ATI’s new HD-16 Series AR-15 Rifles

American Tactical Imports and Head Down Products have developed two new AR-15 rifles.

ATI HD-16 V916

The first two models, the V916 and the HDVX will feature custom free float aluminum rails, available only from Head Down Products. Both models will have a 16” Nitrocarb barrel chambered in 5.56mm with 1/7 RH twist. They will also use mil-spec 7075-T6 forged upper and lower receivers with Type III hard coat anodized finish.

The V916 will feature a 9” Head Down Provectus free float rail, while the HDVX will sport a 13” Provectus. Both models will contain a low profile carbine length gas system, mil-spec Carpenter 158 bolt/8620 carrier, and commercial spec M4 collapsible stock.

The ATI HD-16 V916 has an MSRP of $889.00 and the HD-16 HDVX has an MSRP of $909.00.

Steve Johnson

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  • schizuki

    Now that there are 1,426 manufacturers of ARs, could maybe one of them produce a Vietnam-era repro? Or am I the only person who thinks that would be neat?

    • Bill


    • RocketScientist

      yes, yes, a million times YES. Long barrel, triangular handguards, carry handle, whole nine yards (though i guess the reliability improvements would be nice).

    • alannon

      I think there’s a thread/article on about rolling your own Vietnam(-style) rifle. What handguards, uppers, etc

    • Chipsa
    • Esh325

      Fulton armory makes one.

    • schizuki

      That’s why I love this country. If you want it, someone probably makes it.

  • gunslinger

    Vietnam-era? w/o a collapsible stock? long barrel and no rail? um… who would want that? i mean, didn’t the AR evolve to be the erector set of the gun world? i mean, you can put rails on top of rails for lights, lasers, scopes, RDS, grips, ipod holders, range finders, breech (shotguns) grenade launchers, cappuccino makers, tvs, gps, xbox….well you get it!

    but i bet it’s more because of the “upgradeablity” that most manufacturers won’t make a “static” rifle.

  • Other Steve

    Nice KAC knockoff rail there ATI. +1 for good looking rail, -1 for it being a knockoff, -100 for m203 barrel profile

    Final score -100, so sorry, better luck next time

    • GreenPlease

      +200 for providing a rifle with a nitro-carb’d barrel and a 13″ free float rail for $900. I’ll buy one as a beater rifle.

      • Other Steve

        Yea, that’s a fantastic way to make a mediocre barrel last quite a long time. Melonite coating on a crappy barrel will do a lot more harm than good. Melonite on a lapped barrel is amazing. Something tells me considering the source this is towards the former.

  • Lance

    Are these made in Russia??

    • Esh325

      I’ve never seen a foreign lower or upper because they are not allowed for import I believe.

  • Darkness

    Oh awesome! That doesn’t look anything like the other AR-15s out there.

    Oh wait…

  • Sid

    At least ATI went with a 1:7 twist barrel. Heavier ammo will stabilize with these barrels.

  • RickH

    The “experts” over at don’t seem to appreciate some of these comments.

  • Chase

    Am I the only person left who likes 20-inch-long barrels on an AR?

  • Yes! Finally something about apply federal firearms license.