Homemade Weapons In Syria

Much like the rebels did in Libya, the Syrian rebels are turning workshops into improvised weapon factories. Al Jazeera reports …

Unguided rockets fired at an airfield miles away would be quite ineffectual, but those anti-tank shaped charge mines look like they would be some real damage.

[ Many thanks to Konmrad for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Higgs

    Well they have years of experience killing Americans in Iraq.

  • bbmg

    Fire enough crude rockets and you’re bound to hit something useful.

    If you need to fire off a thousand home made missiles made for $50 each to get a chance hit on a $2,000,000 fighter or ammunition/fuel dump it seems like a worthwhile investment anyway.

    • Sian

      What jet only costs 2 mil? The Harriers that got blown up recently ran $26 million EACH.

      • Reverend Clint

        the crap syrian kind. a L-39 costs $200K

      • bbmg

        Being a bit of a pedant I actually googled some prices before posting that, turns out that the price I quoted is a good ballpark figure for something like a Mig-23 which is typical of what the Syrians are using.

        Having said that, landing a lucky hit on the pilots’ ready room would probably be much, much more costly to the Syrian government.

  • Reverend Clint

    i was watching Frontline and they featured some anti tank mines they make themselves which were basically shape charges. They had antitank, antipersonnel and for blowing up buildings.
    Also one commander had a Steyr AUG. One guy kept hip firing what looked like a PKM and it literally pushed him back a good 15 feet each time he let loose 50 rds.

  • R

    The NY Times At War Blog has recent coverage of locally fabricated field artillery, mortars, and ammunition too.

  • Simon

    Unguided rockets fired at Kandahar Airfield were having important effects. Each 50$ rocket attacks were sending the 20k workers to their bunkers for 20 minutes. It is a very good arrassment technique.

  • Graham2

    Just because someone is trying to overthrow an evil dictator in Syria doesn’t make them a killer of US troops in Iraq!

    Some people are just so dumb.

    • Higgs

      Your right. what makes them killers of US troops in Iraq is when they went to Iraq by the thousands for Jihad.

      Im dumb? Come in pot, this is kettle, over.

      • Graham2

        So you know for a fact that those guys in the video went to Iraq? Just because some arsehole jihadists went from Syria doesn’t make the whole Syrian country jihadist.

        Your blinkered view of the world does you no favours.

      • Higgs

        Well being as they have said they take open support from Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations and use the same tactics utilized in Iraq, make my statement an easy one to justify.

        Your naivety does you no favors.

      • Nicks87

        Al qaeda has been heavily involved in the “Arab spring”. These people didnt just decide one day to over-throw their govts.

        Libya was an ok place to live before Al qaeda came in and started an up-rising. They had free health care, money for college, and recieved intrest free loans from the govt to buy cars and housing. Unfortunately Col. Kaddafi didnt want to “play ball” with the European banks so they gave money to Al qaeda (jihadists) to start a rebellion and replace Kaddafi with a pro-western govt. The same happened in Egypt and now Syria it’s a global power grab being carried out by the same people that run the U.N. and Obama and Hillary Clinton are turning a blind eye because it’s an election year and nobody wants to take sides.

        Dont believe what the mainstream govt funded media (msnbc, cnn, fox) are telling you. It’s all half-truths and spin to keep everyone too distracted to do anything about it.

      • Lance

        You nailed it Nicks. Thanks to Obama we supporting the bad guys all over the world.

  • Lance

    Home made weapons from Vietnam to Afghanistan to Syria can kill the maker since there so unstable not the safest weapon.

  • Mike Knox

    You know, an improvised weapon can anything from strung up grenades on a compressed air tank that puch through brick walls before detonating to a mere stick with metal bits on the end. A student of mine in Engineering Economics once made office arrows out of balloon sticks, some tape, screws, and some glue. When I joined him, we were shooting down birds in the parking lot..

  • D.Moura

    Indeed is a double dangerous job to operate this kind of weapon, i would probably prefer my glock for a long shot instead one of those homemade rifles, not to say about the mortar.
    But what caught my attention was the self propelled rocket system . It’s clearly that they doesn’t mind to shoot innocent people to put down their enemies. This should be enough for the West to not support neither the Dictator or the muslim rebels.