All Africa IPSC Championship

The Zimbabwean city of Bulawayo recently hosted the All Africa IPSC Championship. Instead of deer and coyote silhouette they have zebra and warthogs!

It is sad that only three African countries (Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa) were able to field shooters. Outside of these three countries there are not a lot of legally held guns in Africa.

Libya is said to have a higher number of guns/capita than South Africa but these are all technically illegal or held by security forces. Unless they have passed laws recently saying otherwise, civilian possession of guns is outlawed in Libya although these laws don’t seem to have been enforced since the Libyan revolution.

[Hat Tip: Photos from the CZ newsletter]

Steve Johnson

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  • In both photographs, the shooter’s arms are not fully extended with elbows locked out. Is this some shooting style with which I’m not familiar? Or did both photographs perhaps catch the shooter mid-deployment of his weapon, as he was pushing it out into his shooting stance?

    • David

      they might have their guns & compensator’s tuned so they don’t need to fully extend to combat recoil and have a steady platform, at their level all they need to worry about is getting to where their want to take their shots fast enough and taking those shots

    • Samopal

      I don’t know, but I’ve seen this stance quite a few times in pictures and video of South African shooters. Maybe it’s just a popular stance down there?

      • David

        I’ve seen plenty of open shooter in IPSC doing it from plenty of countries, when I shoot standard everyone is fully extended so I imagine that with the gear and setups open shooters have they can get that little bit faster by not fully extending, and from my experience with optic sights on handguns, not fully extending usually helped with finding the dot a lot easier

    • e-mishka

      When you are on the move or on the moving platform, its better to keep pistol closer to your body for more accurate and faster shots. If you have your arms fully extended in this scenario you will have a lot more shaking .

  • jeh

    wait, so this took place in zimbabwe? robert mugabe’s zimbabwe? the zimbabwe where a loaf of bread costs a billion dollars?


    • Samopal

      They abandoned their own currency a few years, almost all transactions are with foreign currency now.

  • matt

    Even if Africa, the ranges are full of white people.

    • alannon

      They only show one ref and one guy; not really a good sample size of the whole shoot.

  • lulz

    Even if Africa, the ranges are full of white people.

    • Noir

      Photos from the CZ newsletter, CZ T-shirt, guess what?;)

  • gunslinger

    i guess a deer/coyote aren’t normal in africa?

  • tony

    I was hoping to see a bit more diversity.

  • Lance

    Like it good to see what nations let citizens carry guns. Too bad S.A. is trying to ban all guns again. Hope the pro gunner succeed. As for Libya yeah many AKs and FALs where liberated from arsenals Qaddafi had. But the new Islamist Government banned all firearms ownership so they are collecting any private weapons at gunpoint. Sad.

    Hope SA wins.