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  • bbmg


    Not sure I would be comfortable doing that with my bare hands though.

    • Stanislao


  • Speaks volumes on pressure levels, trajectory, recoil, bullet rifling derived torque…
    And it’s way cool! =D

    • bbmg

      I would surmise that it’s only due to the hollow point expainsion into “petals” that the spiral pattern visible, a FMJ bullet would probably have spun smoothly without disturbing the water in this manner.

      • Wolfpack2013

        I don’t know the true physics behind it, but I tend to disagree. If my FMJ greentips can cause a visible disturbance effect in the moisture of the air, I think a .45 FMJ can make that effect significantly more visible within the higher density of condensed water. Although, I would agree if you had stated the distance traveled would be effected, since an opened HP would have slowed down due to more water resistance.

      • bbmg

        Even without the benefit of rifling induced spin, a high velocity projectile will create a visible disturbance in the medium it is travelling in. Exhibit A:

        My point was that the *spiral* pattern was clearly visible because of the expanded hollowpoint churning through the water.

      • Wolfpack2013

        I will agree that the lines within the spiral are probably more visible because of the expansion, but I still think the spiral itself would be visible from an FMJ. A bullet still spins fast enough to pull surrounding humidity, in the terms of bullet trace, or water, in the terms of the above photo, into the direction of its own spinning motion. A .45 will not create the type of bullet trace a rifle round will, but in solid water, I think the effects are multiplied. I think it would be an interesting test to conduct or see. At the same time, it would be interesting to test how much to hollowpoint opens, since instead of hitting a wall of water, it is actually starting to move within the fluid.

    • Trev

      I think the spiral pattern may be shadows from stuff floating on the surface of the pool above that cone.

  • I meant torque derived from rifling.

  • D

    That’s one high-speed ice cream cone.

    • Flounder

      It’s tactical ice cream now!!!

  • gunslinger

    nice pictures

  • mechamaster

    Whoa ! It’s like a jellyfish clogged the muzzle of 1911 !

    • bbmg

      … or the M1911 was being attacked by an enormous ice cream cone!

  • Hope the cameraman didn’t have his head underwater.

  • That looks pretty freaking cool.

  • Lance

    Did the pistol survive though?? Looks cool but over pressure can destroy the pistol.

    • Flounder

      It survived. Or at least I think it did… I would have to look at his blog again but I think he did it a second time the next day.

    • CDR (Ret) T.M. Conrad

      The pistol will survive fine, as long as the metal gets cleaned and oiled. Range underwater sucks though, but does make for cool pictures.

  • Icchan

    Well there’s something you don’t see every day.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Was the muzzle taped off, or was the barrel full of water?

    • Al T.

      Pete, the way the old Soldier of Fortune guys did it back in the ’80’s was to load the handgun under water. With water in all areas, the pressures were evened out. With the water pressure being equal, you didn’t have issues with the bullet smacking into a non-compressible substance like water.

      • Pete Sheppard

        Thank you. I thought a barrel filled with water would be more stressful, but your comment about “a bullet smacking into a non-compressible substance” makes sense.

  • Duke Napier

    The guys watch is on his left hand, meaning he’s right handed. He didn’t trust it enough to fire with his good hand, I thought it was odd.

    • gunslinger

      how do you figure? i know many people who wear their watch on their “dominant” hand…

      • NickyGuns

        Maybe he’s only got one hand/arm….?

    • CDR (Ret) T.M. Conrad

      Maybe the shooter is using his dominant hand to keep from falling into the pool.