FPS Industries: World Leader in Military Technologies

Youtube star FPS Russia has started a gun company called FPS Industries. Their slogan is “a World Leader in Military Technologies”. This is a bold statement coming from a new company that has not yet launched a product or, as far as I am aware, developed any new technologies.

Their upcoming rifle is the BR-556, an AR-15-style rifle with a forward recoil spring and folding stock, similar to the ZM Weapons LR 300 (once known as the Para USA Tactical Target Rifle).

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  • What a joke. That guy is about the last person I would ever want designing a rifle. I’m surprised that his first weapon prototype doesn’t have an integrated AA-12 that fires FRAG-12 rounds.

    • DP

      Agreed. Isn’t the guy who just injured his cameraman and said that “It was worth it” a poor choice for leading a developing business? When an employee blows his hand off due to being encouraged to follow in the boss’ footsteps and act like an idiot, is he going to respond with “It was pretty gross and cool and stuff, so I guess it was worth it”?

      So far as I can tell, his only skills are using a fake accent and irritating responsible gun owners.

    • JM

      I smell jealousy. That…and naivety.

      I mean, someone really has to have a serious agenda to pretend that they believe everything a guy says in an obviously fake Russian accent.

      Dude loves guns. Dude does crazy stuff with guns. Dude wants to design guns.
      I guess you wouldn’t drive a car designed by Dale Earnhardt, eh?

      • No I wouldn’t drive a car designed by Dale Earnhardt because he probably doesn’t know anything about safety ratings, real-world handling, or comfort.
        You see where I’m going with this?

      • JM

        Unless you’re alluding to the fact that he is dead, then no…I don’t.

        Are you seriously saying that Dale Earnhardt wasn’t familiar with the engineering of an automobile?

      • DP

        Jealous, no. I am not a firearms designer. I would love the job, but I will leave that to people with engineering degrees so that they might develop an original idea, not paste together a bunch of ideas that others have come up with.

        Agenda, yes. FPS Russia is unsafe. Maybe I’m a safety jerk, but I like my firearms and don’t want to give anyone a reason to want to take them. You said that “Dude does crazy stuff with guns.” A firearm is a deadly weapon, so DON’T DO CRAZY STUFF WITH IT for YouTube views! His lack of regard for the safety of his cameraman is well documented. Maybe I’m boring, but I have not once injured someone with a firearm in any way. This guy is a joke and does not need to be given credibility by being “in charge” of a company.

        The idea that his brand new, little company is a “World Leader in Military Technologies” is further evidence that he is a showman, and not a designer or businessman. If he could demonstrate one piece of military technology that his company has developed that is being used by armed forces across the world, I will gladly drop my current opinion of him.

  • jdun1911

    There are good reasons why stock are folded the opposite side of the ejection port.

    • DW

      IIRC most folding stocks folds to the right, the side with the ejection port

    • David/Sharpie

      Dude, see the angle of the stock? That allows it to eject properly.

  • Pepin the Short

    Gun rights have weathered a lot of trials over the years. Sometimes, someone does something horrible with a gun, and the entire world gets into a froth, demanding this and that law until someone reminds them that this is America and they sit back down, hands folded, waiting patiently for the sequel.

    But, someday, the kind of people who watch FPS Russia will be able to afford firearms. When that day comes, there will be no controversy, no uproar. You will simply wake up in the morning and all your weapons will be gone.

    • JM

      You’re advocating gun control against THOSE people NOW, to avoid gun control against THESE people LATER.

  • Nicks87

    I just hope he makes some new inovative products instead of just slapping his name on the side of an AR-15 receiver, putting some tactical pastic on it and calling it a “new” weapon.

  • bbmg

    Starting off with an AR clone, very original.

    Where are the innovators? Where are the new cartridges, projectiles, materials?

    • alannon

      R&D is really, really hard to make money at. And if a company isn’t making money, it’s out of business.

      Cartridges and projectiles are all already developed; you can’t really improve a bullet, and companies are always experimenting with ‘exotic’ rounds like caseless, ring-airfoil, etc. They’re just not viable, at least at the moment.

      Materials are even harder to adequately develop, especially if you’re looking for a material for a specific purpose. Most development in this area is a bunch of guys playing with materials until it develops some interesting quality, then selling into a market that benefits from that quality. Consider superglue: the original intent was to produce a plastic, which superglue sucked at being. It ended up stuck in a drawer for decades, then dragged out as a quick-setting adhesive. Then it was found to have excellent properties as a medical adhesive. Today, it’s a pretty common addition to home-made first aid kits (because the less-reactive medical counterparts are rediculously expensive)

      • bbmg

        If everyone had that attitude, we’d all still be throwing rocks downrange.

        If there’s a company I admire, it’s Kel-Tec. If only all gun manufacturers were as daring.

    • JM

      If he retails it for $600 you’ll eat your words.

      • Samopal

        Be realistic here, it’s probably going to be closer to $2k.

      • JM

        Probably. But wouldn’t it blow your mind? 😀

      • jamFRIDGE

        I “liked” his Facebook page because he started a manufacturing company, and he says $949.00 base price

    • Kyle

      Haven’t a bunch of companies started off with AR Clones? Hell, anyone who isn’t Armalite that makes AR clone rifles for public consumption is fine, right? But since this guy is on YouTube, all of that suddenly doesn’t apply?

      • bbmg

        Making AR clones is lazy way to cash in, whether it’s a guy on youtube or an established manufacturer. Same goes for M1911 clones.

  • TangledThorns

    I think FPS Russia is jumping the shark on this. A good start would be endorsing certain guns with their brand name.

    • JM

      Isn’t that what he does in every FPS Russia video?

  • Anthony

    Yeah… every part of this weapon has all been done already someone where else. I can’t see other manufacturers being happy when someone drops a product that infringes upon their copy rights. I’m just going to pull up a chair and watch how this all plays out. ‘Dis gon’ be good! 😀

    • Anthony

      done already BY someone else* Horrid typing this morning!

  • gunslinger

    what is this new rifle? i’ve never seen anything like that.

    • Juice

      It’s one of his “new designs”.
      like Nicks87 and bbmg stated above, it’s just an AR with a folding stock and charging handle on the side, one of which are new since the LR-300 already has a short-bolt design and there are already side-charging AR’s such as the LRWC REPR rifle.

      He’s just using his Youtube popularity to become popular in a market where popularity isn’t and shouldn’t be a buy-factor.

      Perhaps he’ll prove us all wrong and develop something amazing and new, but that’s very unlikely to happen.

      • Kyle

        But the LR-300 isn’t imported anymore and the REPR isn’t even the original side-charging AR, nor is it in 5.56

  • SiloZen

    Now the thing is, most people will overlook this purely because of the fact he is a youtube Star and that is where the discussions deteriorate to basically flaming and saying he is an irresponsible gun owner/shooter/loaner/character.

    The idea with the folding stock is good on an AR Platform, even if it’s been done before, hell you can say that with most variations of the AR platform.
    You’ll praise a lookalike AR with a different barrel and different Upper that most have branded as a “NEW INNOVATION!” But when it comes to this, simply referencing my point above, it’s overlooked.

    The Charging handle on the side, again a good feature because I rarely see any actual AR platforms that use this and it’s mainly convenience, this may have been put on another platform before like someone said, but hell, I’m sure there’s been possibly 10000’s of platforms and manufacturers who’ve done this before. What makes this any different?

    LRWC REPR rifle, right, So the fact that this has the handle automatically makes you look over it right? but what about the different calibre? This is 5.56 and the LRWC is .308, there’s a huge difference, however there’s a combination of the folding stock and the charging handle, which to be fair I’ve never seen a weapon have both features.

    Quad rail is good, tacticool stuff is always good, and I’m guessing that can be removed so that’s just stock goodness.

    Juice I think you’re a bit too quick by jumping the gun on this, just because of his fame, doesn’t mean that he hasn’t got a good few ideas to throw into the pot.

    • Juice

      Nice try FPSRussia.

      • SiloZen

        Dude I’m just some British guy from the UK. ._.
        Though I’m just pointing out stuff.

      • DP

        @SiloZen Can you say that in a fake British accent?

      • SiloZen

        @DP No, although if you heard me you would think I’m British.
        I’m not FPSRussia, I wouldn’t have the time to comment on stuff like this if I were.

      • DP


        It seems to me that he probably does not have much more to to than play with dangerous toys. I’m sure that FPS would have more than enough time to troll boards to try and defend his idiotic actions.

  • Mike Knox

    A gun company form someone who started playing paintball, what could possibly go wrong?

    • JM

      Right, because nothing productive ever came from someone with a hobby.

      • Mike Knox

        Especially when that hobby was for playing while ambition was something that can take lives..

      • JM

        I guess you don’t drive your car to the range ever, then, huh? That would be irresponsible to be on the road in a motor vehicle for the sake of something fun…

      • Mike Knox

        You didn’t really get the dichotomy of hobby and ambition, did you?

      • some guy

        Your right
        Look at the Gatling gun
        It was invented by a dentist and changed fire arms forever

    • Kyle

      Isn’t paintball simulating killing live targets with weapon facsimiles?

      • VIPER5051

        technically paintball is like playing ranged tag. to reflect this they are called paintball markers as opposed to paintball guns, however many people play paintball in a milsim fashion.

      • Mike Knox

        Paintball is more like dodgeball with airgun paint markers, as it started that way, than combat simulation..

    • nobody

      Considering we already have a successful gun company started by a person who made curtain rods I wouldn’t doubt him because of that.

      • Mike Knox

        Glock had professional engineers working for him and had practical experience with firearms. Kyle on the other hand just shot at set up targets at rental ranges..

  • Lance

    A new AR style weapon that has a folding stock yawn….

  • Kyle

    I love all the people shitting on his design because of his youtube stardom. It’s absolutely fantastic to see how hostile the gun community can be whenever they can be. You people make me ashamed to be associated with you based on all these negative comments. “It’s been done before!” Shut up. No one ever says anything bad when Remington or Mossberg came out with AR platforms, or whenever H&K came out with an AR. But you wouldn’t, would you? Because H&K is a company apparently run by wunderwaffen manufacturing teutonic gods. Do you guys ever stop to think that maybe this rifle appeals to people who don’t watch his internet videos? Or that a left hand charging, folding stock AR is something that the market would like to see? The AR is a popular platform to develop on because it’s abundant platform. I’m anticipating this rifle, to be honest. It has all the features I’ve been looking for in a practical AR. So, downvote this into oblivion if you want to, but all it will show me is that if you differ on an opinion on this website, the community rejects you.

    • Samopal

      “Shut up. No one ever says anything bad when Remington or Mossberg came out with AR platforms, or whenever H&K came out with an AR.”

      I don’t know where you were, but the exact same thing happened then as well, especially with Mossberg (or at least that’s how I perceived it). Remington was criticized with “another AR” and “lol Bushmaster”, HK was criticized for marketing a piston AR (which has been around for decades) are brand new and totally revolutionary, and Mossberg was criticized for doing absolutely nothing new and not even trying.

      “Or that a left hand charging, folding stock AR is something that the market would like to see?”

      If people really wanted it someone would have come up with one before this guy. There are a good number of side-charging uppers but they don’t sell very well, and nobody (that I know of) has bothered incorporating one into a production rifle.

      FPS Russia is just taking two “innovations” that have already been done (and neither of which are very popular), sticking them on the same old platform and calling the resulting rifle new.

      The whole BS “World Leader in Military Technologies” tagline also draws the legitimacy of this new “company” and rifle into question as nobody with their own merits would have to make up something so ridiculous to attract potential customers and investors.

    • justdavid

      Mossberg’s doing ARs now? Oh FFS. Plus I heard (and thought) less-than-complimentary things about Remmie doing ARs. Kinda like, Ruger going 1911s? Yawn.

    • jeh

      well the difference between those companies and what FPSdumbass is trying to do is they’ve been around for 50-100+ years and generally have a pretty good idea of how a quality firearm should be built. i have no confidence that the youtuber will even get as far as the production stage……

  • cc19

    For a group that’s all about being loud and showy, their first weapon looks pretty darned ho-hum.

    I figure designs like the double barreled 1911, AR15, and SRM 1216 shotgun were more, “in-brand,” with their show.

  • TATim

    Can’t blame a guy for trying to make some money. I’d call a rock on the end of a stick original and new if I thought people would fall for it!

  • Darrel

    Ooo, shiny! A folding stock, because I’m so tactical and cool, and I really need to make my AR fold up into an unbalanced hunk of aluminium.

    • Todd


      • NickB


  • Leo Atrox

    Hmm … Stock folds to the right (need to have right hand off of gun to deploy) and firearm charges on the left side (need to have left hand off of gun to charge). I like left hand charging, and I like folding stocks; but I would like the option to charge the weapon and fire with the stock folded, in case there isn’t time or room to deploy the stock such as in the case of a mounted ambush. (Yes, I know that a round should be in the chamber when you’re in hostile country; but who sets ROE? Not the boots …)

    I love the ZM forward recoil spring. I thought very hard about purchasing one of the ZM-300 uppers until Para USA came along and robbed me of my dream.

    Don’t like fully railed forearms either; but I suppose that’s just personal preference. I prefer a forearm with modular rail sections …

    Overall, it looks like a niche gun. A little something for everyone, and probably something on it that everyone can find a beef with. A nice attempt, but probably not going to be particularly successful.

    • nikonmikon

      Do you realize that if the stock folded to the other side you couldn’t manipulate the controls such as the bolt release and fire selector switch?

    • justdavid

      In handling an FN SCAR-H I was able to unfold the stock with my left hand – that being the first time I ever touched a rifle with such a stock.

      • nikonmikon

        Yeah and they’re also cheap shit. The SCAR stock is hollow and flimsy. The locking mechanism is plastic and has a propensity to break. There are 3rd-party replacements for it, however.

  • Murdock

    interesting, i wonder what the price will be though

  • peter

    Looks like an ASA side cocking upper… with a different t bolt carrier. I have wanted to buy one, but they coat $450. I can’t see this rifle being cheap.

  • HalP

    I’d hardly describe it as his “design” – it’s really just a unique set of modular pieces that make up the AR platform we all know and love.

    With most AR’s you would have to spend a couple hundred bucks in aftermarket stuff to make this rig – so chill folks, most companies only offer a barebones version.

    It’s a niche, good for him – he’ll help us pay off some of our nat’l debt with this.

  • Kosme

    Can someone explain how a forward recoil spring works??


    • noob

      iirs, zm used to have a really long gas key that wrapped around a short, floating gas tube under the handguard. the main action spring goes from the barrel nut to the end of the gas key, where it held by a pin. i remember a disassembly video where the top handguard was removed and a small pin retianing the spring to the gas key was removed, allwoing the main action spring to lose compression and allow you to retract the bcg out of the lower.

      “if you lose this pin, you’re done.”

      • Kosme


  • Karina

    Very much like FPSRussia himself to present this “new” weapon design, produced by this “leader of the industry”… It’s flashy, has flashy, but in the end not innovative perks and tacticool options, and it’s probably not going to be worth the money. At least not particularly more so than any other standard AR-15.

    …Unless they cost $600, as JM suggested, but let’s come back to the real world, shall we?

    I never liked FPSRussia much, sure the weapons he shows (I won’t even say “own”, because … yeah) are classy and all, but I always thought he was trying to appeal the Call of Duty player more than the more serious firearms enthusiast. Not that the two can’t overlap, but usually there are quite the noticeable differences (actual knowledge of firearms comes to mind… Please don’t snarl at me for that line, though…)

    So when I hear he’s going to sell “his own weapon”, well… Sure, can’t blame him if he wants to make some money, but the idea is at least questionable.

    Ah well… the above is only my opinion… do not take it as fact nor believe I think it is fact. I do not see much to this BR-556 that other ARs can’t do at least just as well.

    • Moose

      I didn’t think it was possible, bu you summed up everything I thought and could have thought about this subject perfectly in a concise paragraph.
      Gold star goes to you.

  • Sean


  • Moose

    As bad as it is for me to say it at such an early state, I seriously hope this company tanks.

    To try and convert popularity from a Youtube channel to your weak incursion into the firearms market with such bold self-supporting statements such as “a world leader in Military Technologies” when the only thing you’ve shown is a disappointing niche-market rifle covered with rails that’s likely going to be very expensive does not bode well for your company, in my opinion.
    It reflects an arrogance of the owner and an ignorance of how things work here.
    I’m not particularly happy about this news.

  • splinx001

    It seems to a play on his fake Russian persona. Say “a World Leader in Military Technologies” in a fake foreign accent and you get the joke. Everyone relax and laugh for a change.

  • justdavid

    Kinda wish it was Richard Ryan (RatedRR) instead. Everything I’ve seen of his looked safe, and with every rifle you’d get a free piece of technology to shoot 🙂

  • LJK

    A lot of hate going around.

    He’s a guy who built a brand and is now trying to capitalize on it by working on a thing he really likes. Good for him.

    • Karina

      I really like guns too. I’m not going to design a firearm either and call myself a “world leader in military technologies”, especially when all I’m doing is yet another AR-15 variant that happens to feel about 2.67% more tacticool than another.

  • C.J. Grisham

    Terrible design, that thing has no sporting purpose.

    The military or law enforcement market is too small to make financial sense.

    You don’t want that thing falling into the wrong slimy hands.

    • Chuck

      For those who don’t get the reference, it’s from a controversial article from Recoil Magazine. The editor Jerry Tsai said:
      “Like we mentioned before, the MP7A1 is unavailable to civilians and for good reason. We all know that’s technology no civies should ever get to lay their hands on. This is a purpose-built weapon with no sporting applications to speak of. It is made to put down scumbags, and that’s it. Mike Cabrera of Heckler & Koch Law Enforcement Sales and veteran law enforcement officer with SWAT unit experience points out that this is a gun that you do not want in the wrong, slimy hands. It comes with semi-automatic and full-auto firing modes only. Its overall size places it between a handgun and submachine gun. Its assault rifle capabilities and small size make this a serious weapon that should not be taken lightly.”

  • Kevin

    FPS Russia is a jackass who wounded his own cameraman through negligence and ignorance. He gives a bad name to shooters and Russians. Fuck him.

  • John Doe


    “FPS Industries: World Leader in Tacticoool Technologies”

  • Jim

    FPS Industries: World Leader in Cowadooty Technologies

  • jeh

    why would anyone buy a gun designed by a youtube dork from georgia with a fake accent?

    • EEE

      Dood your just mad becuz he has a higher kill-death ratio then u

  • bctripp

    RRA already did this, but with a better charging handle design.


    • nikonmikon


      1. It’s NOT D.I. (contrary to what you believe, that is a negative)
      2. It’s not left side charging and it’s way forward of the receiver.
      3. It has a hideous forearm. (not quad)
      4. The stock folds to the wrong side.
      5. Not match trigger (just a 2 stage)
      6. It’s not suppressor capable (adjustable regulator “in development”)

      Oh I’m wrong about the quad rail, you can get one for it. It will cost you $170 dollars though.

      I love Rock River Arms but their LAR-PDS is not comparable to this.

      • bctripp

        Didn’t say it was d.i. I’d rather have a gas piston, anyways.

        It’s an ambidextrous charging handle. Maybe you should look up the gun.

        The charging handle isn’t too far forward. Maybe you have freakishly tiny arms, though.

        Whether or not the handguard is ugly is subjective, and really irrelevant.

        How does the stock fold the wrong way? I’m sure you have some logic behind that statement, however ridiculous.

        The br-556 has no trigger, because it’s an idea not a model in production.

        Defending an hypothetical rifle? Come on, now. That’s just stupid.

    • nikonmikon

      You did say it was D.I. because you said RRA already made this rifle. They didn’t. The points I made are factual and indicate that they did not make a rifle similar to this. Literally nothing is the same except that they have a stock that can fold and shoot the same caliber.

      The charging handle is NOT left side, it is ambidextrous. Last time I checked ambi isn’t the same as left. Ambidextrous does not immediately mean better either.

      The location of the charging handle is LESS convenient than one on the side of the receiver where most charging handles are. This is called a pre-chamber charging handle as opposed to post-chamber. I’m not going to address your childish jab about arm length because it is absolutely off-topic. I will say that I own a PTR-91 and I know how to use the charging handle. Make your own conclusions.

      The hand guard isn’t the same. The entire shape of the rifle isn’t the same. The RRA has an elongated cross-section and hand guards will undoubtedly have to share this profile because it has to house the PISTON system in a monolithic and or extended rail section in it. This is because it isn’t D.I. These points are NOT subjective.

      The stock folding to the left is not conducive to using the rifle properly. It may or may not block the fire control group and the bolt catch lever. Even if there are deliberate cutouts for your hands to reach, it’s still not better than having nothing there at all.

      “The br-556 has no trigger, because it’s an idea not a model in production.”

      Well then you really got me there since the whole rifle doesn’t exist then I guess no one can debate whether or not RRA already made this rifle (according to you they have).

      Or maybe you’re an idiot and you tried to shoehorn a product made by someone else into a slot where it didn’t fit and you were shown that and didn’t like it.

      • bctripp

        Don’t take things so literally. I meant that RRA has already made a rifle without a buffer tube/spring, etc.

        Can’t find in my post where I said the PDS was d.i. Maybe you’re reading a different post.

        Whether or not the charging handle is more or less convenient on the receiver or farther forward is another subjective point. If you could explain how a non-reciprocating ambidextrous charging handle could be considered a bad thing go for it. Sorry about your tiny t-rex arms, dude.

        The hypothetical stock on the br-556 could block the mag release. I’d rather be able to use my thumb on the selector and the charging handle as a bolt release than not be able to change mags easily. But, please, tell me about how you are constantly engaging targets with your stocks folded.

        You pay more money for aluminum rails on any rifle. What’s the price on the br-556? Is it less expensive than a LAR-PDS? If you can’t answer that, then there is no point mentioning how much more a quad rail retails for compared to stock polymer handguards on the PDS.

        If I have a choice between a product from an established and trusted company and a gimmick from a youtube goober, I’ll take the former.

      • nikonmikon

        Maybe you don’t understand that it NOT being D.I. limits the ability to change fore ends DRASTICALLY. Are you not familiar with the RRA? You’re the one who suggested it…

        I’m sorry you think someone can operate a HK91 (g3) with short arms.
        The charging handle on the RRA is full-time ambidextrous which is a NEGATIVE aspect not a POSITIVE one. If you can’t figure out why, you should ponder it a little bit.

        I guess we’ll see if the mag release is blocked by the stock. Spoiler: it probably WONT be. As far as you saying you’d rather not be able to safe your weapon…. I wouldn’t want to be on a range with you. It doesn’t matter how many people I will never shoot with my stock folded because that isn’t relevant. What is relevant is how this gun isn’t the same as the RRA like you proclaimed it was. You can continue to bring in irrelevant things though if it makes you feel better.

        You’re reaching though, just let it be known.

      • bctripp

        I have thumbs. And the right one works great on the selector switch. Already mentioned that, I think you missed that part.

        What am I reaching for, here? You should relax. It’s not the end of the world when a username on the internet disagrees with you.

      • nikonmikon

        You have two thumbs. Incredible. Do you have a brain?

      • bctripp

        You crack me up.

      • nikonmikon

        The feeling is mutual. Especially when you claimed RRA’s rifle is the same as this.

      • bctripp

        You misinterpreted my original post. I never said RRA has made this rifle.

        Let me rephrase: RRA has already done this. They’ve designed and produced an AR type rifle with a new recoil spring design that allows the use of a folding stock.

  • jeh

    they day he gets a government contract (or even a local PD contract) for this thing, is the day i eat my entire wardrobe….

  • fluffy

    i don’t have firearms but what would be a good first handgun and are ballistic knives legal in Rockford Illinois.

  • Skizzums

    You know that crappy AR company, Daniel Defense I think it’s called, he owned a garage door repair company.