82

    I would agree that it is a poor mans mp7a1. And the only way civies could come close as of now to having a mp7. Shape and egro wise its very similar. Is iy hk quality prob not. But with the hk not even in the realm of possibility. Its not a bad option. And the price is affordable for the common man even if the the ammo isnt.

  • Jake

    I have one of the 57sst pistols. Low recoil, zero FTF or FTE, and surprisingly accurate. Been shooting the ATK 57 ammo, which is nice that an American Company finally started making this round. But the weapon is actually very well built and although the grip looks bulky, its comfortable to shoot – or should I say I dont notice the grip will shooting. Have about 1K rounds through the weapon with no issues. The FN 57 mags will work, but I had to polish down a tab on the magazine to get it to fit properly in the mag well.